Sticking to the basics, the Subaru Forester embodies the saying "a steady pace wins the race." It has always been a sound and practical vehicle, although its plain, unpretentious demeanor didn't help it stand out to car shoppers in this crowded field. Subaru put function in front of form, resisting the contemporary trend toward making SUVs look like sports coupes with descending rooflines and curvaceous bodies.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"As mentioned, the car drives very well and can take turns at high speed without much concern. Furthermore, it rarely slips with only minor splashiness on hard right or downward angled right turns. The turning radius is good for a car of this size and it is more like a car than an SUV while driving."

Devin P., VA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The all wheel all the time drive system makes this SUV feel almost like a sports car. The transmission is a CVT but performs well. Some auto magazines say they find the downshift mode to be too aggressive. I disagree. I use the downshift all the time when going downhill so that I don't have to ride the brake. The engineering is so good that the car feels much more powerful than it actually is. Road handling is excellent. In the snow, nobody wants to drive anything else. This is a major sell..."

Anonymous, NJ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Bad: if you wish to pass a car quickly the transmission seems to down shift and the engine screams. Startles & scares passengers; unpleasant for driver. This car works well as our utility vehicle: can tow a utility trailer, carry big loads and is reasonably comfortable for long drives."

C B., ME (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Delayed and jerky acceleration until warmed up."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Excellent mileage"

Anonymous, GA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"the start from a stop is poorly designed to the point that every start feels like a jack rabbit start, which makes it difficult to not hit someone in stop and go traffic. I would not purchase a car with this transmission again."

Jim A., NH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Good acceleration, excellent , competent handling in deep snow, mud, dirt roads. Never failed to get me to where I was going"

Mike H., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Great visibility for driver. Has always idled rough"

Kevin O., FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Good handling and stability for a small SUV, adequate power and superior visibility."

Anonymous, NJ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Car accelerates and handles very well"

Anonymous, NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Drives and handles well. Acceleration is acceptable. The all-wheel drive is great in snow. Transmission (variable) is very smooth and transparent to the driver."

Malcolm L., TX (2015 Subaru Forester)

"This is my 4th Subaru. They just handle better than most cars in this price range."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Handling is great, speed control is great ands acceleration is super."

B C., PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Peppy acceleration, small turning radius, great stability on turns."

Laurence B., OK (2015 Subaru Forester)

"both are exceptional,almost like a sports car"

Lawrence L., KY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Forester XT has Faster acceleration and better handling than a Porsche cayenne. Can handle better than any other vehicle in its class."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Turbo has great pickup and go"

Anonymous, MO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"This Forester has surprisingly good acceleration. It is very responsive, road noise is good, and handling is very good."

K O., IN (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Compared to the Legacy, it's more sluggish and the suspension is much stiffer. Handling is excellent."

Greg F., OK (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very good acceleration for a small SUV. OK around curves, but limited due to higher center of gravity."

Anonymous, MO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Turning radius if FANTASTIC; you can get in anywhere. Feels at home on the beach or in the mountains. Just enough power."

Charles B., MO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"the lunging thing is annoying."

Anonymous, ME (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I am very happy with the Forester acceleration. The handling is as good as any vehicle in its class. I am frequently on dirt and rough roads and the handling and ground clearance are wonderful."

S L., WY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"fantastic - all weather"

Anonymous, ON (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Drives well. Easy to maneuver. Im pleasantly surprised with the gas mileage"

Marilyn A., SC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"CVT transmission is "interesting" to get used to---makes holding a steady speed difficult without OVERuse of the cruise control!"

Doug R., UT (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Forester XT (Turbo) is insanely fast, but gas mileage always suffers in around town, short trip driving where the engine does not warm up sufficiently. Mileage is good on longer trips with more highway miles."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Starting from a dead stop is very quick. The handling in wet weather is very solid."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Subaru Forester)

"used to shifts and no shift with this one. handling is ok but wallows in corners when taking too fast or bumpy."

John M., WA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"My wife loves the way this car handles, drives & performs"

John S., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I love the ride, comfort, acceleration and handling. I love the Eyesight--I didn't think I would, but I do."

Carole M., AZ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"What really stands out for me is the full-time all wheel drive. It handles great in snow and slippery conditions. I also really like the lane departure warning and frontal collision warning and braking."

Jim R., PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"When shifting from reverse to drive, there is a delay of a couple seconds which is not a serious problem but is annoying."

Anonymous, IL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"surprisingly, very responsive, an handles like a sports car."

Lucien B., MT (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Confidence in wet pavement"

Anonymous, OR (2015 Subaru Forester)

"It is nimble and fun to drive"

Anonymous, NC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"covers my needs very well, if it were better, I would be getting tickets"

Robert B., CO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"safe car, handels well"

Anonymous, NV (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Enjoy driving - Good acceleration, handling and safety features"

Dwight B., FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The car has a cvt which limits acceleration to lackluster but adequate for most driving. The steering lacks road feedback so it feels very lite in sensing the front wheel position."

Anonymous, DE (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very good acceleration and handling. Very good hiway vehicle."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Turbo makes for excellent acceleration while returning above average mpg compared to others in its class which I have driven."

Anonymous, CT (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Too much torque (have to be very gentle with the accelerator), too much delay when asking for more power. Power is sufficient with the non-turbo engine option."

Anonymous, LA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Excellent acceleration for merging with highway traffic."

Anonymous, ON (2015 Subaru Forester)

"This is a well-made car."

Carol P., PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"good acceleration and handling. Rough ride over bumpy roads and not as quiet as I would like."

William K., WA (2015 Subaru Forester)


Anonymous, NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"great gas mileage overall"

Anonymous, BC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very good acceleration and handling"

Anonymous, QC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration is good but hard to control sensitivity on initial start to drive; slight touch of accelerator causes a too fast take of. Road bumps are rough."

Anonymous, MI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Good acceleration for a 4 cylinder with a CVT. Drives well, very reliable and confident handling."

Tim E., OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The all wheel drive increases monuverability and the CVT transmission increases acceleration"

Thomas P., PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"the acceleration is touchy going from reverse to drive.High rpm's when first starting car.Easy to over turn with small turning radius, especially on wet/icy roads."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Often there is quite a lag between pressing the accelerator and the car respondng, from a slow-moving state. The dealer has said that this is due to the cv transmission and cannot be fixed. Also the dealer has advised that switching to reverse from drive while the vehicle is moving slowly can damage the transmission. This is so different from "regular"automatic transmissions that I usually forget about it. Subaru has extended the transmssion warranty."

Anonymous, ON (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Absolutely happy with acceleration"

Anonymous, MO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration, and handling."

John S., FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very lively response, great turning ratio, easy to park, easy to back up, comfortable ride on long trips"

T K., MN (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Excellent handling and acceleration."

Anonymous, CO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"works fine"

G S., MI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Excellent handling and pick up. Great visibility."

Karen C., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Holds the road under bad conditions, e.g., rain, snow, etc."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Gets me where I want to go"

J P., NJ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I love the performance of the CVT. It is possible to climb a hill fully loaded (5 adults plus luggage) at very low engine rpm levels, and likely at any chosen rpm level. It borders on magic."

Margaret G., CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I haven't had any issues with acceleration or handling. It's very sure footed on the road. Acceleration certainly isn't what you'd get with a more powerful engine, but for a 4 cylinder it does just fine."

Anonymous, AZ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Transmission lags when accelerating"

Frank R., AR (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The accelerator petal is like an on/off switch. Ridiculous. Results in jackrabbit starts. Trying to maintain a steady 25mph without using cruise control is a continuous series of too much throttle then coast down."

Ronald T., PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"no problems getting into traffic and responds excellent, I cannot believe how much less road i need if making legal u-turn or in tight area. comfortable ride even on longer trips."

Robert S., CT (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Hate the CVT. With the turbo, it feels like you are being launched from a sling shot after the slight lag. I prefer a conventional automatic and will not buy a CVT for my own use. The Subi is my wife’s car."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Switching gears from R to D is slow. Thus backing out of driveway into traffic is tense."

Anonymous, MA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"There’s a lag in acceleration due apparently to the CVT transmission but it is very dependable"

Deborah C., KY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Excellent handling - dependable braking and traction"

Richard G., PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Handles and drives very well, especially for an SUV"

Michael S., WI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very quick pick up and smooth handling"

Carl I., FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Accelerates quickly and easily, handle big is great."

Anonymous, OR (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I feel very confident driving in the Ozark mountains."

