The F-150 SuperCrew has a large and versatile cab, but feels ungainly and uncomfortable. The powertrain performs well, although it isn't particularly smooth and quiet when compared to its competitors. A poor offset crash-test result is cause for concern.
There are 11 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Fuel mileage is not good- averages 15"

Anonymous, AR (2003 Ford F-150)

"Good acceleration with the v-8 engine. Has good steering and handling. Good load capacity."

Anonymous, FL (2003 Ford F-150)

"Excellent acceleration."

Anonymous, TN (2003 Ford F-150)

"The acceleration and handling continues to astound. Even after 15+ years, it can out-perform most stock vehicles. It's exhilarating to drive in good weather, but ranges from touch to scary during inclement weather."

Edward G., VA (2003 Ford F-150)

"Drives great for truck with stick shift transmission."

Bruce I., OR (2003 Ford F-150)

"Bumpy, springy ride. We have the truck for the reliability, not for the ride."

Anonymous, NC (2003 Ford F-150)

"Ford SVT Lightning handles and accelerates great. Fun to drive."

Richard P., LA (2003 Ford F-150)

"It has been a great truck and I use it for hauling my horses"

Anonymous, VA (2003 Ford F-150)

"View and acceleration"

Anonymous, LA (2003 Ford F-150)

"This is a very big vehicle, both in size and horsepower- V8. It handles well and being able to raise and lower the pedals along with running boards help me to have a better experience driving. I am 5’ tall. This is primarily my husbands vehicle. Actually I cannot even get into his truck without the running boards."

Kathleen P., NY (2003 Ford F-150)

"V-8 runs very smooth and drives great"

Jerry B., MO (2003 Ford F-150)

"I do some off roading. It will take me anywhere I have guts enough to go. I hunt and fish. It does everything I expect of it with no problems. I have driven it 22000 since I bought it in 2014 used. Would I buy it again? Absolutely"

Anonymous, CT (2003 Ford F-150)

"Good acceleration and handling. No hesitation on acceleration ever.. no issues with sway, with or without a load. Handling good with 3000 pound trailer."

David L., NY (2003 Ford F-150)

"gets me across town every day for work"

Laura W., AK (2003 Ford F-150)

"Handling in turns leaves something to be desired but then I am comparing this to a Mini Cooper which is not a fair comparison."

Anonymous, CA (2003 Ford F-150)

"Fast and hanldes nicely going 4 wheeling"

Anonymous, AZ (2003 Ford F-150)

"Should have purchased with a V8, instead of V6. The V6 gas mileage is no better than the V8."

Anonymous, GA (2003 Ford F-150)

"If not for the long wheel base I would say this truck handles very well. With the big engine the acceleration is very good even when hauling a loaded trailer."

Paul G., ME (2003 Ford F-150)

"The torque and pickup from a standing position are impressive. It is easy to spin the wheels. In fact, when someone rides with me or drives this vehicle they are very impressed with it's "take off" if you give it the gas. It is easy to operate and drive and behaves well on the various road surfaces."

Anonymous, WI (2003 Ford F-150)

"Very dependable vehicle. Good handling when towing or carrying a load. Just a little hesitation when you kick in the passing gear."

Robert M., OK (2003 Ford F-150)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Very soft leather like cloud Ride is very good for a truck"

Anonymous, SC (2003 Ford F-150)

"i wish the seat adjustments were easier to use."

R D., NC (2003 Ford F-150)

"Driver's side seat belt buckle "digs" into driver's body."

Anonymous, NC (2003 Ford F-150)

"All around great truck! Fifteen years and one hundred fifty thousand miles of wonderful service!"

Bill G., NC (2003 Ford F-150)

"Seats, seat position, etc. are very comfortable."

Anonymous, CA (2003 Ford F-150)

"Seats comfortable, sometimes it seems nooses other times not. May be due to the expanded rear door seals not sealing well, also the vehicle is 15 years old, so I should expect some door seals to need some updating which I have not done. At this point, I do not plan to correct"

Anonymous, FL (2003 Ford F-150)

"all three very comfortable rides smooth"

John S., PA (2003 Ford F-150)

"The seats are very comfortable, No noise, and it has a very smooth ride."

