Best Small Flat-Screen TVs to Buy Right Now

You don't have to sacrifice quality just because you need a smaller set

several small flat-screen TVs on display

Nothing wows a crowd like a giant-screen television, but sometimes a modest-sized flat-screen TV is a more realistic choice, especially in a bedroom, an office, or an apartment. And smaller TVs are less expensive.

The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice picture quality when you downsize the screen. In fact, many flat-screen TVs that are 32 inches or less receive a Very Good score for high-definition picture quality in Consumer Reports' TV ratings, and a few earn Excellent ratings.

More small models are now smart TVs, providing access to streaming video services without the need for an add-on streaming media player. Prices range from less than $100 for the smallest sets up to about $250 for full-featured 32-inch smart TVs.

But there are sacrifices. With TVs this size you might have to give up features such as 4K resolution, though that won't matter much on a small screen. And few 32-inch TVs deliver top-notch audio.

All of the 200-plus models in our TV ratings go through a battery of objective measurements and subjective evaluations designed to push a TV to its limits. In our ratings you’ll see separate scores for high-definition picture quality, UHD performance (for 4K models), HDR (high dynamic range) effectiveness when available, viewing angle, motion blur, and sound quality. We also consider ease of use and versatility.

We now incorporate brand-level reliability and customer satisfaction ratings into our Overall Scores. Those ratings are based on a large survey of Consumer Reports members.

As we do with every product that Consumer Reports tests, we purchased all of the TVs at retail outlets. We don’t accept freebies or hand-picked models from manufacturers, so every tested model is just like the one you might take home.

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Here are five can’t-miss small flat-screen TVs.