This iteration of the Forester remained one of the best small SUVs out there. With perhaps the most comfortable ride of any small SUV, it also handles well. The cabin is spacious, well designed and offers great outward visibility. A new non-turbo engine arrived for 2011, though it brought no significant improvement in acceleration or fuel economy. The four-speed automatic transmission was dated by the standards of the day.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Cruise control is always down shifting on hills, expected for a small 4 cylinder but annoying none the less."

Anonymous, NM (2013 Subaru Forester)

"The Forester handles well and can turn around on a dime. Acceleration wise, it is very jerky and lugs down on steeper climbs. Do not like mountain driving as it is constantly shifting up and down to compensate. Forget about using Auto drive as it is jumping all over the place."

FRANK H., CO (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration, ease of handling, solid and stable on the road."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Excellent in snow. Have yet to get stuck and I live in a very hilly area in the snow prone mid west."

DENNIS H., IL (2013 Subaru Forester)

"It is fun to drive and handles very well in all types of weather"

EILEEN S., WI (2013 Subaru Forester)

"We avoided a high speed accident by veering around a stopped car in our lane with no noticeable control problem."

Anonymous, BC (2013 Subaru Forester)

"acceleration is somewhat lacking. Handling is great."

STEVE B., NV (2013 Subaru Forester)

"The Forester jumps in RPM when accelerating sometimes to as much as 6000. This makes a lot of noise and a rough ride."

WALTER S., PR (2013 Subaru Forester)

"The ride is very floaty, not at all crisp like the 2006 Forester I traded. Handling is akin to a wet noodle! I feel this model has been ruined from the previous one."

SYLVIA S., WA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Wish we bought the larger engine because living in a mountainous area it tends to bbbrrrrr loudly going up steep hills."

Anonymous, NM (2013 Subaru Forester)

"I get worried in high winds or taking a turn at even moderate speeds. Feels like it could roll over easily. Otherwise I love this Forester."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Made it bigger with same engine so acceleration is not very good."

Anonymous, CO (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Good handling, but poor acceleration."

MICHAEL C., VA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Not great at accelerating, but I expected that from a small engine. Still, a bit surprising in real time."

THOMAS M., VA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Handles great in the snow"

MICHAEL L., IL (2013 Subaru Forester)

"The acceleration is not reliable. I must be very careful with the gas pedal or it will lurch especially from a start."

Anonymous, MN (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Fast acceleration and good handling."

EMME W., CA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Our suburb has a manual transmission a difficult to find feature especially with a sunroof and other creature comforts like heated seats. The manual transmission vastly enhances the driving, handling and performance from this otherwise small engine."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Peppy and sharp handling. Fun to drive"

ERIC H., IA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"I bought a 2013 model. It has a clunky and erraticly-shifting four speed automatic transmission. Six months later, Subaru introduced a CVT transmission on the 2014 models. I wish I had waited for it!"

FREDERICK F., MN (2013 Subaru Forester)

"The car really delivers in terms of acceleration and power. I'm also very pleased with overall visibility from the driver's seat"

DANIEL Y., NY (2013 Subaru Forester)

"The car handles very well and has the smallest turning radius of any car I've ever had. It makes it easy to navigate narrow streets and parking lots."

MICHAEL R., IL (2013 Subaru Forester)

"The steering is good but not nearly as good as my 1999 subaru legacy wagon. While it doesn't wander or drift it needs more "attention" than the wagon."

SHARON H., FL (2013 Subaru Forester)

"It excels in winter driving on snow and ice."

George S., AK (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Biggest complaint is the VERY touchy accelerator pedal. You barely have to touch it and you lurch forward."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Subaru Forester)

"All wheel drive is great for Midwest winter driving. The boxer engine layout provides low center of gravity."

Dennis H., IL (2013 Subaru Forester)

"When I need to get up and go it moves out."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"It handles very well. I feel in control and there are no surprises or mysteries."

Karen P., WA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Steering feedback and preciseness is not nearly as good as my 1999 Legacy wagon. Car drifts a bit on a windy day. Steering is a bit "light" compared to the wagon."

Sharon H., FL (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Average acceleration but very confident handling especially in inclement weather."

