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Best Car Tires of 2019

CR testing shows the ones that shine for all seasons

Toyota Camry used to test for the best car tires

Tires look simple and can easily be taken for granted, but their design can be quite sophisticated. Differences among tires can have an impact on braking, handling, ride, noise, and even fuel economy. Given how complicated tires are, choosing the right replacements can be challenging, especially if you depend on word of mouth or in-store marketing messages. That’s where Consumer Reports can help.

Our experts have crunched the data from our extensive tire test program to select the best car tires in several key categories, including all-season, performance all-season, ultra-high performance all-season, ultra-high performance summer, winter/snow, and performance winter/snow.

Of course, detailed ratings on these and dozens more are available, allowing you to fine-tune your selection based on the criteria that matter most to you. But these best car tire picks can steer you in the right direction. (If you own an SUV or pickup truck, we have separate picks just for you.)

How We Test

Consumer Reports tests more than 50 tire models every year for cars, SUVs, and trucks. A dozen or more tests are conducted by an expert team, mostly at our 327-acre Auto Test Center in Connecticut. We also test braking on ice at a local rink, and an outside lab assesses tire rolling resistance, which affects fuel economy.

More On Tires

We also evaluate tread life by driving at least 16,000 miles (on Texas roads) on each tire set, with periodic pressure checks, vehicle alignment, and tire rotation.

Because of our extensive testing, we can offer buying advice based on actual miles driven, instead of government ratings or manufacturers' promises.

Below find our recommendations for each tire type, factoring in grip, comfort, noise, treadwear, and snow traction so shoppers can find the best car tires for their ride.  

CR members will have full access to the best car tires of 2018, along with detailed ratings on the tire model pages.

Best Car Tires of 2018

All-Season Tires: General Altimax RT43

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