Buick's Enclave is a large, car-based SUV with a spacious third-row seat, sound ride quality, and decent handling. However, rear visibility, awkward placement of some controls, and unimpressive fuel economy are its weaknesses. A rear-view camera is standard for this version of the large Buick crossover SUV.
There are 6 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"handles well, good acc"

Anonymous, NE (2012 Buick Enclave)

"Handles like a dream"

Ruebin S., CA (2012 Buick Enclave)

"Even after 6 years I am still amazed at the handling of this truck. The turning radius is small for the size of this vehicle. The acceleration is sooth and predictable."

Sharron B., GA (2012 Buick Enclave)

"Power and response is excellent. When you need to accelerate it accelerates like a vehicle with more advertised power. Handling in quick response situations is great; handling with car top carrier full is very good (heavy duty suspension)."

D J., IN (2012 Buick Enclave)

"Still drives and rides like it was new"

Frank V., TN (2012 Buick Enclave)

"handles well for a larger vehicle, good turning radius"

Anonymous, MN (2012 Buick Enclave)

"The car has very good acceleration and handles very well."

Charles C., NY (2012 Buick Enclave)

"Needs more power. Could use more torque too. Can only tow 4000 lbs. Handles a bit boat like but on the good side roles down the Colorado highway at 75 mph ( the speed limit) smooth and quiet."

James J., CO (2012 Buick Enclave)

"it has great pickup and is a dream to drive on the highway and handles great in the city"

Anonymous, WI (2012 Buick Enclave)

"Driving comfort and storage size."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Buick Enclave)

"The Enclave is a big, heavy SUV but tracks straight, turns predictably, and despite its weight has more than adequate acceleration when needed."

David E., FL (2012 Buick Enclave)

"Terrible gas mileage, poor acceleration, faulty transmission. Nothing good to say. Would never buy it again."

Anonymous, VA (2012 Buick Enclave)

"It is a very sound car that handles well on snowy and icy roads. It turns a corner nicely"

Anonymous, MN (2012 Buick Enclave)

"There is no hesitation of picking up speed from stop or slow. Handles well in all traffic and road situations."

WILLIAM P., MO (2012 Buick Enclave)

"Soft ride, excellent interior space, good comfort and support for my back problems with ease of entry/exiting."

Anonymous, PA (2012 Buick Enclave)

"A lot of the time the car accelerates all by its self while you are driving. I have had it into the shop several times and I was told that this is normal. IT IS NOT NORMAL. When the people sitting in the passenger seat ask "what is your car doing?""

THE W., TX (2012 Buick Enclave)

"I think the engine is under powered for the weight of the vehicle and thus you get poor performance and gas mileage."

DON M., TX (2012 Buick Enclave)

"The side mirrors are in my line of vision!! My seat is up as high as I can get it. I hate that about the car."

JUDY W., AR (2012 Buick Enclave)


JOHN M., ON (2012 Buick Enclave)

"Handles nicely, smooth ride. Has enough acceleration to pass on highway/roads. Good power."

STEVEN B., CO (2012 Buick Enclave)

"With 6 cylinder engine, acceleration is not very exciting or good"

JAMES G., MO (2012 Buick Enclave)

"the acceleration is very good"

GARY S., TX (2012 Buick Enclave)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"nice ride, so so fuel economy, AC works good"

Anonymous, NE (2012 Buick Enclave)

"Very quiet ride. Seats are very comfortable. Love the memory seats."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Buick Enclave)

"Seats are comfortable ride is quiet with no outside noise"

Walter S., CA (2012 Buick Enclave)

"Noisy interior on the highway"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Buick Enclave)

"It is the quietest car I've ever owned or ridden in. I love that. The seats in the back do not recline enough for significant comfort when traveling."

Anonymous, VA (2012 Buick Enclave)

"This is the most comfortable car/truck I have ever driven. I have a bad back and these seats are the most comfortable I have ever had. Once you find the right combination, you can save it and it will always assume that position when you open the car. The ride is so smooth, it doesn't seem like a truck. The noise level is exceptionally quiet."