Mary R., AR (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The drive and handling are very intuitive and excellent on long road trips."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The acceleration is surprisingly responsive when needed, as is the steering and breaking."

B N., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration is great. Handling is good considering the ride height and off road capability."

Eva S., TN (2015 Subaru Forester)

"very poor acceleration and engine sounds like it's struggling"

Denis O., NJ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Great power but not designed to handle well at all."

Anonymous, BC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Have taken on camping trips and it handles well on the highway and also on the back roads."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The gas peddle has always been firm and usually we get whiplash when accelerating from a gentle start and definately if it is a quick start. There are a number of blind spots The short wheel base makes for quick moves if the steering wheel is turned slightly and that I find uncomfortable."

Anonymous, MD (2015 Subaru Forester)

"We chose the turbo version of the Forrester and are extremely happy we did. It has an amazing amount of power, and can accelerate out of most any situation. We love it!"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The vehicle has a slight hesitation when accelerating. It is not serious and is quickly corrected, but it is consistent and apparently cannot be corrected. Otherwise handling is swift, positive and nimble."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I like the heigtb of the seats and the comfort of the ride"

Anonymous, VA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"CVT transmission unpleasant; acceleration from stop too abrupt and not smooth."

David B., NC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"all wheel drive!"

Timothy B., FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"We also have a 2011 Forrester. This one accelerates more smoothly and has a somewhat smoother ride. The handling is similar."

K S., PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Pretty good acceleration for a 170HP engine. Handles great. Real good gas mileage."

Anonymous, CO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"CVT transmission pulses on light acceleration and other erratic annoying habits. Transmission supposedly replaced under warranty. Same problems."

Anonymous, WA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I drive and visibility for driver"

Anonymous, NC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I love driving my forester. Its a beauty and the ride is great."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration is great"

Anonymous, NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I always feel confident and connected to the road, even on ice or in sketchy weather."

Anonymous, MT (2015 Subaru Forester)

"acceleration even better than the turbo model I owned previously"

Anonymous, NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"It is so good and handles great. I love the manual shifting"

Linda S., CO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Well, it's a Subaru and is therefore never going to win any acceleration contests. The throttle is very sensitive in the first 10 percent of travel, and takes some getting used to. The CVT is a little notchy, hitching slightly under light throttle conditions. Handling is secure, with some body lean"

Anonymous, NJ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Accelerates quickly at start. You need to get used to this and I dont like it."

Bob-Carole A., WI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I don't like that you have to press the accelerator fairly hard when starting to drive - the car lurches forward rather than rolling out smoothly."

Anonymous, VA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The handling makes me feel safe and in control under all conditions."

John B., KY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The acceleration is adequate considering it is a 4 cylinder, but I do not like the continuously variable transmission. When moving between drive and reverse there is a hesitation before shifting. The handling is good, and I love the all wheel drive."

Mark S., OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The acceleration should be quicker, and more options should be available for engine tuning, i.e., cold air intake system, free flowing exhaust."

Steven Z., WI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Visibility through front windshield. May wife is short. The front windshield gives her plenty of visibility ahead without jackig the driver's seat up excessibly --- like she had to when driving out Subaru Outback (2007)."

Marlene S., NH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"both acceleration and handling are good"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Quick acceleration with very precise handling."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Excellent acceleration and handling."

Robin T., VA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The all wheel drive system is excellent on both dry and wet pavement."

Anonymous, ON (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Excellent handling on wet road. Very good traction on snow."

Anonymous, WI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Love the way it handles. It hugs the road."

Anonymous, RI (2015 Subaru Forester)


Hanneke J., AB (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I never could have believed the speed of acceleration on this 4 cyl, until I experienced it myself. Fast!"

Anonymous, IN (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Handles like a car (e.g. like my former Accord). Acceleration is adequate"

Thomas T., CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration is very good with the 6 speed manual transmission. Handling is very good, but it took some time to get used to the electric steering assist. It's not as concise as the fluid based power steering was."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"It still surges a bit with hesitation. And I hate the delay when changing gears from R to D."

Anonymous, MO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Fast, reliable"

Anonymous, NH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Easy to handle. Smooth driving."

Anonymous, PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"just holds the road will even in the bad weather"

John C., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Great handling in snow, rain ice; excellent visibility"

Michelle S., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The care accelerates and handles well. The driving experience is good"

Janet S., CO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very good acceleration with the turbo. 0 to 60 is around 6.5 seconds. Excellent turning radius."

Thomas W., ID (2015 Subaru Forester)

"acceleration and handling are verygood."

Kevin M., MA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration is fantastic! You can pull out on a busy highway with confidence."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Car has good road manners both in town and especially over the road. Acceleration is adequate. As a long time manual transmission guy, I am especially impressed and satisfied with the CVT."

Louis B., CO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Handles extremely well; acceleration is outstanding, and cornering as well. Turning radius is very good. Can easily do a u turn in a narrow 2 lane road without backing up."

Anonymous, PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"If I need to move it responds!!! Handling is great."

Kathy B., PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration is adequate and it handles well, especially in the snow. Comfortable on long trips. Adequate room front and back."

Anonymous, UT (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Considering that the Forester has a 4 cylinder engine, acceleration is excellent even when fully loaded with passengers and luggage. Handling is also very responsive."

Gary D., OK (2015 Subaru Forester)

"the forester is great at 4wd"

Anonymous, NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"mid-range acceleration not good handling is excellent"

Anonymous, OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The vehicle handles well and is responsive."

Anonymous, AZ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Gets moving as needed on highways and interstates, holds speed well on the interstate. Accelerates quickly if needed. Gets terrific gas mileage."

Shelia P., GA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"God acceleration. Can't be beat for driving in snow"

Don S., NJ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Handling in snow with all-wheel drive is great in Northern OH."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Adequate acceleration, quick and nimble steering, and fun to drive."

Keith C., OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration is OK handling is great"

Diana T., CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I am friendly to my car, driving gently on acceleration, braking and handling. The vehicle provides adequate vim to ramp onto interstates, shifting up and down smoothly. Brakes stop smooth and straight. AWD handles New England winters easily; it is my daughter's 'go to' option for pre-school on New England winter mornings."

Michael A., MA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"It's excellent! The vehicle is tremendously peppy, accelerates immediately and smoothly. I chose the Forester because it's not huge and with a shorter wheelbase, handles quite easily."

Christi W., OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"It's a dream to drive my Forester. Handling is excellent and it's a very responsive car. Acceleration is fine."

Anonymous, VA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration and handling are very good. Styling and visibility are good traits."

Tom K., CO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"like the variable speed transmission. very good acceleration"

Randolph W., SC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very quick pick up & acceleration. Handles well"

Carl I., FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The acceleration is very good and it is quite manuvorable. The turning radius is excellent."

Anonymous, NC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"noisy could do with better soundproofing"

Robbie M., TX (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration is poor, handling is very good"

Boris P., CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"It has a lot more pep in it then you would expect it to."

David M., AZ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"When pulling away from a stop, the acceleration sometimes hesitates initially."

Judy M., FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"My only issue with the Subaru is engine noise. It’s kind of noisy during acceleration"

Anonymous, MA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Great combination of gas mileage and performance. Comfortable and good ride. A bit of road noise at highway speeds."

A A., KS (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Vehicle control system makes me feel secure when driving in bad weather ( snow or rain)"

Anonymous, OH (2015 Subaru Forester)


Joan C., PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very safe to drive. Turns sharply, excellent in snow & ice, good off-road, acceleration excellent."

Anonymous, CO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"super. love the car"

Anonymous, OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"In extreme weather, (heavy rain, snow, etc.) the Subaru feels very sure footed. Of course this is largely due to the four wheel drive. When other vehicles can not make it, the Subaru can!"

Shellie R., NC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"It feels very connected to the road. I never have any doubt about what my Subaru is going to do! I love it!"

Brian-Missy Z., CO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"very responsive when acceleration is needed, and also very smooth riding"

Cleveland M., MD (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Good balance of power and gas mileage. Excellent visibility! Decent acceleration and responsive handling."

Anonymous, WA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration is great. Handling is firm, responsive and quick. I always feel in control even in bad weather."

Darrell Z., HI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"So easy to park."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Turbo provides excellent acceleration entering traffic flow"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I can see out the back and other windows easily. That gives me confidence in traffic. The CVT is smooth and responsive."

Rich G., NC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"taut, responsive steering and handling. Sure handling on snow and ice covered roads. Strong acceleration when needed"

Anthony F., IN (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Easy, responsive handling with good acceleration and excellent visability."

