Infiniti's flagship is among our top-rated luxury sedans. Handling is agile and the interior is nicely finished. Performance is strong, and fuel economy has improved, even with the power increase. But the engine can sound a bit raspy when revved high. A wide variety of electronic safety technologies is available, though the features range from useful to simply annoying.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"The Infiniti accelerates very quickly, but the best part of the car is its handling. It feels like it is driving on rails when it corners at a high rate of speed."

Russell A., AB (2012 Infiniti M)

"It accelerates quickly when needed and is a smooth ride, like driving riding on a comfy couch"

Richard R., NJ (2012 Infiniti M)

"acceleration is as much as i need to merge into traffic or to pass with plenty left over, takes curves as fast as i want without issues"

Alan R., PA (2012 Infiniti M)

"great acceleration. powerful engine. good intuitive handling of controls through touchscreen. Proven to be a success as it did not change a lot in follow-up models and years for Infiniti"

Anonymous, OR (2012 Infiniti M)

"Very impressed with the acceleration with the electric motors and the 350 V6."

Duane S., CA (2012 Infiniti M)

"Transmission is rough between hybrid and gas engine"

Scott C., NC (2012 Infiniti M)

"Transmission sucks. Always hunting for the appropriate gear, but never gets it. For a car with 330HP, it should be responsive. It is not. Very disappointing."

Paul G., ON (2012 Infiniti M)

"It drives very well. It's a very nice combination of supple yet responsive. In other words, it takes slight bumps in the road with ease (no big thump) the way that a Lexus might but it's also fun around the curves and never leans in, even though I've tried to make it lean in by driving too fast around curves. There must be some serious technology involved in preventing lean. It always feels capable and responsive, at highway speeds, around-town speeds, parking lot speeds. It does NOT have a great turning radius. That's my one grip with this car. My Toyota Sienna minivan has a much tighter turning radius than the Infiniti M."

Robert B., NC (2012 Infiniti M)

"handles like a sports car"

Anonymous, TX (2012 Infiniti M)

"The car drives amazingly. It is a big car with a large V8 engine and it is very nimble and fun to drive."

Aaron O., NM (2012 Infiniti M)

"above average acceleration and handling for its class"

Anonymous, OR (2012 Infiniti M)

"very quick acceleration and road hugging ability cornering"

David P., TN (2012 Infiniti M)

"It is great. Makes me feel like I am driving a muscle car from the 60's."

Anonymous, TN (2012 Infiniti M)

"The V-8 is very responsive - it gets up and goes when called upon."

Matthew K., WA (2012 Infiniti M)

"We take many long trips. Our Infiniti is smooth, quiet and handles with great response and no lean. We love driving our Infiniti on long trips"

Anonymous, FL (2012 Infiniti M)

"Mid size sedan is very fast and handles very well. Corners sharply and has lots of acceleration. Fun to drive!"

Clinton C., CO (2012 Infiniti M)


Steve S., VA (2012 Infiniti M)

"Great I love this car"

James H., OH (2012 Infiniti M)

"It has blistering speed from the big V8 and handling is excellent"

Anonymous, NE (2012 Infiniti M)

"Throttle repose is uneven, High gas millage tires are not good for cornering."

Anonymous, MD (2012 Infiniti M)

"This car is some kind of a machine! On twisting and turning roads in manual shifting mode, it exhibits sheer confidence. Period! With 330 horses, all-wheel drive and a cockpit from a fighter jet, this luxury sports sedan is a joy to drive!"

CLINTON C., CO (2012 Infiniti M)

"The cruise control slows and speed up to a set speed based on the distance you want from the car in front of you. It also has crash avoidance"

Anonymous, NJ (2012 Infiniti M)

"Great acceleration and handling. Solid Powertrain."

TONY K., OH (2012 Infiniti M)

"This sedan handles like a sports car and is very quick 0-60 mph. This accelerates faster than any other car I have ever own."

R S., MO (2012 Infiniti M)

"Incredible acceleration. Very responsive."

