Best Battery Mowers and Tractors for Mulching Your Grass

These top-rated, eco-friendly models cut like champs, then leave the clippings to fertilize your lawn

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A battery mower or tractor is a good green choice because it’s powered by electricity, not polluting gasoline. It’s an even better green choice when it capably mulches—that is, cuts your grass clippings into tiny pieces and strews them on your lawn.

Mulched grass clippings that are left to disintegrate are good for your lawn because they reintroduce nutrients like nitrogen back into the soil. That means you’ll need to use less manufactured fertilizer.

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“Mulching lets you recycle the nutrients within your grass by feeding them directly into your lawn,” says Misha Kollontai, the Consumer Reports engineer who leads lawn-mower testing. “It also reduces your carbon footprint a little further, since those clippings don’t have to be collected and transported.”

Consumer Reports’ lawn mower and tractor ratings include scores for how well our tested lawn mowers mulch. We look at how fine the clippings are and how completely each mower distributes them over a lawn’s surface, so you don’t get unsightly clumps.

Below, you’ll see recommendations for some of the best battery-powered mulching mowers from CR’s tests. We’ve included push models (best for lawns up to a quarter-acre), self-propelled mowers (for lawns up to a half-acre), and riding mowers for larger lawns. You’ll see top-rated models as well as a couple of high-performing counterparts at more moderate prices.

For dozens more options among battery mowers, CR members can check out our comprehensive lawn mower and tractor ratings and buying guide.

Battery Push Mowers

Battery Self-Propelled Mowers

Battery Riding Mowers

How CR Tests Lawn Mowers

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