Tim E., OH (2013 Subaru Forester)

"It does not have a very strong engine. Pick up is not great."

Joanne K., CO (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Reliable; low maintenance costs; excellent value for money"

Anonymous, FL (2013 Subaru Forester)

"it handles well in winter driving and rain."

Anonymous, AK (2013 Subaru Forester)

"The handling is good and the drive is comfortable, however, the acceleration is a little weak. Smooth, but a little weak."

Michael C., VA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"The Forester is the final year of an awful 4-speed automatic transmission. It is clunky and sluggish. Handling is fine but not impressively nimble. A transmission fluid line sprung a leak after just 4 years of use, requiring a repair. While not overly expensive, the repair was related to corrosion of the line, something that shouldn't happen to a car designed to be driven in colder climates."

Anonymous, DC (2013 Subaru Forester)

"On the rolling hills leaving the Rockies the engine could not keep up 55 mph, much less the speed limit. It made the trip tedious, long, and regretting driving this car."

Roy J., OK (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration: under load (as when going up a hill highway speed), the (automatic) transmission shifts back and forth too much. I have to lock the transmission in 4th (top) gear to prevent this. (Handling is great.)"

Daniel B., AZ (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Decent acceleration, handles snow and ice very well"

Anonymous, NY (2013 Subaru Forester)

"slow responsiveness switching from braking to accelerating"

J M., OH (2013 Subaru Forester)

"handles great"

Anonymous, CA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"We drive in snow and ice and it handles really well. We have not had any issues with slippage."

Shannon S., IL (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Accelerates for passing and merging well. Turns tightly"

Anonymous, MN (2013 Subaru Forester)

"All wheel drive great in snow and on gravel roads."

Glenn E., WA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Slow to accelerate when going uphill, especially on mountain roads."

Anonymous, IA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Turbo has excellent acceleration, handling good for its class of car"

Anonymous, WI (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Handling. All wheel drive feels more secure cornering and in wet weather. All wheel drive is standard in Subarus."

Candy M., CA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"good handling and cruise control"

Anonymous, CO (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration with the turbo engine is great."

J S., MO (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration is a little slow."

Anonymous, MO (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Vehicle has good acceleration and stable handling."

Anonymous, PA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Nimble with respectable acceleration"

Bruce M., MN (2013 Subaru Forester)

"We should have gotten the bigger engine because in various altitudes we have a RRRRR up the hills that drive us crazy. And I worry about the tendency to over steer (such as missing an animal on the road) but other than that it is a good car."

Anonymous, NM (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Pickup is good and very stable on turns"

Anonymous, WA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Poor accleration with 4 cylinder engine"

Anonymous, AZ (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration is great! Handling is tight and accurate."

Richard D., OK (2013 Subaru Forester)

"I take it off road a lot. I pass Jeeps on the trails. What's better than that?"

J M., NM (2013 Subaru Forester)

"It does handle well on winter roads. We put the best of winter tires on the vehicle so that was a factor."

Dean H., AB (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Very good handling inn snowy conditions"

Anonymous, QC (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration can be quite jerky and not smooth like a Toyota or Honda vehicle. Brakes shake allot, during hard stops. The car is pretty slow"

Anonymous, MO (2013 Subaru Forester)

"The main thing is having AWD, especially in the rainy Northwest."

M S., WA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"looks , reliable good value"

Ken B., ON (2013 Subaru Forester)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"the seats are uncomfortable, especially because we're both tall (5'10 and 6'). the seats are too short and hit mid thigh; also, they curve down from front to back and are terrible on the back even after 40 minutes or so of driving. i wish the cabin was a touch quieter...."

JOHN O., CA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"The Driver lumbar support is inadequate. Its maximum position feels like it's at the minimum. Climate control is excellent considering the large volume of the interior. The sound system is poor. I must listen at a high volume to be able to understand any lyrics or even recognize the songs."

JEFFREY G., PA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"It is easy to load everything"

Anonymous, QC (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Seats not cushy enough. Ride is harsh, feel and the road bumps"

Anonymous, NV (2013 Subaru Forester)

"The switch to an SUV has eliminated eye-level headlight glare at night. The clearance is a big plus for NE winters. Disappointed with how noisy the interior is. I expected it to be quieter in such a solid vehicle."

