The Cherokee finally gives Jeep a small SUV for those who want the brand's trail cred, but don't want to pay Grand Cherokee prices. While it does offer a lot of workhorse capability for this class, it fails to get a lot of the day-to-day basics right. The list of flaws is long. Performance and fuel economy from the four-cylinder engine are pathetic.
    There are 12 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

    Overall Owner Satisfaction

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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

    Owner Satisfaction with:

    Driving Experience

    Includes acceleration and handling

    What Owners Say

    "Shifting hangups from 2nd to 3rd, 3rd to 4th, 4th to 5th.etc. Not good for city driving."

    ALLEN R., NJ (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Mileage great...styling unique....ride exceeded my expectations....controls easy to use&see"

    Anonymous, TX (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I bought the Trailhawk version because of its off-raod features. I have now pulled a medium-sized trailer on an interstate drive and also had the vehicle on very challenging off-road trails in the mountains of western Texas. Its performance in these challenging conditions has been amazing, especially its ability to climb steep rocky slopes."

    GEORGE Y., TX (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I drove my last Grand cherokee for 20 years and was highly satisfied with everything"

    Anonymous, MI (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "This vehicle is not quick! When you floor the gas it takes half a second for the car to realize it. Then it has to go through all the gears to get you to the speed you are looking for. The gears do not shift quickly or smoothly. This has been a major disappointment in this vehicle."

    CINDY F., ID (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "the transmission is our only disappointment with the vehicle. the shift back to first gear from a near stop is abrupt and annoying. to ensure a smooth start requires a complete stop and a pause of one second, then the acceleration and shifting is smooth and acceptable."

    DAVE F., CA (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Occasional jerky transmission shifting,especially, but not exclusively, at low speed"

    Anonymous, MI (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "acceleration is virtually non existant unless you floor the gas pedal, this creates dangerous situations when trying to merge with traffic or change lane in traffic"

    CLIVE H., NY (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I really love everything about my 2014 Jeep Cherokee EXCEPT how it drives, for some reason it does ride smoothly when you 1st accelerate or take off sometimes it jumps ahead or skips and it feels very dangerous. I have complained and they can't seem to fix this problem."

    Anonymous, NJ (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "We bought the 6 cylinder model of the Cherokee based on Consumer Reports recommendations and because we are stationed in Germany, land of the famous autobahn. It is definitely one of the best SUVs on the road for acceleration, quickness and ride."

    DAN B., AE (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "It shifts hard in lower gears. It seems to pause, then shifts with a clunk. Have had 3 firmware updates of the transmission, the last one at my expense."

    Anonymous, WI (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Four wheel drive high and low range required for Colorado winters"

    GARY B., CO (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The 4 cylinder is too sluggish for our tastes. The 6 cylinder would have been a better choice."

    BRYAN J., OK (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Transmission is not smooth as it could be. and acceleration is medium. However, it is an excellent tow vehicle for motor home."

    Anonymous, KS (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "We got the V6 and wouldn't recommend the 4. We drive about 70% highway miles--on level ground at 60-70 mph we get about 31 mpg. I have driven a 4, and for our type of driving it had sluggish acceleration and the transmission always seemed to hunting for the right gear."

    EDWARD M., TX (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "9 speed Transmission is sometimes balky in acceleration on to the highway"

    Anonymous, MN (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Even with the six cylinder engine, the car is noticeably and unacceptably under-powered. Acceleration is jerky, and the transmission is late to adjust to changing road conditions."

    Anonymous, VA (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "trans is jerky when starting out, shifts ruff and noisey"

    JOSPEH K., PA (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "We have the V6 engine and this car accelerates extremely well when needed (e.g. for passing and hills)."

    DEBORAH Z., PA (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Transmission sluggish, as vehicle sometimes hunts for gear especially when cold"

    Anonymous, NY (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Transmission has had issues since purchase. Slips and puts itself into neutral when I am trying to accelerate. Been in the dealership many times."

