• Is the Subaru Ascent a good, large car replacement for an Audi A4?
  • Which technology is better for automatic emergency braking systems: cameras or radar?
  • Why do infotainment systems keep “rebooting”?
  • What’s the best way to transport something tied to your car’s roof?
  • What are the differences between Consumer Reports’ and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s headlight tests?
  • What are the important maintenance items for electric vehicles?
  • Why do forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking systems sometimes react when there is nothing in the road ahead?
  • Do “skateboard” and “modular architectures” mean cars are all going to look the same?
  • Are inflatable seat belts safe to use with child seats?
  • What’s a good small car or hybrid to tow behind an RV?  
‘Talking Cars’ panelists Keith Barry, Jen Stockburger, and Mike Monticello.
Talking Cars panelists Keith Barry, Jen Stockburger, and Mike Monticello.

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