Toyota says its all-new 2018 Camry is sportier. Is it? And does that matter?

Those are some of the questions Consumer Reports' car experts tackle on the lastest episode of “Talking Cars.”

We start with answering questions that you, our viewers, sent us through YouTube. As always we focus on the questions we think have the potential of being most interesting to a broad audience.

One question was what’s better in a winter tire? Snow or ice traction. Many dedicated winter tires do well on both counts.

We move on to address a practical rear-wheel-drive muscle car conundrum. It’s natural to think American car in this context, but should you broaden your list of potentials?

Then we discuss the new 2018 Toyota Camry. This popular family sedan often gets a bad rap from buff books for being too vanilla—a reputation we think is unjustified. After all, not all vanillas are created equal. With the new design, Toyota is trying to appease its detractors, emphasising a more dynamic styling and improved handling. Styling is of course in the eye of the beholder, but we’ll attest than indeed, handling got a bit better. Then again, there wasn’t so much wrong with the previous generation.

Tune in to this discussion and more in the latest episode of “Talking Cars with Consumer Reports.” 

Jake Fisher, Jen Stockburger, and Gabe Shenhar
Jake Fisher, Jen Stockburger, and Gabe Shenhar

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