Buick's Enclave is a large, car-based SUV with a spacious third-row seat, sound ride quality, and decent handling. However, rear visibility, awkward placement of some controls, and unimpressive fuel economy are its weaknesses. A rear-view camera is standard for this version of the large Buick crossover SUV.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Nice pickup for a car in that class. I was actually surprised when is drove it for the first time."

Stuart W., NC (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Acceleration of the vehicle is very good with the V6 motors. The transmission can be a little jerky especially on hills and stop and go traffic. Handling is very good for such a large vehicle."

James S., NC (2015 Buick Enclave)

"handles like a much smaller car. Plenty of power for all conditions. Poor tire balance on delivery and same old GM rotors that wear too fast. Braking only acceptable!!!"

Stephen P., TX (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Acceleration is smooth, ride is quiet, and at high speed you barely feel like you’re moving. It handles exceptionally well in snow and poor weather. Couldn’t be happier"

Michael B., MD (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Very quick to accelerate when merging with traffic. Easy handling."

Thomas C., CA (2015 Buick Enclave)

"There is nothing bad about the acceleration & handling. Drives like a dream Love the all-wheel drive in winter here in Montana."

Anonymous, MT (2015 Buick Enclave)

"I love the feel of the ride on smooth roads. On a rough road the feel of the ride is terrible."

Gene B., WI (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Does not have good acceration for passing."

Anonymous, IA (2015 Buick Enclave)

"It 9s not a smooth ride. Lots of bumps are felt inside the auto. Mileage per mile is disappointing. Anytime an auto has a screen to use to change radio, etc is a distraction like using a smart phone and that has become a BIG distraction is my thinking. Too many accidents already from using the phone while driving a vehicle. Nice looking outside appearance and nice interior as well."

Anonymous, IL (2015 Buick Enclave)

"The built in navigation system is useless. The screen is too small. I use On-Star, which is much easier to use. The ride is great, and the handling is fine"

Edward G., MA (2015 Buick Enclave)

"The Enclave is a very poor handling vehicle. It bobs and bounces over bumps. The steering is not a pleasant experience. The car understeers very badly. Steering response is slow. We had to have parts of the front suspension replaced under warranty around 34,000 miles. Didn’t help ride or steering. Driving this car on non-interstate roads can be exhausting as you constantly have to fight with this car around every corner."

David G., AR (2015 Buick Enclave)

"We really enjoy the ride and it’s cargo space.. It is one of the most comfortable cars we have owned. We travel regularly between Iowa, Maine and Florida. This will be the first vehicle we look at when we next trade cars.,"

Marshall S., IA (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Acceleration is probably average for 6 cylinder. It does handle well, very smooth."

Troy G., OK (2015 Buick Enclave)

"powerful pickup."

Jim C., FL (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Great handling and acceleration"

T J., VA (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Ground clearance appears high but air dam and location of exhaust system and air conditioner piping to rear blower are low to ground reducing clearance."

Anonymous, AZ (2015 Buick Enclave)

"acceleration on highway is good"

Anonymous, TX (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Could use more horsepower"

Anonymous, NY (2015 Buick Enclave)

"We live in the lake Superior Snowbelt. Winters are extreme. The Enclave has full time four wheel drive, and adequate ground clearance. It never even came close to getting stuck. The tires that came with it would not be my first choice, but it doesn't seem to matter. The Enclave is a great winter car."

KENNETH F., WI (2015 Buick Enclave)

"The AWD is seamless. Great pick up."

STEVEN D., NE (2015 Buick Enclave)

"needs more power; steering to quick"

Anonymous, IL (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Awdvis outstanding. Handling is great in all types of weather."

JOHN R., CT (2015 Buick Enclave)

"I like the ride of this vehicle. Has a good acceleration and you always feel in control. However, ride can be a little choppy in the city. You can feel the bumps"

ANTONIO G., NM (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Very smooth solid ride"

JAY S., NJ (2015 Buick Enclave)

"It has power to spare, accelerated smoothly and has that great "Buick" ride. It also handles much like a lower profile sedan rather than a crossover."