Anonymous, MA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Generally comfortable, but definitely more "truck-like" on the highway than our old Outback (really feel the bumps)."

T W., WI (2013 Subaru Forester)

"The Forester is very comfortable--it has supportive seats and the ride quality, while somewhat active, is very good overall. Road noise could be a little less intrusive, but it may be due to the tires. The vehicle I own is the Limited model and I believe that it has more soundproofing and is quieter than base models. The automatic climate control is excellent and easy to use."

STEPHEN L., CA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"I'm 6'2" and just barely fit. I'm disabled & wife does most driving."

WILLIAM A., NY (2013 Subaru Forester)

"A lot of road noise. Climate control fan also very noisy."

MICHAEL C., VA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Elbow rests for driver are a little awkward to use. (My 1995 Plymouth Voyager minivan was the most comfortable car to drive, that I've ever owned.)"

J G., CA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Road noise is loud even with the windows up."

GLEN B., MA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Leather sets not as comfortable as I would like - seats are hard. Ride is a little rough. Road noise is higher than I would like."

J S., MO (2013 Subaru Forester)

"The heater and blower do not perform as well as our past Subaru's did. The heater does not warm the car to a comfortable level of warmth on cold days. around the feet. The car is noisy and long trips are uncomfortable. Everything else about the Forester is very good and I still highly recommend Subaru cars."

FRANK H., CO (2013 Subaru Forester)


Anonymous, NY (2013 Subaru Forester)

"The seats get a little hard to sit on after a few hours of driving and this car has a little too much wind noise and road noise to rate a "very satisfied" mark."

FREDERICK F., MN (2013 Subaru Forester)

"It is a bit stiff as far as the seats go."

STEPHEN L., VA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"The seats are thin and hard after an hour or so in the car. I like the automated temperature control."

Anonymous, NM (2013 Subaru Forester)

"The headrests do not work well for tall people - they force your head forward which is really hard on your neck vehicle is noisy, interferes with conversation and listening to radio"

KAREN C., MA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Head rests are so big they block rear and side vision. I have to depend on mirrors and rear camera totally, which I do not always feel safe to do."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Subaru Forester)

"everything. Love the power controls to adjust the seat."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Subaru Forester)

"The heater in my 2013 Subaru Forester is very inferior to the one I had in the 2003 Subaru Forester I once owned. It is fortunate I do not live in a cold climate."

PHILIP B., WA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Seats are not exceptionally comfortable. They need to be longer."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Cabin noise level - while much better than my 2008 Forester - is still rather noticable."

Anonymous, NJ (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Drivers seat is very uncomfortable. It has almost no padding and creaks constantly. I am only a 170lbs male too."

SYLVIA S., WA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Seats have excellent lumbar support. Heat for the feet and legs is not that great."

EMME W., CA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Vision is very good. Amazing amount of passenger room for its size. Handles 4 large adults very well. Ride is a bit hard and road noise is somewhat pronounced. However, this is in comparison to our other car and Audi Q5."

Anonymous, NJ (2013 Subaru Forester)

"The seats in this car are the most uncomfortable seats I have ever experienced in 60 years of driving/riding; even more discomfort for my wife. Climate control is good. Road noise is higher than I like."

KARL F., CA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"driver's seat lacks support in bottom cushion. fairly noisy at speed"

NELSON C., ON (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Drivers seat upholstery was replaced under warranty because of wear. Overall comfort very good"

L H., FL (2013 Subaru Forester)

"There is a noticeable road noise."

Anonymous, BC (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Front legroom is marginally adequate for my 5' 11" frame, and the lumbar support could be better."

Anonymous, VT (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Loud road noise. No lumbar adjustment."

SIMON F., WA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"A lot of exterior noise comes into the car. We have to turn the radio up higher when driving on the highway. The ride is very bumpy with Chicago's non-smooth streets."

Shannon S., IL (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Comfortable ride and roomy interior. Happy with sound level and style."

