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Buick's Enclave is a large, car-based SUV with a spacious third-row seat, sound ride quality, and decent handling. However, rear visibility, awkward placement of some controls, and unimpressive fuel economy are its weaknesses. A rear-view camera is standard for this version of the large Buick crossover SUV
There are 6 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"The Enclave drive smoothly and quietly. It is responsive all the time."

Anonymous, TX (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Handles well. Plenty of acceleration."

T B., IN (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Very good handling, however the engine lacks in power for the size of the vehicle."

Anonymous, AZ (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Acceleration on road, Great. A little slow off the line."

Anonymous, FL (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Blind spots on the passenger side."

Anonymous, GA (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Comfortable driving especially on long trips"

Anonymous, SC (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Everything is great about this vehicle."

Anonymous, AL (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Handles well. Can pull a decent sized trailer with the tow package."

Keith H., MI (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Excellent acceleration for a vehicle this large. Very satisfying."

Anonymous, IL (2011 Buick Enclave)

"The 2011 Buick Enclave accelerates quickly and handles curves and turns very well."

Carrie W., LA (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Great acceleration and handling. Could ask for more."

Angie M., PA (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Handling and comfort."

Anonymous, RI (2011 Buick Enclave)

"smooth and controlled"

Anonymous, DE (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Very good acceleration & quick steering"

Anonymous, MI (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Acceleration onto highway has hesitation."

Anonymous, IL (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Good acceleration"

Dennis M., IL (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Acceleration quick and responsive. Short turning radius which is nine in tight parking lots or when backing a trailor."

Dennis R., OH (2011 Buick Enclave)

"drives with ease plenty of get up and go with super handling"

Jerome M., NY (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Gas mileage is poor. Handling is good and so is acceleration."

Anonymous, TX (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Handling is very good with acceptable acceleration"

BENNY R., OK (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Extremely smooth drive and great comfort."

MICHAEL K., AL (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Acceleration is slow but it handles great"

SHARON M., NJ (2011 Buick Enclave)

"I think it is the best car we have ever owned."

JAMES H., PA (2011 Buick Enclave)

"love the car. had to pick out all the things I like."

Anonymous, FL (2011 Buick Enclave)

"The main issue is MPG. It is not good, even at highway speeds on the Interstate. The "Sticker" rating is much better than we ever got."

Anonymous, IN (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Great acceleration & handling. Ride is on the stiff side."

ROBERT S., NE (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Having significant issues with steering column that research has shown to be a common problem that will require replacement not under warranty. That is something would not expect for any car 5 yrs old."

Anonymous, PA (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Responsive when entering a freeway and great Ito comfort on long drives. Handles well"

F J., CA (2011 Buick Enclave)

"The AWD traction works very well when traction is lost on the front wheels."

Anonymous, SC (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Doesn't seem to have enough power when needed sometimes."

TERRY M., CA (2011 Buick Enclave)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Supportive seats with lots of adjustment. Quiet when driving. Even with 20" tires, ride is smooth."

Paul G., AB (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Drives very well. Very Quiet. Very comfortable"

Michael K., PA (2011 Buick Enclave)

"smoothst, quiet car I have evr had"

Anonymous, IA (2011 Buick Enclave)


Anonymous, DC (2011 Buick Enclave)

"This is a terrific auto for long trips. All three seating rows have space for adults. This auto is great for traveling with 6 adults. Other 3 rows cars have rear seats that are only useful for children or pets."

Anonymous, FL (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Very quiet ride, and very comfortable even on long trips"

Keith H., MI (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Drivers side seat is very good for being able to adjust in all directions. The passengers side is lacking in adjustments. The noise level is acceptable, and the ride is good."

Anonymous, AZ (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Very comfortable and quiet."

Linda G., TN (2011 Buick Enclave)

"seat plastic trim pieces do not stay together well. In shop for this at least 2 times each year since the car was new for this problem."

William R., VA (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Very comfortable, ride is very nice, and it’s really quite."

Warren H., CA (2011 Buick Enclave)

"I love the quiet ride of my 2011 Buick Enclave. Everything about the ride is comfortable. The car handles the road smoothly and is a joy to drive. We recently took a road trip from New Orleans, LA to Orlando, FL and as a family of four, we were very comfortable inside with plenty of space for all of our bags, plus room to spread out. When we arrived in Orlando, we met up with our family and were able to seat all seven of us without any issues. Great ride and great comfort."