    Anonymous, CA (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "this is an off road vehicle so it is very high, yet handles very well on roads"

    CAROL L., MA (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The transmission has never been good since buying it. It has had several software updates and it hasn't eliminated the issue 100% Still jittery on moving from standstill."

    KIERAN M., OH (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Headlights are terrible. On a dark rural road, 50 mph is max speed without overdriving the headlights. The design also traps dirt, snow, and ice making this an even bigger problem. The rest of the car is great except for this very serious issue. I had to change out these lights and risk compromising my vehicle warrantee. Trailer tow is extraordinary. Trams is essential for vehicle diversity but also can be balky at times."

    DOUGLAS W., MI (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The engine and the transmission need to play together better."

    K K., CO (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "This was the first year for the Cherokee. They have had issues with the transmission computer and it still sometimes jumps when you step on the gas. They keep downloading updates to fix it, but I have to bring it to the dealer to do it."

    WILLIAM G., FL (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The V-6 package provides plenty of power for all conditions and still provides very good gas mileage. The preferred package Technology group is a very worth while extra that provides extra safety and convenience."

    RONALD C., AZ (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Plenty of power, smooth ride for a jeep and it will tow our 4000lb boat and get 27 mpg doing it. Find 2 other cars for less than $30k on the market that will do it. I double dog dare you."

    Anonymous, TX (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "With the ECO on the gas mileage is terrific. Handling and acceleration when needed are not compromised. Love the way it drives and use it on busy highway at 60 mph with ease."

    Anonymous, FL (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Acceleration & handling MUCH better than previous Jeeps I've owned."

    Anonymous, NJ (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Transmssion jerks occasionally when beginning to accelerate."

    Anonymous, NC (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "8 speed transmission is not quite as responsive as I feel it should be, sometimes seems to hessitatie when shifting"

    C T., MO (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Acceleration is jerky and not smooth due to poor transmission performance. Once driving speed is attained, the performance improves"

    Anonymous, AL (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Good handling, good acceleration, 4 wheel drive makes winter driving confidently safer, couldn't wait to replace OEM tires with Bridgstones"

    Anonymous, MI (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The transmission has nine speeds. It seems to often choose the wrong speed. The gas tank and filler neck have had to be replaced. Why isn't this part of the evaporative system?"

    John K., FL (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "transmission has the notorious bad habit of shifting from 2nd to 1st when making a common "rolling stop". if you press down on the accelerator, the trans shifts to 1st with an abrupt jerk. if you make a full stop (like you are supposed to do), and wait about 2 seconds, the trans quietly shifts to 1st and the takeoff is smooth and normal."

    Anonymous, CA (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Acceleration is non-existent. Times I hit my gas to go quickly and nothing happens. Feel powerless."

    Anonymous, PA (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The Cherokee has good acceleration, now that the transmission has been replaced (under warranty). Handling is so-so, and the steering wheel does not turn smoothly or provide much road feel."

    Jeffrey G., MD (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "When starting from stop, throttle is a little quick leading to more sudden starts than I would like. Otherwise it handles well, easy to park, good acceleration ."

    Anonymous, ME (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Accelerating from a stop there is sometimes a delay in the response of the vehicle. This potential stall in acceleration is a problem. No accidents yet, but I see it as an issue that that manufacturer knows about and fails to address. On the other hand sometimes the vehicle too good and powerful. the front tires will burn rubber."

    Anonymous, CO (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "It's outstanding in it's acceleration and handling."

    R F., CA (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The 6 cylinder engine has great acceleration and the handling feels solid and secure. Gas milage is also better than expected."

    Anonymous, FL (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Well I could write a book on what I don't like. Starting with the transmission only lasting one year before it puked out all of the fluid all over my driveway. If you come to a quick stop and then try and accelerate, it just sits there and then spins the tires. It makes all kinds of funny noises, really can't wait to sell this thing and get a better vehicle!"

