This iteration of the Jeep Grand Cherokee is an improvement over its predecessor, but still scored lower than most of its contemporaries. Steering and handling were markedly better, but the Jeep wasn't particularly agile by the standards of the day. The 5.7-liter V8 engine is thirsty and failed to deliver the performance of some V6s in the class. Horsepower was increased to 305 for 2008.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"The diesel affords towing up to 7500 # easily and effortlessly. Also acceleration is very quick"

Greg A., TX (2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"In 12 years of operating this vehicle and performing the required maintenance I did not have any system failures."

Linda B., FL (2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"The torque in this Jeep’s Diesel engine is great. It will sit you back in the seat from stop and will pass on the highway with ease. It is geared pretty low too which makes it quick but on the highway at 110 kmh it is reving at 2400 rpm’s."

Ralph B., BC (2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Strong engine, excellent acceleration, and handles very well over all kinds of roads and weather."

James C., FL (2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"It may have almost 150K miles on it, but it's still outstanding on snow and ice, merges into heavy traffic with alacrity, handles well and corners well."

Anonymous, VT (2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"The Diesel engine has incredible power and economy. The weight of the truck and 4 wheel drive give the Jeep a very planted feel!"

Dave H., ON (2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"It has been a vehicle that has kept its classy style. I have never had any problems with this year and make."

Connie H., CA (2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Towing capability is excellent 7200 lbs"

Anonymous, ON (2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"I have the 3.0 liter Mercedes diesel and 8 speed transmission. The engine is a highly civilized diesel with aggressive acceleration, decent fuel economy, and just a hint of diesel clatter so the driver won't forget that it's not a gas engine. Smooth, reliable, and peppy; I really enjoy driving this vehicle."

RICK C., AK (2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Accelerates rapidly when increased speed is needed; e.g. merging or passing."

CHARLES B., TX (2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Nice vehicle."

Anonymous, IA (2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"The big V-8 is great for highway driving and up hill off road driving. The low range gears can't be beat for confident driving in the roughest conditions. The all-time four wheel drive is perfect for snow and mud. Truly a premium all terrain vehicle."

RICHARD L., NM (2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"It sits high enough for good vision. Hauls the boat. Does not slip in winter weather. Spacious for hauling stuff inside. Comfortable for travel."

Anonymous, NC (2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Diesel has great acceleration. Jeep has very small turning radius"

Terry J., ON (2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"I have the SRT model and it is very fast and handles very well. The Brembo brakes stop it fast."

Anonymous, FL (2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"I made sure this car was properly cared for and followed all service requirements. I noticed it would shock people when they realized it was a 2007. The color is black and very shiny. I’ve always enjoyed how comfortable and quite the ride has been."

Connie H., CA (2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Spacious. Comfortable. Lots of leg room"

Francesca S., VA (2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"I own 2 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokees, and previously a 2005, and the driver's seats are the most comfortable of all the vehicles I've driven. Never bother my back even on all-day drives."

Anonymous, VT (2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Very smooth ride. Have heated seats, but don't really need this in Texas."

CHARLES B., TX (2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"We paid for leather seats and after getting a rip repaired at the dealer recommended shop found out top surface was VINYL! They've always been stiffer than our 2001 Jeep which I believe was leather so Chrysler was lying on this 2007. There is less interior room for driver & passengers than our smaller Camry."

Anonymous, MN (2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Long seat"

Anonymous, TX (2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Not enough interior room in general. Paid for leather seats but Chrysler body shop shows material is vinyl, driver's seat torn twice and Jeep lied to us, won't buy another!"

Anonymous, MN (2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"great tow vehicle. Diesel has great acceleration and mileage"

Terry J., ON (2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"The seats are very comfortable, and both the driver seat and the passenger seat are powered"

Richard L., NM (2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Not as much maintenance as I expected. I had to replace the heater core last year, but other than that, just normal wear and tear items. I may need to replace the catalytic converter soon. I will keep my 2007 'til it drops; that doesn't look soon."

JAMES B., VA (2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"I originally leased this vehicle and bought it when the lease was up because it was a great buy, reliable trouble free, and excellent value."

ROBERT W., NC (2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Classic Jeep look. Simple but functional. Purchased it used from a dealer and was very happy with the purchase. Ride is fine (not especially refined), good 4wd"

STEPHEN B., NH (2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"It has never gotten anywhere near the advertised MPG, which increases the cost of operation."

Richard L., NM (2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

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