Best All-Season Tires

CR highlights the best tire and the best value tire in several popular categories

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2021 Honda Accord Sport driving on wet city streets Photo: Honda

Like the name implies, all-season tires are made to provide good, four-season traction suitable for most vehicles. They balance factors such as noise, handling, all-weather grip, treadwear, and price. 

Many consumers want it all in one tire, and they don’t want to be bothered with fitting winter tires every fall (and swapping them again in the spring). It is no wonder that in the replacement-tire market, all-season tire sales overshadow those of summer, winter, and off-road models.

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There are several types of all-season tires, each targeting a common application, such as cars, SUVs, and trucks. Even performance vehicles can benefit from the year-round traction and convenience of all-season tires tailored to their specific needs. 

We recommend sticking with the type and size that was fitted to your vehicle originally. (If you want to increase performance, it is possible to replace all four tires with the next step up, often reflected by the speed rating, but never step down a class or speed rating.)

For true high-performance driving and off-road use, drivers would be best served by seeking more targeted tires that excel in those conditions. 

“Modern all-season tires are truly the Swiss Army knife of tires,” says Ryan Pszczolkowski, who oversees Consumer Reports’ tire testing. “They provide good year-round grip for most consumers, including modest winter/snow traction. Those living in areas where winter is harsh should look into all-weather or even dedicated winter/snow tires.”

When judging all-season tires, Consumer Reports looks at several key performance factors, placing more emphasis on safety-related aspects, including braking, hydroplaning resistance, and handling. Value factors such as rolling resistance (which affects fuel economy) are emphasized less, and we don’t factor the price of the tire into our Overall Score. 

Below are the best all-season tires for each category, along with our pick for the best value. All are recommended by CR, and each is presented with basic ratings. Click through to see the full, detailed ratings

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