The Cherokee finally gives Jeep a small SUV for those who want the brand's trail cred, but don't want to pay Grand Cherokee prices. While it does offer a lot of workhorse capability for this class, it fails to get a lot of the day-to-day basics right. The list of flaws is long. Performance and fuel economy from the four-cylinder engine are pathetic.
    There are 10 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

    Overall Owner Satisfaction

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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

    Owner Satisfaction with:

    Driving Experience

    Includes acceleration and handling

    What Owners Say

    "This vehicle handles very well in all kinds of road conditions, snow, wet roads, and is easy to drive. It has a lot of safety features, like blind spot detection that really aid in driving safely."

    Anonymous, MT (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "With this being a 6 cylinder engine the accelleration is pretty amazing; it seems quick. The handling is also very pleasant with it handling like a car in most situations. The best part is that I tend to drive with a heavy foot (quick off the line) and am still achieving 24 to 25 mpg"

    Gregory S., PA (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Easy to drive, good acceleration and reasonable handling.. Winter driving feels safer with all wheel drive. Snow and ice option works well."

    Reginald R., NS (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "On take off from stand still or from slow roll, it jerks so bad that it's a good thing you have head rests. Have complained twice, but was told it was normal. The ride is like it has no suspension at all. You feel every single bump in the road with a vengeance."

    Allen G., NC (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Drives like a sports car, yet is trail rated for off road."

    Allen A., MN (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Transmission is not smooth from standing start for first and/or second shift. Fine after that"

    Anonymous, NY (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Having a v6 engine the acceleration is somewhat lacking...due to engine shutoff system when stopped. But, willing to sacrifice for the better mpg."

    Kenneth W., MI (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Very underpowered"

    Anonymous, WA (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "With the V6, this is a very responsive vehicle, both on the highway and off-road."

    Todd B., CO (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Great acceleration, smooth cruise control. Great off road"

    Anonymous, ID (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Poor immediate acceleration, especially when passing"

    Anonymous, TX (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I love the handling, power, etc. The only change needed is that the front wheel drive spins before the rear engages. Some challenges with rough shifting bug I believe they will take care of that under warranty."

    Paul S., FL (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I did not want an engine that was less than a V6 coming from a V8, this Jeep Cherokee does not disappoint and is quick and agile. Fun to drive!"

    Michelle S., AL (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Transmission issues"

    Shane B., OR (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "4 cylinder engine w/ the 9-speed transmission is very responsive and we get fuel economy."

    Anonymous, PA (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Quick response for acceleration & handling"

    Anonymous, IN (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "This Jeep is a pleasure to drive. It is very responsive and accelerates quickly when needed. We love driving it!"

    Sydney M., CA (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Sometimes sluggish on acceleration."

    Anonymous, NJ (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I'm very pleased with the acceleration and handling of the Cherokee Limited V6, especially for the gas mileage it gets. It's a sturdy vehicle with a solid feel, yet good for road driving as well."

    M T., VA (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The 2017 Cherokee Trailhawk replaced our 2006 Audi A6 Avant. My expectations were that the Jeep would have a hard time living up to the Audi standard. While that is true in some respects, we have been pleasantly surprised by how well the Trailhawk does on highway trips. Of course the Trailhawk tires are somewhat more noisy, the ride and handling are pretty decent. Definitely not up to A6 standards, but surprisingly good."

    Scott G., CA (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Doesn't accelerate very quickly after having slowed down or stopped."

    Anonymous, MN (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "very slow and clumsy"

    Robert M., OH (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Poor acceleration and ok handling"

    Donald F., PA (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "We bought the Latitude 4x4, with the v6. On HWY driving we get over 30 mpg, while overall driving is 22 - 24 mpg. The 271 hp engine w/9 speed trans has ample power and can tow 5k. We use our Jeep for our numerous camping, fishing, and shooting experiences. I handles all of it in style and rugged durability that hasn't failed us yet. Our Jeep came with a complete skid plate and moon roof. Awesome!"

    Bob N., NV (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Very responsive handling and adequate acceleration!"

    Chas E., NE (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Acceleration is non-existent, do not attempt to maneuver in a situation where you ade being overtaken by another vehicle from behind, you will not be able to accelerate away safely."

    Anonymous, CA (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Transmission shifts hard usually with a bang and a jolt if your slowing down and then suddenly change to rapid acceleration. After turning a corner then asking it to accelerate rapidly there is a lag before it accepts the command and accelerates. Disappointingly so. PLEASE NOTE STOP/START FUNCTION ON THIS VEHICLE IS A HOAX! IT ONLY WORKS IF THE BATTERY IS < 2 MONTHS OLD!!!!!"