Anonymous, VA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"This vehicle has very accurate steering and handles well; also, for a 4 cylinder it has very good acceleration."

Anonymous, ON (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The handling has helped tremendously when driving thru snowstorms in the mountains. It has kept us out of difficult situations."

Anonymous, CO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Easy handling,. A bit of a stiff ride on rough roads."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Handles well in all weather and good acceleration makes merging on highways easy."

John R., FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"It drives great. Handles cornering well, turns on a rather tight radius, drives well on dirt and sandy roads. It accelerates well so far as I have been concerned. It is just a good vehicle."

William T., TN (2015 Subaru Forester)

"We totally love the adaptative cruise control and collision avoidance of Eyesight!"

Daniel G., ON (2015 Subaru Forester)

"It handles well. The transmission over reacts when you depress the accelerator swiftly. The engine roars as the transmission down shifts so far that the expected acceleration you expect isn't there. Then the engine speed comes down and the car accelerates."

Arthur F., NC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The Forester has excellent acceleration. Living near a highway, both crossing it and entering it are relatively easy with the quick acceleration the Forester provides."

Anonymous, IN (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Peppy 4 cylinder with great gas milage while handling very well. The all-wheel drive separates this car from others in its class."

Anonymous, TN (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Lovely acceleration because it is a manual transmission. Handling is perfect too"

Joanne U., CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Recently made a round trip, vacation, from Asheboro, NC to San Antonio, TX. I purchased new tires at the dealer, Yokohama brand, to be safe for the trip. MPG averaged over 30. Hwy. speeds were from 55 to 85 MPH, Texas has 80 MPH limi on some interstates. The trip was as comfortable as I would like. I like to feel the road and not a spongy ride, so handling is important. It has the standard 4 cal. engine and acceleration is very good. Cruise control was very steady. Road sound in combination with the A/C fan was just slightly too much but not unbearable. Subaru has evidently partnered with Yokohama for the best tire combination for the car. My dealer was very informative on info they had with other brands given to them from customers. I had very good experience with the factory originals and decided to buy them. On a trip to Myrtle beach, SC we experienced a considerable amount of flooding and detours. Some were through dirt roads with washouts and I am very glad I had this car with its ground clearance and four wheel drive. I needed it on 2 occasions."

Anonymous, NC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Handles well but a little jittery ride at times."

Maureen M., MA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"2.0 turbo is great... but they are unfortunately doing away with this version in 2019."

Jeffrey B., OR (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Great steering control, smooth ride, plenty of power, responsive."

Theodore G., MI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Accelerates and handles well. However it has a gas pedal that is more sensitive at low speeds than most cars and tends to accelerate more than the driver intends."

Ralph G., PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"It won't pin you back in the seat if you get on the gas pedal, but acceleration is sufficient for my needs. Handling is good on city streets and the highway."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"As a general rule, I am very pleased with the Forester in terms of driving, with the sole exception of: backing down a hill (such as my driveway), coming to a stop, and then accelerating in Drive. There is a certain amount of hesitation before the acceleration becomes constant."

Anonymous, NC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Handling is great but acceleration could be better."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Subaru Forester)


Maryann R., PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very quick and smooth getting into highway traffic. Corners smoothly without that sense of losing control on a tight turn. Handles great in a hard rain, with good road feel."

K N., TX (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I find that the acceleration is very good. When I pull out in traffic, I can accelerate quickly to merge into the flow of traffic. I enjoy the ease of handling with my Subaru."

Patricia G., ME (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very fast with the turbo And 8 speed fonction Drive like a sports car because gravity center Is very low"

Anonymous, QC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Handles well , fast response for 4 cyl"

Anonymous, OK (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Turbo version is a sleeper - great acceleration and handling for a mid-size SUV."

Anonymous, NE (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Great visibility,plenty of power,rides and handles just great"

Wayne W., CT (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Decent acceleration, good on hills, handles well."

Jean M., PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"for the size of the engine--it has excellent acceleration"

Anonymous, OR (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Great feeling all around. Handles great, feel secure, never got stuck in winter (and we have lots of snow)"

Anonymous, QC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"visibility , windshield not over my head ,large windows ."

Anonymous, NC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"God acceleration. Excellent Cruise control"

Anonymous, ON (2015 Subaru Forester)

"It has pep when entering an interstate hiway."

Lois B., OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"very sensitive acceleration. Dealer claims it is design flaw and can not be fixed."

Renate R., NC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Handling and acceleration were two of the reasons I chose to get this vehicle. I especially appreciate the turning radius, which makes u-turns at a tight intersection possible. And with the responsive acceleration, I am able to merge into speedy traffic without a problem."

Robert H., MO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"very comfortable, easy maneuvering"

Anonymous, NC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Ground clearance and handling great for rural roads"

John M., NC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very easy to drive. Acceleration is very responsive. Handles easily and no problem parking."

Josephine M., HI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very responsive"

Joan T., NC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Although the Forester has a fair amount of wind and road noise, its handling and acceleration are adequate. It is excellent when driving in the snow however! Traction is excellent with the Michelin winter tires we install in the winter."

Kenneth N., MI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"While no drag race champion, it can be relied on to accelerate quite adequately for merging and other tasks. Full acceleration sounds a bit busy, bit the result is all that's necessary. Seat comfort and adjustability really helped on the long haul."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Comfortable to get in and out of, Visibility and you drive, safety features, roomie storage area, Handles well!"

Anonymous, RI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"My long distance travels take me on local and rural roads as well as high speed highways. I can trust my car to accelerate when I need it to move. I can trust my car to handle curves and tight corners easily."

Anonymous, PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Firm feel for the road and handles well, especially in the snow."

Joan K., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Fairly often now, when I start from cold and press the accelerator, there is a momentary nothing before the car starts to move. This is disconcerting when I am entering traffic from a parking lot. Eventually the fuel system kicks in and the car moves."

Anonymous, QC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"We have the turbo and my husband is happy with that. It handles well."

Kathy M., MO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I am a slow driver but it offers excellent acceleration especially considering the excellent mileage it provides."

Anonymous, WI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Touchy gas - have to be very careful or car "jumps" at acceleration. Acceleration is uneven, jerky, when accelerating slowly/cautiously"

Anonymous, WA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Excellent handling and good acceleration when needed."

Candice S., FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Great visibility, fun to drive, easy to park, good seating height. I also love the eyesight feature to set auto cruise control, and automatic braking."

Anonymous, CT (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Anti collision system and lane departure warning system both work well"

Charles C., AZ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Excellent acceleration from 2.0XT."

Anonymous, MA (2015 Subaru Forester)


Anonymous, ON (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration is great. And the all wheel drive gives me a secure feeling when driving in the rain."

Lauren S., VA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"takes too long for accelerator to kick in"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Love the all-wheel drive - especially in winter"

Julie K., WI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very good acceleration with the turbo engine."

James B., OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Excellent handling and braking for a SUV. The gas mileage is amazing and the CVT is great. The car has better pickup than some sports cars I've driven."

F S., OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I have a manual transmission and I find it easy to down and up shift depending on my need to control my acceleration or deceleration. I especially like what I can do when driving in the mountains."

Marianne W., SK (2015 Subaru Forester)

"It's competent with no surprises"

Margaret F., WA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The car hesitates when I accelerate from a starting position, such as leaving my driveway or at a light."

Anonymous, MD (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration is better than I expected. I like the CVT."

Anonymous, NJ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The car is very responsive. It accelerates rapidly and is very easy to get up to speed when merging . The steering is very quick. Very small movements in the steering wheel changes direction quickly. It feels a little like driving a race car."

Anonymous, SK (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I love the driving position and the firm handling and quick acceleration."

Tarik S., ME (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Great turning radius, smooth feel. Like sitting higher than other car models"

Anonymous, WA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"live in a rural area, no freeways, some gravel roads, long driveway. awd and short turning radius works great"

Patrick M., BC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very sure and positive handling!"

Ann T., SC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"third leased forester, best acceleration and overall ride."

Robt D., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Quick acceleration from stop. Very responsive and stable handling."

Steven E., WI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The acceleration is good for a 4 cylinder engine. The car handles very well on the open road and in road congestion situations. It is easy to parallel park also!"

Mary G., FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Good acceleration and handling. Nice on the road. Great visibility. Reliability is very good."

Philip C., VA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Excellent acceleration. Very peppy engine. Smooth gear shifting."