Sharron B., GA (2012 Buick Enclave)

"very comfortable, rides great, easy to control"

Anonymous, WI (2012 Buick Enclave)

"The 3.6L engine is quiet. The SUV as whole has the typical cushy ride that Buick is noted for. Plenty of leg room. A bit of a pain to access the third row seats. The second row seats have to be folded down and slid forward for people to get to the third row of seats."

Anonymous, MN (2012 Buick Enclave)

"very quiet and solid on the road"

Anonymous, MN (2012 Buick Enclave)

"comfortable heated seats. quiet and smooth ride."

Anonymous, OH (2012 Buick Enclave)

"Quiet smooth ride"

Rodger R., MD (2012 Buick Enclave)

"Seats are not comfortable and the side mirrors are too big and poorly placed making it difficult to see around them."

Jeffrey D., IL (2012 Buick Enclave)

"Most comfortable vehicle I’ve ever had. Can drive all day for work or for very long distances without a problem"

C C., NY (2012 Buick Enclave)

"seat positioning and quality materials are very good"

Donald J., LA (2012 Buick Enclave)

"seats are very comfortable and adjustable, the ride is smooth, and interior noise is very low"

Anonymous, IL (2012 Buick Enclave)

"Seat adjustment is great for 6’4‿ male Automatic adjustment has not stayed accurate"

Anonymous, TX (2012 Buick Enclave)

"Very quiet, smooth ride."

Andrew B., CT (2012 Buick Enclave)

"quiet comfortable ride - love heated seats - nothing about car I don't like!"

Anonymous, FL (2012 Buick Enclave)

"This car is easy to travel long distances in as it has a very comfortable ride, handles well, and is very quiet on the interior. The seats have multiple adjustments as well as the steering wheel and the seats are heated for cold weather comfort."

David E., FL (2012 Buick Enclave)

"Very comfortable riding vehicle. Quiet and smooth performance on the highway."

Harry S., NC (2012 Buick Enclave)

"The ride and comfort are excellent."

Charles C., NY (2012 Buick Enclave)

"Most comfortable ever, better than Cadilac"

Ruebin S., CA (2012 Buick Enclave)

"It's the most comfortable car I've ever driven."

C C., NY (2012 Buick Enclave)

"Seats not comfortable, to hard. My truck has better seats - much better."

LOUIS S., MI (2012 Buick Enclave)

"I am 6'4" 265 pounds and this SUV is comfortable for long drives. Seats are comfortable and AC systems works great."

RODGER R., DE (2012 Buick Enclave)

"The heating/ air conditioning system failed (3rd year) and this surprised me. I guess I expected a better quality system. It was an expensive repair ($400)"

JIMMY G., AL (2012 Buick Enclave)

"Other than the steering wheel that does not adjust up enough, the comfort of this vehicle is superior to many other cars that I own or have owned. Seats have great support and are fully adjustable. The cabin is very quiet with almost no wind noise. Set the climate control and forgetaboutit forever. The Enclave was a big surprise because I did not expect it to be such a fine automobile."

STEPHEN S., MD (2012 Buick Enclave)

"seats seem to be getting a little soft"

Anonymous, FL (2012 Buick Enclave)

"A/C system had bad odor after 27000 miles. Last Buick had same problem. Buick won't admit a design, engineering flaw. Cost me $290.00 to have smell blown out, but after only 3 weeks, smell has come back and have to return to the Dealer."

WILLIAM H., CA (2012 Buick Enclave)

"With severe Spinal Stenosis I can get in, drive, and exit without discomfort. Good head room, firm seats, and ease of driving. Good mirrors help with poor rear viewing. Getting the temp down on a very hot day takes longer than in my previously owned large cars."

Anonymous, PA (2012 Buick Enclave)

"Comfortable on long and short journeys. Adjustable seats allows higher position for better visual of the road. Leather seats provide lumbar support and heat. Environmental control suits all passengers. Noise factor is minimal."

