Best SUV and Truck Tires of 2021

CR's testing reveals the tires that stand out for performance, safety, and treadwear

Today's trucks demand the best SUV and truck tires.

SUV or truck owners may find it challenging to choose a replacement tire because the right one depends on how a vehicle is used. A shopper must prioritize certain performance characteristics over others. Some small SUVs can use traditional car tires, but larger SUVs and trucks need tires that can support more rigorous demands.

We include these tire types in our test program, including all-season SUV, all-season truck, all-terrain truck, and winter/snow truck tires. Below we highlight the best-performing models in each of these classes to help Consumer Reports members make a smart choice with their next replacement tire purchase.

Ice testing to find the best SUV and truck tires.

How We Test

Consumer Reports tests more than 50 tire models every year, including those for cars, SUVs, and trucks. (In 2020, we bought more than 550 tires for our tests.)

More on Tires

We test them at our track in Connecticut for wet and dry braking and handling, ride comfort and quietness, and resistance to hydroplaning (when water gets between your tire and the pavement). We perform our snow-traction tests in New York state. In 2020 we did not perform ice-braking evaluations due to COVID-19 restrictions; normally, we evaluate each tire’s grip on ice at a nearby skating rink. (Many models in our ratings have ratings for ice braking from previous tests.)

We also commission outside labs to measure each tire’s rolling resistance, which affects fuel economy, and extensive 20,000-mile treadwear tests are conducted on public roads in western Texas.

Because of our extensive testing, we can offer buying advice based on actual miles driven, instead of government ratings or manufacturers’ promises. Below, we highlight the best SUV and truck tires in several key categories.

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Best SUV and Truck Tires of 2021

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