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Super Bowl TV deals illustrated by fans watching the big game

If you're not going to Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, the next best thing is watching the Patriots-Rams game on a big-screen 4K TV. And while hosting a Super Bowl party might provide you with a great excuse for replacing your old TV, here's an even better rationalization for spending the cash: In the weeks leading up to the game, Super Bowl TV deals are plentiful and offer some deep discounts.

Consumer Reports’ research, conducted with Gap Intelligence, a retail and e-commerce market research company, shows that the year's second-best TV discounts generally come in the two weeks before the Super Bowl. (Black Friday is when you’ll find the best TV deals.) In fact, Super Bowl TV deals pushed down prices by an average of 22 percent, according to an analysis of two years’ worth of pricing data.

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More on TVs

Listed below are some of the best Super Bowl TV deals we've seen so far, broken out by screen size categories. 

In addition to picture-quality scores, our TV ratings, which cover nearly 270 tested models, include our evaluation of a TV’s viewing angle, its ability to minimize motion blur during fast-moving scenes, and the sound quality of the set’s built-in audio system. (If your TV's sound isn't up to snuff but you don't want a new set, consider a sound bar speaker.)

These are all elements that can add excitement to sporting events such as the Super Bowl, as well as to action-packed TV shows and movies. We've included links to our evaluations for TVs we've tested; full test scores for all TVs are available to CR members.

In putting together this list of TV deals, we focused on big screens for the big game, but you can consider the same models in a smaller screen size if you want to spend less. They tend to perform similarly.

Here are our picks for the top Super Bowl TV deals.

Smaller TVs

50-Inch Vizio 4K Smart TV, $298 at Walmart
This is the Vizio D50x-G9, in an entry-level 4 series for 2018. It's at the same price as during Black Friday.

50-Inch Toshiba Fire TV Smart TV, $300 at Amazon and Best Buy
This set, the Toshiba 50LF62, has Amazon's Fire TV platform built in so you can stream movies and TV shows on the home screen of your TV. This is a tested model that was only a so-so performer in our ratings.

50-Inch Samsung 4K Smart TV, $420 at Walmart
This model, the Samsung UN50NU6900, is being sold at a good price for a 4K set from a major brand, though it is an entry-level model. It fared pretty well in CR's testing, especially for a set at this price.

55- to 60-Inch TVs

55-Inch Element 4K UHD Smart TV, $300 at Target
This is the Element E4SFT5517, a model we tested but that's no longer in our ratings because it's getting hard to find. (It did well for HD picture quality, but its UHD performance wasn't so hot.) It's actually about $30 cheaper right now than during the holidays.

55-Inch Hisense 4K Roku Smart TV, $330 at Best Buy
This is the R7-series Hisense 55R7E set, which did okay but not great in our ratings. We don't see it elsewhere.

58-Inch Sharp 4K Roku Smart TV, $380 at Best Buy
This is a great price for a set this size. It's the Sharp LC-58Q7370U, and this price matches Best Buy's Black Friday price. It's part of a four-day sale that ends this Sunday night.

55-Inch LG 4K UHD Smart LED TV, $380 and up at Best BuyBJ’s, and Target
This is the LG 55UK6090, an entry-level 4K set. You can find this set at about $400 at a few retailers. The $380 price tag is only at BJ's right now.

55-Inch Samsung 4K Smart TV, $430 at BJ’s
This set is the Samsung UN55NU6950, and like many of the deals we've seen at BJ's, it comes with an additional year of warranty coverage and an HDMI cable. It was about $50 cheaper at both BJ's and Costco during Black Friday. In our tests, it had great HD picture quality.

55-Inch TCL Roku Smart TV, $450 at Amazon
The TCL 55S517, a model we tested, has now dropped in price by a few hundred dollars. It's also available at some other retailers at this price.

60-inch Sharp 4K Roku Smart TV, $450 at Best Buy
This set is the Sharp LC-60Q7370U, a model we didn't test. It's a Roku TV model we see mainly at Best Buy.

55-Inch Vizio 4K Smart TV, $640 at Sam's Club, $650 at Best Buy
This set, the Vizio P55-F1, is a model in Vizio's step-up P series, situated just below the pricier P-series Quantum models and the mainstream M-series sets.

55-Inch Samsung 4K QLED Smart TV, $998 at Amazon, $1,000 at Best Buy and BJ's
This set, the Samsung QN55Q6FN, is the entry-level model in Samsung's premium QLED TVs for 2018. It did well in our tests.

55-Inch LG 4K OLED TV, $1,500 at Amazon and Several Other Retailers
This set, the LG OLED55B8PUA, is part of an LG sale that runs right up to the Super Bowl. It's among the best sets you can buy today, and one of the top TVs in the CR TV ratings. And this price is about $100 less than the best price we saw on Cyber Monday—and much cheaper than it was through most of 2018.

65-Inch TVs

65-Inch RCA 4K Smart LED TV, $470 at Walmart
You might be tempted to buy this set, the RCA RNSMU6536, given its very low price, but RCA sets haven't typically done well in our ratings. While we didn't test this set, we did test its 55-inch sibling—the RCA RNSMU6536—and its picture quality was among the worst of the sets we tested in 2018.

65-inch TCL 4K Roku Smart TV, $500 at Best BuyTarget, and Walmart
This set, the TCL 65S405, is an entry-level 4K model. While it's not a high-performing model, it is a lot cheaper now then it was a few months ago.

