The M35 is among our top-rated sedans. It features a powerful V6 engine, sporty handling, and a comfortable ride. The interior is quiet, opulent, and roomy. The driver-interaction system is easy to use. Its lane-departure warning system provides alerts when the car strays from its path, which is of particular benefit to fatigued drivers.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"From the beginning, this has been a tight, well-handling vehicle. I recently drove a new Infiniti and, amazingly, my 2006 still drives as nice and has just as much technology as the new Infiniti had. Why trade?"

C M., CA (2006 Infiniti M)

"Handling is very good for a big car.."

JIM S., AZ (2006 Infiniti M)

"The handling of this vehicle is very similar to a sports car, hugging the curves giving complete control as the car ventures onto all road conditions. It is a complete marvel of luxury, smooth & supple & plush driving with an added feature of complete hugging handling most closely associated with the driving experience of a sports vehicle."

PATRICIA F., NY (2006 Infiniti M)

"Handles very well, quick, fun to drive. Very good in the snow."

JAMES G., NC (2006 Infiniti M)

"Acceleration and handling are awesome and fun to drive"

ADAM A., GA (2006 Infiniti M)

"Excellent accelerations; I rarely have to "punch" it. Very accurate handling: no noticeable understeering or oversteering."

JEROME O., IL (2006 Infiniti M)

"It does handle good but it has serious tramlining,you have to keep to hands on the wheel.Hankook tires may play a role,they are Ventus V12 Z rated.We seldom drive this car, only has 72K."

GLEN O., NS (2006 Infiniti M)

"A true sports sedan. Precise, crisp and nimble handling but has a little body roll. V8 engine will make things happen quick. Manual mode of shifting is the best I've ever driven...vey close to a stick shift as far as feel and control."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Infiniti M)

"Great space styling and comfort."

MATT L., IL (2006 Infiniti M)

"Handling is superb. Acceleration is there instantly."

David F., TX (2006 Infiniti M)


Anonymous, KS (2006 Infiniti M)

"Great engine -- smooth and powerful! Makes the car feel light - nice for a car that with a truly comfortable back seat. I look forward to driving it every chance I get. It still looks good. The rear view camera shows the vehicle track according to the steering wheel position. This car was way ahead of its time in terms of driver's aids including radar controlled cruise control, lane departure warning and the quality of the navigation system. The car also features rear wheel steering, steering sensitive headlights, keyless entry/start, tire pressure monitoring, a complete spare with matching wheel, heated and cooled seats, 2 DVD players plus a CD player, headphones for the rear seat video screen, etc. Not bad for a 2006!"

Laurence G., TX (2006 Infiniti M)

"Very smooth."

Anonymous, QC (2006 Infiniti M)

"the car is heavy and slow, it drives more like a truck than a car."

Anonymous, IN (2006 Infiniti M)


Anonymous, NH (2006 Infiniti M)

"Excellent, firm ride, outstanding acceleration and braking, and handling is highly predictable."

Jack C., VA (2006 Infiniti M)

"The car is very responsive & behaves quite well in helping to get out of the way of potential troubling drivers! It is not an old fashioned Muscle Car but at my age this automobile proves more than enough for it's acceleration & superb handling. Along with the above the car handles bumps in the road like your were almost on air1 Excellent suspension along with extremely responsive steering."

Anonymous, NY (2006 Infiniti M)

"As older drivers, we enjoy the sporty acceleration and handling on road trips!"

Anonymous, CA (2006 Infiniti M)

"great automatic 5 speed"

Alfred P., VA (2006 Infiniti M)

"great handling vehicle"

Salvatore P., CO (2006 Infiniti M)

"Great vehicle & fun to drive."

Salvatore P., CO (2006 Infiniti M)

"Despite having 300 HP this 4000lb car is a poor accelerator due to its unremarkable 4 speed automatic with OD. It also turns 3000 rpm at 70 mph. Unnecessarily high RPMs at highway speeds effects gas mileage negatively."

Steven B., VA (2006 Infiniti M)

"Fast 6 cylinder with excellent handling"

Anonymous, VA (2006 Infiniti M)

"Outstanding road handling, very stabile and includes bad wet weather or icy road conditions. Excellent acceleration when needed to provide a secure level of safety on the highways."

Robert H., TX (2006 Infiniti M)

"Good acceleration and handling, gas mileage not so great."

Paul O., CA (2006 Infiniti M)

"Good acceleration, corners nice, stiff ride and we have tramlining and bump steer, some of this may be caused because of the Z rated tires. Poor fuel milage but the M35X is heavy and have a differental ratio of 3.69 as a result the engine RPM is around 2500 at 100 KPH. Transmission shifts quick and has rev matching. I like driving this car, it's like a sports sedan."

Glen O., NS (2006 Infiniti M)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"This automobile has the best comfort suspension, absorbing all road conditions with a mixture of sports and luxury comfort. It gives complete control of automobile while allowing all occupants to enjoy a very exciting & comforting driving experience. With this auto you have the best of both worlds: Luxury & Sports."

PATRICIA F., NY (2006 Infiniti M)

"Seats are designed well. The front and rear seats have space for adults to sit comfortably."