    Anonymous, CA (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "We bought the 6 cylindar version (based on CR recommendation), and the acceleration is Outstanding. We even found the Jeep was able to hold its own against BMWs on the German Autobahn!"

    Dan B., AE (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "9-speed transmission is junk, and/or the power band of the engine is too narrow., resulting in lots of searching for the ‘right’ gear. Also, had a very difficult time driving eastbound on I-70 in Colorado. I wasn’t sure I’d make it to the Eisenhower Tunnel."

    Gregory L., IL (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The only complaint I have is when the road is wet my (not old) tires do not grip the road. I had the same problem with my 2007 Jeep Liberty."

    Anonymous, FL (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Handles well in all situations and especially weather using "Trailhawk" capabilities with greater road clearance."

    Anonymous, PA (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I think the transmission software can be improved. The engine is sometimes slow to react to 'pedal-to-the-metal', when you want to pass or simply want to move quickly. At times there is a small shudder when you are accelerating. Overall I'm very happy but these are two things to work on."

    David B., ON (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "as previously pointed out there is excessive steering wheel vibration at highway speeds that neither wheel balancing or wheel alignment seems to cure. there is a terrible acceleration lag which has placed us in dangerous situations many times."

    Anonymous, SC (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Excellent acceleration."

    James B., IN (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Occasionally the transmission fails to up shift or downshift. This is most noticeable when using cruise control as the responses to changes in the set speed take a long time, with variations of 10 MPH common. There is a definite lag in gear changes when using manual mode."

    W W., PA (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Great performance for a medium size SUV. Very happy."

    Steve B., AZ (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "This is my husband's car and he simply loves driving it everywhere. This is great for me because it means he will run any errand just for fun. Also he loves to take it on the road. I just cruise along in my Subaru but I don't love driving."

    Judi F., CA (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The 9 speed transmission is programmed for fuel Efficiency and as such is always in the highest gear which make acceleration difficult"

    Anonymous, FL (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Excellent control in heavy snow and difficult road conditions."

    Linda C., CA (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The nine-speed transmission accelerates sluggishly unless I put the control knob in 'Sport' mode. It automatically defaults back to 'Auto' if I shut it off and restart it, resulting in sluggish performance."

    Roger H., MT (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "When it is running well, it accelerates very quickly albeit with very hard shifting, The handling is much better than expedted when all the suspension componets are in good shape. Braking is not bad either."

    Joseph N., PA (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I bought the Trailhawk model because it is not only comfortable, but is rugged and off-road capable. It has done really well on surfaces ranging from sandy to rocky and really climbs well on steep hills. I have also towed a 4500-pound trailer with no problems. The vehicle has a sport mode but I do not need it for adequate acceleration on roads."

    George Y., TX (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Handling and the power is more than adequate for the driving we do. We live at 6,900 feet and drive down to town that's at 4,600 feet in a distance of 8 miles on a very steep and winding road. Winter driving is much safer with the full time four wheel drive coupled with the high and low range four wheel drive."

    Anonymous, CO (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The comfort package along with the technology package combine to allow greater safety and less stress while driving. The seats and steering wheel can be warm on those cold mornings. The seats can be cooled after workouts and hot Florida days."

    Stephen S., FL (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I have the V6 engine which gives real power at all speeds. The drive and handling make it fun to drive on not so straight roads. Last winter I easily managed my way through rather deep snow in a snow storm to get a new snowblower, the old one failed, and home again. I can pack in three more big guys and our hunting gear without any complaints about the room in the back seats. I mean these three guys together tip the scale at 700 pounds or better! I really don’t have any legitimate complaints but lots of likes about my Cherokee. Good ride!"

    Anonymous, WI (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The transmission lags. The Jeep service garage can only update the software. This does not help. It needs a different kind of transmission. That may not be possible, but a new one of the same kind would be better than nothing."

