With the 2011 redesign of the Grand Cherokee, Jeep took its flagship midsized SUV completely upscale. Based on the redesigned Mercedes-Benz ML, the first new model from post-bankruptcy Chrysler was a big improvement over the SUV it replaced, with levels of fit, finish, and refinement rivaling models costing a lot more.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Secure drive. Goes where I steer it. Doesn't falter in snow or rain or when dealing with pot holes or other road hazards."

Anonymous, MI (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Smooth, very good lighting, sit high"

Ryan M., IL (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Extremely sporty for an SUV."

Ian H., CO (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"It has great acceleration and handling, is reliable and four wheel drive performs well in snow and traveling on gravel mountainous roads."

Darlene G., NC (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"My only complaint about the vehicle is that the transmission has become sluggish sometimes shifting from 1st to 2nd or 2nd to 3rd gears. There is occasionally a lag or hard shift that is noticeable."

Anonymous, NC (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Love the quick, reliable acceleration. It has kept us out of trouble a few times."

Rick W., NV (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Acceleration is really good considering that it has a 5 speed transmission and a V6 to move a 5,000 pound vehicle. There are some flat spots in acceleration, especially in the 35-50 mph range. Handling is good for a heavy vehicle, but it could use more sway control."

Paul L., CO (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"I love the handling and style of the vehicle."

Vince S., OH (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"The 6 cyl Jeep acceleration is good, and when you punch it, she responds swiftly. This is good for freeway driving. Handling is good."

Anonymous, AZ (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Acceleration, towing capability, and handling all excellent"

Anonymous, AK (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Suspension problems galore"

Ryan K., WI (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Hemi is a plus!"

Anonymous, FL (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"The Hemi V-8 accelerates very well. The vehicle is also surprisingly quite maneuverable for an SUV."

Anonymous, MS (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Excellent handling, accelerates quickly. Fun to drive."

Anonymous, IL (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"It is a heavy vehicle so the acceleration is a bit sluggish, but the brakes are excellent and it handles very smoothly."

Traci S., CA (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"I have the 8-cylinder gas HEMI engine, and the acceleration is very good for an SUV of this size. But I particularly love the handling and the ride. Given the high center of gravity and the relatively soft ride, I can't drive it like the BMW X3 and Infiniti G35x that I have gotten used to, But everytime I have driven the Jeep GC on long-distance trips (mostly what I use it for), it has put a smile on my face. My passengers usually also comment on how well the SUV rides."

Anonymous, NJ (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Car has always had a problem with smooth acceleration. It wants to hesitate to accelerate aruond 30 miles per hour. It has a hard time maintaining speed when going up a hill."

LARRY P., CA (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Smooth and quiet"

Anonymous, MA (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Car took coffin reverse by itself with foot on the brake as gears were engaged."

Anonymous, VT (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"noisy struts"

Anonymous, WY (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"For a V6 engine it can get you up to cruising speed very quickly and can turn on a dime."

FRED W., TX (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Excellent acceleration for a V6. Great on the highway with handling and control."

JON N., KS (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"When decelerating, if you speed up while between gear you can feel the gears slam into one another. The electronic gear shift is hard to get use to using."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"We drive this Jeep in the mountains, and the handling could not be better. Using the S or Sport setting on the transmission, the downshifting of the automatic to slow when needed and the way it sticks to curves like glue gives a feeling of confidence."

BRIAN G., TX (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Great acceleration,handles well"

VINCE S., OH (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"There are flat spots in acceleration between 3-5 gears, especially on hills."

PAUL L., CO (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"under powered for acceleration into busy roads"

JIM B., AB (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Plenty of power for a 6-cyl. It's almost 300hp. Nice!"

Anonymous, TX (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"The drivetrain combination of engine and transmission is like our previous 1986 Jeff. Clunky, noisy, mild acceleration, hard shifts....totally unacceptable in a SUV this new and expensive."

CRAIG C., CT (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The Grand Cherokee has all the amenities - heated & cooled seats - of much more expensive cars like the X5. The leather seats, comfort features, and riding make it a great road trip vehicle."

Anonymous, NC (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Comfortable, space, well thought out"

Ryan M., IL (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"A great vehicle. A full 4 wheel drive with off road capability, yet quiet, good ride, and very comfortable. A real change from earlier 4 x 4 vehicles."

Anonymous, AK (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"When turning, a hump in the road sets up a punishing side to side jostling. Noise from tires is high. Ride is pretty good, in a straight line, or off-road."

Tom N., AZ (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Very hard and uncomfortable seats."

John A., CA (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"understanding the ride height controls no intuitive"

Anonymous, AB (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"The seats are very comfortable. We have taken this vehicle on many in-state and cross country trips. For a heavy SUV, the ride is very good, although the steering could be a little tighter with better sway control."

Paul L., CO (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Seats are incredibly comfortable even for long drives. The ride is smooth and feels safely connected with the road. It has never skidded under braking or otherwise left me "not in total control" of where the vehicle was going."

Anonymous, MI (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Seats in the Jeep are comfortable. Love the heating and cooling option in the seats. Ride is smooth. Noise is minimal. I have harder time getting into the vehicle due to the height off the ground."

Anonymous, AZ (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Very comfortable seats great ride and quite"

Anonymous, WI (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Great seats and driving position."

Ian H., CO (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"The Jeep has very comfortable seats and a quiet ride."

Larry P., CA (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Leather seats are hard on long drives."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"does not take bumps very well, ride is not smooth unless on perfect roads"

Thomas R., OH (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"The 2013 Grand Cherokee is as comfortable as any high-end SUV."

Thomas M., MA (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Average comfort . For the price it should be better ."

Anonymous, GA (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Very quite, seats comfortable, noise level very low"

Harold L., CO (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Very comfortable SUV, great ride, great sound system, good looking and well made vehicle."

Anonymous, IL (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Lots of road noisemakers"

Anonymous, CT (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Adjustable seats for2 different drivers is a plus!"

Anonymous, FL (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"V6 very sluggish with acceleration unless you stomp on the gas."

RYAN O., IL (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Comfort and safety."

Anonymous, VA (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Maintains cabin temp in all climates. Seat heaters, steering wheel heater combined with remote starting make entering the vehicle a pleasure in summer and winter."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Best styling, options, comfort and fuel Milage of any SUV I have owned. Outstanding SUV for all road conditions."

DAVID R., TX (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Air conditioning system does a poor job cooling beyond the front seats. Weak sir flow to the back of the vehicle."

Anonymous, NC (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"I don't drive due to medical reasons but I have had 4 back surgeries and I love the way the passenger seat can be moved and air can be sent up through the seat."

NANCY J., FL (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"The handling is very smooth ,almost feels like driving a car,air conditioning could be a little more forceful.Seats are very comfortable."

VINCE S., OH (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The Jeep Grand Cherokee offers a lot of features at a lower price than the competition. It is a very good value, in my opinion."

Anonymous, MS (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"nice car for the money"

Richard C., NJ (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)


Tom M., MN (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"I don't think you can purchase a comparable vehicle with the same features without spending quite a bit more for it."

Anonymous, MS (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Excellent value for the price."

Anonymous, VA (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Great incentives and vehicle does everything really wee"

PAT J., CT (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Sharp looks good eng performance roomy, quiet does everything well, love that it doesn't have 3rd row seat, major reason I bought it too, eng v6 layout easy to service"

DAVID A., NJ (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"This is the fourth Jeep I have ever owned and by far the best looking one."

FRED W., TX (2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

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