MICHEAL D., LA (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Accelerates well and gas good road feel. Brakes work very well."

JAMES P., PA (2015 Buick Enclave)

"mileage bad."

JIM C., FL (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Wind and rough roads are common for this area. This car handles both very well, extremely well!"

HAROLD R., ND (2015 Buick Enclave)

"makes a loud clunk shortly after you begin driving it is the brake system doing a self check"

Anonymous, MT (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Turning radius is very good, headlights are good"

RICK E., OH (2015 Buick Enclave)

"This is my second Enclave and both my wife and myself feel safe in this vehicle - It's heavy and you sit high with good visibility. Not the best mileage but worth the trade-off."

SEBERT J., WA (2015 Buick Enclave)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"This is a very quiet vehicle. We like the isolation for long trips, but it is very smooth and quiet around town as well. It isn't the most engaging or sporty drive, but it does drive much smaller than it is. We cross-shopped with far more expensive luxury vehicles in this segment, but felt that the Enclave drove as nice with the same level of refinement at a much lower price point."

Anonymous, MI (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Very quiet and comfortable. ( ride and seats)"

Michael K., NJ (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Smith luxurious ride"

Anonymous, GA (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Great car! Lots of room and the comfort and performance for traveling is fantastic!"

Anonymous, SC (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Just a nice ride. Smooth and quiet. Buick did a nice job with this car."

Stuart W., NC (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Very comfortable to drive on road trips or in town. also very quiet."

Thomas K., NC (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Seats are very comfortable. Being able to either heat or cool the seats is plus in Michigan. The ride is very smooth and quite during the several road-trips we have taken."

Kurtis K., MI (2015 Buick Enclave)

"I think the Enclave is a lot of vehicle for the money. The ride is excellent, seats are very comfortable for not only the driver but front and rear seat passengers. The road and tire noise is very minimal. The Enclave is large enough but not overly large for in town driving and parking."

Stephen B., GA (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Very comfortable and quiet ride."

James B., IN (2015 Buick Enclave)

"very comfortable seats, very quiet, comfortable ride"

Dan G., KY (2015 Buick Enclave)


Anonymous, NJ (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Great seats,very quiet"

Anonymous, ND (2015 Buick Enclave)

"The Nav system is terrible and no help from dealer"

Anonymous, IL (2015 Buick Enclave)

"A true long distance road vehicle"

Walter H., IA (2015 Buick Enclave)

"nice leather finish and soft cushion"

Anonymous, OR (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Very comfortable and quite"

Anonymous, NJ (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Large, comfortable vehicle that drives and handles like it is much smaller."

Gary B., GA (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Very comfortable, quiet, and easy to drive."

Troy G., OK (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Very comfortable seats for long driving trips. Very adjustable and easy to find a good comfortable driving position. Very quiet inside. When using hands free with my iPhone the other end of the call can hardly tell that I am in the car."

Mark B., GA (2015 Buick Enclave)

"too much road noise"

Anonymous, TX (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Most comfortable seats in a car that I have owned in many years. Great for long trips"

James P., PA (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Road noise is very well suppressed."

Robert M., WA (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Seats uncomfortable for full sized adult .Range of adjustment totally inadequate. poor shape and comfort"

Stephen P., TX (2015 Buick Enclave)

"I find this to be a very comfortable vehicle to drive. The ride is great and it is easy to get into\out of. When I bought this car, I traded in one just like it and told the dealer to find me just like the one I had. In three words,‿ “ “ I Love it‿. When I trade again, this will the first one I look at."

Marshall S., IA (2015 Buick Enclave)

"These are the most comfortable (firmest) seats, both driver and passenger, that we’ve ever had in a vehicle, and we are in our late 60s. The heated seat function can be chosen for seat, back or both and is hot enough to calm a bad back on a long trip. Extremely pleased after 3 years and planning to keep it around for a long time"

Michael B., MD (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Seats are very comfortable even in my convenience trim model. The ride is smooth and comfortable in morning commute ~ 30mins. Long trips still need to get out and stretch every couple of hours but generally very comfortable."

James S., NC (2015 Buick Enclave)

"When I take a trip I don't feel stiff from driving. The road noise is very low."

