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Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai Elantra 2017 sedan Trim Shown: 2017 SE sedan FWD Automatic
The redesigned Elantra is relatively roomy, is sparing with fuel, and features intuitive controls. The 2.0-liter four-cylinder returned an excellent 33 mpg overall in our tests but delivers leisurely acceleration and buzzes unpleasantly as revs increase. The Eco version feels more responsive but comes at a $3,000 price premium. Although handling is secure, there isn't much driving excitement. The ride is mostly unobjectionable, but sharp bumps tend to come through noticeably. Road noise is elevated as well. Inside, the front seats in our tested SE are short on lumbar support, though the power seat in the Limited is better. Active safety features and a Sport version with a 1.6-liter turbo four-cylinder are available. A GT hatchback is new for 2018.
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2011 Redesign Year
Hyundai Elantra 2016 Trim Shown: 2016 Base
Between the 2011 and 2015 the Elantra was one of the more stylish compact sedans. The car was well-equipped for the price. It was also fuel efficient with 29 mpg overall. Handling is nimble and secure and the ride is reasonably comfortable. Road noise, however, is pronounced. The interior is relatively roomy with a decent rear seat, but the low stance and curvy roofline make access a bit challenging. Controls are very well laid out and easy to use and Bluetooth connectivity for phone and music is built-in for most versions. Hatchback models have added cargo utility but have a tighter back seat, a stiffer ride and are noisier.
Average Retail Price Trade-in Price Reliability Verdict Owner Satisfaction View Local Inventory
2016 $13,725 - $14,850 $11,135 - $12,185
2015 $12,775 - $15,375 $10,215 - $12,665
2014 $11,850 - $13,825 $9,350 - $11,200
2013 $11,000 - $12,550 $8,500 - $9,950
2012 $8,775 - $10,100 $6,340 - $7,590
2011 $6,900 - $8,550 $4,540 - $6,090
2007 Redesign Year
Hyundai Elantra 2010 Trim Shown: 2010 Sedan
Although relatively competitive against its peers at the time, the 2007 to 2010 Elantra was a basic transportation, nothing more nothing less. If you're considering buying one, make sure it's from 2008 or later with optional stability control, which came only on SE versions. Side crash test results, as performed by the IIHS, were marginal. Lacking agility, the car is boring to drive. High points included a relatively roomy interior and easy to use controls. Acceleration is rather leisurely and the engine gets noisy when revved. On the other hand, the ride was compliant enough and not too noisy. Fuel economy of 27 mpg overall was decent for that vintage.
Average Retail Price Trade-in Price Reliability Verdict Owner Satisfaction View Local Inventory
2010 $5,400 - $7,125 $3,120 - $4,720
2009 $5,525 - $6,475 $3,210 - $4,110
2008 $5,125 - $5,550 $2,815 - $3,215
2007 $4,700 - $5,375 $2,385 - $3,035
2001 Redesign Year
Hyundai Elantra 2006 Trim Shown: 2006 Hatchback
We suggest you stay away from this vintage of the Elantra. The car scored poorly in the IIHS front offset crash test. Anti-lock brakes were optional but hard to find. Also, the car is from an era when cars weren't designed to provide protection in side crashes. That alone should deter you. If it doesn't, the car achieved 25 mpg overall in our testing, the rear seat was relatively roomy and controls are user friendly.
Average Retail Price Trade-in Price Reliability Verdict Owner Satisfaction View Local Inventory
2006 $3,250 - $3,625 $1,205 - $1,505
2005 $3,100 - $3,400 $1,075 - $1,325
2004 $2,775 - $2,975 $825 - $975
2003 $2,650 - $2,775 $720 - $820
2002 $2,575 - $2,625 $645 - $695
2001 N/A N/A
Hyundai Elantra 2000 Trim Shown: 2000
Hyundai introduced the small Elantra in 1992, a step up from the uninspired Hyundai Excel. It needed several more steps to be a competitive sedan. The car handled well enough on smooth roads, but the suspension crashed and banged on bumps that other cars took in stride. The front seats were pretty good. The Elantra was redesigned for 1996; a wagon was added to the lineup. The underpinnings were up to date and the interior was well equipped, but ride comfort and engine smoothness both needed improvement. It received a 2.0-liter Four for 1999.
Average Retail Price Trade-in Price Reliability Verdict Owner Satisfaction View Local Inventory
2000 N/A N/A