The Ford F-250 has always had a single-mind focus: handle heavy loads and tough jobs. The redesigned 2017 model builds on that legacy by reducing the beast's overall weight and going heavy on refinement and technology. Of all HD trucks, the F-250 is a unanimous favorite among our staff.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"loads of power for towing"

Robert D., AZ (2017 Ford F-250)

"Has very good acceleration and handles quite well for a large truck. It rides really, really high."

Gary Q., NM (2017 Ford F-250)

"It's a beast. It rides very nice. Great acceleration. Half decent gas mileage. Very quite inside. Great on rode trips. Just took a 2600 mile trip and will take a 9000 mile trip in Sept. 2018."

Mark E., GA (2017 Ford F-250)

"This is our primary farm vehicle for towing loads of 5K to 15K pounds. This truck handles wonderfully under load and without. We know how manage the accelerator to get almost 21 MPG (!) when not pulling a load. Ford is close to meeting their 30MPG goal ... and this is a commercially rated vehicle. This is the nicest vehicle we have ever owned and love driving it! Feathering the accelerator and not mashing it gives us the best milage. This is not my BMW 540i that did 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. But when needed the F250 turbo provides instant and direct power. Highly recommend this truck!!"

Jerome S., NC (2017 Ford F-250)

"My truck accelerates extremely well. There is no delay when you give it gas. The truck handles extremely well and is very easy to drive. We take it ice fishing in northern Minnesota and it handles extremely well on the ice."

Joe F., IN (2017 Ford F-250)

"Ride is acceptable for a HD pickup, but I believe it could be improved. I lower the "standard/loaded" tire air pressure 10 psi. when the truck is unloaded, to improve the ride quality. Fuel consumption is very good for an 8000# vehicle. I get 12 - 13 mpg. towing an 8K# travel trailer. Acceleration is very good, even when towing. Visibility on the road is outstanding. The mirrors are excellent. Camera system is also excellent."

David T., TX (2017 Ford F-250)

"Get acceleration great towing power"

Bill D., PA (2017 Ford F-250)

"Towing is great. Has the right amount of power"

William G., WA (2017 Ford F-250)

"The truck has incredible power and very good acceleration. It handles well in snow and slick roads even in two wheel drive, mountain driving is effortless. It corners well for a large vehicle but wants to push through corners a little. Long trips in this vehicle are comfortable and enjoyable."

Donald S., CO (2017 Ford F-250)

"Very powerful and solid on the road"

Kay E., GA (2017 Ford F-250)

"The ford turbo diesel is very responsive. Glad we bought it."

Javier R., FL (2017 Ford F-250)

"Acceleration from dead stop is unacceptable. But acceleration from 20mph and up is great."

Anonymous, NC (2017 Ford F-250)

"Handles well and tows like a dream"

Andrew W., MD (2017 Ford F-250)

"A real powerhouse! Towing a 5th wheel does little to slow it down, and the 6.7l diesel is remarkably quiet, and no irritating diesel exhaust fumes."

Anonymous, CO (2017 Ford F-250)

"Power is sufficient, but I miss the power of the diesel we had before this truck."

J D., TX (2017 Ford F-250)

"Pulls OK for a gasoline engine. Accelerates inoto tight turns a little strangely (oversteers)"

Anonymous, TX (2017 Ford F-250)

"nothing.I have been a Ford truck owner for 37 years and this is the worst truck for pulling a a 4000 lb travel trailer I have ever owned"

Dan C., TX (2017 Ford F-250)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Very comfortable seat controls excellent Very quiet for a large truck with big tires Ride comfortable especially for a heavy duty truck"

Andrew W., MD (2017 Ford F-250)

"Driver's seat is a little too narrow and not enough lumbar support."

Anonymous, NM (2017 Ford F-250)

"Very comfortable ride especially when towing"

Anonymous, WI (2017 Ford F-250)

"Seating support is very good for long trips."

Anonymous, IL (2017 Ford F-250)

"Strong but smooth."

Kay E., GA (2017 Ford F-250)

"There is a constant "wind noise" by the doors that isn't because of any windows open."

Anonymous, AB (2017 Ford F-250)

"Can’t believe how quiet the ride is. No outside noise! The seats are both heated and ventilated which adds to its comfort. The massaging seat option is terrific when traveling long distance."

Karen A., WA (2017 Ford F-250)

"Reasonable ride. You know you are in a truck. Has some rattles."

Gary Q., NM (2017 Ford F-250)

"Quiet and comfortable"

Anonymous, NC (2017 Ford F-250)

"seats are comfortable no cabin noise every opt yoy could want for towing r.v"

Robert D., AZ (2017 Ford F-250)

"The seats are heated and cooled and very comfortable with a wide range of adjustability. The truck is quiet the engine is almost as quiet as a gas engine. The ride is comfortable but the suspension is stiff as it is a 3/4ton truck. There is a ton of leg room front and back seats."

Donald S., CO (2017 Ford F-250)

"The upgraded with air conditioning seats work great in Florida and are surprisingly very comfortable, although not as comfortable as my prior X5 20 way sear"

Mark G., FL (2017 Ford F-250)

"The seats are big enough that you feel comfortable, the vehicle is very spacious. The seats maneuver in positions to fit your body. The truck drives very quiet."

Joe F., IN (2017 Ford F-250)

"Drivers seat not comfortable after a half hour of driving."

Anonymous, MI (2017 Ford F-250)

"Quite, comfortable, stiff ride based on load"

Andrew W., MD (2017 Ford F-250)

"Quiet/Smooth ride and luxury interior were unimagined for a Heavy Duty Truck."

Ronald C., LA (2017 Ford F-250)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Excellent trade in for my F150 towards the 250 turbodiesel"

Christopher M., FL (2017 Ford F-250)

"F250 XLT version with premium package was competitive cost with a similar equipped but less capable F150. this truck is used to pull trailers and for hauling. it performs those tasks very well in comfort similar to a luxury sedan. fuel mileage has improved 1 mpg after 10k mile break in period."

Anonymous, TX (2017 Ford F-250)

"I think that I got a very good price and pruchase value with this truck. I am pretty satisfied with how it performs, rides, the quality of sound etc."

James S., TX (2017 Ford F-250)

"Compared to other 3/4 ton trucks this is comfortable and a joy to drive"

Anonymous, WI (2017 Ford F-250)

"Best diesel/transmission combination for 3/4 ton trucks. Best resale value for 3/4 ton trucks."

Ryan B., TX (2017 Ford F-250)

"It’s a really nice truck, but there is no reason it should have cost $70,000"

Javier R., FL (2017 Ford F-250)

"The 2017 Ford F-250 King Ranch seems to be overpriced, but there are a lot of features inclusive of ride comfort, luxury interior, adaptive cruise control and more that make you realize its a clear case of you get what you pay for with this vehicle."

Ronald C., LA (2017 Ford F-250)

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