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TVs aren't the most heavily promoted items in Labor Day sales, but with college football underway and the NFL season kicking off on Sept. 5, you might be hankering for a new set.

In fact, there are good deals to be found right now, especially if you're willing to buy a slightly older set. Listed below are some of the best Labor Day TV sales we’ve seen so far. We’ve tested many of these models; full digital members of CR can view the results in our complete TV ratings.

Prices are dropping because lots of TVs have been on the market for a year or more, and retailers want to clear out 2018 sets to make room for newer 2019 sets that manufacturers are churning out. Many of these leftover TVs are at or near their lowest prices ever.


In recent years we've seen that more outlets are price-matching. That means it pays to spend time online to find the best price. Then, if you’re shopping at a walk-in store, print out the lowest advertised price you find and see whether your local retailer will match it.

That doesn’t always work, though. One reason is that you'll see some models—and even whole brands—being sold exclusively through a single retailer, preventing you from matching the price anywhere else.

For example, we’ve seen certain Sharp models sold only at Best Buy. Insignia and Toshiba Fire TVs can be purchased only at Amazon and Best Buy. And Sanyo TVs seem to be available at Walmart alone.

If you see a set you like in a store, you can check to see if we've tested it. If we have, click on the Shop button to find current prices at a variety of retailers. You can also plug the TV's model number into Google to see whether other retailers carry it. 

The following TV deals are listed by screen size, which is the first factor most shoppers consider.

Small TVs

43-Inch RCA 4K Smart TV, $180 at Walmart
The RCA RTU4300 has a very low price, but depending on your needs it might not be a bargain. We tested the set and it was below average in performance, so we wouldn't recommend it as a primary TV. But it might work well for less finicky viewers in a guest room or kitchen.

43-Inch Toshiba 4K Amazon Fire TV, $200 at Amazon
This set, the Toshiba 43LF621U19, is a tested model that does well for HD but isn't so hot with 4K and HDR. But it's much cheaper now than earlier in the year.

43-Inch TCL 4K Roku Smart LED TV, $210 at Walmart
This basic 4K set, the TCL 43S425, is about $20 cheaper at Walmart than elsewhere right now. It performs a bit better than the RCA above for about $30 more.

43-Inch Insignia 4K Fire TV Smart TV, $220 at Amazon and Best Buy
The Insignia NS-43DF710NA19, sold only at these two retailers, is another so-so performer. But it could be a decent secondary set, particularly for those who like the Amazon Fire TV smart TV system.

43-Inch LG 4K Smart TV, $240 at Walmart
The LG 43UK6200PUA, a 2018 entry-level 4K model, is no longer widely available. But it was a decent if not spectacular performer when we tested it.

43-Inch Samsung 4K Smart TV, $280 at Best Buy and Walmart
The Samsung UN43NU6900, another 2018 model, is a better overall performer than any of the previously mentioned sets, despite being an entry-level model.

43-Inch Samsung 4K Smart TV, $328 at Walmart
The Samsung UN43RU7200, which appears to be a Walmart-only version of the similarly priced Samsung UN43RU7100 model, is an entry-level mainstream 4K series for 2019. We tested this set and it's the best-performing TV of this bunch, warranting its slightly higher price.

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Midsized TVs

49-Inch Sony 4K Smart TV, $500 at Amazon
This set, the Sony XBR-48X800E, is actually a 2017 model that’s selling for $565 right now at Walmart. It's among the better performers in our tests in this screen size.

49-Inch Samsung 4K Smart QLED TV, $748 at Walmart
The Samsung QN49Q60R—a 2019 model in the company's top-tier QLED series of TVs—is another satisfying performer.

50-Inch Sharp 4K Smart TV, $250 at Best Buy
This model, the Sharp LC-50LBU711U, is a Best Buy exclusive. We tested this set and it did great for HD picture quality but wasn't so hot with 4K.

50-Inch Vizio 4K Smart TV, $280 at Walmart
We saw this set, the Vizio D50X-G9, for about $20 more during Super Bowl TV sales earlier this year. We haven't tested it. 

50-Inch Samsung 4K Smart TV, $400 at Best Buy
The Samsung UN50RU7100FXZA is an entry-level mainstream 4K series for 2019. Its picture quality was great in all respects except for its HDR performance.

