The huge Suburban might not be politically correct, but it has been the vehicle of choice for families who won't fit in a minivan or another SUV, or for those who need heavy-duty towing or offroading capabilities. It can seat nine (though more commonly seven or eight) with plenty of room for luggage. A comfortable ride, quiet interior, and a well-mannered V8 engine are among the key attributes.
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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

    Owner Satisfaction with:

    Driving Experience

    Includes acceleration and handling

    What Owners Say

    "Great acceleration and brakes"

    James P., PA (2011 Chevrolet Suburban)

    "The engine feels underpowered for claimed towing capacity. Wish a larger displacement or diesel engine were available."

    Anonymous, NC (2011 Chevrolet Suburban)

    "Plenty of power for a large vehicle. Handles very well on the highway."

    Anonymous, TX (2011 Chevrolet Suburban)

    "the turn radius is great for such a big rig. it has a lot of power for towing and highway driving and the 4wd works well too."

    Anonymous, ID (2011 Chevrolet Suburban)

    "Poor acceleration for v8 unreliable as to how it will accelerate. It acts like it has 4cyl engine towing a huge trailer. Downshifts so severely and unecessarily when you try to merge it is dangerous"

    Anonymous, MA (2011 Chevrolet Suburban)


    Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

    What Owners Say

    "The older model suburban was more comfortable."

    Anonymous, MN (2011 Chevrolet Suburban)

    "It is simply a very well built vehicle"

    TED M., KS (2011 Chevrolet Suburban)

    "Entry to rear seats are difficult for ~6’ men, impossible for heavy people."

    Anonymous, TX (2011 Chevrolet Suburban)

    "At 5'2" the seats can be adjusted to a level where my feet touch the floor. The seats are a bit too deep for my frame. The noise level around the window area remains annoying. It would be nice if the seats would recline a bit further for the passenger on those thousand mile trips."

    Anonymous, WY (2011 Chevrolet Suburban)

    "Seats are very adjustable and quite comfortable. Noise is fairly quiet."

    Anonymous, NC (2011 Chevrolet Suburban)

    "still comfortable after having it for 5 yrs"

    Jesus V., TX (2011 Chevrolet Suburban)

    "Very comfortable seating"

    James P., PA (2011 Chevrolet Suburban)

    "Great vehicle, easy to drive, low noise, very comfortable."

    Anonymous, MN (2011 Chevrolet Suburban)

    "Suburban ride is remarkable. For a large vehicle the ride is very comfortable. The noise level is negligible for a large vehicle. Suburbans are the best vehicles over the years for winter driving, moving kids to college and just traveling."

    Kevin S., MN (2011 Chevrolet Suburban)


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    Would you buy this car again?

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