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Buick's Enclave is a large, car-based SUV with a spacious third-row seat, sound ride quality, and decent handling. However, rear visibility, awkward placement of some controls, and unimpressive fuel economy are its weaknesses. A rear-view camera is standard for this version of the large Buick crossover SUV.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"real solid feel and control I love the way it drives even when a full load. acceleration is average"

Steve O., MO (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Acceleration is fantastic. The only complaint I have is braking. the vehicle feels heavy and braking slightly underpowered."

JASON F., FL (2014 Buick Enclave)

"When going slow and accelerating rapidly, it sometimes slams into a lower gear. It doesn't do it all the time, but it does it enough to give you a jolt. I have told them about this at the dealership and even had the transmission technician ride around with me to try to duplicate it, but it never does it when I want it to. I can't blame them unless they can duplicate it. It's hard to fix something that they can't duplicate the problem. The handling is great."

RUDI L., SC (2014 Buick Enclave)

"This is an especially good road vehicle. It has a stable, smooth ride with adequate acceleration. Road noise is held to a minimum."

MICHAEL K., IL (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Agile for its size."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Buick Enclave)

"It's a great vehicle in all aspects"

JOSE G., TX (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Handles well, good acceleration"

DENNIS A., MO (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Don't feel the acceleration is what I'd hoped for. Seems to drag when stepping on the gas"

Anonymous, WI (2014 Buick Enclave)

"The acceleration is fair to poor, according to the dealer the shift band on the transmission is different in the Buick than the GMC version resulting in higher engine revs."

MARK S., AZ (2014 Buick Enclave)

"In January 2015 we were hit from behind and spun us around on the Freeway on icy highway. My husband, an experienced over the road driver, told me that she responded like a dream when he steered us out of harms way. This car saved our lives that snowy morning."

LISA W., MO (2014 Buick Enclave)

"What I expected"

ROBERT K., AZ (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Front end noise, can't get rid of it."

Anonymous, NC (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Acceleration has never been satisfactory, except once right after changing transmission fluid, which only lasted a few days. Have discussed it with the dealer, who claims this is normal."

Paul M., CO (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Performs very well."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Acceleration is very good for this size of vehicle. We spend 6 months in Florida and consequently the car is heavily loaded and it rides very well."

Brian W., OH (2014 Buick Enclave)

"The acceleration is very slow and draggy on the 2014 Buick Enclave."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Gets up to speed when entering freeways and passing."

Anonymous, WY (2014 Buick Enclave)

"It’s a large vehicle and rides and handles well. Also, i feel safer because of its size."

Michael R., PA (2014 Buick Enclave)

"The vehicle is marginally underpowered and the shift band is set for older drivers who are not particularly interested in excelleration but prefer to cruise along in the right hand lane"

Mark S., AZ (2014 Buick Enclave)

"For a large vehicle, acceleration and handling are good."

Benjamin A., GA (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Great vehicle. Totally comfortable"

Demelli D., TX (2014 Buick Enclave)


Anonymous, TX (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Downhill Speed while using cruise control is not regulated and there is no proximity control."

Stephen S., VA (2014 Buick Enclave)

"The navigation system is out of date and no upgrade is available"

Anonymous, MA (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Very big vehicle, smooth quiet ride on highway"

M S., ON (2014 Buick Enclave)

"For such a large vehicle, the Buick is easy to maneuver"

Mark M., NY (2014 Buick Enclave)

"feels like a rocking boat on some surfaces"

Joseph P., AZ (2014 Buick Enclave)

"The Enclave has a very smooth ride and is easy to handle."

Anonymous, IA (2014 Buick Enclave)

"I am very satisfied and enjoyed."

Anonymous, IL (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Strong acceleration to easily get onto busy freeways."

Donald O., OH (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Under powered for the size of the vehicle."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Buick Enclave)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The seats could all be more comfortable, more room in the third row, more recline in the 2nd row and an overhaul of the first row seats."

Anonymous, KS (2014 Buick Enclave)

"The front leather seats or very comfortable especially on road trips. I know we have room for three adults in the far back which is nice when needing the extra room and the middle seats or captain chairs and easy to adjust to the desired comfort. The ride is great and the outside noice is hardly noticeable. Overall, a very nice vehicle."

Richard S., IL (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Great quiet ride. Trailering package with 20" tires adds a bit more stiffness to the ride. Too bad the V-6 engine is such a high rev'er. Switching from a V-8 to this engine is a noticeable difference in torque curve of engines."

Kenneth O., MI (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Handles better than I expected. Front seats very comfortable. Middle seats should be more larger and more comfortable like the Tahoe and some competition."

Anonymous, WI (2014 Buick Enclave)

"The vehicle is so versatile... Can lug 7 people (including adults) with room to spare, can haul significant materials with seats folded, and is excellent in snow."

JOHN G., OH (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Like my car very much except the steering wheel cannot be raised any higher , would like for this to be possible."

Anonymous, LA (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Head restraint hit in my upper shoulders"

ROBERT K., AZ (2014 Buick Enclave)

"comfortable ride, the sitting capacity and the available room."