    Bill E., AZ (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Have the 4 Cyl engine; 9 speed transmission works with it very well; somewhat sluggish acceleration in higher gears, BUT USING SPORT mode takes care of that issue, especially in hilly areas, and passing on two lane roads. Its selection is the answer to sluggish engine response of 4 cyl engine in AUTO mode. Handling is very good; generally flat in corners, and nicely supple over most uneven pavement conditions, like we have in our rural NW CT area. Not a jarring ride. Overall, very good!"

    Robinson L., CT (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Problems with check engine -transmission thumps - no 4 wheel - no parking brake - then it goes away - diagnosis showed no problem?"

    Anonymous, CT (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "When mildly accelerating from a stop then easing up on the acellerator, the transmission sometimes makes a large clunk as if it is not sure what gear to go into."

    Anonymous, NJ (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I have been very surprised at the handling and driving experience of the 2015 V6 Jeep Cherokee. I am a releatively spirited driver and the Jeep is very responsive and still returns great mpg's. I am able to get in and out of traffic very easily. The Cherokee is very nimble and handles great in heavy traffic or on the highway. I am still very impressed."

    Gregory S., PA (2015 Jeep Cherokee)


    Anonymous, NV (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "This car has gotten me through many snow storms and handles well on unfavorable road conditions. I like the safety features like blind side detection, and the adaptable cruise is a great feature that I use a lot."

    Anonymous, MT (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "inconsistent acceleration from stopped position - not shifting through the gears in a timely manner"

    Anonymous, MN (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Great acceleration and very stable making fast turns"

    Anonymous, FL (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I opted for the 6cyl engine. I am an enthusiast driver and I enjoy the engine responsiveness and performance I'm willing to sacrifice mileage for performance. Handling, while not a sports car, is good with level cornering and ride."

    Vincent A., MA (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Great acceleration, handling very good"

    Anonymous, NM (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "we've taken the Jeep in to a dealer(s) questioning the transmission/acceleration, the east one said he fixed the problem, but it has started again. We'll take off from a stop and then the transmission feels like it dropped off the car!! A very scary thing. At first (other dealers) they didn't know what the problem was, then theist dealer said there was a fix for that an said it was repaired. However, now it' starting to do it again."

    Kay P., NV (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "-Starting out from a stopped position is very jerky-jerky until it gets into gear. -Auto-stop is a safety concern if you have to step in the gas fast in an emergency - Front upright posts (on either side of windshield) are 2 great blind spots."

    Debra G., PA (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Wonderful in all areas. No problems at all."

    Anonymous, FL (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "There is still issues with a "clunk" when accelerating, most recently at 30 mph. It has been solved after servicing, but returns as an issue, this time, only a few weeks after servicing."

    Anonymous, MD (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The acceleration from a quick stop (stop sign) is very choppy & car hesitates to accelerate. Also when backing up & then going forward quickly it hesitates or doesn't move for a few seconds. May have to do with start/stop function of vehicle. Very frustrating!!"

    Anonymous, NY (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Great power and acceleration with the 6 cyl. Transmission is unsatisfactory. Shifting is uneven and rough."

    Anonymous, MI (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Nine speed transmission supplies too much shifting on speed reduction and in stop at traffic lights."

    JAMES M., ME (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "V6 engine has good acceleration and handling is adequate. Off road especially in sand jeep is absolutely responsive and off road features do come to life when called upon."

    TOM M., NY (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "With the 6-cylinder and Trailhawk package, we're able to take our Cherokee nearly everywhere offroad my tricked-out Toyota FJ40 will go, in much greater comfort and twice the gas mileage. Pulling a camping trailer is a breeze."

    TODD B., CO (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "when accelerating, there is a delay and it seems as though the vehicle struggles to gain momentum"

    Anonymous, CT (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "will not go when you step on gas"

    Anonymous, PA (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "It is a 4 cylinder. The running is a little rough at low speeds"

    WILLIAM P., TX (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Our Jeep has a V6 in it. We had the chance to drive a 4-cylinder Jeep that was similar to ours except it was a 2016 model. Other than better gas mileage, it was a dog. When driving the ''16 model, we felt that when starting from a complete stop, one of us almost needed to get out and kick the Jeep in the butt to get it going. We were really happy to get our 2015 Jeep back and give the 2016 back. We just wern't mindful of the power our Jeep has. I seriously doubt we would buy a Jeep that ha"

    MARK O., MI (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Handles and rides relatively well. 4 cylinder power train sucks; thrashy gutless engine combined with a poorly designed transmission makes for an unpleasant power train. V6 much better but since this is a business fleet vehicle it was not an option."