John K., OR (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Comfortable seats, great visibility, comfortable ride"

Anonymous, NY (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Driver seat adjustment makes it comfortable on long trips"

Dennis H., IL (2013 Subaru Forester)

"It's a bit noisy and a bit big for me. I'm 5'0" so getting in the car is a tiny bit of an issue."

Anonymous, WA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"I thought the seats were somewhat uncomfortable until I took my first long trip and saw how good my back felt afterwards. They are firm but supportive. The road noise varies with tire brands but is still a bit too much. Ride is good. Handling is great!"

Anonymous, OK (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Driver side electrical controls adjust seat to correct height and position. Heat controls is high and low settings. Satisfied with position of switch."

Eric B., NM (2013 Subaru Forester)

"très confortable pour de longues distances"

Jean G., QC (2013 Subaru Forester)

"A bit noisy, but still comfortable"

Anonymous, UT (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Very comfortable seats on long trips."

Tim E., OH (2013 Subaru Forester)

"The seats are comfortable and quite adjustable. The road noise is pretty loud."

Michael C., VA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"good seats for long distance driving."

Anonymous, OR (2013 Subaru Forester)

"still remains comfortable with little noise"

Anonymous, GA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Overall a very comfortable vehicle"

Bruce M., MN (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Seating is very uncomfortable, especially front passenger. Will not purchase another vehicle without leasing THAT model of interest first."

Karl F., CA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"The Forester seems a little noisy while driving, not as sound "proof" with windows closed .Seats could be more comfortable on longer trips."

Anonymous, WA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Good driving position, great visibility."

Glenn E., WA (2013 Subaru Forester)


Anonymous, CO (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Seats are too small & not comfortable. Highway driving is loud. Ride isn't great for all day rides better for short distances. The passenger side to the driver is manual & doesn't raise up like the drivers side does."

Anonymous, BC (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Very comfortable, supportive leather seats. Visability all around is good. It's a safe-feeling vehicle."

Karen P., WA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Can't find a really good seat position (manual controls)."

Sharon H., FL (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Quite a bit of road noise."

Anonymous, PA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"The Forester has the best rear and side visibility of any car I looked at when I bought it. This is very important to me, and I will not consider any car in future purchases unless its visibility is as good as the Forester's. That said, the seats don't have the best back support and are not that comfortable. Also, I wish the driver's seat went up higher (I'm short). The ride is OK, but other cars are less bumpy."

Anonymous, OH (2013 Subaru Forester)

"This is a pretty soft ride, very slow and easy like a 70s wagon. Great to pack stuff with and always the last to blink at inclement weather. Yet it is also one of the most truly boring cars I have ever driven in my entire life. Dependable to a fault. I love this car but there are no surprises. We actually named it “Vanilla ICE‿ because our other car is electric and this has an Internal Combustion Engine that is notably vanilla."

Stephen B., NH (2013 Subaru Forester)

"At freeway speeds, the road noise is louder than I like."

Anonymous, WA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"The seats are slightly more comfortable than my last Subaru but awful for a long ride. The noise level is high."

Anonymous, NJ (2013 Subaru Forester)

"The seats are great. My gripe is that you must have repeat must have a moon roof in order to have electric seat."

George F., AZ (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Seats are easy to adjust to a comfortable position. Cabin is quiet, with little outside noise. The vehicle has a stable ride."

Anonymous, PA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Front seat thigh support could be better. On long drives it can get to be a little uncomfortable but nothing serious. A place to rest your arms would be nice as there’s no natural area to rest your arms while driving and handling the steering wheel."

Ryan S., WA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"The rode noise is more than I expected."

Anonymous, MO (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Very comfortable seating, even the back seat is very roomy and comfortable"

Pat F., MA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Allot of engine noise while driving, and when shutting down the car. The front seats have no lumbar support, so you have back pain"

Anonymous, MO (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Comfortable seats, great visibility."

Donald F., KY (2013 Subaru Forester)

"The headrest is very uncomfortable for me. I am 5'3" and the headrest set at lowest level forces me to bend my neck forward. I do all long distance driving, so I have to improvise a pillow behind my back to get some distance from it. Hate it. The headrest is fine for my husband; he is 5'10""

Anonymous, VA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"VERY comfortable seats. Much better than my beer Dodge Journey. Car is a little too loud but great otherwise."