Lloyd W., NL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Solid handling and good feel of the road"

Anonymous, FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Fun car to drive handles well"

Anonymous, PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Turbo works great for merging into traffic."

Anonymous, CO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"transmission slips when shifting gears at high speed"

Anonymous, MD (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Standing still" acceleration is slow."

Jerry B., CO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Handles and accelerates well"

Anonymous, NJ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Transmission feels like you are driving a standard in traffic. Otherwise I like the way it accelerates and shifts"

Allan G., MA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"acceleration and handling. economical"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration is good for 4 adults. If you add baggage, you can feel it lagging. I have the lower end engine, so I would recommend getting a more powerful package if you plan to travel fully loaded."

Bruce R., RI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Handles well. Acceleration is decent for the size of the vehicle. Corners well."

David H., MN (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very shifting on road"

Anonymous, ON (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Extremely dodgy gas pedal. Jerks into motion when starting from a stop. Repeatedly brought this to the dealer's attention. They have reprogrammed the transmission several times, to no avail. Am concerned this could contribute to an accident. This is enough to keep me from buying another Subaru"

Anonymous, TX (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I was shocked at how fast it accelerated. It took a week to learn how much pressure I needed to give the accelerator. Then I read that the car adjusts to “my‿ driving. The first owner put on 50400 in 2 years and must have been a bit more speedy than I am. I’m 76 yr. old and do not hot rod around town."

Sally W., WA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"It took a while to get used to acceleration"

Dale R., OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The CV transmission feels spongy and takes some getting used to."

R R., FL (2015 Subaru Forester)


Anonymous, OR (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Which I would have bought the turbo"

John C., AZ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Safe, responsive, predictable handling. Eye-sight works well."

Robert M., MD (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Responsive steering and acceleration, good breaking."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The acceleration of a CVT is nice and the car has a good turning radius, but it could move side--to-side a little better when driving through traffic. It feels as though it has a low center of gravity but the suspension is a bit too stiff."

Devin P., VA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration is sluggish. I have to downshift to maintain speed going up steep hills."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"This is a great handling car -- very quick and good stability control. Great braking in snow/ice. The steering might be a bit too responsive for some people."

Anonymous, MT (2015 Subaru Forester)

"it has all the speed and power I need but sometimes it doesn't accelerate as quickly as I'd like I notice this when I'm merging onto the freeway"

Anonymous, WA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Feels solid and handles well. Good acceleration and good gas mileage. The one bad thing are the AC and heat vents. The controls for direction are very poor. The range of direction is too limited and the vent controls are poorly made and do not move right and come apart or break."

Glenn H., OK (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The damn thing would frequently stall at low speeds when I needed to accelerate, such as with changing lanes. Also unduly long delay going reverse to forward and vice versa, as in 3-point turns or backing out of a parking space and proceeding forward. Annoying and even dangerous at times."

Anonymous, ON (2015 Subaru Forester)

"We like the new features, especially the EyeSight Driver-Assist system with per-collision braking and adaptive cruise control. In heavy traffic city driving we can set the cruise control and let the car drive itself, following traffic at appropriate distances and rarely having to manually apply the brakes."

Anonymous, VA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"jerky acceleration"

William S., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Excellent in bad weather"

Jim L., KY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Handling is excellent, especially the turning radius which is the best of any car I've ever owned."

Anonymous, WA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Excellent field of view and good acceleration"

Timothy W., AL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration is excellent for a 4 cylinder vehicle"

Ron R., WI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"the accelerator is very sensitive not allowing smooth starts."

Anonymous, NE (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The acceleration is choppy due to CVT. Not as smooth as a standard transmission. Will have is checked at my 30000 mile service."

Anonymous, NC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very good acceleration and handling."

Anonymous, IL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Best cornering of all small suvs we tested."

Lynn F., VA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"It hesitates while starting off. Not sure if it will respond."

Joseph B., CT (2015 Subaru Forester)

"very peppy - holds road very well in all conditions"

Anonymous, MB (2015 Subaru Forester)

"accelerates very well and handles great especially on mountain roads were other vehicles get stuck"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I drive on sand roads in the Ocala Forest. Need a 4-wheel drive to do this. With 4-wheel drive, I find I get surer handling on slippery roads. I Florida, the problem is water or sand; not ice."

Linda P., FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The car handles very well on curves"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Good acceleration and handling. Motor and transmission work very well"

William P., PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"crisp handling, quick acceleration, stiff ride, with sips of gas"

Kenneth Y., NC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"good pickup and sharp handling"

Steve H., TX (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The car is very responsive and powerful."

Anonymous, IN (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very slow acceleration, especially when trying to pass on the highway. Cannot seem to find appropriate gear to downshift to."

Greg Z., CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"lots of p[ower"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Touchy accelerator when starting from standing stop. After vehicle is in motion the accelerator is very responsive and the continuously variable transmission is smooth and appropriate for all driving conditions. Steering and handling are excellent."

Frederick K., MD (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very strong acceleration from the four cylinder engine."

Richard M., IL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I feel like it has plenty of power. Zippy. Wish it the ride was not so jumpy. Good as an SUV."

Jeffrey S., MN (2015 Subaru Forester)

"For me around town is excellent with acceleration and handling. Interstate on ramps I could use a little more power to get into the flow of traffic."

Robert F., VA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The turbocharged engine makes the difference. This is why I am unlikely to buy another Forester."

Anonymous, ON (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I feel extremely safe - ice, snow, sheets of water are easy to handle!"

Rob M., ON (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I was amazed at how peppy my Forester is-great acceleration. And it handles REALLY well-small turning radius"

Irwin D., FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Great driving experience, on road and off road."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Great acceleration and control. Very adept at handling a steep, snow covered driveway."

Chris-Barbara M., NJ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration is very adequate, handling is very good"

Steve W., OR (2015 Subaru Forester)

"does not accelerate smoothly when cold"

Susan M., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The acceleration is very quick and responsive but it does take some getting used to"

Anonymous, MI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The car does not have exceptional power, but it gets the job done. I live in Colorado and often take five adults skiing with this car. Loaded down with five people and gear on the roof the car I am able to make it up mountain passes going the speed limit no problem."

Steven B., CO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"incredible car in bad weather-our son used to live in Buffalo, recently moved to Rochester, both places with just horrible weather Subaru Forester incredible car in bad weather-we've driven home safely in whiteouts, blizzards, ice storms"

Paul G., NJ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"wife likes the ride height and turning radius. easy to park and see."

Kenneth B., CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration is only so-so (of ramp, uphill, emergency)"

Ilan R., MI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Accelerates well, camera is easy to use for backup, accelerates well. It feels a bit clumsy in tight spots and parking spaces, though. It's a tradeoff between having a decent backseat and having a clumsier car. The 2001 handled incredibly well; this year handles just okay. Does really well in snow, however with snow tires. Impressive and one of the reasons we own it - for New England snowy weather."

Anonymous, VT (2015 Subaru Forester)

"It handles well. It is a little slow to get going but when there it is great"

Maureen Z., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Corners well. Very stable."

Paul O., WI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration is pretty good. The CVT is a little non-linear - I can feel it searching in a little herky jerky way a lower speeds. Handling is good, but the steering wheel kind of locks when turned to the extreme left or right. Steering doesn't straighten on its own."

Darrell B., OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Excellent acceleration and smooth ride for an SUV. The visibility is excellent. Better than any other car I test drove."

Keitha M., CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"It has a pretty significant delay between punching the accelerator and the actual acceleration. Same with shifting between fwd and reverse. This can be annoying"

Anonymous, IL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Overly sensitive accelerator takes some getting use to."

Anonymous, ON (2015 Subaru Forester)

"It handles well for an SUV. A neighbor with a much more expensive SUV liked driving it so well that he purchased a Forester rather than his old brand. He also saved $20,000."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I drive a manual transmission because it is fun, but more importantly, we live in a snow belt in upstate New York. At the first sign of a slide or spin, even at highway speeds, simply depressing the clutch stops the slide or spin and returns control to me. This has saved me on many occasions and I taught this to my wife and children. For 2019, Subaru is illuminating the manual transmission in the Forester. The car will not nearly be as safe as with the manual transmission in the winter. Do they drive their cars?"

Matthew W., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"All wheel drive is the best. No better winter car than a Subaru"

Anonymous, WA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Handling especially in winter on icy roads. Good visibility all around. Economical to operate."

Anonymous, MB (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Our Subaru is very stable on the road and through corners. The acceleration is more than ample for our needs."

