Best TV Deals for Holiday Shoppers

Where to score good discounts on sets from Hisense, Insignia, LG, Samsung, Sony, TCL, and Vizio

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With many of us spending more time at home streaming shows and watching movies, a new TV makes a great holiday gift.

As retailers push to make room for new models, arriving in just a few short months, you'll find a wide assortment of 2020 sets on sale, not to mention some 2019 models—possibly at their lowest prices ever.

Unless you’re in the market for an 8K TV—featuring a higher-resolution screen that can offer even greater picture detail—you can buy a 2019 model and not worry about missing out on key features. We don’t think it makes much sense to buy an 8K TV right now anyway, because there’s really no native 8K content to watch.

Here's a quick look at the best holiday TV sales available, including offers on many of the sets we’ve tested; full digital members of CR can view the results in our complete TV ratings.

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32-Inch to 50-Inch TVs

Hisense 720P Android Smart TV

We didn't test the Hisense 32H5510G, a 720p HD set only available at Best Buy. But we have tested other entry-level Hisense sets, and they've scored pretty well for HD picture quality. A few provided wider-than-average viewing angles for LCD sets this size, too.

Toshiba 32-Inch 720p Fire TV Edition Smart TV

This set, the Toshiba TF-32A710U21, was on sale for $10 less on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We didn’t test it, but other Toshiba high-definition Fire TVs have received decent scores for HD picture quality.

Hisense 43-Inch 4K H55-Series Android Smart TV

We didn’t test this set, but in general, entry-level Hisense 4K TVs have done fairly well for picture quality, though not for HDR (high dynamic range). Like other Android TVs, it has Chromecast and Google Assistant built in.

Insignia 43-Inch 4K Amazon Fire TV

This ultra-high definition (4K) smart TV from Insignia offers satisfying HD and 4K picture quality, but its high dynamic range (HDR) performance is ineffective, mainly because of peak brightness limitations. The set also has a fairly narrow viewing angle. Fire TVs have the Alexa voice-powered digital assistant, plus access to a lot of streaming video services, including Amazon Prime. Note: In other Best Buy sales events, we've seen this set priced at about $20 less, so feel free to ask for an even better deal.

CR’s test results: Insignia NS-43DF710NA21

Hisense 50-Inch 4K Roku Smart TV

We didn't test this TV, the Hisense 50R6040G, so we can't say how well it performs, but that's a low price for a set this size. It seems to be available mainly at Target.

Hisense 50-Inch 4K Android Smart TV

This Best Buy exclusive features another low-priced Hisense model. We didn’t test the set, but other similarly priced Hisense models have performed decently in our labs, though they typically can’t produce an engaging HDR experience.

TCL 50-Inch 4-Series Roku Smart TV

This Best Buy exclusive also features a nice price for a 4K TV this size. And though we can’t vouch for the set’s performance, we can say we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the overall picture quality of other models from TCL’s entry-level 4K series. But don’t expect it to ace HDR. Roku TVs are also easy to use and offer lots of streaming services.

55-Inch to 60-Inch TVs

TCL 55-Inch 4-Series 4K Android TV

While that may look like a nice price, given the set's size, the TCL 55S434 was $20 cheaper just a few days ago—and significantly less expensive on Black Friday. So you may be better off waiting for another price drop. We didn’t test the set, which is available only at Best Buy. Unlike most TCL models, which use the Roku smart TV platform, it uses the Android platform.

Costco 55-Inch 4K Smart TV

This entry-level 4K model, which has been on sale since before Black Friday, has decent, if not great, picture quality. It’s available for about $20 more as a member-only offer at warehouse stores such as BJ’s and Sam’s Club. The Costco deal price lasts until Dec. 19.

CR’s test results: LG 55UN7300AUD

Vizio 55-Inch M-Series 4K Smart TV

This 4K ultra-high definition set hails from the company’s midline M-Series from 2019. It has commendable high-definition and 4K picture quality but less-than-stellar HDR performance. It also has the company’s SmartCast smart TV system with built-in Chromecast, plus support for Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple AirPlay.

CR’s test results: Vizio M557-G0

LG 55-Inch CX Series 4K OLED TV

This 4K OLED TV isn’t cheap, but that's the lowest price we’ve seen on it this year. Better yet, it ranks among the best TVs we’ve tested in 2020, with top-notch picture quality and effective HDR performance. It also delivers great sound, with support for Dolby Atmos immersive audio. And if you’re a Best Buy member (it’s free to sign up), you’ll save an additional $50.