Carrie W., LA (2011 Buick Enclave)

"adjustable, heated seats, very quiet when driving on tarred roads, comfortable ride..."

Anonymous, WA (2011 Buick Enclave)

"soft quiet ride"

Anonymous, DE (2011 Buick Enclave)

"much more comfortable and quieter than smaller vehicles. seats are comfortable and the cooling is sweet"

Anonymous, MI (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Great quiet ride. Great road car"

Dennis M., IL (2011 Buick Enclave)

"This is a great traveling car. It also has an immense inside capacity for people and/or cargo, but is a reasonable size outside for parking and handling. We take long (over 1000 mile trips) in great comfort because the seats are also comfortable."

Arthur C., MI (2011 Buick Enclave)

"for a 7 year old vehicle, the comfort and smoothness of the ride is outstanding. One of the best features is the lack of noise (wind, road) that has been retained thru the years."

Joy M., FL (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Great vehicle for long trips. Fuel mileage could be better though."

Dennis R., OH (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Great road trip car. Quiet and great ride."

Tom B., AR (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Have had the Buick Enclave for about 6 years. We use it for travel on long trips as well as for times that we have grandchildren visiting. It is very versatile with the number of seats available and storage. I'm in my 60's and like a comfortable seat on a road trip. The seats in the Enclave are very comfortable for my wife and me. Also, when we have 7 people in it, we can hear conversations from the front to the back! Plan on keeping this vehicle for several more years. It has been very r..."

T B., IN (2011 Buick Enclave)

"These large seats are well-heated and have excellent direction/pitch/angle controls. They are a little hard for my body after 90 minutes."

K S., DE (2011 Buick Enclave)

"very little road noise and great ride even for long trips"

Jerome M., NY (2011 Buick Enclave)

"very comfortable, very quiet going down the road"

KENNETH V., WA (2011 Buick Enclave)

"climate control had to be rebuilt at 5 years old. Too soon for my liking."

Anonymous, ON (2011 Buick Enclave)

"I incurred a cost of $825 because the power driver seat would no longer move - a stripped drive screw"

Anonymous, IL (2011 Buick Enclave)


GERALD B., NJ (2011 Buick Enclave)

"My wife has had back problems. After checking many cars and recommendations of friends about the seats and their comfort, I purchased the Enclave. It has become the best car I have ever owned."

Anonymous, FL (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Very quiet car and as a large person this car is very comfortable with a smooth ride."

RAYMOND M., VA (2011 Buick Enclave)

"This is the most comfortable car I've ever owned. No back aches, no heat problems, very quiet"

ANDREW P., NY (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Seats are excellent, heated, back support adjustment, Climate Control is dual for front and back and it is very good; Car is very quiet to drive; Suspension system is excellent for the size and weight of the vehicle."

SATPAL S., WA (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Very comfortable and quite quiet and the cooled seats are sweet."

DENNIS O., MI (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Love the comfort of the captains chairs and lumbar support"

Anonymous, KY (2011 Buick Enclave)

"The Enclave is an excellent "road car" for our long drives, and a perfect family car when we carry 5 or more people. It's extremely comfortable in both these applications, and has outstanding cargo capacity both with and without passengers."

ARTHUR C., MI (2011 Buick Enclave)

"the driver's seat controls keep popping out due to the way the seat was manufactured. I have tried through 2 Buick dealerships to get this problem fixed and Buick has been unresponsive. Apparently this is a known problem with 2011 vehicles."

WILLIAM R., VA (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Quiet ride, very smooth. Enjoyable to drive!"

ANDREW C., OH (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Very comfortable seats - and I have a bad back and hips. Ride, climate control are also excellent. Only problem I have is that I am short and can't see over the left outside mirror - I had to get a cushion to raise my seat level."

JOSEPH R., MI (2011 Buick Enclave)

"The seats are not as comfortable as I had hoped for a top of the line trim level. They are a bit small and the passenger seat does not have enough adjustment."

THOMAS S., TN (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Not very comfortable"

ADOLPH O., GA (2011 Buick Enclave)

"The Enclave is very comfortable to ride in for all passengers. A bit more room in the center console would be nice."