Anonymous, WA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Vehicle has excellent acceleration and handling in all situations."

Anonymous, MA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The CVT causes the car to hiccup upon acceleration after starting. Lately it is doing this even after running for a while but only upon acceleration."

Anonymous, ON (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Relatively sharp handling for an SUV."

Philip B., CT (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I live in Colorado and my Subaru Forrester is very adept at Mountain driving. It hugs the curves and accelerates well up steep inclines."

Gerard Z., CO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"It jerks away from a stop, it takes concentration to smoothly accelerate. The brakes is touchy too."

George F., WI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"great control & ease of handling"

Anonymous, FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"There seems to be some stumbling from the engine when cold and hesitation from either the engine or transmission in the first 1-2 miles driven."

Steve B., MO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I'm most impressed by the very small turning radius which makes parking and getting around in parking lots easy. I live in a mountainous area and the handing is confidence inspiring."

Tom H., SD (2015 Subaru Forester)

"accelerator takes too long to kick in"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I live in the mountains so very important that a car can accelerate uphill on mountain roads. Does very well. Also, despite being a small SUV, seems to have a low center of gravity so doesn't feel as though it will tip over and corners well on curvy mountain roads. Feels secure in the snow."

Anonymous, CO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The all wheel drive handles great in inclement weather. The considering the size of the engine and the size of the vehicle, the acceleration is very quick. The steering handles very well in corners, does not feel like it is tippy."

Greg N., WI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very bad hesitation, surging and lurching with the air conditioning on. Engine has been load tested and no faults found. Transmission/ECU memory to be cleared next for possible cause. Service by independent garage, Not happy with dealer work in the past. Although may have to visit there for warranty work."

Peter S., ON (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Fun to drive, zippy and reliable. Good in all weather."

Anonymous, CO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Decent acceleration. Good handling in snow after I added a set of snow tires. Can't tell transmission is a CVT since it handles just like an automatic."

Michael B., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Handling is crisp and stable, surprisingly so for a tallish wagon. Acceleration is okay but nothing stellar given the normally aspirated 2.5L on the Limited model."

David W., OR (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Excellent acceleration when merging and passing. Handles extremely well."

Terry H., AK (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Handling is excellent....I got "Eye-Sight' which is a wonderful safety feature......."

Anonymous, PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I have the XT Touring model, which has a powerful turbo-charged engine that provides effortless thrust."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Overall I think his is a really good vehicle. I'm having a hard time talking myself into getting a new car at this point as I enjoy this Subaru. That said, I live in mts of NC in Summers and the Forrester gets around but it handling on curvey Mt roads does limit your confidence as seems to sway and lean more than other vehicles."

Harold H., FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration is outstanding with the turbo engine. The CVT takes some getting used to, but in the optional Sport mode delivers a good driving experience at the cost of some reduction in efficiency. Handling is on par for the class."

Anonymous, MA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"responsive handling, good acceleration from standing. Like the continuous transition. BAD - surges unpredictably and dangerously from standing as accelerator first depressed."

Victor F., CT (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Better than expected"

Steven C., CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration to pass other vehicles is really good and not noisy like some other 4 cylinders I have driven. The Onsight cruise control is really great and makes driving on urban freeways a lot less tiring. I also really like the way you can shift to a low gear when going down steep mountains."

Anonymous, AZ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Subaru Forester has a rough suspension. On the freeway or local travel one gets a jolt on every crack or patch in the pavement. Other car owners of recent other makes often complain about this. Sad, those smooth spring softening rides seem to be going away"

Anonymous, WA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Handling it very good. Acceleration is only so-so. Sometimes I miss my manual transmission."

Anonymous, OR (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The car is a dream to drive. It has outstanding acceleration and handles like a sports car. It is fun to drive .Another feature is its height off the road which allows you to see so much better than any car I have ever had."

Lawrence L., KY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The CVT is a great product"

Joseph H., NJ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very nimble handling with a tight turning radius."

Anonymous, MD (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Low-end torque provides a good confident experience along with excellent handling. There is a secure feeling that the driver controls the car."

Geoffrey H., PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Drive is smooth except accelerates to fast from a strong position...too punchy. Otherwise drive is great and visibility is great"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Smooth ride. handle good."

Richard V., CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Super acceleration. Never afraid of going around a truck because the Subaru handles wonderfully with acceleration. Also steering/handling is very accurate and quick. I just love driving this car."

Deborah C., MT (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very punchy acceleration & touchy braking. Stiffer ride, but I do like the AWD feature."

Anonymous, VA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I find the responsiveness of acceleration above average for a small SUV."

Pamela W., GA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"It handles really well in winter driving. The acceleration is adequate for the vehicle I was choosing when I purchased it."

Anonymous, CO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"handles firmly and accurately; accelerates on command quickly and efficiently"

David O., VA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"CVT transmission hesitates and has some lag and pulsing as it accelerates. Should be smoother acceleration."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"quick (both acceleration and handling)"

Anonymous, MN (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The 2.5 preforms very well with good power for passing and merging though a little noisy at higher rpm. The handling is suprisingly sporty for something tall and shaped like a shoe box."

Gary M., NS (2015 Subaru Forester)

"accelerator pedal takes time getting used to it- very sensitive"

Anonymous, NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Expansive view from driver and front passenger seats."

H B., GA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I get a lot of hesitation leaving from a light or stop sign, it is inconsistent and I'm not convinced it is in the engine. I think it may be in the CVT. I will have to wait and see how long it lasts and runs."

Anonymous, ON (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Have the 2 liter turbo engine and acceleration is excellent and handles well."

TOM P., CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"From a dead stop, there is a little bit of a lag between when you step on the gas and when the car begins to move, which can sometimes cause one to over-accelerate from a stop."

Anonymous, VA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Plenty of power but there is turbo lag"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The Forester does not handle very well in very windy conditions."

Anonymous, AZ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I owned an Outback previously and switched to the Forester because the Outback was a little sluggish on the steep hills where I live. The Forester responds very well and is very nimble on the huge hills I drive daily. I feel like I am behind the wheel of a race car it is so much fun to drive."

CATHLEEN H., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Unsafe instability when driven with five heavy passengers in snow or ice."

Anonymous, CO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Drives good and handles well, but the electronic power steering makes it a bit twitchy at freeway speeds."

DOUG R., UT (2015 Subaru Forester)

"CVT transmission is wonderful. Even though the engine size is the same as the 2010 the car is far more responsive. As with other Subaru's, the car seems to hug the road in turns."

Anonymous, CT (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The CVT drive is different from the traditional automatic transmission and takes a little getting used to but works very well."

F W., CT (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The Forester drives very well and handles well. The "eyes" are very good."

LARRY P., FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The car drives nicely but the CVT transmission takes some getting used to and sometimes is slow to react or does react as you would expect from a regular automatic transmission. Even when manually shifting. Overall it is not bad but when I first drove it I had a hard time adjusting."

Anonymous, BC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The Forester XT is a very stealthy Hot Rod. No one knows that there is a WRX underneath. I love it."

Anonymous, VA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"This car is fun to drive (and I have had 2 Porsches and a Fiat Spyder). Excellent acceleration and road feel and stability."

M- M C., WA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Excellent acceleration for a 4 cylinder car which allows for safe passing and merging with freeway traffic."

TERRY H., AK (2015 Subaru Forester)

"very touchy on gas pedal."

LINDA T., CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"ride suspension seems somewhat floaty and jittery on less than smooth paved open highways."

Anonymous, PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration is awkward and jumpy. Handling is good."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"lag in acceleration"

Anonymous, CO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Engine feels disconnected from the wheels due to CVT. CVT takes a very long time to change from reverse to drive, to the extent it is somewhat of a safety issue. After climbing a long steep hill, car smelled of something burning, even after multiple trips. Power is adequate though, and car is sure-footed."

ANDREW H., ME (2015 Subaru Forester)

"This is the turbo version of the Forester and it has great acceleration and handling."

JEFFREY B., OR (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I find that the initial pressing on the gas pedal is often a bit jumpy, not a smooth motion."

JERE G., VA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"During four trips to Florida and back carrying two people plus luggage for 3 or 4 weeks, through the mountains in the Virginias, in both wet and dry weather, the Forester traveled easily and safely. Power and handling were more than sufficient. Nor has deep snow here in Ontario been a problem."