Anonymous, IL (2003 Ford F-150)

"Seats are big and comfortable, very smooth ride and low wind noise"

Jerry B., MO (2003 Ford F-150)

"The truck has picked up rattling noises in the doors and drop down console. The leather seat on the drivers side although the vehicle has been well cared for is showing extreme wear and breakdown."

Anonymous, WA (2003 Ford F-150)

"uncomfortable seating"

Anonymous, TN (2003 Ford F-150)

"Seats and ride"

Anonymous, LA (2003 Ford F-150)

"The seat are comfortable. The ride is about what one would expect of a truck. Not as soft as a sedan. The noise is about as expected of a normal gasoline engine vehicle. Not excessive but certainly louder that a car."

Anonymous, WI (2003 Ford F-150)

"Good ride"

Leonard G., GA (2003 Ford F-150)

"Soft, somewhat bouncy ride. Feels like sailing a boat rather than driving a car."

Anonymous, TX (2003 Ford F-150)

"Comfortable and like riding higher when in traffic!"

Anonymous, CA (2003 Ford F-150)

"Comfortable seats and quiet ride."

Ronald J., MS (2003 Ford F-150)

"very comfortable ride. Excellent handling. Good acceleration. Relatively quiet traveling. Very poor illumination of instruments - speedometer is invisible at dusk with headlights on."

Anonymous, MO (2003 Ford F-150)

"Comfortable ride. Air noises from windows. Dont seem to be able to fix ir."

Anonymous, SK (2003 Ford F-150)

"Compared to a car in the same price range this truck is a bit nosier the seats are above average for a truck and the ride is not as good a a luxury car but better than most mid sized cars. All in all this ia a very conformable truck to ride in."

Paul G., ME (2003 Ford F-150)

"seats worn out, noise from drive system have a constant hum."

Anonymous, VA (2003 Ford F-150)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"paid $16000 for the truck new and has had no major issues"

Laura W., AK (2003 Ford F-150)

"So far I have just had to replace the normal wear and tear items. The truck has not let me down. Some minor engine parts were replaced sooner than anticipated (Map Sensor, Spark Plugs, etc...) but no big deal. Not many."

Anonymous, WI (2003 Ford F-150)

"For the price I paid for the truck, there have been no quality issue or repairs."

Thierry P., OH (2003 Ford F-150)

"I purchased the vehicle new. This is my only vehicle. With the exception of having to replace a fuel pump, shortly after the 3 year warranty expired, I have only needed to perform routine maintenance on the vehicle."

Joseph W., FL (2003 Ford F-150)

"I purchased it new and have had one repair (fuel pump that I blame on ethanol). Other than normal maintenance, no expenses. To me that’s a good value. (It’s on its third set of tires, which are in great condition, and second set of brakes.)"

Bill G., NC (2003 Ford F-150)

"VERY reliable - never been in the shop for any failure. At 110,000 miles the only repair was to suspension parts that wore out after 15 years. But that was only because I wanted the new truck driving feel."

Karl D., FL (2003 Ford F-150)

"Runs great to this day. Never had a major problem"

Anonymous, TN (2003 Ford F-150)

"Exceptional workmanship. No issues over 15 years. Gas mileage was in line with all similar vehicles in that year group. Scheduled maintenance was expensive, but did catch or prevent any issues that could have occurred otherwise."

David L., NY (2003 Ford F-150)

"Purchased for $19k. Minimum repairs since purchased. It keeps going and going and going. Could not ask for anything better."

Wiley G., CA (2003 Ford F-150)

"Good value, few repairs."

Anonymous, TN (2003 Ford F-150)

"The truck never stops. Nothing ever fails except the usual: battery and tires."

Anonymous, CA (2003 Ford F-150)

"It's a Ford truck, so you know it is reliable and performs better than other comparable makes and models."

Anonymous, FL (2003 Ford F-150)

"I've had it for 14 years, and other than recent transmission issues, it's been low cost of ownership"

Anonymous, NC (2003 Ford F-150)

"We have had no major problems with this vehicle. In fact the only two problems we had were a HVAC control motor and the truck needed a new AC compressor at 120000 miles. Best vehicle I have ever owned and the reason I still drive it over 14 years later."

Matt J., AZ (2003 Ford F-150)

"It has been real dependable over the years."

Anonymous, NE (2003 Ford F-150)

"Tremendous reliability. Only requirement has been regular maintenance. Will probably outlast me."

John C., TX (2003 Ford F-150)

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