Main theme: We discuss what people should—and should not—do when driving in big storms that flood roads. In addition, because many storm-damaged cars end up getting sold in other states to unsuspecting buyers, we point out some tips on what to look for to avoid buying a flood-damaged vehicle.

Driven this week: Audi Q7 55 TSFI SUV

Audience questions
• What car—preferably a "sportback"—would be good for a family with two children?
• Is it okay to put my car's transmission in Neutral at every stoplight? Does this also work as a sort of engine stop/start?
• What subcompact SUV or pickup truck handles well, isn't too low to the ground, doesn't handle like a road boat, and gets good mileage?

Talking Cars panelists Mike Monticello, Jon Linkov, and Mike Quincy.
Talking Cars panelists Mike Monticello, Jon Linkov, and Mike Quincy

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