Main theme: Children are at risk in hot cars year-round, but a recent string of deaths has reminded us of the increased likelihood for tragedies in summer. Children are dying from hyperthermia—whether they were knowingly or unknowingly left inside, or whether they gained access to a car without a parent or caregiver being aware—at a frightening pace.

In this episode, we discuss ways to help create routines to check up on child safety, and how new technologies from car companies and car seat manufacturers may help prevent these deaths.

Driven: 2020 Ford Explorer

Audience questions:

  • How can readers best interpret CR’s reliability ratings?
  • What’s a good replacement for a recently totaled 2014 Volkswagen TDI wagon?
  • Why do CR’s headlight ratings differ from those from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety?
  • What does the term “CUV” really mean?
Panelists Mike Monticello, Jen Stockburger, and Mike Quincy
Panelists: Mike Monticello, Jen Stockburger, and Mike Quincy

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