Erik D., WA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"The adjustable and heated seats are wonderful! It is a quick and nimble small SUV."

Anonymous, VT (2013 Subaru Forester)

"I can drive it all day long without back problems. Its road noise is a bit loud. The noise improved with new tires."

Richard D., OK (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Road noise is horrible, lots of annoying rattles. Suspension transfers a lot of road to steering wheel, peddles and seat."

Anonymous, OR (2013 Subaru Forester)

"2012 Toyota Venza. Ambient cabin noise from outside is too high."

Robert C., TX (2013 Subaru Forester)

"What I consistently hear about this vehicle is "it's loud, it's noisy, the ride is rough." This is my second Forester. I have found neither of these vehicles to be any of the above. If you are perhaps used to an incredibly quiet cabin, you might not find this the smoothest vehicle on the planet. But I get migraine headaches so a rough riding vehicle can be a torment for me. And I can assure you that this vehicle doesn't worsen those headaches in any way!"

Anonymous, CT (2013 Subaru Forester)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"For the money we paid this vehicle is an outstanding driving experience"

DON G., ON (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Reliable, comfortable and inexpensive to drive."

WILLIAM D., ME (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Performs very well for a small SUV. It has been one of the least problematic cars we've ever bought."

Anonymous, AL (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Purchased used with 2200 miles on the car. Price substantially reduced because it was used and a standard transmission. Great price and very satisfied with the car."

JIM M., NH (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Dealer advertised vehicle as Certified but claimed that it was only a "dealer certification" when it came time to do all the paperwork. Many scratches where hidden with some sort of cover-up product that became apparent when it was washed for the first time."

TIM M., CT (2013 Subaru Forester)

"This seems to be a well made car for someone looking for dependability and traveling functionality. It drives well, tows light trailers, and has above average leg room. I'm very happy with the purchase."

PATRICK F., KY (2013 Subaru Forester)

"This is my primary vehicle and it is great for what I use it for. I use it to commute and I also use it to get to trail heads. While I don't go off road, I do knock it around quite a bit in bumpy parking lots. I also love having the space to through all my recreational equipment in the back and room for the dogs to ride with us. I think it's a bargain."

RYAN H., AL (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Size, capacity, mpg, comfort, road performance for less than $23,000, can't beat it"

JAMES A., AZ (2013 Subaru Forester)

"I used Consumer Checkbook's Buying Service to purchase my Subaru. I highly recommend it."

Anonymous, VA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"I can tell it's the cheaper model for Subaru. I would have preferred the Outback since I already own one. It's quite obvious what the differences are, owning an Outback and then going to the Forester."

YOLANDA S., WI (2013 Subaru Forester)

"I'm dissatisfied with the fuel economy. I do a good bit of highway driving which improves MPG. When I do city driving MPG is abysmal considering stated ratings and expectations for a 2013 vehicle. Also, this vehicle consumes oil. Since it uses synthetic oil the cost of oil consumption is more than what I would consider reasonable."

WAYNE B., WV (2013 Subaru Forester)

"I got a good deal on the car, along with 0% financing."

Anonymous, VT (2013 Subaru Forester)

"This is my 4th Subaru. I did buy it used because I know that a Subaru has a reputation for reliability and for retaining its resale value. I think buying used is often a better value than buying new. I also know I can count on my Subaru in any kind of weather. To me, that's value right there."

Anonymous, OH (2013 Subaru Forester)

"It's really good value. Drive it forever and minimal repairs."

KIMBERLY D., CO (2013 Subaru Forester)

"This is our third Subaru. Very reliable vehicles. We really get our moneys worth."

Anonymous, CO (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Good price for continuous AWD and came with extra package that included heated seats, heated mirrors/windshield wipers."

Anonymous, WA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"This is our third Forester. It's a reliable, safe, and inexpensive vehicle."

H S., NY (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Excellent value, but maintenance is hideously expensive"

Anonymous, UT (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Absolute moneysaver. Excellent truck substitute in a tiny package. Cannot kill these vehicles"

Lawrence H., AZ (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Exceptional value."

