We get so many questions sent to us from listeners and viewers of our weekly “Talking Cars” video podcast that we can’t address them each week. They come to us from fans via our iCloud email account (see below) and comments on YouTube. This feedback is essential and enriches the show. Sometimes we have to open up the mailbag and tackle a bunch in order to keep up. Our lone regret is that we can’t get to them all. Hence, it’s time for another all-questions episode.

Audience Questions
• Should the so-so braking test results for many winter tires persuade people to buy all-season tires instead?
• Why is it so expensive to replace modern car keys/fobs?
• Is it worth it to buy from no-haggle used-car dealers?
• Should I use regular or premium fuel for my 2017 Volkswagen GTI and 2019 Mazda CX-9?
• Why do some manufacturers insist on putting the gear selector’s Park button in weird and unintuitive spots?
• Do higher trim lines get more points in CR’s ratings if they come with all the safety features standard?
• What’s a good daily driver for a middle-aged suburban dad looking for a car with a little flair?

Talking Cars panelists Jake Fisher, Mike Quincy, and Jennifer Stockburger.
Talking Cars panelists Jake Fisher, Mike Quincy, and Jennifer Stockburger.

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Have a Question?

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