Anonymous, KS (2014 Buick Enclave)

"The road noise is almost nonexistent. The ride is exceptional. On a road trip, I drove 790 miles in one day by myself and felt fine at the end of the day; no fatigue, mental or physical."

JEFFREY F., FL (2014 Buick Enclave)

"The front seats are uncomfortable . The headrest is always in the way"

Anonymous, UT (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Comfort is very good for the seats. Ride is very good also."

CURTIS M., FL (2014 Buick Enclave)

"I love my Enclave! It is the best product for me now. But comfort is one area that really needs a lot of improvement. My biggest complaint is that you can't have the cabin air circulate while the heat is coming out at floor level. In winter I have to pick: cold feet or breathe the exhaust of the car in front of me? Hate it. Wish there was a heated steering wheel option. WHY is there no gas cap lock? I miss the small climate vent just under the steering wheel that my old vehicle had. It is very h"

Anonymous, VA (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Most comfortable seats we've ever owned. Very quiet car. BUT there's a weird harmonic vibration when the rear windows are open. Almost unbearable."

THOMAS B., NC (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Rear bucket seats are not comfortable on long trips."

Anonymous, IA (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Excellent ride and comfort om the hig\ghway and in city."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Buick Enclave)

"The Buick is very comfortable and easily seats 7 people. At highway speeds it is is whisper quiet inside of the car."

SIDNEY R., IL (2014 Buick Enclave)

"We purchased the Enclave since my husband was handicapped and had trouble getting in and out of our other vehicles. It was perfect. He has since passed and it continues to be the perfect vehicle for me."

M D., MI (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Very quiet and smooth ride"

GEORGE T., MS (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Seat warmers nice. Push button for each driver's settings to include rear view mirrors."

DOUG T., NH (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Very commodious. Comfortable travel car. Car is very quiet, best in this respect I have owned."

JACK B., FL (2014 Buick Enclave)

"seats uncomfortable for drives longer than an hour. A/C vents could be improved"

Anonymous, FL (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Climate controls for back are manual and are difficult to reset even when pressing "Sync" on the front panel. Would be a great improvement to have them electronic where they can be aligned easily for temp, fan and what vents are being used."

DOUG K., MN (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Good seats, very little noise."

Anonymous, MO (2014 Buick Enclave)


Sanjay M., TX (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Easy to get in and out of .. like driver 1 & 2 pre sets .."

Anonymous, WI (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Driver seat is canted and they said could not be adjusted. Need to use a separate pad"

Doug I., AZ (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Seats are not comfortable, especially the back seats. The ride is not smooth."

Anonymous, ID (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Primary reason we bought the Enclave. Seats are very comfortable; like the heated seats; very quiet."

Paul M., CO (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Most comfortable ride and interior of any vehicle we’ve ever owned. And that was one of the primary reasons we bought it."

Thomas B., NC (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Superb handling and ride."

Donald O., OH (2014 Buick Enclave)

"The 2014 Buick Enclave is very quiet and the seats are quite comfortable. The only downside is the acceleration rate-very slow & draggy."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Love the easy access for 3rd seat"

Anonymous, MA (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Drivers side door noise way too much, and loud although the Dealership says it is normal. It is NOT normal for this much noise from the drivers door frame."

Richard S., MI (2014 Buick Enclave)

"The seats in my 2014 are far more comfortable then the ones in the new 2018."

Anonymous, IA (2014 Buick Enclave)

"It is very comfortable on long drives and it dosen't bet you to death."

Anonymous, WY (2014 Buick Enclave)

"This vehicle has comfortable seats that are fully adjustable to about any position for a driver and passenger. The ride is smooth and almost free from road noise. It is one of the best riding vehicles I have owned."

Michael K., IL (2014 Buick Enclave)

"I like the elevated driving seat. The noise level is quite low and the ride is comfortable."

Brian W., OH (2014 Buick Enclave)

"very good traveling car. quiet, smooth, and handles very well. one thing do not like is that the head rest in the front seats are not adjustable and some people have a hard time getting comfortable because the head rest tilt slightly forward and are too close to the back of the head."

J B., FL (2014 Buick Enclave)


Bert M., MO (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Very roomy. Comfortable seats. Great head, shoulder, hip and leg room in the front. Outstanding ride and noise levels."

Kent S., CT (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Seats are plus and comfortable, rear captain chairs offer good space and support, 3rd row seating is adequate for most people. Ride quality is smooth, road noise is minimal."

Benjamin A., GA (2014 Buick Enclave)

"I am very satisfied."

Anonymous, IL (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Front end makes noise as is typical with front wheel drive vehicles"

Joseph P., AZ (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Very comfortable and stylish interior"

Anonymous, OH (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Very uncomfortable"

Anonymous, CA (2014 Buick Enclave)

"The car is built for comfort and is a joy to drive"

Mark M., NY (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Extremely quiet"

Anonymous, NC (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Extremely quiet"

Anonymous, FL (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Love everything about the Buick except the comfort of the front seats . The neck rest is always in the way, And very uncomfortable"

Anonymous, UT (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Seats are very comfortable. Ride is quiet and well behaved. Handles well. Stops very well. Compared to competitors it is simply more refined at transporting me in comfort and safety."