Roy W., MA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"We bought this at a volume dealer and paid a great price. We have had no trouble with it at all and we love how well the awd works in snow and rain. It is our lifeline in a remote location!"

Anonymous, NM (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Very dependable and the only $ output has been routine maintenance. No bells and whistles on this model and a bit under-powered for our mountain terrain."

Allan F., UT (2013 Subaru Forester)

"High reliability, low cost to maintain"

Anonymous, WI (2013 Subaru Forester)

"radio is terrible, from thee time that we purchased it."

Anonymous, NJ (2013 Subaru Forester)

"disappointed by the number of issues with oil and engine problems, long known to Subaru but not satisfactorily prevented, and not well known to public. also feel nickel-and-dimed when using the dealer services"

Anonymous, PA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"I have own this car for over five years and it has keep its tread in value well and it has not had any problems since we owned it."

Anonymous, AK (2013 Subaru Forester)

"I am extremely satisfied with the value I got for my money - minimal costs/incidence for repair and up keep. Very dependable. Lots of interior room. Comfortable to drive long distances."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Subaru Forester)

"^3 month no-interest loan with a reasonable trade-in of my 2008 Subaru. No more than normal maintenance costs, on second set of tires, change oil every 5000 miles. And, began with a reasonable price for a dealer that services my needed, if any. No pushy salesman to deal with."

C A., OH (2013 Subaru Forester)

"I bought the car when it had 1201 miles on it as it was service loaner car. It has weather package, panoramic moonroof, and heated seats, and has premium floor mats. I got a lot of features included"

Debbie W., OR (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Forseter is a safe car with good gas mileage Cost to maintain is good .The one downside is, if one tire has a flat all of them have to be changed !?!?!"

Anonymous, WA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Engine had massive oil consumption problems. Destroyed the catalytic converters at 145000. Was denied participation in class action suit because of mileage. EVERYBODY WHO IS HAVING OIL PROBLEMS WITH THE FB25 ENGINE IS DESTROYING THEIR CATALYTIC CONVERTERS. THAT IS NOT COVERED BY SUBARU AT ALL. This was my 4th Subaru, 3rd Forester. 22 years. 627000 miles. Replaced the engine and the new catalytic converters are dead in 50000 miles. I've given the car away. Will not purchase another Subaru because of the treatment I received from Subaru North America. I'm also a disabled veteran."

A P., MD (2013 Subaru Forester)

"robustesse, traction été et hiver, tranquillité d'esprit"

Jean G., QC (2013 Subaru Forester)

"good value for the momey very reliable could use some upgrade for the GPS , phone system"

Ken B., ON (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Great car for the money. Handles well gets decent mileage and is quite comfortable. Backup camera is too small, the entertainment system is not easy to use as it is not intuitive at all and the car is kind've loud. 4.5 stars"

Erik D., WA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"It's reliable, hauls a lot of stuff, and is surefooted in the winter."

M S., WA (2013 Subaru Forester)

"I Drive a manual and it is difficult to find one that has other features (SUV, sunroof, heated seats, etc.). This one has it all!"

Anonymous, VT (2013 Subaru Forester)

"The features in the Forester very favorably compare to AWD vehicles costing much more money. Is it luxurious? No. Is it practical, safe and the best ride on the road for the money? Absolutely!"

Anonymous, CT (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Value, price, comfort, safety all make this a great car"

Anonymous, OH (2013 Subaru Forester)

"I expect to keep it for 10 years. Thus Value"

Allen S., MT (2013 Subaru Forester)

"Resale value is important and and the Forester holds it's value. Except for a failed knock sensor it's been reliable. One issue with the full time 4wd I do not like, we damaged the side wall on a tire and had to replace all four tires because wear was over 30% (less than 70% remaining on the three good tires). Subaru says replacing one tire will stress the center differential too much. I won't buy a new Subaru because I don't like the CVT."

Alice R., PA (2013 Subaru Forester)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Ventilation controls and too tiny and hard to read."

STEVE M., MN (2013 Subaru Forester)

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