55-Inch Vizio 4K Smart TV, $350 at Walmart
The Vizio D55x-G1 is sold out at Best Buy and elsewhere. It's in Vizio's entry-level series for 2018.

55-Inch TCL 4K Roku Smart TV, $500 at P.C. Richard
This set, the TCL 55R617, delivers top-notch picture quality as well as an enjoyable HDR experience. That made it a bargain earlier this year when it sold for several hundred dollars more. It's about $30 cheaper at P.C. Richard & Son than at other retailers.

55-Inch LG 4K Smart TV, $800 at Best Buy
The LG 55SM8600PUA is in LG's step-up line of "NanoCell" sets that replaced last year's Super UHD models. It's highly recommended.

Big-Screen TVs

58-Inch Sharp 4K Smart TV, $350 at Walmart
This Sharp LC-58Q620U set, quite inexpensive considering its screen size, did well in our ratings. It's a 2018 model.

58-Inch Sharp 4K Roku Smart TV, $380 at Best Buy
We saw this Sharp LC-58Q7370U set at Best Buy for the same price during the Super Bowl TV sales earlier this year. It costs a bit more than $440 right now at Amazon.

60-Inch Sharp 4K Roku Smart TV, $430 at BJ’s
This set, the Sharp LC-60Q7380U, was available at Best Buy earlier in the year but is pretty much only at BJ's right now. It's a 2018 model.

65-Inch TCL 4K Roku Smart TV, $470 at BJ’s
The TCL 65S423 is part of the company's series of entry-level 4K sets. It's not widely available, and it's less expensive at BJ's right now than elsewhere.

65-Inch Vizio 4K Smart TV, $480 at Walmart
We saw this entry-level 4K model from 2018, the Vizio D65x-G4, $480, at Walmart for $500 during a Memorial Day sale. It'll be $20 cheaper at Walmart's Labor Day sale.

65-Inch Samsung 4K Smart TV, $548 at Dell
This 2018 set, the Samsung UN65NU6900FXZA, is a fine performer, and it's a few dollars cheaper at Dell than elsewhere right now as part of that company's Labor Day sale. Unlike many other TVs we're seeing as part of that sale, however, it doesn't come with a Dell e-gift card.

65-Inch Samsung 4K Smart TV, $680 at Walmart
It's getting harder to find this 2018 set, the Samsung UN65NU7300, but it's $730 at Amazon. You have to put the item in your shopping cart to see this price. It did well in our tests, except for HDR performance.

65-Inch LG 4K OLED Smart TV, $1,800 at Amazon and Walmart
While not exactly inexpensive, this 2018 set—the LG OLED65B8PUA—remains one of the best TVs we've ever tested, with great picture quality across the board. It was $300 to $500 more expensive not too long ago. It's going to be replaced soon and is sold out at several retailers.

Jumbo-Sized TVs

70-Inch LG 4K Smart TV, $670 plus $100 gift card at Dell
This is a good deal on a very big TV, the LG 70UM7370PUA. Not only is it cheaper at Dell for Labor Day but you also get a $100 e-gift card to sweeten the deal.

75-Inch TCL 4K Roku Smart TV, $900 at Best Buy and Target
An entry-lev 4K model, the TCL 75S425 did well with HD but not so hot with 4K UHD. It's a good price for a set this size, but it's not much cheaper (if at all) than at other outlets.

75-Inch Samsung 4K Smart TV, $1,000 at Best Buy
The Samsung UN75NU6900FXZA, an entry-level 4K set, was $1,200 late last year during holiday sales. You can get this set for the same price at several other retailers.

75-Inch TCL 4K Roku Smart TV, $1,300 at P.C. Richard & Son
We didn't test this set, the TCL 75R617, but its 65-inch sibling did great in our ratings, including being able to deliver a satisfying HDR experience. It's about $100 cheaper at P.C. Richard than elsewhere right now.

86-Inch LG 4K Smart TV, $2,197 plus a $250 eGift card, at Dell
You can get this truly jumbo set, the LG 86UM8070PUA, for about this price at several other retailers, but the $250 Dell e-gift card makes it a better deal here if you can use it.