PHILIP V., ON (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Feels very light which makes me a little nervous. Jumps ahead when I press on the step on the accelerator after a full stop."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Throttle mapping is very aggressive, such that 40% throttle is attained within first 1/4" of pedal's travel. This makes for lots of head jerking and concern, especially in parking lot maneuvers. It's a well known Subaru problem and worked around by enthusiasts electronically, but this has the potential to void the engine warranty. As a one-time race car driver I do not understand what they're going for here, as it makes maintaining car balance difficult. Note that putting the AWD into X-Mode swi"

DAVID W., OR (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration is jerky"

LARRY W., WA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"acceleration is better than expected. the handling and cornering was the best out of all the small suvs i test drove."

LYNN F., VA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Drives like a heavier truck"

Anonymous, MA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"About the only thing is the gas mileage."

DUANE L., PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"LOVE the AWD."

Anonymous, IA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The eyesight safety features are critical and in use all the time."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"over all problem free"

FRANK P., QC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"To noisy and only allows one blue tooth cell phone interface"

Anonymous, MD (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Great acceleration and handling. Love the EyeSight feature."

Anonymous, WA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I have an automatic transmission. Around 20K, particularly when the cold indicator is still on, but not always, it jerks and hesitates a lot when starting up from a stop - feels like someone brand new to using a clutch. Subaru service said that's typical for a CVT. I don't like it and it concerns me that sometimes I feel as if I cannot step on the gas and get out of the way when I really need to."

LESLEY B., VT (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Gas pedal is a little touchy. Took some time to get adjusted to it. Overall I love this car."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Eye sight system is outstanding. Dispite a few minor quirks, the adaptive cruise control feature makes driving far less fatiguing and much safer. I will never buy another vehicle without a similar system."

KEN S., NC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration and smoothness of 2.0 Turbo mated to high torque CVT is exceptional. I have gotten up to 33 MPG on highway and routine is 31. Certainly it will consume almost as much fuel under hard acceleration and use as you may want to feed it though (Sub 15 mpg) BUT when you want power its there! In snow the traction control stays out of your way to allow more throttle-through and the XMode is spot-on particularly on snowy decents that would be nearly impossible to navigate without it."

GLENN D., IL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"CVT surges when going uphill largely when cold. It will also make a clunking or banging noise if you don't come to a complete stop before accelerating."

ROBIN B., BC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Overall driving experience is excellent, I like the variable speed transmission."

A K., TX (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I feel safe with the Eye Sight in my Subaru."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Accelerator pedal is too "touchy", making for non-smooth ride in stop and go traffic. Transmission shifts are not quick or smooth, especially going from reverse to drive. Also, acceleration is quite loud."

LIANE P., PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Engine or transmission stalls at times and you have to really step on the gas. Toyota says they don't notice it but many of my friends with the Subsru Forester have the same problem. Sometimes scary."

JOSEPH C., HI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"very bad turbo lag"

DAVID M., CO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I get very good gas mileage."

Anonymous, PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"drives good."

Anonymous, GA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Accelerator pedal is not smooth. There is a pause when engaging the transmission."

Anonymous, WA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Drives excellent has extremely good acceleration - Moves fast when needed to avoid problems"

Anonymous, OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration is a little jerky just as first. The husband really likes it, he says the handling is fabulous. I would like a little smoother takeoff."

THEODORE W., MI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"It is every thing I could want in a car!"

L B., UT (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I LOVE the CVT (continuously variable transmission). Although only a 4 cyclinder, it accelrates smoothly and smartly. I do have some complaint about the way the vehicle handles curves. I think the stability system needs to be redesigned. I understand it is difficult to make an SUV "hug" the road, but you should not have to "lean" into a curve."

ARTHUR Y., MD (2015 Subaru Forester)

"CVT is very annoying ... Needs a softer ride quality"

Anonymous, PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"very quick smooth acceleration goes where you point it"

Anonymous, PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Doesn't handle as well as our previous 2004 Forrester. Steering not as tight."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Pretty sprightly acceleration for a 4-cyl. Handles well with very little body lean, very tight turning radius better than many sports cars."

ADAM O., IN (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The CVT on the car takes some getting used to; acceleration is, of course, not robust."

STEVE W., OR (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The vehicle has consistently outperformed the manufacturer's stated gas mileage expectations. This is simply remarkable to me."

CLIFFORD M., WY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Overall handles very well,, but I have mixed feelings about the eyesight and cruise control - for one thing they are heavy on the brakes. If you speed up to pass someone on the highway, when you ease off the gas the cruise control puts on the brakes, which might end up getting you rear ended."

Anonymous, NC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Handling is great with the AWD. Acceleration is not as good as my last Forester, however that one was a Turbo model. So this is to be expected. Mileage is much better than the turbo model, and it runs on regular gas,rather than premium."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"great visibility and handling"

STEPHEN H., FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Excellent in snow and ice, peppy. Like CVT a lot. Great visibility."

Anonymous, ME (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The accelerator pedal is very sensitive and takes some getting use to. The can tends to "lurch" forward if you press too hard from a stand still."

Anonymous, PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Occasionally hesitates in acceleration. Not always and not terribly"

Anonymous, PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"CVT transmission is dismal. Jerky, rubber band effect. Subaru and local dealer claim the transmission is designed to work that way. Too bad. No more Subaru's for me until they redo the transmission."

LEON S., TX (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The ride is very stiff, more like a truck than an SUV. Needs softer suspension for my taste."

RUPERT S., NJ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I own a 4 cylinder and it has all of the power I need to merge onto the expressway. It can turn in a dime. I love my vehicle and named it Sue. It is a male and the man in black. It is a black 2015 Forester. It is such a pleasure to climb inside and hit the road."

R H., TX (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The shifting is odd to me with the continuous belt mechanism ... not necessarily bad, just odd."

J S., AZ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration is excellent. The ride is a bit rough especially on bumpy roads. Not a deal-breaker, however, but I would like a smoother ride."

LORRAINE S., NJ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"CVT (continuously variable transmission) results in car hesitating before accelerating"

D S., CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"At slow speed there is a hesitation that is not good."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"My husband said he would never own a 4 cyl. Car But, this car is amazing and accelerates great, and runs outstanding,and handles easy."

JUDY C., AZ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Fun and spirited vehicle with great gas mileage along with decent handling. Performs very well in snow."

STEVE K., CO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"A little sluggish in acceleration. On the road, the car is very stable. Holds the road well on curves. Traction is excellent."

JOSEPH M., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"It is so easy to accelerate when needed."

F R., CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"AWD is excellent on ice and snow. automatic stability is positive and works extremely well; it stopped a skid on turn in snow and positively redirected the car in the desired direction."

ARTHUR B., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"If you boot it, it scoots. Much more quick than I expected. Handles well in city and country driving as well as the interstates."

DAVID E., CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"We use this car to drive across the country twice per year. Acceleration in passing and going up hills is important We are very pleased, considering this is a 4 cylinder car."

JAMES P., AZ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I've been driving for 45 years and raced cars for a good part of that time. I have owned 20 different cars / trucks over that time. I also travel very frequently for work and have an opportunity to drive many different vehicles. I took the Forester out in the last big snow storm to compare it against other vehicles I have driven. The Forester is by far the best handling 'snow' car I have driven. With traction control enabled, I was not able to get it to break loose. In order to get the tire"

JOHN N., NC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Turbo makes this car rocket up hills--great acceleration. Very stable on slick or snowy roads. Ride is stiff and somewhat bumpy."

Anonymous, AZ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Everything is great except sometimes when the engine is cold it seems to hesitate on initial acceleration"

Anonymous, WA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Satisfactory acceleration,"

ALIAKSANDR T., PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"There is a slight surge in the drive train at around 30-35 MPH."

Anonymous, CO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very nice vehicle. It's a manual trans and the shifter is much to far back. Have to reach back instead on straight across to the right."

PAUL B., OK (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Eyesight technology works well. Adaptive cruise control is terrific. Highly recommended!"

PHILIP W., NS (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Handling is ponderous at best. Zero road feel & a general lack or semblance of precision."

THOMAS R., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"It has enough pick up when merging on freeways!"

Anonymous, OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Moves quickly, know where I am on road"

JEANNE F., NC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Unsettled ride Next vehicle will have crash detection option"

PIERRE L., QC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"This car hugs the road (for an SUV), accelerates smoothly, gives me full control and is a joy to drive. This is my second Forester"

JANICE W., NL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"slightly rough ride"

JAMES J., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"engine is underpowered during initial acceleration from a stop. Car hesitates before achieve smooth acceleration."