CR’s test results: LG 55OLEDCXPUA

65-Inch to 82-Inch TVs

LG 65-Inch 4K Smart TV

This entry-level 4K set went on sale Nov. 5 and it's still available at this price. You'll also find it at other warehouse clubs, including BJ’s and Sam’s Club, for about $80 more. We didn’t test the model, but a similar set, the LG 65UN7300PUF, had picture quality that rated below that of most LG sets we’ve reviewed.

Samsung 65-Inch 4K Android Smart TV

This entry-level set is sold mainly via warehouse clubs. We tested the 55-inch version (Sony KD55X75CH), and it had very good overall picture quality, though only limited HDR effectiveness. Also, unlike step-up Sony models, it doesn’t support Dolby Vision HDR.

Sony 65-Inch X750-Series Android Smart TV

This 65-inch model from Sony's entry-level 4K series for 2020 scores well in terms of overall picture quality, but has only limited HDR performance. It uses the Google Android TV platform with Chromecast and the voice-enabled Google Assistant built in, but it’s also compatible with the Amazon Alexa digital voice assistant.

CR's test results: Sony KD65X750H

Vizio 65-Inch 4K OLED Smart TV

We tested this set, and it does great in our ratings, though it can’t quite match the HDR performance of OLED TVs we've seen from LG and Sony. It's also worth noting that it was $300 cheaper during Black Friday sales events.

CR’s test results: Vizio OLED65-H1

LG 65-Inch CX-Series 4K OLED Smart TV

We didn’t test this set, but the LG OLED65CXAUA—a similar model sold via warehouse clubs—ranks among the best TVs we’ve seen in 2020, with top-notch picture quality and effective HDR performance. It also has great sound, with support for Dolby Atmos immersive audio. And, if you're enrolled in the free Best Buy rewards program, you can get an extra $50 off on the set.

Onn 70-Inch 4K Roku Smart TV

TVs from Walmart's Onn house brand were so popular during the retailer's Black Friday sales event that many disappeared almost immediately. This one—the Onn 100012588—is still available. We didn’t test the set, but a 65-inch 4K Roku model had only middling picture quality, plus ineffective HDR. Other Onn TVs have done a bit better in our ratings, though.

Hisense 75-Inch 4K Android TV

We didn’t test the Hisense 75H6570G, a 2020 model from the brand's entry-level 4K ultra-high definition series, but other sets in the series generally provide decent overall picture quality, though not great HDR performance. The model uses the Android smart TV platform with built-in Chromecast and Google Assistant.

TCL 75-Inch 4K 6-Series Roku TV

This Roku smart TV from TCL’s step-up 6-Series is the bigger sibling to the TCL 65R615, which ranks among the best big-screen bargains we saw in 2019. And right now, the set is even cheaper than it was on Black Friday. We didn’t test the model, but it probably delivers the same great overall picture quality and effective HDR performance found in other 6-Series sets. The R615 models—Best Buy exclusives—are much like the R617 sets sold elsewhere, but they come with a basic Roku remote, not a voice-enabled one.

Sony 75-Inch 4K Smart TV

The Sony XBR-75X800H is a midline set in the manufacturer’s LED/LCD TV lineup for 2020. We tested the model, and sadly it didn't do as well as its 65-inch sibling for picture quality, and the HDR has only limited effectiveness. But the TV is now $200 cheaper than it was during the Labor Day sales.

CR's test results: Sony XBR-X800H

Sony 77-Inch 4K OLED Smart TV

This TV, the Sony XBR-77A9G, is a top model in Sony’s flagship Master series of OLED TVs for 2019. We didn’t test it in this screen size, but the 65-inch version rates as one of the best TVs you can buy, with excellent overall picture quality and sound. It was on sale for $700 less on Black Friday, but you're still saving about $500 compared with the price earlier this year.

Hisense 85-Inch Hisense H65-Series 4K Android Smart TV

This jumbo-sized set was just a bit less expensive during Black Friday. We didn’t test the model, but in general entry-level Hisense TVs have done fairly well in our ratings, except when it comes to HDR performance. As with other Android TVs, this set has Chromecast and Google Assistant built in.

Samsung 85-Inch TU-8000-Series 4K Smart TV

This model, the Samsung UN85TU8000, is still on sale at its Cyber Monday price. It's similar to the UN85TU800D sold at warehouse clubs. We didn’t test the set, but we did evaluate the 75-inch version, and it had only middling overall picture quality and ineffective HDR performance. But it did have a wider-than-average viewing angle for an LCD-based set.

LG 86-Inch 4K Smart TV

This set, known as the LG 86UN8570AUD at Costco and the LG 86UN8570PUC at Best Buy, was $300 cheaper for Black Friday. You can get it at the same price at Best Buy if you sign in as a member—and it’s free to join, so we suggest doing so. We didn’t test the model, but in general, entry-level LG TVs have done fairly well in our ratings, except with regard to HDR performance.

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