Ram 1500 — a vehicle included in a new recall about windshield wipers

Over 425,000 Jeep Compass SUVs and Ram 1500 trucks from the 2019 and 2020 model years have been recalled because a faulty part in the windshield wiper assembly could cause them to fail.

If the windshield wipers fail, drivers may be unable to see the road ahead during rain or snow, which could lead to a crash.

Before the wipers fail completely, drivers may first notice that the wipers aren’t clearing precipitation off the windshield properly or that they don't return to their proper rest positions between wipes or when turned off.

FCA, the parent company that owns the Jeep and Ram brands, told the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that it is unaware of any crashes or fatalities related to this problem.

Before you bring your vehicle to a dealer for a recall repair, be sure to read CR’s guide to getting recall work done during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Details

Vehicles Recalled
• 316,626 Ram 1500 and Ram 1500 Classic pickup trucks from the 2019-2020 model years, manufactured from April 28, 2019, through March 3, 2020.

• 108,962 Jeep Compass SUVs from the 2019-2020 model years manufactured from May 12, 2019, through March 3, 2020.

The problem: At the factory, the nut that attaches the windshield wipers to the wiper assembly was replaced with a slightly different version of the same part. This new nut may cause the wipers to fail during use.

The fix: Dealers will tighten the nut to a specifically required torque, free of charge. An FCA spokesman told CR that this will correct the recall issue. The recall is expected to begin May 25, 2020.

How to contact the manufacturer: Owners of affected vehicles may call FCA at 800-853-1403.

NHTSA campaign number: 20V208. FCA’s own number for this recall is W25.

Check to see whether your vehicle has an open recall: NHTSA’s website will tell you whether your vehicle has any open recalls that need to be addressed.

If you plug your car’s 17-digit vehicle identification number (VIN) into NHTSA’s website and a recall doesn’t appear, it means your vehicle doesn’t currently have one. Because automakers issue recalls often, and for many older vehicles, we recommend checking back regularly.

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Jeep Compass — a vehicle included in a new recall about windshield wipers