MARTIN B., GA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The Forester has great pickup and handling. It was a superlative handler as well in the large DC area snowstorm, I was able to help many other folks who got stuck in the snow."

DON M., VA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The Forester has a rough ride, like a small pickup truck, even on city streets."

Anonymous, WA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Good acceleration and nice handling for a small SUV."

JUDITH S., MI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"not crazy about the CVT transmission, but the gas mileage is a lot better"

Anonymous, CT (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Great acceleration Great gas mileage"

Anonymous, MO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Ride and handling are excellent. The eyesight feature is great"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The acceleration is anemic. I understand how the CVT works, and I got the car for the AWD and gas mileage, but the acceleration is downright terrible. And shifting from P to D just takes too long. I miss my 1998 Honda CR-V with manual transmission..."

MICHAEL S., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The car is very unstable in a windy condition and or on rough road surface. It will jump around almost like you were in deep ruts on an icy road! I don't let my wife drive in conditions where this may occur for fear she'll loose control! Local dealer kept ignoring my complaint and I called Subaru. Have to wait till windy day for them to check it out."

FRED M., FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very responsive"

Anonymous, VA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very quick and nimble."

JONATHAN R., TX (2015 Subaru Forester)

"This car handles well, but has a bumpy ride on roads that are not smooth. I have gotten a bit car sick sometimes. Luckily, interstates are generally in good repair, so those cross-country drives have been smooth and enjoyable."

Anonymous, IL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I have the XT model, and it accelerates smoothly and handles very well. It has two sport modes which make it even more quick. It is also fairly responsive (handling) and the steering is quite responsive as well. I rarely miss my BMW experience in this car for these reasons."

KRYSTA D., OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"handing in extreme coditions is the best i ever owned."

PETER M., NS (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The CVS transmission feels rough when slowly accelerating."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"There is sometimes a hesitation when starting from a dead stop"

Anonymous, CT (2015 Subaru Forester)

"It's hard to put my finger on it... The car is just enjoyable to drive"

CRAIG H., CO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The handling is superb as is the eyesight technology. The car is a genuine pleasure to drive."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The car frequently hesitates when starting from a standstill."

Anonymous, MA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Not as good in snow as my previous car (Honda CRV). That's probably because the Honda had a manual shift. The Subaru has an automatic shift."

Anonymous, MD (2015 Subaru Forester)

"My Forester is not a race car but its not bad at all on getting up to speed on expressways. This SUV handles steep hills very well but I do wish it had more hold back going down hills in drive. I have always liked CVT transmissions but they do take away from some of the acceleration. This SUV handles nicely for a higher profile vehicle."

J W., OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Didn't like paying almost new car price for a 1 year old vehicle but I'm glad we did. Great handling car (the small turning radius is amazing) tight and responsive on the highway and very quiet. We can talk normally in freeway traffic, you don't hear any wind noise or even semi. Trucks as they pass. Truly an amazing piece of engineering. All this with the gas mileage of a Honda Civic. We've gotten 39 mpg on trips! This is an SUV. I'm a stick shift person but the gas mileage and seemless integ"

F S., OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The CVT reacts instantly to accelerator pressure. Great turning radius. Handles steep hills well."

BILL W., MO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"the cvt gives great acceleration and fuel economy"

JIM F., ON (2015 Subaru Forester)

"peppy and easy to drive"

Anonymous, MD (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Eye Sight tech, but disappointed it wasn't available on standard transmission models."

MARVIN D., IL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Unlike the smooth acceleration from a full stop by typical transmission, the CVT will lurch forward at the slightest touch of the accelerator. This is an issue in stop and go rush hour traffic."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Subaru Forester)

"This vehicle is my preferred choice if driving in snow. It beats out my Tundra for handling and control."

DENNIS O., ME (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I'm very satisfied with the quick response when I have to press the gas, and stability on the corners. in unpaved hilly roads it handles it well on slippery terrains the all drive feature takes control. I'm very satisfied with the acceleration and handling overall."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Unbelievably good"

Anonymous, BC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Love it, turns on a dime, quiet and fun to drive"

KEN K., IL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Cruise control is wonderful. Slows to speed of car in front of you and smoothly stays there until you change lanes or other car does. Brakes if another car pulls in front of you and does so before driver can react. Cruise control slowing does not work on curves where car ahead is not in line with sensor so caution is needed on curves."

Anonymous, MD (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration is mediocre. Trying to merge into highway traffic from the on ramp can be challenging at times.."

Anonymous, MD (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Car & Driver was unenthusiastic about the CV transmission, but I think they're wrong; it wrings all the performance available out of the 4cyl engine, and while they felt the engine was a bit "strident" under hard acceleration, this is understandable given that hard acceleration is accomplished by high rpm's. While it's not as much fun as a big V8, it's way more fun than I expected."

ROBERT T., CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Good for winter driving"

Anonymous, WI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Great handling and speed"

WILLIAM R., RI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Love the acceleration of the turbo, it makes up for the CVT. Was the only "cute ute" we tested that was fun to drive."

SEAN G., AB (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Auto-braking saved our lives 3 times on the highway. Drivers in Hawaii drive with their turn signals and are prone to road rage."

ROD K., HI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Handles well, acceleration is fine."

JANICE H., PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"the handling is as good or better than the 97 corvette we had. the acceleration is quite adequate."

Anonymous, WY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I was really impressed with the handling in the snow which we get our share of, it was going up icy hills from a dead stop when many others could not. It also does well on wet roads. Overall very happy with it."

KRISTY F., OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"CVT is sluggish when pushed. Light feedback during cornering."

SHARON S., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Excellent handling in snowy conditions. During a snow storm I had to stop for a accident a block ahead of me. The hill was steep, I was able to stop, turn around and go back up the hill, when other cars with only front wheel drive, could not."

DENNIS K., IA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"We really liked the handling of our 2005 Outback, but our Forester is a step above that."

FAYE W., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I really love the EyeSight technology. It was worth the extra cost."

Anonymous, MO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The throttle is very sensitive on initial acceleration, causing the vehicle to be a little jerky."

STEVE B., UT (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Excellent pickup & very stable steering/handling."

ELIZABETH T., NJ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"It is not especially fun to drive compared to other vehicles I have owned."

ERIC F., IN (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration and gas economy."

Anonymous, AB (2015 Subaru Forester)

"the only issue i notice is when you back up & stop ,shift to drive it takes time to respond"

Anonymous, MD (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Great gas mileage with CVT and the quick ratio steering and good viewpoint make it fun to drive."

Anonymous, GA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration could be better"

Anonymous, RI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I have driven my grandson and I around the United States and to Florida several times...I love this car and the comfortable ride and the handling around curves. I also own a cabin in a remote area of the Adirondacks which require me to drive to get to it 6 miles of rough dirt road...this car is awesome on this kind of terrain. It looks too pretty to be so tough."

BARBARA W., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The lag in acceleration due to the CV Transmition"

LAWRENCE L., RI (2015 Subaru Forester)


DIANA R., OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"2.5 lit engine and great turning radius. Ride not good-very choppy"

JOHN F., FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Overall, it drives very well. The CVT gets a lot of power out of the V4 engine. However, there is a long lag when shifting from reverse into drive before the transmission actually engages. The dealership said that this is normal for their CVT transmission."

BRIAN H., CO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Visibility and good traction on mountain roads all year"

JENNIFER D., CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Sufficient for this kind of vehicle. Motor sounds crude when reved.motor has a little unevenness when idling."

HARRY S., MA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I have generally driven sedans and I have been pleasantly surprised by the acceleration and handling of my Subaru Forester"

PAMELA W., GA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The presence of the backup camera has been much more useful than I had first thought it would be."

MICHAEL A., WA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"eye site feature is great"

ANN J., AZ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"It runs considerably smooth."

PAUL L., CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"the blower on the air conditioner and heater is so loud that you need to crank up the radio in order to hear it."

S D., IL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"acceleration is not quite satisfactory"

Anonymous, MI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Best car I have ever driven in winter conditions."

DALE F., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"For a small engine it has amazing power"

RICHARD S., CT (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Acceleration and handing excellent."

Anonymous, CT (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The Eyesight feature is quite effective. It manages vehicle speed very well."

Anonymous, OR (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Great acceleration, great handling - can turn around in small spaces, very easy to maneuver and turn. Solid responsive vehicle. Good in snow, ice, rain, and dry conditions. Great a/c and heat. Comfortable seats, great ride. Good stereo although fm radio fades in some areas with rocky terrain."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Noticeable hesitation on acceleration."

