Main theme: We dig into the “Talking Cars” mailbag this week to answer a variety of audience questions, ranging from Subaru’s popularity among automotive media and loyalists, to what happens if you run lower octane fuel than is recommended. We also tackle when a first-year model should not be considered a first-year model, and give tips and suggestions for a cross-country road trip.

Driven this week: 2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid

Audience Questions
• Why are Subarus so popular with car reviewers and enthusiasts?

• Can using lower-octane fuel than is recommended in the owner’s manual damage my car’s engine or void its warranty?

• Normally, CR advises against buying first-year models because of reliability concerns, but would you view the 2021 Toyota Venza in a different light because it’s just the U.S. version of a model—the Harrier—that has already been on sale in Japan?

• My wife and I are planning a cross-country road trip, but she suffers from back pain; should we consider renting a larger car? Or a camper? Or just get a good, removable seat cushion?

Talking Cars panelists Jen Stockburger, Mike Monticello, and Mike Quincy.
"Talking Cars" panelists Jen Stockburger, Mike Monticello, and Mike Quincy.

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