Main theme: Summertime brings an abundance of car shows, highlighting a variety of models that include classic hot rods, muscle cars from the 1960s and 1970s, hits from the 1980s, and popular Japanese vehicles.

In this episode, we come up with new cars we think will be car-show favorites 20 years from now. 

Driven: The new Volkswagen Arteon. We discuss the recent history of VW's German- and American-built vehicles, and how the new Arteon four-door hatchback has a more Germanic driving experience. But is it worth the price?

Audience questions:

  • Is it a good idea for an audience member to test out the automatic emergency braking system on his Toyota Prius Prime?
  • Are low-profile tires useful on a pickup truck?
  • Will the new BMW-powered Toyota Supra have Toyota-like reliability?
Panel members Ryan Pszczolkowski, Jon Linkov, Jake Fisher
Panelists: Ryan Pszczolkowski, Jon Linkov, and Jake Fisher

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