Josh D., TX (2015 Buick Enclave)

"We feel secure and safe in heavy traffic."

Jerry R., MI (2015 Buick Enclave)

"I love the captain’s seats in the rear and spacious interior. It can hold 5 grandchildren and 2 sets of golf clubs."

Anonymous, NC (2015 Buick Enclave)

"The place to put the bar to hang clothes is in the worst place possible. It can not be reached easily from the side door or hatch back even using stool we carry with us"

Anonymous, TX (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Storage and cup holders. All things relevant to placement of electronics. Too much wind with open windows. Larger sun blocking visors both front and back. I would like the compass and temperature back on the rear view mirror."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Buick Enclave)


Anonymous, CA (2015 Buick Enclave)

"The Enclave rides like I'm in my living room. The outside noise is diminished and the comfort (especially the air-cooled seats) is great in the summertime. Also the warmed steering wheel and seats are great to have in the winter."

John C., SC (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Can be noisy with regards to the sound system. Otherwise satisfied"

Richard S., PA (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Good long distance trip car"

Anonymous, MD (2015 Buick Enclave)

"I can drive from Kansas City to Minneapolis, MN and not have a sore back when I get there. I can easily carry on conversation with someone in the back seat."

Anonymous, KS (2015 Buick Enclave)

"The ride is very quiet and the seats are very comfortable. I like being up high enough to see in traffic."

Thomas K., NC (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Buckets are great even the third row is comfortable for adults. No other cross over can say that, I know I looked at all of them."

Anonymous, GA (2015 Buick Enclave)

"It's a safety issue, I am 5'1" and find the outside mirrors are in my line of sight even with the driver's seat set at the highest. I must sit on a cushion in order to see above the mirrors."

Linda H., TX (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Buick has the best seats in the industry,"

Patricia L., NC (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Very quite from outside noise. Seats are very comfortable."

Thomas C., CA (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Seating & Controls are excellent; however, the interior noise level is excessive. I understand this condition has been corrected in the new 2018 models."

Sebert J., WA (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Very quiet!"

Anonymous, MN (2015 Buick Enclave)

"A very rough ride on rough roads"

Gene B., WI (2015 Buick Enclave)

"A/C seats heat seats, comfortable drive"

Mike R., WI (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Love the heated seats in the winter, seats have many positions with lumbar ability terrific. Car is quiet inside when driving, handles like a dream for such a large vehicle & the ride is terrific.(I have owned Buick sedans previously many years ago.)"

Anonymous, MT (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Quiet ride"

Anonymous, NE (2015 Buick Enclave)


Jim C., FL (2015 Buick Enclave)

"I like the easy adjustability of the power seat positions, lack of road noise, and the easy, comfortable ride. Accessibility to front and back seats, even the 3rd row seats, is good. The 3rd row seats are more roomy and more comfortable than Suburban/Denali/Tahoe. I am not at all happy with the very large blind spots created by the position of the large rear view mirrors combined with the wide door posts on the hinge side. I wish the mirrors were positioned lower so I could see over the top of them."

Linda C., TX (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Extremely comfortable seats for long trips. The only vehicle my has found that her feet can touch the floor and still see over the dash. She is 5'. Climate control is extraordinary, it will begin to cool the vehicle that has been sitting in 90 degree plus temperature within less than a minute. Very little noise in vehicle, it is actually quieter that a Cadillac we test drive. Ride and handling are very good for this type vehicle, actually has a shorter turning radius that the last Buivk Lucerne"

JAMES P., PA (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Excellent workmanship. Very comfortable seats for all passengers"

MARY P., LA (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Climate control is great when it works. The rear AC system has required multiple dealer visits because it stops producing cold air. Only other gripe is the rear system doesn't default to syncing with the front system, and defaults to full speed."

ROBERT B., TX (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Seats are way too hard---Feels like sitting on a bag of concrete mix. Back seats are also hard and very shsllow--I call them "half-seats""

JAMES C., TN (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Having a 3rd row of seats has contributed to my satisfaction with this vehicle. Grandpa can transport lots of grandchildren."