WILLIAM P., MO (2012 Buick Enclave)

"Comfort of the Leather Seats is great. We especially like the memory adjust driver's seat. The ability to adjust the seat for the passenger is great, too. The roominess for 6 adults is fantastic and the ease for them to access the rear seats is good. The ride is pure Buick but the climate controls are very confusing."

BARBARA C., CA (2012 Buick Enclave)

"seat comfort is horrible for me and my girlfriend."

Anonymous, MI (2012 Buick Enclave)

"Rough tuff ride . The rear seat is just terrible"

F S., MO (2012 Buick Enclave)

"Many of our passengers tell us how comfortable and quite our car is and how well it rides even though it is four years old. We have taken many long trips in our Buick and in comfort and style. Our next purchase will be an Enclave, but it will be a few years before we do."

DONALD A., IN (2012 Buick Enclave)

"the seats are leather and comfortable"

GARY S., TX (2012 Buick Enclave)

"Very comfortable ride"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Buick Enclave)

"I enjoy everything about my 2012 Buick Enclave. Easy to drive, very comfortable interior, fold down sets makes it easy to haul large items, and overall style design of the vehicle."

Anonymous, KY (2012 Buick Enclave)

"Comfortable seats, quiet ride, good climate controls (duel). Seat heater and cooler work well. Good acceleration and power."

STEVEN B., CO (2012 Buick Enclave)

"Climate control is very nice. Seats are very comfortable for this tall old man."

JOHN S., GA (2012 Buick Enclave)

"Very quiet interior - minimal outside noise (you don't hear other vehicles or road noise). Only the one small squeak in a seat spring is all you hear inside."

LEAH R., KY (2012 Buick Enclave)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Fun to drive. Good gas mileage on long distance driving. Agile. Comfortable, but, would be great if there was lumbar adjustment and seat raising and lowering on passenger side of vehicle. Love the height and overall look of interior and exterior. Plan to purchase another one in four years if the quality, amenities and safety features continue to improve."

B B., VA (2012 Buick Enclave)

"There is value in the car. It is a work horse. It is very quiet and smooth. Handles lighter than the weight of the vehicle would normally behave. Engine needs to be stronger and I understand that is improved in 2018. The navigation and rear camera screen needs to improve in a big way to be viewed in bright sun conditions. It is not visible to my eyes. (Partially a personal problem I am getting corrected.) My wife has very good vision has the same problem with the system. Gas mileage is disappoi..."

Robert K., PA (2012 Buick Enclave)

"Reliable, comfortable, relatively easy on fuel,"

D J., IN (2012 Buick Enclave)

"The 2012 Enclave was a good value when we bought it in the fall of 2011, especially when compared to foreign competition. Since then, the price of the Enclave seems to have gone up quite a bit so I'm not too sure if I would have the same feeling now."

Anonymous, IL (2012 Buick Enclave)

"comfortable quiet ride"

Anonymous, AZ (2012 Buick Enclave)

"the reliability is good. The exterior looks great."

George B., FL (2012 Buick Enclave)

"Good ride solid car"

Anonymous, IL (2012 Buick Enclave)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Very nice lines but visibility can be a an issue."

GARY P., KY (2012 Buick Enclave)

"I enjoy driving the Enclave, but I have a hard time telling where the hood and front bumper is. This car has a back up camera, but does not have the lines to show where you are."

JAMES G., VA (2012 Buick Enclave)

"It's not a truck! It's not a van. It's like a big car. I would much prefer a second row bench seat, but it wasn't available. It's easy to exit and enter the 3rd row seat, not like any other SUV of this size. We've tried them. The finish inside is nice, what you might expect. Nice to have automatic tailgate and I like the chrome finish rack on top along with two sunroofs!"

BARBARA C., CA (2012 Buick Enclave)

"My driver's driver's seat is too low."

LORETTA T., KS (2012 Buick Enclave)

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