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TVs might not come to mind when you think about Memorial Day sales, but you may be able to score a great deal on a new television this weekend.

Many TVs have been on the market for a year or more, and manufacturers are churning out new 2019 sets this time of year. That means that retailers are dropping prices on leftover 2018 models to make room for new sets and that many of these leftover TVs will be at their lowest prices ever.


One thing we’ve noticed lately is that prices during sales often don’t vary much from retailer to retailer, especially now that more outlets are price-matching. So it pays to spend time online to find the best price. If you’re shopping at a walk-in store, print out the lowest advertised price you find, and see whether your local retailer will match it.

That doesn’t always work, though. Sometimes a manufacturer will offer a model—or even a whole brand—exclusively to one retailer, preventing you from matching the price anywhere else.

For example, we’ve seen certain Sharp models sold only at Best Buy. Toshiba Fire TVs can be purchased only at Amazon and Best Buy. And Sanyo TVs seem to be available at Walmart alone. If you find a TV you like, try plugging the model number into Google to see whether other retailers carry it. If not, it’s probably a “derivative” model, similar to mainstream models but made for a single retailer. You might not see these TVs reviewed because their availability is limited.

Listed below are some of the best TV deals we’ve seen so far for Memorial Day. We’ve tested several of these models, and full digital members of CR can view our complete TV ratings.

We’ll continue looking for new deals, so check back for updates.

Top Memorial Day TV Deals

39-Inch Insignia Fire TV Edition 1080p Smart TV, $180 at Amazon
We saw this set, the Insignia NS-39DF510NA19, for about $10 more during last year’s Cyber Monday sales. We haven’t tested this model, which uses the Amazon Fire TV smart-TV platform. It’s available only at Amazon and Best Buy.

40-Inch Vizio 4K Smart TV, $250 at Best BuyDell, and Walmart
The Vizio V405-G9, in a new entry-level V series that replaces last year’s D- and E-series models, did pretty well in our performance ratings, though the Vizio brand of TVs gets a worse-than-average reliability score from CR readers. Because Dell throws in a $75 egift card, it has the best deal, as long as you can use the card. 

55-Inch TCL 4K Roku Smart LED TV, $300 at Walmart
The TCL 55S405 is an entry-level model that did only so-so in our ratings, but it would be an okay choice for less finicky viewers, or as a secondary TV your home.

55-Inch Sharp 4K Roku Smart TV, $350 at Best Buy
This is the Sharp LC-55LBU591U, a 2018 TV we tested. It did pretty well displaying high-definition programs but not quite as well with 4K. This is one of the Sharp TV models you’ll find only at Best Buy.

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58-Inch JVC 4K Smart TV, $300 at Walmart
We don’t have many JVC sets in our ratings. This model, the JVC LT-58MA887, wasn’t tested, but we did see its smaller 55-inch sibling selling for about $330 during Black Friday/Cyber Monday. So the bigger set is now even less expensive than the smaller one was.

60-Inch LG 4K Smart TV, $500 at Best Buy
This model, the LG 60UK6090—also called the LG 60UK6090PUA—is an entry-level 4K set that tested well in our ratings for everything except high dynamic range (HDR). It’s available for $600 at Dell, which also throws in a $200 egift card. This set was also popular around Black Friday last year, when it sold for $50 more.

65-Inch Sharp 4K Smart TV, $430 at Walmart
The Sharp LC-65Q7000U is a 2018 model that did well, if not great, in our tests. It’s normally available at Best Buy, too, but has sold out there. This is a very low price for a set this size.

65-Inch Vizio 4K Smart TV, $500 at Walmart
This model, the Vizio D65x-G4, is an entry-level 4K set that’s selling for about $200 more elsewhere. It was $100 more during Presidents Day sales earlier this year. As we noted above, Vizio TVs have a worse-than-average reliability score among CR readers.

65-Inch Samsung 4K Smart TV, $600 at BJ’s
An entry-level 2018 4K set, the Samsung UN65NU6950FXZA did well in CR’s tests, except for HDR performance. You sometimes see this model without the “FXZA” suffix, so try that model number as well to get wider search results.

70-Inch LG 70UM7370PUA, $900 at Dell, plus a $200 egift card
The LG 70UM73730, an entry-level 2019 model we’ve tested, did fairly well in our ratings, with satisfying overall picture quality. It’s about $1,000 at several sites, but Dell’s gift card makes the deal there even sweeter.

75-Inch TCL 4K Roku Smart TV, $980 at Costco, $1,000 at Amazon
Budget-minded shoppers looking for a jumbo-sized set might want to consider the TCL 75S423. We didn’t test this set, but 4-series TCL TVs have done fairly well in smaller screen sizes, though they typically don’t do a great job with HDR. A similar model, the TCL75S425 costs $1,000 at Amazon and P.C. Richard & Son.

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