ANTHONY K., CT (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Very comfortable for long trips easy to handle"

Anonymous, UT (2011 Buick Enclave)

"The Buick I have has had a few major issues such as brakes and air conditioner. Overall I still like the vehicle but they have made dramatic improvements over the past coupme years. Id definitely give the Enclave another shot with a newer model."

JOE C., IN (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Excellent seat comfort and very quiet ride."

JACK A., IN (2011 Buick Enclave)

"My enclave rides and drives like a car. Having the cooling feature in the front seats is a huge plus as I live in FL where cooled is far more needed than heated, which is all that is commonly offered."

JOY B., FL (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Excellent climate control even in Florida with near 100 degree heat in traffic, on the road, etc."

Anonymous, FL (2011 Buick Enclave)

"comfortable seats, good heat/air controls, great ride, quiet"

DENNIS V., MN (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Ride is harsh."

DWANE B., CO (2011 Buick Enclave)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"This vehicle has plenty power when pulling out or passing. It handles high speeds like a sporty car. I had a of get up and go."

Angie M., PA (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Have owned the Enclave for seven years. It has been very dependable. Has not required many repairs."

T B., IN (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Terrible reliability for a car that had been in production for several years (problems with transmission, HVAC system, steering column, leaking engine gaskets). In a car driven less than 50,000 miles."

Anonymous, NE (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Large 7 passenger vehicle that rides very well and is quietly comfortable to drive."

Anonymous, SC (2011 Buick Enclave)

"The Enclave has been TERRIFIC for 7 years. No problems at all. Able to load it up and move kids to and from school or take home large items. Grandkids all fit in the vehicle comfortably."

Anonymous, TX (2011 Buick Enclave)

"A very good buy for money"

N L., FL (2011 Buick Enclave)

"I think ALL new vehicles are over priced. I never think that I got a GREAT deal."

John C., MI (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Remarkably comfortable for long trips. Very quiet, very good acceleration vs fuel economy trade-off. Loads of interior room. Maintenance costs very low compared to other full size high-end CUVs."

Anonymous, NM (2011 Buick Enclave)

"The cost at purchase over the years owned is under $7K/yr. extremely reliable, solid car."

Eugene N., FL (2011 Buick Enclave)

"This car has held its value well. My most recent comparison is with my previous large car, a Cadillac Escalade, whose mileage was worse, whose cargo space was pitifully small and whose price was unjustifiably larger. I also prefer the Buick to my previous GMC and Chevy cars for its higher level of soundproofing and comfort."

Arthur C., MI (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Brake pedal assembly makes annoying noise every time it is used. Light bulbs burn out frequently. Front pillars & outside mirrors impede vision of pedestrians & traffic."

ROBERT S., NE (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Having to replace the engine. All required services were completed on schedule. It was a $7000 out of pocket expense to replace the engine."

JAMES D., CO (2011 Buick Enclave)

"For the price, I believe I got a luxury level vehicle at a way lower price than, for example, a Lexus or Mercedes. It certainly is comfortable for long rides and has many extra features that make driving it a pleasure."

THERESE D., IL (2011 Buick Enclave)

"My Enclave has had a ton of problems. Lucky for me, I purchased a bumper to bumper 5 year warranty. Otherwise, I'd have traded it in years ago. Repairs would have been very very expensive."

ALLISON R., TX (2011 Buick Enclave)

"The cost of vehicles has just gotten too high."

TOM G., NE (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Enclave is too expensive. Ford Explorer does everything just as well as the Enclave at $8-9 thousand dollars less."

LEONARD V., AR (2011 Buick Enclave)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Conservative, stylish, not over the top"

Anonymous, FL (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Looks great"

CHARLES W., GA (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Every time I look at it, I fall in love with the inner and outer styling. Every thing is well designed and provides customer satisfaction."

SATPAL S., WA (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Elegant and not over- stylized."

JOSEPH S., NC (2011 Buick Enclave)

"Looks like new, appearance very similar to 2015 models"

BENNY R., OK (2011 Buick Enclave)

"My wife loves the look of the Buick Enclave and it looks sporty and has plenty of room in the back for traveling."

LLOYD R., AL (2011 Buick Enclave)

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