65-Inch LG 4K Smart TV, $600 at Best Buy and Target
This model, the LG 65UK6090PUA, is about $200 cheaper than it was a few weeks ago, and the same price it was selling for during Black Friday sales.

65-Inch Samsung 4K Smart TV, $650 at BJ’s and Sam's Club
The Samsung UN65NU6950 is a tested set that did well in our ratings. (BJ's throws in a free HDMI cable.) The similar UN65NU6900 set is available for the same price at several consumer electronics retailers.

65-Inch LG 4K Smart TV, $748 at Amazon and Walmart
The LG 65UK6300PUE is a tested model that did fairly well in our ratings.

65-Inch Samsung 4K Smart TV, $798 at Amazon and Walmart
The Samsung UN65NU7100 was featured during a number of Black Friday sales. It's an entry-level 4K set that did well in our ratings.

65-Inch Vizio 4K Smart TV, $848 at Walmart, $850 at Dell
This is the Vizio M65-F0. Dell had it with a $200 eGift card thrown in, which made it a better deal if you had more shopping to do at Dell, but that promotion has expired.

65-Inch Vizio 4K Smart TV, $890 at Sam’s Club, and $900 at Best Buy
This is the Vizio P65-F1, a model in Vizio's step-up P series, situated just below the pricier P-series Quantum models and the mainstream M-series sets.

65-Inch Samsung 4K Smart TV, $998 at Amazon and Walmart
This set, the Samsung UN65NU8000FXZA—also called the Samsung UN65NU8000—is a step-up model in the mainstream NU series.

65-Inch Samsung QLED Smart TV, $1,498 at Amazon
This model, the Samsung QN65Q6FN, is the entry-level model in Samsung’s top-tier QLED TV lineup for 2018, and it did very well in our ratings.

65-Inch Vizio Quantum 4K Smart TV, $1,500 at Costco and Sam’s Club
This set, the Vizio PQ-65-F1, is Vizio’s flagship 4K TV, and the best Vizio set we tested last year.

65-Inch LG OLED Smart TV, $2,300 at Amazon and Several Other Retailers
This set, the LG OLED65B8PUA, is the bigger sibling to the 55-inch OLED TV listed above, and part of the same LG Super Bowl sale. At this price the TV is about $100 cheaper than it was at the best Cyber Monday sales. It's a top-rated set.

70-Inch and Larger TVs

70-Inch LG 4K Smart TV, $800 at Best Buy
This is the LG 70UK6190, which Best Buy had for just $700 during Black Friday. It's still a great price for a set this size from a major brand.

75-Inch Sceptre 4K TV, $900 at Walmart
This set is the Sceptre U750CV-U, from as brand that typically hasn't done well in our ratings. We didn't test this set, but this is a low price for a 4K set this size.

75-Inch LG 4K UHD Smart TV, $979 at BJ's and $1,000 at Best Buy and Dell
This is the LG 75UK6190PUB, which is available for $100 more as part of BJ's Super Bowl TV sale. Dell had been offering a $100 eGift card to sweeten the deal, but it expired. We tested this set and it did pretty well in our ratings.

75-Inch Hisense 4K Smart TV, $1,000 at Best Buy.
This set, the Hisense 75EU8070, did pretty well in our ratings, though its HDR performance wasn't great.

75-inch Sharp 4K Smart TV, $1,000 at Best Buy.
This set, the Sharp LC-75Q7570U, is among the lowest-priced 75-inch sets we’ve seen so far from a well-known brand. We didn’t test this model. It cost $950 during the Cyber Monday sales.

75-Inch LG 4K Smart TV, $1,200 at P.C. Richard and $1,239 at Amazon
This set is the LG 75UK6570PUB, and it is now less expensive than it was at Black Friday. It's $1,400 at Best Buy.

75-Inch Samsung 4K Smart LED TV, $1,298 at Amazon and Walmart
It's the Samsung UN75NU7100, which sold for this price during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. It's a few dollars more expensive at a number of other retailers, including Best Buy and from Samsung directly.

75-Inch Samsung 4K UHD Smart LED TV, $1,380 at BJ’s
This model, the Samsung UN75NU710DFXZA, is another model sold through the warehouse clubs. It's $1,400 at Sam's Club right now.

70-Inch Sony 4K Android Smart TV, $1,598 at Amazon and Walmart
This set is the Sony XBR70X830F, a tested model that did well in our ratings.

75-Inch Sony 4K HDR Smart TV $1,798 at Amazon
The Sony XBR-X850F is now at Amazon at just about the same price we saw it selling for at Best Buy on Black Friday.

75-Inch Samsung 4K QLED UHD Smart, $2,300 at BJ’s 
This jumbo QLED set, the Samsung QN75Q65FN, was available at warehouse clubs, including BJ's and Costco, for just $2,000 during Black Friday. This deal includes a $50 Google Play gift card.

86-Inch LG 4K Smart TV, $2,497 at B&H and Dell
This set, the LG 86UK6570PUB, has the largest screen in our list. Unfortunately, if you had acted sooner you could have scored a $250 Dell eGift card as part of the deal, but that promo has expired.

82-Inch Samsung 4K Smart TV, $2,598 at Amazon and B&H
This set is the Samsung UN82NU8000FXZA. It was selling for under $2,500 during Best Buy's Black Friday sale, though that retailer has it priced at $2,600 right now.

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