    DEAN K., PA (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The 9 speed automatic transmission has odd shifting-very uncertain at times, then the vehicle does not launch for a second then wham the vehicle over launches like popping a clutch (from a stop and go). Glad I have an extended warranty for this vehicle.."

    Anonymous, MI (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Handles great on and off road. Very capable on trails, but mine is mostly for snow."

    ALLEN A., MN (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I'm not too happy with the delayed acceleration when hitting the gas while the car is "off" or idling from the energy saver feature."

    SUSAN C., NJ (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The Cherokee handles very well, I sometimes forget that I am driving a Jeep 4X4."

    JOHN K., NJ (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Zero power"

    Anonymous, WA (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "We live in a rural area with a lot of rough roads. We need real 4 x 4 capability. Most of the SUVs are not true off road vehicles. The Jeep does it all, and it is comfortable to drive on the highway. We have gotten acceptable gas mileage also."

    LYNN F., CO (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "We have had "software updates" for the shifting twice in the year that we have owned this car. The latest seems to have fixed the problem, but that was done one month ago so we do not have total confidence that there will not be more of this type of problem... a big "clunk" when acceleration at about 40 mph.... not every time, but often enough to make it a problem."

    Anonymous, MD (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Accelerates well, particularly merging into interstate traffic. Vehicle is fairly nimble."

    JIM S., OK (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I find the Jeep is lacking in the acceleration department, but it could be because I'm so used to the 200."

    PAUL L., ON (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "not a smooth transmission"

    BRIAN E., IL (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Major problem with transmission. Hesitates upon acceleration. Jerky movements."

    Anonymous, NY (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "FCA needs to continue to work on refining the 9 speed transmission"

    Anonymous, KS (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I have owned a variety of off-road-capable vehicles. The usual trade-off is that the better it is off-road, the less comfortable it is to drive at highway speed. This Cherokee drives like a car at 80 mph, and performs like a Jeep in the rocks.and snow. It is the best at combining both functions I have ever experienced."

    WILLIAM H., NM (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Handling is very good. Acceleration on this model sometimes leaves a little to be desired - especially when needed for merging onto the highway, etc."

    KEITH B., OH (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "see previous"

    Anonymous, CO (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Acceleration with V6 is more than adequate. Stop-start has never failed."

    BETH S., MI (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The acceleration and power my V6 jeep has beat every other similar vehicle I test drove."

    JON H., CA (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "My wife loves this little Jeep. Great acceleration for a 4 cylinder with the Fiat transmission."

    MARY P., LA (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Performs excellent great pickup handles easily and breaks good"

    Anonymous, IL (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The automatic stop/start feature results in a sudden jerk when I don't stop completely. I experience this every day at a nearby intersection which has a slight incline. I slow down to an almost stop and when traffic allows, I accelerate and get a sudden jerk as the vehicle goes forward."

    WILLIAM G., NJ (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "With the four cylinder engine acceleration is pretty sluggish. Merging with highway traffic requires putting the gas petal to the floor."

    MICHAEL R., FL (2015 Jeep Cherokee)


    Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

    What Owners Say

    "To much road noise and I have had it sound proofing?"

    William M., IL (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Good: The seats are quite comfortable. Bad: Rattles galore. New rattles all the time. After finding a rattle and fixing it, here comes another."

    Allen G., NC (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The Jeep Cherokee gives you the feel of a luxury vehicle. The ride is quiet, smooth, and has a number of creature comforts (I have the limited)."

    Michael F., NH (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "With the Limited trim level the seats are amazingly comfortable. The ride is very smooth and again comfortable with very little noise from inside or out. There is not a very noticeable level of road noise inside the cabin and no noticeable rattles or squeeks coming from inside the cabin."

    Gregory S., PA (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "While adequate the seats are fairly low quality. The ride got better and softer after a few months and the road noise is fairly low. Stability in winter driving is excellent."

    Reginald R., NS (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The seats have multiple settings that are adjustable and very comfortable. The cabinet noise and ride are very smooth."

    Michelle S., AL (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "This Jeep is the most comfortable car I've ever had. It has wonderful lumbar support! The drivers seat has adjustable lumbar that's easy to adjust. Because of the comfort of this car, we are able to drive much longer before having to stop than with the dodge."

