Main theme: Our three panelists discuss the recent visit to the CR Auto Test Center by Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn. (Connecticut is ATC’s home state.) It was a day full of discussions with the senator about autonomous vehicles, along with some semi-autonomous driving demonstrations by CR's director of auto testing, Jake Fisher. The panel also delves into the recent statement from the Environmental Protection Agency regarding the easing of U.S. fuel-economy targets.

Driven this week: BMW X2, Jaguar E-Pace, and Volvo XC40. Our panel discusses the continued expansion of the entry-level luxury SUV category, including three recent test-car purchases.

Viewer questions: What’s a reliable, fuel-sipping, and comfortable used car for under $14,000 for a road trip? How can CR say Cadillac builds great-driving cars, yet not a single one is recommended? Should Volkswagen make its Atlas Tanoak concept into a production pickup truck? And should it try to market the truck specifically to women?

Talking Cars: Panelists Jen Stockburger, Mike Monticello, and Jake Fisher.
Panelists: Jen Stockburger, Mike Monticello, and Jake Fisher.

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