Main themes: This week we talk about how Waze and Google Maps have finally made their way into Apple CarPlay, and discuss the pros and cons of each mapping service. We also talk about how soon owners without Amazon Alexa built into their cars will be able to get the Echo Auto aftermarket device. We debate whether we’d put one in our own cars.

Driven this week: 2019 Subaru Forester

Audience Questions:

• Should I buy the updated Acura RDX in its first year?
• I drive a lot for work, even when it’s snowing. What car should I get?
• Why are today’s dashboards so drab? Where did all the bright colors go?
• I’m starting a mobile auto-repair business, and I don’t want a van. Which pickup truck should I buy: a Toyota Tacoma or a Chevy Colorado?

Talking Cars panelists Jon Linkov, Keith Barry, and Mike Quincy
Panelists: Jon Linkov, Keith Barry, and Mike Quincy

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