    Anonymous, VA (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The transmission has always been messy, and it makes driving a pain. At first, it would hesitate before finding a gear, and after a software update, it now makes a worrying bang noise sometimes when shifting."

    Anonymous, CA (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "With the transmission problem, it affected the acceleration of the auto. Some times the transmission would drop out and I'd be redlining the engine."

    Anonymous, WI (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Strong engine. Trailhawk package makes for solid ride and allows for fleixible road conditions."

    Mark G., TX (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Several times when accelerating with cold engine/transmission very sluggish response. As we live on a major road this is a very hazardous issue."

    Anonymous, MI (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The 4 cylinder is a real pooch and the 9 speed transmission makes it feel like it will explode before it kicks into the next gear."

    Tony C., IL (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I liked my Jeep Cherokee but after a short period of owning it started getting really annoyed with the way this vehicle shifts! I have takes back to the dealer many times and nothing fixes it. Extremely disappointed in it."

    Jeannine H., NJ (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Our other Cherokee has the slipping and acceleration issue mentioned previously. From a stop there is a jerk when trying to accelerate."

    Dale H., TX (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Handles extremely well in adverse road conditions."

    Vincent K., MI (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Transmission jerky in low gear. Have had it in at least 3 times for problems with transmission."

    Anonymous, FL (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Sometimes the transmission seems to work not exactly how I think it should."

    Kevin K., MN (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The 3.2 V6 is a very good engine, quiet & smooth The transmission is an early build with a hard shift from 2nd to 3rd that has not been corrected by all the updates"

    Ron S., ON (2014 Jeep Cherokee)


    Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

    What Owners Say

    "I drove my last GRAND Cherokee for 20 years without any major problems, and do need to have a 4 wheeler."

    Anonymous, MI (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Has 37000 miles on it - a little road noise. Wish I had gotten GPS."

    DAN M., NY (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Seats are not comfortable, too much padding under thighs."

    Anonymous, MA (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Numerous check engine light failures"

    JOHN N., PA (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Auto climate control slightly better after latest computer update."

    Anonymous, SC (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Drivers seat is 8-way adjustable with four way Lumbar support - - all electrically controlled. My Limited model has front seats that are both heated and ventilated - - the ventilation is an incredible benefit when you get into a hot car. Dual zone climate control performs nicely with a minimum of fuss. Noise control is pretty good - - above average for this category of vehicle. The ride is to the stiff side, which I prefer. Handling is quite precise for a vehicle of this type - - as good as or b"

    JOSEPH S., OR (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Quiet, comfortable seats, good ride"

    RICHARD A., OR (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Road noise is higher than I like at highway speeds"

    CHARLES B., PA (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Seats are VERY comfortable."

    Anonymous, MA (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Nice ride"

    MARIO D., NY (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Front passenger seat is not comfortable. Have purchased several hundred dollars of comfort aids so my wife can be reasonably comfortable in it. I still have to use the accura for long trips."

    SHULER H., SC (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "There is a lot of road noise when driving on the highway."

    Anonymous, TX (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "In 2 years we have put over 50K miles on the car. The seats are comfortable, the climate control is flawless. Noise is fine and ride is better than I would expect in a comparable SUV. There is NO other suv on the market that gets its mileage and can tow our 3500lb boat. I simply do not understand why CR hates this car so very much."

    Anonymous, TX (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I have leather seats, and they are very comfortable. Climate control is very responsive and keeps a comfortable temperature inside regardless of how hot it it is outside. The ride is average and acceleration hesitates from stop due to below average transmission response. Rear visibility is extremely poor and backing the car is unsafe."

    Anonymous, AL (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Extremely comfortable car, very solid riding car"

    ROSE H., NJ (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I find it diffacult to get in and out the front seat."

    SAM K., NY (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The ride is a bit choppy. Of course I know it's not a touring car but I would like the ride to be a bit more soft."

    R F., CA (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "window broke in down position and could not get a part to fix it for 5 days."

