The Grand Cherokee is cramped and noisy, and lacks comfort and agility. Handling is unimpressive, though secure. Off-road, however, the Grand Cherokee still shines.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"The Jeep has great acceleration and handling. Definitely does not handle like a SUV."

KENNETH B., FL (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"My Jeep has a V8 engine. It is quick, smooth and reliable."

NANCY B., AZ (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"The overall driving experience is bouncy. It feel like the car could tip over easily.."

Anonymous, CA (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"t's sentimental because I was born in Laredo. It'd a fine looking style in bright white. 167000 all is good original shape like the upholstery."

Robert C., TX (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"It's reliability"

Anonymous, CO (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"There's a slippage in the transmission that has been present from the beginning. Jeep was unable, or unwilling, to fix it and I've learned to live with it. Because of this, I probably won't buy a Jeep again."

Anonymous, CO (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Brakes are inadequate to the weight of the vehicle. Stop distances are excessive. As a V-8 it has plenty of acceleration, but handling is somewhat loose."

Brian T., WV (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"6 cylinder 4.0 engine is bomb-proof. That said it is not the fastest off the line, and driving uphill in mountains is steady but not rapid."

Anonymous, CO (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"great vehicle"

Anonymous, IN (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"It is a sturdy vehicle, handles reliably well, goes anywhere -- in snow, ice, rain, on road and off road. It accelerates fast and is good in highways."

Anonymous, OR (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"the quick 4.7L engine just snaps to"

Donal W., CO (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)


Anonymous, CA (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"The audio system in the Jeep sucks"

Anonymous, NV (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Despite reviews to the contrary I pulled a 30 foot trailer for from British Columbia to California each winter for 6 years and found it be very reliable. Its sufficiently fast, good visibility and reasonably comfortable."

Bohdan Z., BC (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Easy, comfortable ride."

LAWRENCE O., OH (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)


TOMMY L., NJ (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Roomy, seats fit my long legs, adjustable, heated"

Anonymous, MN (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Excellent seats & climate control. Ride is a bit too much truck-like."

TIMOTHY S., CA (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"this Jeep has been the best vehicle I have ever owned. It continues to run strong, with the transmission shifting smoothly. I doubt that I could ever keep another vehicle this long and still enjoy driving it. I have had relatively few repairs in all the years, and it has been more than a great buy."

NANCY B., AZ (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"The seats are extremely comfortable. The ride is somewhat stiff, but that's expected. There is more wind noise than I would like. The A/C does not cool as fast and as well as I would like (but it is 17 years old). There is no rear AC."

KENNETH B., FL (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Front seats too narrow. Causes leg cramps during extended driving."

Anonymous, AZ (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Very plush seats, and the ride is fantastic on dirt/mud roads."

Jeffrey J., MN (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"This is an extremely comfortable vehicle for long trips; hats off to DaimlerChrysler for the "original" Grand Cherokee platform upon which the Jeep WJ is related."

Anonymous, TX (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Very comfortable leather seats. interior noise average with good visibility. Sound system s good too for an old car. The ride is good and I have taken several 4000 mile trips in it."

James P., CA (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Seats are more comfortable than in most new cars. Noise is minimal, ride is great."

Anonymous, SC (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Drivers seat broken and common in model"

Anonymous, NY (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Front seats very comfortable. noise level very good for a 17 year old car. Handles well on both off road and highway."

Anonymous, CO (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Great for off road driving and highway, nice an quite"

Donal W., CO (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"drivers seat base broke .... had to get it welded .."

Anonymous, MO (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"My Jeep has over 433,000 miles on it and still going strong!! Now that's value!"

PATSY B., AL (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"I bought the jeep for winter driving-- found out that the front wheel drive didn't work.heater system for the right pasenger only had COLD air--$1500.00 repair..Drivers door lock don't work--but drives and handles good...."

DELMER S., IA (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Bought vehicle 5 years ago for $1600.00 which was an excellent bargain in my mind. The only thing wrong with it at the time was that it needed tie rod ends which I replaced myself for about $30.00 or so. I've had to make a couple thousand in repairs since then but most of that was when the computer went out. The engine seems to purr and I won't be surprised to be driving this thing five years from now."

GARY J., OH (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say


TOMMY L., NJ (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Red paint is still bright. Compared to other vehicles on road still stands out as good styling and beauty."

BERT R., GA (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Liked the styling and room; loved the look. cabin more suited to longer legs and height."

Anonymous, MN (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee)
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