Illustration of a TV with a starburst indicating a TV sale

With many of us spending more time at home streaming shows and watching movies, a new, bigger-screen TV might be a justifiable family expense. And while TVs aren’t the most heavily promoted items in Memorial Day sales, that doesn't mean you can’t score a great deal.

At this time of year you’ll see leftover 2019 models and a smattering of new 2020 sets that have recently hit the market. The deals on last year’s TVs will typically be better because retailers are looking to clear out inventories to make room for the new models.

Unless you’re in the market for a new 8K TV—which has a higher-resolution screen that can offer even greater picture detail—you can buy a 2019 model and not worry about missing out on any important new features.

Here are some of the best Memorial Day TV sales you can snag. We’ve tested a good number of these models; full digital members of CR can view the results in our complete TV ratings.

32- to 58-Inch Televisions

Insignia 32-Inch Fire TV Smart TV

    Jumbo-sized TVs are great for a main set in a large room, but sometimes you just need an extra TV that won’t break the bank. This 32-inch model from Insignia—Best Buy’s house brand—provides satisfying picture quality. It uses the Amazon Fire TV smart TV platform to provide access to lots of streaming services.


    CR’s test results: Insignia NS-32DF310NA19

    Hisense 50-Inch 4K Smart TV

      The Hisense 50H6570F is a model we saw around Black Friday, when it was about $80 cheaper. But it’s still at a decent price for a 4K (ultra-high definition) set this size. We didn’t test this model, but other entry-level Hisense 4K sets have produced decent overall picture quality, though their HDR performance has typically been lackluster. 

      Vizio 55-Inch M-Series 4K Smart TV

        This 55-inch 4K set is in the company’s midline M-Series from 2019. It has commendable high-definition and 4K picture quality but less-than-stellar HDR (high dynamic range) performance. It has the company’s SmartCast smart TV system with built-in Chromecast, plus support for Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple AirPlay. 


        CR’s test results: Vizio M557-G0

        Sony 55-Inch 4K OLED Smart TV

          This model was the less expensive of the two Sony OLED TVs for 2019. It’s a great set with top-notch picture quality and a satisfying HDR experience, just shy of the very best sets we’ve tested. One cool feature is the set’s unique “Acoustic Surface” audio technology, which uses vibrating actuators that turn the entire panel into a speaker. When paired with a subwoofer mounted in the rear angled stand, you get outstanding sound quality.


          CR’s test results: Sony XBR-55A8G

          Samsung 58-Inch 4K Smart TV

            This 2019 Samsung 4K model delivers satisfying high-definition and 4K picture quality, though its HDR performance had very limited effectiveness, mainly because of peak brightness limitations. (That’s a common problem with many less expensive 4K TVs.) It has Samsung’s smart TV platform with support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant but not Samsung’s own Bixby digital voice assistant, which is found on step-up models.


            CR’s test results: Samsung UN58NU6080FXZA

            65- to 75-Inch Televisions

            LG 60-Inch 4K Smart TV

              This entry-level 4K LG set from 2019 does well in terms of overall picture quality, though it can’t deliver a compelling HDR experience. The price at Target is a little cheaper, but not when you include Dell’s $50 eGift card, which makes it the better deal if you can use it. 


              CR’s test results: LG 60UM6900PUA

              Vizio 60-Inch V-Series 4K Smart TV

                This 60-inch Vizio 4K smart TV, in the company’s entry-level V-Series from 2019, has commendable high-definition picture quality. However, it wasn’t quite as good with 4K content. Also, it doesn’t do a great job with HDR—but that’s typical for televisions at this price. The set has the company’s SmartCast smart TV system, which includes built-in Chromecast, plus support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice-powered assistants.


                CR’s test results: Vizio V605-G3

                Samsung 65-Inch 4K Smart TV

                  This 65-inch 4K TV from Samsung is in an entry-level series of QLED TVs for 2019, which are the company’s premium TVs. It offers satisfying overall picture quality, though its HDR performance, which can produce enhanced contrast and brighter highlights when done well, wasn’t as good as we’ve seen on Samsung’s pricier QLED models.


                  CR’s test results: Samsung QN65Q60R

                  Vizio 70-Inch V-Series 4K Smart TV

                    We didn’t test this particular model, the Vizio V705-G1. But in general, Vizio V-series sets in larger screen sizes (65 inches and above) have done fairly well in our ratings for both HD and 4K picture quality, though they haven’t been able to deliver a compelling HDR experience. That’s not unusual at this price level. Like other V-series sets, this TV has Vizio’s SmartCast smart TV system that includes built-in Chromecast, plus support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice-powered assistants. The TV at Best Buy listed above, with the G3 suffix in the model number, is basically the same set with a smaller screen.

                    TCL 75-Inch 4K Roku TV

                      This 75-inch 4K UHD smart TV from TCL, a Roku TV model in TCL’s step-up 6-Series sets, is the bigger sibling to the TCL 65R615 model that was among the best big-screen bargains we saw in 2019. We didn’t test this model, but we think it probably delivers the same great overall picture quality and effective HDR performance we’ve seen in other 6-Series sets we have tested. The R615 models are Best Buy exclusives; they’re pretty much the same as the R617 sets sold elsewhere, but they come with a basic Roku remote, not a voice-enabled one.

                      Sony 75-Inch 4K Smart TV

                        The Sony XBR-75X800H is a midline set in Sony’s LED/LCD TV lineup for 2020. The price at Dell is about $100 more than at other retailers right now, but Dell is throwing in a very generous $350 eGift card, which could really sweeten the deal for many shoppers. We haven’t tested this set yet, but last year’s X800 Series models did well in our ratings.