Worst Cars Overall

    The cars, SUVs, and trucks that perform the worst in CR's rankings

    Choosing the right new car can be a challenge. There are over 260 models to pick from, and there are myriad factors to consider, from price to safety. Consumer Reports makes this process easier through its exhaustive test program and surveys. We can not only point you toward the best cars, but we can steer you away from the worst.

    Each year, we present the best models in 10 popular categories as our Top Picks. Those picks are models that shine in our tests, safety evaluations, and reliability and owner satisfaction survey data collected from members. And then there are the worst picks, presented below.

    These cars, SUVs, and trucks have the lowest Overall Score in their classes, meaning the combination of test scores, reliability, and owner satisfaction puts them at the bottom. In other words, these are the cars that by all measures should be avoided. Every other model in their class is better.

    Worst Compact SUV

    Worst Midsized SUV

    Worst Two-Row Midsized SUV

    Worst Luxury SUV

    Worst Minivan

    Worst Midsized Car & Hybrid

    Worst Compact Car

    Worst Compact Luxury Sedan

    Worst Compact Truck

    Worst Overall

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