Anonymous, WA (2012 Infiniti M)


Anonymous, AZ (2012 Infiniti M)

"very fast, responsive and sporty and fun to drive"

Steven M., IL (2012 Infiniti M)

"It handles and drives better than my 2008 BMW 528i. With 330 hp it has all the acceleration you could want."

Nicholson T., PA (2012 Infiniti M)

"Powerful V8 engine provides rapid acceleration. Car handles very well when turning."

Matthew K., WA (2012 Infiniti M)

"I have the M-X model which really hugs the highway and the traction is always spot on. The power and acceleration was far better than the other cars I compared it against."

R C., KY (2012 Infiniti M)

"Drives beautifully, Like the driving modes: sport, Eco, standard and snow. I like sport but use ECO more for gas consumption. In that mode its a little sluggish accelerating from a stop in traffic. Corners like a sports car, fast acceleration, very responsive. Love it."

Nannette P., KY (2012 Infiniti M)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Six years and 112,000 miles and the seats are in perfect condition and provide great comfort and support."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Infiniti M)

"Driver seat is so uncomfortable I will never buy an Infiniti again."

Anonymous, WV (2012 Infiniti M)

"Ride is a bit stiff and the road noise level is high."

Drew P., TX (2012 Infiniti M)

"Seats are comfortable and easily adjustable. Biggest complaint is the level of road noise."

James T., GA (2012 Infiniti M)

"Somewhat noisy except on very good roads"

John J., TX (2012 Infiniti M)

"Seats are a very good combination of firm but comfortable. The noise suppression is good. You can hear the throttle of the acceleration but otherwise the road noise is well dampened. The ride is a good combination of smooth yet responsive. It has a LOT of power."

Robert B., NC (2012 Infiniti M)

"Smooth ride and above average handling"

Anonymous, OR (2012 Infiniti M)

"Very comfortable seats. Road noise is eliminated when windows are closed."

Matthew K., WA (2012 Infiniti M)

"Rear seating is not very comfortable - not smooth."

Gina C., NC (2012 Infiniti M)

"Drivers seat is very uncomfortable. Finally had to put a folded towel on the seat to keep me from having back problems. It's my main complaint with the car, otherwise it's fine."

Anonymous, WV (2012 Infiniti M)

"Infiniti rides too stiffly. High level of road noise. Uncomfortable to be a passenger. Not quite enough room in front."

J H., VA (2012 Infiniti M)

"For a Sedan, the car accelerates and handles extremely well while providing a very comfortable ride. We bought this as a long distance cruiser. My wife and I both find it very comfortable for long trip. The one downside is road noise at highway speed. It could use more "soundproofing.""

JAMES T., GA (2012 Infiniti M)

"This is the most comfortable auto I have owned. It is a touring car and it is excellent in all phases on the highway, the seating, climate control, ride, handling, and driving pleasure are all outstanding."

R C., KY (2012 Infiniti M)

"It handles a little like a sports car or my Mercedes S model. I corners beautifully and is very powerful/responsive. My only complaint is the road noise level is too high. This may be due to the tires, but they're too new to exchange. Will get Michelin next time. Forget the brand on it now...starts with a G but not Goodyear., I think. Love this car. Luxury leval High. Leather seats Plush, comfortable. It looks beautiful and not dated."

Nannette P., KY (2012 Infiniti M)

"The M is a plush car with excellent materials and craftsmanship that is better than many in this class. The interior is quiet and well finished and the leather seats are great on long trips especially with the heated and cooled front seats."

R C., KY (2012 Infiniti M)

"Wonderfully supple seats, smooth ride but you can still enjoy the road"

Michael S., MO (2012 Infiniti M)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"overall quality"

STEPHEN D., NH (2012 Infiniti M)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"This car looks fantastic with styling that should be in style for years to come"

R S., MO (2012 Infiniti M)

"Distinctive look. Interesting, eye-catching."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Infiniti M)

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