This version of the F-250 Super Duty has many strong points. The Ford-built Powerstroke 6.4-liter turbodiesel V8 got the best fuel economy among the heavy-duty diesel trucks of its day, while providing plenty of towing and payload-hauling capability. Cabin space is generous, with a large backseat and abundant storage. Nice features abound, including an optional tailgate step and built-in switches for accessories.
There are 3 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"I do not drive this vehicle - my husband does - and if he hasn't complained about this I would have heard about it"

Anonymous, CA (2011 Ford F-250)

"I love the Diesel engine, especially when towing heavy loads. Drive and handles very good."

Anonymous, MT (2011 Ford F-250)

"Engine is quiet and pulls 12000 lbs. with ease. I can go anywhere I want with the trailer and the truck just goes."

Anonymous, OH (2011 Ford F-250)

"The acceleration is excellent and powerful when needed. As a work truck, it handles and rides nicely when loaded. It does what I expect it to do."

Elizabeth S., CT (2011 Ford F-250)

"Amazing pickup for a huge truck. Can easily spin tires if not judicious on accelerator. Another huge benefit is the amount of gear that I can carry or tow with the capabilities of this truck. I've had over 10,000 pounds of tile in the back with no degradation of power and acceleration."

Anonymous, TN (2011 Ford F-250)

"Over all the power and handling of the truck is over the top. it handles corners like a dream. Drives better than our Honda van. I take the truck over the van any day hands down."

Anonymous, ON (2011 Ford F-250)

"4WD, large trailer towing capability, 6.2L engine"

Craig O., FL (2011 Ford F-250)

"This truck has plenty of power and torque to tow most anything. When I first bought this truck i was shocked at the acceleration it possessed. A couple of time I got the xxxxx wobble when I hit a bump or pothole just right and had to slow way down to regain control. A bit scary."

Tony G., IN (2011 Ford F-250)

"there is an issue with the reductant heater."

Anonymous, PA (2011 Ford F-250)

"Vehicle drives excellent, but does require a large forward turning radius. Backing requires much smaller radius and much easier to park!"

Clarence S., NC (2011 Ford F-250)

"Ample power and acceleration from the 6.7 Power Stroke diesel. Excellent tow vehicle for our new 5th wheel RV."

Steve W., KS (2011 Ford F-250)

"Fantastic power, and reasonable fuel efficiency for a vehicle of this size."

Lyle H., GA (2011 Ford F-250)

"The diesel engine has phenomenal power.I regularly pull a 13,000 pound 5th wheel and the truck just does it. No drama. The built-in anti-sway control makes it easy to handle and I often forget that I am towing something. The tow haul mode really helps when driving through the hills or mountain passes, and can even be used for some spirited driving on twisty country roads when your not towing. My next truck will also be a an F250."

CHRISTOPHER H., TX (2011 Ford F-250)

"Outstanding power, acceleration, and load handling."

Anonymous, PA (2011 Ford F-250)

"Nice acceleration but it still handles like a truck. I know its a truck but driving without a load or towing reminds you that you are in a truck. It would be nice if they could find a way to keep the truck towing capabilities and make it handle better without a trailer or load in the back."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Ford F-250)

"Diesel is smaller than my 2001, but more horsepower/torq and better mpg. Busted EGR was a pain--took the dealer a week to fix b/c they broke bolts out and had to put in a new exhaust gas manifold. Warranty paid for it is the only saving grace."

Anonymous, TN (2011 Ford F-250)

"Pulling my 5th wheel trailer in the mountains, excellent power and control"

LINDA B., WY (2011 Ford F-250)

"Smooth Comfortable"

RICK L., TX (2011 Ford F-250)

"Incredible diesel power and very good fuel economy. 18 daily 13 to 14 pulling 9000# trailer"

GARY M., MI (2011 Ford F-250)

"this truck has been in for multiple problems with various sensors malfunctioning. despite all these problems the truck is a workhorse. but due to all the mechanical problems I will never buy f250 again"

ANNE G., MA (2011 Ford F-250)

"I have the 6.7 liter diesel. I like the milage. 17.5 city 19.5 HWY and 13 pulling a 12,000 lb 5th wheel'. It is the quietest pickup truck on the road. the engine has more power than I'll ever need."

TOM S., SD (2011 Ford F-250)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Wife is comfortable all day for an 8 hour drive."

Anonymous, OH (2011 Ford F-250)

"Being a tall heavy set person the ford f250 is by far better for comfort than the high end chevy i had before. I can travel for hours without having to stop every hour for a leg and back stretch also very quiet and rides like a big car on the highways."

Richard L., NH (2011 Ford F-250)

"I can ride all day in comfort in the air conditioned seats"

Anonymous, CA (2011 Ford F-250)

"Ride is pretty stiff but it is a good size truck after all. Engine is very quiet for a diesel. Seats are very comfortable."

Tony G., IN (2011 Ford F-250)

"Good seating & driving visibility"

Michael B., NV (2011 Ford F-250)

"The seats in the truck are the most comfortable seats i have had in a car or truck. The cab is very quite, very little noise. The ride is better than most cars, better than the 2014 van we own"

Anonymous, ON (2011 Ford F-250)

"Very Comfortable ride, noise level for older vehicle is very good, visibility is very good"

Anonymous, MT (2011 Ford F-250)

"back support"

Sal C., ME (2011 Ford F-250)

"The seats are so comfortable that I can ride all day, air condition the seat or warm it as needed and still not be tired at the end of a long trip."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Ford F-250)

"Comfort is good except for the bouncy ride due to non stock tires/wheels on this vehicle when we purchased it."

Anonymous, TX (2011 Ford F-250)

"Very quiet and comfortable cabin. Excellent seat articulation and superior climate control system."

Steve W., KS (2011 Ford F-250)

"Very comfortable ride for a truck, not noisy at all"

Anonymous, NH (2011 Ford F-250)

"The seats are a luxurious leather, much better than the Cadillac I test drove. They are heated and air conditioned and have a wide range of adjustments"

Anonymous, TN (2011 Ford F-250)

"Adjustable shocks are almost a requirement on this vehicle. Unloaded it bounces around so much that handling is effected, not to mention the ride is so bouncy that I'm the only one who can ride in it going the speed limit on most side roads. Loaded down or towing a 3500 lbs trailer it handles and rides beautifully."

Anonymous, TX (2011 Ford F-250)

"The F250 has heated and cooled seats and that is a treat in the summer and winter. The electronic dash gives you all kinds of information that is helpful in many ways."

GREGORY G., OK (2011 Ford F-250)

"Great AC. Seats are very comfortable"

K K., CA (2011 Ford F-250)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The F250 was purchased to pull our Fifth-Wheel RV. It is your basic 250, does the job well and meets our needs. It's paid for, still looks good and runs well."

Douglas D., AL (2011 Ford F-250)

"bad fuel milage"

Wallace C., MO (2011 Ford F-250)

"very poor fuel milage"

WALLACE C., MO (2011 Ford F-250)

"The F250 has been excellent in all respects. There was a transmission problem that was replaced with a brand new transmission about a year ago and has just run perfectly ever since. The 15 miles per gallon is real as I have kept the numbers for the past 45000 miles.No problems whatsoever with this vehicle outside of transmission issue. The reason for the new transmission is they had no rebuilt to use.Currently have 96000 plus miles."

GEORGE F., MT (2011 Ford F-250)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Good looking"

RICK L., TX (2011 Ford F-250)

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