Anonymous, OK (2015 Buick Enclave)

"This is by far the most comfortable and best riding vehicle I have owned. It is also the quietest riding car I have ever owned."

HARRY C., VA (2015 Buick Enclave)

"seats and steering wheel adjust to my height, and are very comfortable for long drives. leg support is excellent (lacking in many other cars)."

HAROLD R., ND (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Comfortable seats that FIT me Very quiet"

JAY S., NJ (2015 Buick Enclave)

"One of the quietest vehicles I have driven"

ALLAN B., AZ (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Very quite and fun to drive"

CRYSTAL K., IL (2015 Buick Enclave)

"The storage for "stuff" (Kleenex, door opener, etc) is less in this car than in my last car (Chrysler Town & Country van)"

THOMAS C., NY (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Love the heated seats, lumbar adjust, dual climate control and very quiet ride. I do NOT like that kids in the back can so easily adjust climate in rear - I am forever needing to reach back and turn it to something sensible (my kids are 3, 5 & 7)."

JODI J., NE (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Front seats are very comfortable. Back seats are OK, but a little stiff. The climate control works very well. The cabin is very quiet. It is a pleasure to drive this vehicle in the highway."

ANTONIO G., NM (2015 Buick Enclave)

"This is the first car I could take a five or six hour drive and not feel fatigued from sitting. Very comfortable ride."

ANTHONY W., GA (2015 Buick Enclave)

"The seats are very comfortable, they sit high enough to create a very optimal position for anyone with orthopedic problems. This is excellent for long car vacations"

Anonymous, IN (2015 Buick Enclave)

"The Enclave has an interior that is very functional yet stylish and has a ride that rials a luxury sedan"

THOMAS D., WA (2015 Buick Enclave)

"It is a very quiet automobile to drive."

Anonymous, IL (2015 Buick Enclave)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Built well, quiet rides great, I feel very safe in it"

Michael K., NJ (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Amazing value -- cost less than Ford Explorer"

Anonymous, OR (2015 Buick Enclave)

"I think of this as the best car I have ever owned. (I'm 73,)"

Gary B., GA (2015 Buick Enclave)

"The price is very high and I feel like we are paying for the Buick name."

Anonymous, IA (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Good all around car"

Jerald H., ND (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Steering wheel leather is paper thin and wore out in two spots. Other SUVs with same options are usually 10to 20% less expensive."

Donald L., QC (2015 Buick Enclave)

"For $35000 we got a multi-functional, comfortable, stylish vehicle. So far no problems. Good road vehicle. Fun to drive."

Earl E., TX (2015 Buick Enclave)

"It is a lot of vehicle for the price. Have had zero trouble with the vehicle. I love the all wheel drive in snow and heavy rain."

Stephen B., GA (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Our net cost for this large vehicle was a tremendous value. Seats 7 adults and rides so well."

Anonymous, GA (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Luxury vehicle characteristics for a lower price"

Dan G., KY (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Holds more cargo than our Yukon did, better mpg, rides better and is all wheel drive for under $50,000. best value crossover there is."

DELANEY M., LA (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Negotiated 20% off of MSRP and paid less than the equivalent price of a Nissan Pathfinder/Toyota Highlander/Kia Sorrento."

Anonymous, AB (2015 Buick Enclave)

"I feel the GMC Acadia would have met all of our needs at a better price point, but the purchase was for my wife's daily driver, so she made the final decision."

ROBERT B., TX (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Safety rating and ride"

STEVEN D., NE (2015 Buick Enclave)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"looks like a bubble no nice sharp lines"

Anonymous, MT (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Styling -- it is a beautiful vehicle inside and out and I've received quite a few compliments, especially on the exterior styling and color (Crimson red)."

THOMAS H., MD (2015 Buick Enclave)

"I mistake other cars for mine regularly. Buick isn't only one with this problem. All vehicles look alike now. Pretty pathetic. Long for the hip designs of old days"

A M., AL (2015 Buick Enclave)

"Good looking exterior and the inside treatment is outstanding."

Anonymous, OK (2015 Buick Enclave)

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