Main theme: We debate Ford's announcement about its electric vehicle plans for the near future. First up would be a "Mustang inspired" crossover. In 2021, the automaker may release a fully electric F-150 pickup truck, followed by two EV crossovers in 2022.

In addition, we go over the National Transportation Safety Board's release of documents related to a crash involving a Tesla Model S and a parked fire truck in January 2018.

Driven: 2019 Audi A6

Audience questions:

  • How should an owner make sure his 2007 Nissan Murano SUV reaches the 200,000-mile mark?
  • Are winter tires superior to all-season tires when it comes to braking performance in cold temperatures?
  • Is a "lifetime" bumper-to-bumper warranty worth the money?
Talking Cars panelists Ryan Pszczolkowski Jon Linkov, and Jake Fisher

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