Steve B., NC (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Great ride"

Anonymous, TX (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Very quiet ride, handles well on major highways"

M S., ON (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Seats could be more comfort minded for bad backs. The lumbar support does not help very much. Head protection makes my head tilt forward too much."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Much rougher ride than expected. Pretty stiff."

Michael R., ID (2014 Buick Enclave)

"great comfort for long distance driving, I drive long distance quite a few times during the year and have back problems and we purchased this vehicle and it has been a great help"

Anonymous, SD (2014 Buick Enclave)

"planning for central control. ie rear window wipers location is difficult to turn on while driving ,often hit the large red emergency button"

Anonymous, TX (2014 Buick Enclave)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The car is a great value for the price. I got 20% off retail and also used credit card points for an additional 5% discount>"

Steve O., MO (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Didn't get what I wanted for trade in or for monthly payments."

ROBERT K., MO (2014 Buick Enclave)

"The vehicle had a large rebate at the time of leasing and I leased the base model with all the features I needed and it was a lot less in cost than my last Enclave."

JAMES W., NY (2014 Buick Enclave)

"I am very satisfied."

Anonymous, IL (2014 Buick Enclave)

"2014,very 2018 cost way to much for average working people."

Joseph B., PA (2014 Buick Enclave)

"It loses value much quicker than I expected."

Michael R., ID (2014 Buick Enclave)

"The Enclave provides luxury at reasonable prices. No phantom markup for "luxury" brands."

Steve B., NC (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Best vehicle I've ever owned."

Anonymous, NC (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Great vehicle that is comfortable to drive and ride in."

Anonymous, AL (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Very nice vehicle but too expensive. Doubt we will buy another because of cost."

Sally J., NY (2014 Buick Enclave)

"There are so many "Bells and Whistles" on this vehicle and yet I paid so much less than if I purchased a Mercedes, BMW., or Lexus or Audi. Also the safety protection systems are terrific! Some you still can't get on other luxury vehicles! I do wish it had parking assist for not only the back but the front as well."

Nancy A., TX (2014 Buick Enclave)

"great car for the money. looked at the Audi q7 and escalade and no comparison. others were overpriced for what you got"

Joseph Z., CA (2014 Buick Enclave)

"It was over priced for what I received. It fits my family needs, but totally over priced compared to the market"

Darius R., PA (2014 Buick Enclave)

"It’s the right size and equiped vehicle for us in our circumstances"

Rossi D., FL (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Great value. Same features as Acura MDX for $12,000 less, and third seat was a legitimate third seat, suitable for adults."

Anonymous, DE (2014 Buick Enclave)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Love the seat configuration. The third row is a real seat that is comfortable even for adults. Passengers can walk between the second row seats to access the third row... No need to collapse seats or climb over the back of the second row. This is awesome for carpooling! Very fast and efficient with no need to put the car back together afterwards. I wish there were more (and better) interior color choices."

Anonymous, VA (2014 Buick Enclave)

"I love the way the Buick Enclave looks. It is a classy looking vehicle. It is also a comfortable car for long distances. However, the acceleration is sluggish when trying to get up to a high speed. I wish there was a bit more power, but that might affect the MPG I am getting which is actually pretty good: 21 on average."

LISA C., TX (2014 Buick Enclave)

"It is hard to get in drivers seat without hitting your head. The ride is very comptortable and looks great."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Buick Enclave)

"This model has an aging pedigree and needs to be revisited. Our previous model was exactly the same as this one and the 2016 they have tried to sell us is still the same. This pertains primarily to the exterior styling. Some internal improvements have been made but manufacturers' are consumed with selling electronic gadgets that even a techie couldn't assimilate effectively in three years. We don't need this stuff and certainly we don't want to have to pay for something we will never utilize to"

DAVID P., OH (2014 Buick Enclave)

"1. Bad speedometer location. You can't see it, as the steering wheel blocks the view. 2. Sunroof needs a solid closure, as the sun filters through too much."

JANICE H., ME (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Beautiful cabin color combinations."

Anonymous, KY (2014 Buick Enclave)

"The design of the front two seat's headrests are very uncomfortable. The lower part of the headrest protrudes anteriorly which is uncomfortable to my neck. It should be able to retract 2 or 3 inches posteriorily to be on the same contour as the seat. Local GM store said that there was nothing that could be done to eliminate my problem (6'1"). I love the car but will not purchase another Enclave because of the discomfort of the headrest."

WILLIAM C., AR (2014 Buick Enclave)

"I love the styling of my Enclove - very classy - comfortable."

Anonymous, SD (2014 Buick Enclave)

"My wife loves the looks of this car and receives many compliments on it."

DENNIS A., MO (2014 Buick Enclave)


RICHARD W., MO (2014 Buick Enclave)

"Just eye catching exterior"

JAMES R., AZ (2014 Buick Enclave)

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