    LARRY I., MT (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The seats are a tight fit and pitched up at the front. The ride is jittery over rough roads."

    R F., CA (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "low noise"

    Arnie H., MN (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Ride is very good, low road noise"

    Anonymous, NY (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Seats are very comfortable, Cab is exceedingly quiet"

    Iain R., BC (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "We recently took the Jeep on a long trip and we were very comfortable evdn though we were in the car for 8 hours."

    Dan B., AE (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Seats are very nice ride is smooth and quiet."

    James B., IN (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Seats are very comfortable, even on long drives. Cabin noise has increased slightly with age, butis acceptable."

    George Y., TX (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Jeep seats are not comfortable. It has a very rough ride and is very road loud."

    Anonymous, TX (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Seats overall are pretty comfortable, except the headrest. It aims forward, so the top of headrest is on the top of the back of your head, but there’s no neck support. That part drives me nuts on longer rides - leads to stiff neck. Lumbar support is a bit too firm too. Otherwise, cooled and heated seats - awesome! I’ll never not get cooled seats in the future. Big fan."

    Adam B., CT (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Road noise is very high and has degraded over time"

    Anonymous, MI (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Wonderful seats, great driving position, but choppy ride, a bit too much road noise, and a clumsy transmission"

    Donald A., NC (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The side mirror WITH the red light ( blind-spot ) The back-up TV screen The push-butten heck- door opening The easy to fill the tank Sitting HIGH"

    Anonymous, MI (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "It is the most comfortable seat & vehicle in general I've ever driven in. After a 5 or 6 hour drive, you get out and you don't feel like you were driving at all. Best seat ever!"

    Anonymous, BC (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "They’re just fine- no complaints"

    Anonymous, FL (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Great seat controls that are really good for comfort on long drives. To me to noise is reasonable and much better than most. Ride and handling are very good."

    Anonymous, WI (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Comfort and ride are great, sometimes the transmission doesn't work as I think it should."

    Kevin K., MN (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Relatively high road noise."

    Anonymous, MI (2014 Jeep Cherokee)


    Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

    What Owners Say

    "Best equipped for the price with a V6."

    Anonymous, KS (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Two small recalls (less than an hour) that were a pain to get time to fix it."

    DAN M., NY (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I feel I did not get good value for the price I'm paying."

    JOSEPH L., NY (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I compared this to a Range Rover Evoke for 20000 more and the Cherokee in my opinion is as good."

    HARRY F., NY (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "There is no better value than the Cherokee on the market. I am currently researching 2017 models because my lease will be up in the next 8 months, and there is still nothing that compares with my fully loaded Limited when it comes to safety, luxury and comfort features. Fantastic value."

    JOSEPH S., OR (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Should have leased a Honda"

    JOHN S., NJ (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "We bargained and hunted this car all over TX to get what we wanted. It is the only SUV on the market that gets good MPG and can tow over 3000lbs. Why do you just hate it so much? None of your picks can tow our boat. It's fun to drive and 50k or totally worry free miles. What is your problem?"

    Anonymous, TX (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The Jeep Cherokee is fun to drive regardless of the weather. I've found this vehicle to be reliable and comfortable. I especially like the Technology package that offers rain sensing wipers, self-parking and adaptive cruise control."

    LINDA F., NY (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "This car was what I needed. I am a priest in a rural area so I needed the ability to get to parishioners in farms and gravel roads which sometimes flood. However, I wanted also to be able to travel the highways alot and drive in the city. This vehicle has a good balance of these things for my needs."

    Anonymous, LA (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Gets 31 - 32 mpg' son highway"

    GARY M., WI (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Better than expected MPG. IF I TRY REAL HARD, I can get 29 MPG."

    NEIL H., TX (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Reliable, no mechanical problems, reasonable gas milage"

    Anonymous, MI (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "We love this vehicle. 107000 miles and not a single problem. While the transmission is a big clunky feeling, there is nothing on the market that gets 27-30mpg and will tow our 4000 boat anywhere near the price. It is a great everyday car for my wife and we simply do NOT understand what other people do not like about it."