    Sydney M., CA (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The ease of making and receiving phone calls without compromising my attention while driving"

    Mark M., NY (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "the sun screen continually rattles. (very disturbing while driving). Seats are sometimes difficult to adjust."

    M- M M., MI (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The seats are easily adjustable with lumbar support which is great when you have a bad back. Also they are heated which is one of the best conveniences."

    Lora B., PA (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I drove alone from the west coast to the east coast in 6 days. I found the vehicle to be very comfortable - even with driving for so many hours."

    Anonymous, VA (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Unable to adjust driver seat for driving comfort (distance from steering wheel/petals, height of seat) Acceleration from a stop is slow/jerky, excessive time between gear changing. In general not a smooth ride (unless driving of a recently/new road surface)"

    Donald F., PA (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Seats are very comfortable for short and long trips. Comfortable ride, minimal road noise."

    Anonymous, PA (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "This is a great car, comfortable, quiet, easy to drive."

    Anonymous, MT (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "bad ride getting in and out"

    Donald L., PA (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Very comfortable seats front and rear. Visibility is ok, could be better. Smooth, quiet ride."

    Anonymous, AZ (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Very quiet, seats comfortable even after long travel, handles bumps smoothly"

    Anonymous, NM (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The seats are comfortable including the head section"

    Anonymous, NY (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Leather heated seats are great since we live in northern US. Electric seats to adjust easily. Rear seats don't flatten completely which would be nicer, but necessary."

    Anonymous, WI (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The ride is a little rough sometimes over bad roads."

    James T., NY (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "This is a VERY tight and quiet car. Very well built!"

    Diane K., MN (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Car is very quiet."

    Philip K., AZ (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Fantastic. I do a lot of driving and it's the most quiet, comfortable of any car in it's class. More than a Audi q5 I rented recently. Seats are perfect"

    Matt Z., IL (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Very comfortable and quiet ride."

    Chas E., NE (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Low road noise, seats very comfortable, excellent ride."

    Anonymous, FL (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Constant rattle coming from the wheels, technitions narrowed it to the hub caps."

    Anonymous, CA (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I like the styling of my Jeep, and all the other features of this car. I would have liked back up beepers and a quieter and a smoother ride"

    Anonymous, OH (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Well made - great fit and finishes"

    ROBERT L., MI (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Your NASTY reports are based on a cheap model with the cheap cloth seats. The leather seats are well padded, comfortable, and hold well when going off road. You should have bought the 6 cyl with leather, which MOST people buy, rather than the cheapest model and then bashing it in your report."

    LYNN B., CO (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Seats are uncomfortable on long road trips. Climate control always defaults to ECO, which is an annoyance since I always have to switch it off to get max heating or AC."

    PAUL G., CO (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The seats are VERY comfortable and the ride is nice and smooth. We get good MPG on trips even when we use the a/c. Love that the stirring wheel warms up in the winter. We are very happy with this purchase."

    GWEN R., ND (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I think the outside looks like a station wagon and the seats do not adjust well for short people. i sit on a pillow"

    Anonymous, MO (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "One annoying little oversight...there's no way to open the back hatch either from the inside or from the key fob. The only way to open it is to go old-school, walk up to it and push he thinger and lift it. I know it's a small thing, but on a rainy day with groceries it's annoying. We have been so spoiled with convenience features in late model vehicles, that this issue seems to me to be a glaring oversight in that regard."

    SAMANTHA W., ME (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Heated/cooled seats are a plus in extreme weather. Head rests are not for resting, their angle will cause pain after just a few minutes of use. Rests should be more like the Grand Cherokee."

    TIMOTHY C., NC (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "The seats are heated and cooled very nice if it is hot or cold outside."

    BRIDGET W., NM (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "This is one of the absolute most comfortable vehicles I have ever ridden in. It has a smooth ride, the seats are incredibly inviting from the moment you sit down."

    BOBBY G., UT (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "noisier than I like, rides is harder than I like"

    Anonymous, PA (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Comfortable seats, good visibility, very quiet, air & heat work great (climate/temp. wise)."

    Anonymous, OH (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "This SUV was designed with a tall person in mind. If you are under 5'2 you will not be able to raise the seat too high because your feet will not tough. The arm rest is only good if you can move your seat back. I can't because I am not 6' tall."

    PEG F., PA (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I find the seats to be a bit uncomfortable"

    Anonymous, WI (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Front seat backs don't fit my tall back very well. A small pillow helps a lot."