Anonymous, VA (2006 Infiniti M)

"Front passenger seat is very uncomfortable. Supposed to be a fully adjustable seat, but it is not. They fixed the issue with later models but did nothing for the 2006."

Anonymous, TN (2006 Infiniti M)

"Driver Seat broke at 100,000 miles had to replace $1500!!"

CARL D., CA (2006 Infiniti M)

"I used to drive peppy sports cars in my younger days. Even though the M35X stands higher and weighs heavier, the AWD system puts the car in the right perspective of a super-handling sports sedan. The only gripe I have is its thirsty demeanor. The driving position and the firmness of the seats make it a world class sports sedan at a fraction of what anyone would pay for a BMW or a Mercedes which I used to own before someone advised me to give the Infiniti a chance."

KEVIN L., BC (2006 Infiniti M)

"Seats are rather stiff and hard. Not enough leg room in back seat."

JEROME O., IL (2006 Infiniti M)

"seat leather has torn on both front chairs. Drivers side seat frame failed had a local body shop weld the seat frame together rather than spend $3000 for a replacement seat. the seats have been my only disappointment with this car"

Anonymous, VA (2006 Infiniti M)

"Great firm seats with heating and cooling. Hold you in place during spirited driving yet don't squeeze you too tight. AC system is downright frigid and will give you a headache if you let it."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Infiniti M)

"Seats are exceptional, with very soft leather, but a firm ride that holds you in place. While the Infiniti M is not the most quiet car I've ever driven, the ride is exceptional."

David F., TX (2006 Infiniti M)

"exceptional comfort."

Anonymous, OH (2006 Infiniti M)

"The seats are high. The benefits is 1) that I see better the environnement et 2) that I get out of the seat very easily. The ride is smooth if compared with other brands like Audi, as an example"

Anonymous, QC (2006 Infiniti M)

"My model is the M35X and it is noisy, mostly exhaust noise, on the road."

Anonymous, MA (2006 Infiniti M)

"It is very comfortable and not noisy"

Maureen G., CA (2006 Infiniti M)

"Great seats, quite, excellent ride, and pretty good handling as well. Note that the driver's seat mount recently failed, and had to be repaired--the seat would lean very far forward, indicating a broken mount."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Infiniti M)

"I purchased this automobile on the basis of Consumer Reports Total diagnosis of this cars worth. You gave it an overakk 98 out of 100!! After road testing this car & having it since purchasing it New I must say out of all my previously owned vehicles it is by far the Best in Every Category you can imagine. The cars suspension is a wonderful mix of Luxury & Sportiness. It hugs the road like it was "on rails" & the motor is so pleasant to listen to we hardly ever put the powerful & all encompassing Bose radio & CD system on! We tested all cars before making this purchase & it was EXACTLY as Consumer Reports stated: It was BY FAR the best vehicle in craftsmanship, luxury, functionality, comfort & I could go on & on & on! Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak out & THANK YOU CONSUMER REPORTS for your excellent analysis of this vehicle. You were exactly right on!"

Anonymous, NY (2006 Infiniti M)

"Power seat moderately comfortable. Seat broke on driver side"

Anonymous, KS (2006 Infiniti M)

"very comfortable"

Salvatore P., CO (2006 Infiniti M)

"The seats are comfortable and the ride is smooth with Michelen tires. Handling is outstanding."

Anonymous, NC (2006 Infiniti M)

"Driver seat frame has failed twice due to poor welds."

Anonymous, LA (2006 Infiniti M)

"The seats are all excellent. The ride is firm but well controlled. Noise is excellent."

Steven B., VA (2006 Infiniti M)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Very reliable Good looking car"

Anonymous, KY (2006 Infiniti M)

"Bought in Sept 2005 loaded. With few exceptions it has all the bells and whistles of most luxury cars today. I keep it well maintained and it runs like a top"

HARRY P., VA (2006 Infiniti M)

"I got '06 M35 with $5.4k. Though it had high mileage (190k) it runs very smooth and powerful. There were minor issues to be addressed, but this got much value to own for all kinds of aspects, especially for better than German car experience and reliability."

Anonymous, GA (2006 Infiniti M)

"I make it a point to do my thorough research before making a decision. The 2006 M35X gives me her firm commitment to serve me rain or shine provided that I would take her to the trough to quench her thirst. In Canada unfortunately is a very rare car to find perhaps it is because of her thirsty demeanor. The resale value of M35X in Canada is much lower than her courterpart south of the border. The interior's attention to detail can rival a Lexus LS sedan. Overall, if one sees a well maintained us"

KEVIN L., BC (2006 Infiniti M)

"This is the best value in a car that I have ever had over 45 years of purchasing vehicles."

Anonymous, OR (2006 Infiniti M)

"Long lasting, full featured, good looking, great value for the money."

Paul O., CA (2006 Infiniti M)

"The electronic features on this vehicle were far ahead of their time. Lane change warning, intelligent cruise control and voice command were generally only available in much more expensive cars. Plus, purchase as part of Nissan vendor program."

C M., CA (2006 Infiniti M)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Luxury looking"

Anonymous, KY (2006 Infiniti M)

"Good styling and quality interior design, and comfortable to drive on trips."

NORMAN B., CA (2006 Infiniti M)

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