    Anonymous, TX (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I think it's ridiculous that things like backup camera, satellite radio weren't standard in my car. Jeep nickels and dimes for everything."

    Anonymous, PA (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Very happy with the price I paid and the expected trade value"

    Anonymous, PA (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The 2014 Cherokee is a complete waste of money. This was the first yeart they made this car and it shows. It has been in the shop countless times for transmission updates, failing Uconnect, broken xxxx lever, and drivetrsain (axlem wheel bearing) failures. The depreciation on this car has been horrible, I hear the 2019 has the bugs worked out."

    Joseph N., PA (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I won it through St. Jude's. All the taxes and registrations went off of the original sticker price, which it was never worth. It was a 2014 dealer demo with 1,500 miles on it that I won in May, 2015, just before the 2016's came out. But the Federal, Maryland (where I live), and Virginia (where I won it) governments taxed me at the sticker price. Medicare considered it income even though I did not receive a single dollar and they raised my rates. Maryland registered it based on the sticker price, not its value. THE TAX LAWS NEED TO BE CHANGED! I paid about as much as if I had bought it new on my own and I did not have the privilege of picking out the car I really wanted. Why can't the little-ole-me's have a break and enjoy would could have been a good thing in life?"

    Margaret T., MD (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The technology package greatly improves the driving experience. A great value. Intuitive cruise control, automatic emergency breaking, blind spot monitoring, and lane drift warning all improve comfort and safety while driving."

    Stephen S., FL (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Since I drove it off the lot, the first day I had major issues with the transmission not shifting properly. I had it back at least 14 times to get it fixed over the course of the last 4 years. It still doesn't work perfectly, but I'm tired of taking it back. I found out Jeep had major problems with this new design of transmission for 2014."

    Anonymous, WI (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Get it when you get OLDER ! a wheelchair or walker are easily accomodated and you have a lot of protection " around" you, including warnings by light or soun and you never have to turn around to look over your shoulder"

    Anonymous, MI (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "the engine consumes up to three quarts of oil between oil changes. this appears to be a well known problem. there is excessive vibration in the steering wheel at around 80mph which my mechanic cannot seem to find a reason for. acceleration lag has put me and my passengers in danger many times when trying to merge into high speed traffic. the transmission will sometimes bang into reverse from a parked position, cause the car to lunge forward at low speeds and also seems to slip at freeway speeds for no apparent reason. I cannot begin to express how disappointed we are with this vehicle. in my 50 years of driving it is easily the worst car I've ever owned. now it has no resale or trade in value. we are stuck."

    Anonymous, SC (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I paid way too much for what I recieved. Between the twi cars that i have i wish i had a majic wamd to make the jeep a honda."

    Anonymous, TX (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "This vehicle has been a disappointment. It was rushed to market. The owners are the testers."

    John K., FL (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Very poor reliability. Have had several repairs after warranty expired. Low pressure oil sensor faulty. Dealership wanted to replace but after I cleared code problem went away and never returned. Alternator burned up and had to be replaced. Transmission cooler line fitting into radiator broke and had to be replaced at a cost of $1000. There are numerous on lines complaints concerning this faulty design."

    David P., CO (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I think Jeeps get a bad rap. My Cherokee has great acceleration and was purchased for thousands less than other brands."

    Anonymous, NM (2014 Jeep Cherokee)


    How it looks inside and out

    What Owners Say

    "Looks sharp and clean!"

    DEBORAH Z., PA (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Different from the old Cherokee. not a square box"

    JOSEPH H., VA (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "the way it looks"

    Anonymous, MN (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

    "It has that "good look" that is hard to describe but I guess it is the contour of the body that is appealing."

    ROGER C., FL (2014 Jeep Cherokee)

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