    PHILIP K., AZ (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Quiet cabin. Seats are very adjustable for comfort. 6 cylinder is responsive"

    Anonymous, MA (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Seating supports back and maintains stability when turning, u connect system is easy to use with good options to communicate with it. Other controls are very accessible."

    TOM M., NY (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Good pickup, great gas mileage for 4wd car, seats very comfortable."

    Anonymous, MI (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Excellent Comfort. Heated Seats, Vented Seats a plus"

    MICHAEL M., FL (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "This vehicle is very comfortable for me to both drive and ride in. The seats fit me very well."

    MARK O., MI (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Climate control is excellent. Driver's seat is automatic with many adjustable controls for lumbar comfort. Heated front seats and heated steering wheel are excellent. Noise comfort is above average and ride is mostly smooth - with exception for the most bumpy roads."

    KEITH B., OH (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Interior rattles and creaks give the impression of low build quality."

    Anonymous, KY (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "the jeep does not shift gears well. it 'pulls' itself from 1st to 2nd gear if I am idling from a stop. it does not shift up past that gear unless I 'let up' on the gas and allow it to 'catch up.' as a result, it feels awful and gets really bad city mpg"

    Anonymous, CO (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Very comfortabl, quiet, smooth ride"

    CHAS E., NE (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "the ride is very stiff"

    Anonymous, PA (2015 Jeep Cherokee)


    Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

    What Owners Say

    "Great little SUV for the money. Very capable off road, good ride, decent options, at a relatively low, affordable price."

    Allen A., MN (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Comfortable and easy to drive and park"

    Robert L., ON (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Resell value was much less than we expected"

    Chris C., NH (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "don't drive it in sand useless"

    Anonymous, NJ (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I purchased my 2015 Jeep Cherokee Limited basicly loaded. At the time it had all of the current 'tech' features available in most vehicles. I had spec'd out several other SUV's the same size or category with the same level of features which were all more expensive; or did not offer many of the same features. Tothis day I feel that I got a great deal on this Jeep and would probably purchase another one similarly spec'd."

    Gregory S., PA (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Decent car for the price."

    Anonymous, MI (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Pretty and fun vehicle, but so far we've had two major problems that were due to manufacturing defect and lots of recalls."

    Anonymous, MN (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Compared to other SUV's, I value the Jeep reliability and driving characteristics higher than comparable Ford or Chevy. Also the interior cabin is roomier and nicer."

    Vincent A., MA (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Excellent value compared to other vehicles purchased, minimal cost of repairs, excellent dealer provided service."

    Anonymous, ON (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "This is a cheap version of the Cherokee. They xxxxxx you into buying what you think is the jeep your father bought years ago"

    Robert M., OH (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "After leasing this Jeep for 3 years, we liked it well enough to buy it. Very happy with our 2015 Jeep Cherokee."

    Anonymous, OH (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I thought the value was very good & the car looked great."

    M- M M., MI (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I was able to get more upgrades in my price range. It is a attractive car. I would like a smoother ride. It has been a good car for me"

    Anonymous, OH (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Best mpg for small suv, reliability thus far for 4 yrs."

    Kenneth W., MI (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I paid the same as I had for my 2006 Jeep Liberty"

    Anonymous, MB (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "this is the 14th Jeep that I have purchased over the years and definitely the worst. The only good thing is that I now get about 24 mpg instead of 13 that I got with my last Jeep which was a 2012 Grand Cherokee"

    WILLIAM G., NJ (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "This is my first jeep I'm very happy with it. I was interested in a American made mid size suv"

    Anonymous, OH (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "We downsized to our 2015 V6 Cherokee from a 2011 Grand Cherokee and we don't feel like we lost hardly anything. We actually saved $10,000 to 12,000 by downsizing into a car that better fit my 5' 0" wife and our needs. The Cherokee is actually more powerful and responsive than the V6 Grand Cherokee we owned, rides and drives like a heavier car and has a similar level of equipment to the Grand Cherokee, which doesn't leave much wanting. We checked out all the competitive models before settling on"

    JERRY E., GA (2015 Jeep Cherokee)


    How it looks inside and out

    What Owners Say

    "light are inadequate when turning, choppy acceleration, loud road noise."

    ROBERT T., NY (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Great looking"

    Anonymous, IL (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I love how masculine the Jeep looks. It's really nice looking, especially with the type of paint Chrysler uses."

    PAUL L., ON (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "Steel wheels started rusting after a couple years"

    ROBERT L., MI (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "I like the styling, both inside & outside. It has great lines."

    Anonymous, OH (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

    "looks like a station wagon"

    Anonymous, MO (2015 Jeep Cherokee)

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