The F-250 is a heavy duty truck with a 3/4 ton capacity as opposed to the 1/2 ton of the F-150. The Super Duty won't be redesigned until after 2004. The ride is stiff and bouncy. Ford's new 6.0-liter diesel packs some real punch and is fairly quiet and free of vibration. Stepping into the cabin is more difficult because of the high floor.
There are 10 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"The 6.0L diesel and 4WD won't impress at the drag strip but when it comes to pulling heavy trailers it more than does the job."

Randy C., MN (2004 Ford F-250)

"Power, handling."

Clarence B., IL (2004 Ford F-250)

"Vehicle has the V10 engine and it has very snappy acceleration. Does a good job towing our camping trailer and livestock trailers. When tending cattle during the winter I don't need to worry about short driving distances and turning off the engine partially warm that diesel engines owners have problems with. The truck has been reliable with very few problems."

Ned W., UT (2004 Ford F-250)

"Some of the Sport's support systems for the 6.0 diesel has some repair frequency. Qualified techs have told me that the 6.0 diesel's bottom end is practically Bulletproof."

Anonymous, FL (2004 Ford F-250)

"5.4L gas engine struggles (requires slowing & down-shift) on relatively minor grades... even when empty - add a camper or trailer and it's really pathetic. Probably partly why gas engines aren't offered on newer vehicles."

Anonymous, OR (2004 Ford F-250)

"We have towed car trailers and travel trailers with this truck. Never had any problem with power going up hills or the handling of the truck when pulling loads."

Shirley, MT (2004 Ford F-250)

"With its diesel engine, it has a lot of power, which is what I need for the hauling work and snow plowing that I use it for. Of course, the ride is rough but that is to be expected in a 3/4 ton truck."

Anonymous, VT (2004 Ford F-250)

"excellent acceleration and handling"

Thomas S., FL (2004 Ford F-250)

"Unable to maintain highway speeds going up hill under moderate load (wimpy motor, manual transmission was a tactical error). Slop in the steering box (unable to tighten out) will necessitate premature replacement."

PETE S., OR (2004 Ford F-250)

"Great acceleration, bench seats uncomfortable, lower back support on very long trips."

DAVID S., IL (2004 Ford F-250)

"Acceleration is excellent for a truck this size"

KERRY N., VA (2004 Ford F-250)

"Loads of power. Comfortable on long trips. Lots of repairs. Expensive to own."

Donald A., MO (2004 Ford F-250)

"Luxury interior. Hefty engine."

Anonymous, WA (2004 Ford F-250)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Comfortable to ride in for a pickup truck."

Anonymous, IA (2004 Ford F-250)

"comfortable seats, plenty of space"

Anonymous, TX (2004 Ford F-250)

"comfortable but few adjustment options"

Thomas S., FL (2004 Ford F-250)

"Seats are comfortable in this truck. It is the roughest ride you will ever have as far as suspension goes"

Anonymous, MO (2004 Ford F-250)

"I like the roominess of the vehicle. it does have a lot of room inside and is a comfortable ride for long distance traveling."

FLORENA C., MD (2004 Ford F-250)

"air conditioning failed"

ANTHONY M., IN (2004 Ford F-250)

"Long trips (12 hours+) are very comfortable and don't wear you out. We were surprised at how good we felt after an 800-mile trip."

LAURA J., FL (2004 Ford F-250)

"Seats are heated and very comfortable"

KERRY N., VA (2004 Ford F-250)

"Powerful truck for use with Rvs and boats . Passenger comfort not so much."

Teresa F., WA (2004 Ford F-250)

"Noisy ride and uncomfortable seats"

Anonymous, CA (2004 Ford F-250)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"I did many, many things with the pickup from hauling to putting bikes on for a trip."

Clarence B., IL (2004 Ford F-250)

"I believe my F250 was an excellent value for the money since it would cost me over $60,000 to replace it today with an F250 diesel crew cab with an 8 foot bed. It is in EXCELLENT shape and still merges onto the interstate at 75mph towing a 24 foot Jayco 5th wheel."

Francis C., KS (2004 Ford F-250)

"The 6.0 diesel is expensive to repair and fuel prices typically exceed that of premium gas."

Anonymous, TX (2004 Ford F-250)

"terribly designed engine. lots of mechanical problems over the years, cheap plastic parts, a money pit."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Ford F-250)

"I have almost 200,000 miles and This truck keeps on going. Since I purchased I have spent less than $5000 on any repairs. One injector went out after 8 years, $1,000 and my ball joints and steering rods after 14 years under $1,500. I have not changed the clutch nor anything else Major. This truck is used to hall equipment and our old camper. I keep up with maintenance schedule and wash it. Good truck."

Denuse J., TX (2004 Ford F-250)

"still in great condition even at 14 years old, holds value"

Anonymous, TX (2004 Ford F-250)

"Exceptionally versatile especially for hauling and towing"

KERRY N., VA (2004 Ford F-250)

"The deal for this truck was wildly complicated (by starting with a different truck that was found to have gone swimming in Canada without branding the title) and ultimately cost far more than the market value. On the other hand, the truck has performed adequately, completing the tasks it was purchased for and even finding additional utility as an "RV"."

PETE S., OR (2004 Ford F-250)

"It's been a good reliable truck.Great for towing!"

CHARLES B., UT (2004 Ford F-250)

"I couldn't be more pleased by every aspect of this truck. It still looks and drives like a new truck. The V-10 engine runs like a top and hauls very large loads with no strain."

Anonymous, AZ (2004 Ford F-250)

"It was inexpensive to purchase but did end up costing more for repairs."

CORY S., NM (2004 Ford F-250)

"We have the 6.0 Diesel engine that many told us would give us problems, but we have had very few problems with it. We are right at 100,00 miles right now. We use it to pull a horse trailer and haul firewood, etc. It has been more reliable than we originally expected."

FERNE F., CA (2004 Ford F-250)

"Great truck. The beat I've ever owned."

Anonymous, MI (2004 Ford F-250)

"good value"

Anonymous, IA (2004 Ford F-250)

"This diesel has needed some major repairs- after 150,00. At this time, my son has it working as good as new and is still using it on a daily basis at almost 300,000. The interior and body have help up very well."

Deborah N., WA (2004 Ford F-250)

"My truck came with the 6 liter diesel, it has been nothing but trouble the whole time. the reason it only has 98,000 miles is because it's always broken and ford has failed to back up their warranty. It had wiring harness problems that would suddenly shut the engine off while driving, shutting off the power steering and brakes. Then the injector control module,injectors, fuel pump, more injectors etc. I have spent almost $10,000 on repairs even though the engine supposedly had a 100,000 mile war..."

Keith T., CA (2004 Ford F-250)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Classic tough looking truck."

TOM L., AL (2004 Ford F-250)

"I liked the F-250 style when the new model first came out. It still looks great to me and the newest models have continued to improve the style."

Anonymous, AZ (2004 Ford F-250)

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