DAVID F., NJ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very responsive. Great gas mileage and sufficient room to handle our cargo needs. Especially like the safety ratings, a big factor."

Anonymous, TN (2015 Subaru Forester)

"OK, so this is a pudgy, anemic, econo-box kind of an SUV... But basically, it's in the same 0-60 bracket as a 2014 BMW 320i. I learned to drive in a 1980 Vanagon, and back then a Camaro Z28 ran about as fast... Handling... Felt a little light as I got used to it (coming out of a 2005 A-4 Avant wagon with sport suspension) but I'm pretty comfortable in it. Brakes are good. But to be honest, I'm driving this car very gently, so not testing any limits... Have been kind of hyper-miling it with the"

MATTHEW B., CT (2015 Subaru Forester)

"There is frequently a hesitation when starting out from a dead stop after the car has been sitting a while. At times, the vehicle will start to roll backwards while pressing on the gas pedal."

Anonymous, SC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Great handling, but slower acceleration with the smaller engine."

Anonymous, MD (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The car handles very well in general. My only issue is with the transmission. There is a significant delay when you back out of the driveway and shift to Drive, about 5 or 6 seconds. It doesn't sound like much but when you are on a busy street it can be a little harrowing."

JOY W., NJ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Sensitive accelerator throttle."

CURTIS W., CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"It is zippy, accelerates well, and has a tight turn circle."

Anonymous, MI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The handling is very good, the acceleration is sluggish but once it kicks in, it Goes!"

TERESA T., NM (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I have the Turbo version of the Forester and I'm very happy with its acceleration, particularly when merging onto an interstate."

CHARLES L., MD (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Deafly not as if he as an Impreza. Handles fine but definitely feels like a family car."

SETH L., NH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"cvt transmission awesome--- handles well on the highway==Love the cruise control"

Anonymous, WA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The CVT transmission has the usual lag when trying to get going...probably less bad than some other vehicles, but the annoyance is still there."

ROBERT U., NJ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I love the eyesight in the car. I drive on the freeway under heavy traffic conditions. The eyesight warning has saved me a couple of times when I looked at something or had a slight distraction. It also beeps if you swerve in your lane I case you get drowsy. Last but most, I like the cruise control that changes speed to maintain a constant distance with the car in front of you."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"good acceleration for 4 cyl engine"

CHRISTOPHER C., AK (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Turbo 2.0 liter engine really hauls"

CLARK L., CO (2015 Subaru Forester)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Good support in drivers seat. Lumbar adjustment. Back seats recline."

James L., SC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Seats are a bit hard for trips of any length. We use it only for short hops."

Tony M., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The Forester has a lot of wind and highway noise. The ride is harsh compared to the Outback."

Anonymous, MA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Definitely the most comfortable vehicle we have ever owned -- driver sits up higher than a sedan, with plenty of headroom. The ride is very comfortable and the cabin is quiet even on gravel roads."

Paul C., OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Improve on road noise level."

Anonymous, DE (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Just not a plush ride. It is a little uncomfortable on long drives and it is a little more noisy than the Tundra."

Donald S., GA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The seats are very comfortable for me and for my passengers. We almost don't know we are in a car. So well cushioned for all."

Anonymous, MA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"At only 7 months on the road, I noticed increased road noise. I wonder if there are any door or window seals that are failing. I hear a whistle above 45-50 mph from the driver's side. It is bothersome when the radio is off."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Ride is a little on the stiff side. If the road is rough you will feel it."

Brian M., NV (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The seat height is perfect for my wife who has had 2 knee replacements. The seat fabric is soft, comfortable, yet supportive. there is plenty of room for 4, and the storage area in back is useful and convenient."

Michael B., TX (2015 Subaru Forester)

"driver's position gives excellent visibility. Car is so easy to drive"

Anonymous, IL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Rides like an empty dump truck"

Robert N., TX (2015 Subaru Forester)

"poor lumbar support, seats are uncomfortable for both driver and passengers, discomfort results in driver fatigue"

Anonymous, OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"pronounced road noice"

Anonymous, TX (2015 Subaru Forester)

"best visibility"

Anonymous, NC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"seats are OK but noise is louder when going at 60MPH ride is good"

John M., WA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Seats are very comfortable. Road noise is high. Ride is OK"

Richard J., NJ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The front passenger seat sits too high and can't be adjusted up or down, only front and back and reclining. I know I did not buy the top model but this is my 4th Subaru and never had it before."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"my comfort include GREAT VISIBILITY"

M- M M., OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Seats adjust easily"

James C., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The 2015 Forester is excellent on long trips but the seats are not great. They need more thigh support. Also, they are they type of seat that you feel like you sit on not in, which I do not like. The cabin noise is terrible. It can get very loud inside from wind and road noise. This would be the main reason I'd consider a different car."

Anonymous, PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Seats are great - very supportive"

Anonymous, VA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The lumbar support is poorly designed. Using a rod that moves from one side to the other is a poor way to provide support."

Anonymous, NB (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Feels as though it's a sturdy reliable vehicle. Had one rattle that Subaru corrected. It's the only vehicle that I've ever purchased used but I am happy with it. I especially am happy with the Subaru dealership."

Marilyn A., SC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very roomy inside comfy seats,good radio,The bad ,ride is a little rough,slow to accelerate"

Richard B., CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Actually, the seats are undersized and too firm for my taste. My wife is ok with them because she is a smaller person. I think most big men (I'm 5'11" and 190 lbs.) Would find the seats uncomfortable for long trips."

Robert K., PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"This vehicle is rough while driving, bouncing along on the smallest of obstacles. If I was buying a car for that reason I would be quite upset. As it is, I don't care -- the car continues to move and maneuver well even if a tire hits a pothole, with little effect on the steering wheel. In addition, it has comfy seats and is relatively quiet inside."

Devin P., VA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The 2015 Forrester leather seats are a lot firmer than they should be. They are not very comfortable. The ride is firm as expected for the xt model, but not jittery or harsh. The nose in-cabin is pretty high for the top end model. In all the stiff seats and louder than necessary cabin are disappointing for an otherwise nice driving car."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The seats are comfortable but somewhat fatiguing on long drives. From the front seats, there isn't much road noise to speak of (compared to other vehicles of this category) but from the back seat there is a bit of wind noise generated at rear of the vehicle. The car drives smoothly and offers an overall comfortable ride."

Anonymous, WI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very noisy ride!"

Anonymous, MD (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Seats are uncomfortable on a long trip."

Wiliam W., PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"very comfortable seats"

Anonymous, IN (2015 Subaru Forester)

"10 way power seat is available in the Premium trim level which is not the most expensive level offered. We have several different preferences due to several drivers. Each person can easily get the perfect adjustment. The value is really excellent and everyone who drives this car loves it. Very smart on the part of Subaru."

Anonymous, NJ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very comfortable, excellent view when driving"

Anonymous, PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very comfortable seating in front and back. Good visibility. Quiet comfy ride."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Subaru Forester)


Anonymous, ON (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Seats too short front to back Wind and road noise too loud Choppy ride"

Anonymous, VA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The ride comfort is very good. Seats are reasonably comfortable for long trips; around town a bit firm."

Malcolm L., TX (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Seats are not the comfortable - notably in the back seat. Very bouncy ride in the back seat."

Anonymous, QC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Road noise seem loud in this vehicle. The ride is fair considering the price on this vehicle."

John N., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Comfortable ride esp during long trips. Noisy on highway"

Anonymous, FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Road noise is very annoying and too loud, also would like just a more comfortable ride"

Nancy W., MI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Visibility is very good and the ride is smoot."

Anonymous, ON (2015 Subaru Forester)

"noisy ride. should be quieter"

Anonymous, NJ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The ride is far worse than it was in my 1981 Subaru. Every crack in the road can be felt. Every pothole needs to be avoided because of the jouncy ride - and I live on a dirt road. In all other respects, I like the car and appreciate the high clearance above the road."

T H., AK (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Seats are very comfy. Road noise too high."

Richard J., NJ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The Lumbar support is two hard and it can not be lowered any lower. I feels like a lump in the lumbar support and it is very uncomfortable."

Anonymous, NB (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Seats ae vey comfortable but the noise level on the inside is still a little too high. Better now than in previous year models"

Winfield B., SC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Cloth seats are supportive and comfortable. Don't burn legs when getting in the vehicle on a hot sunny day."

Brian S., ON (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The ride has gotten a bit rougher and noisier since replacing the original tires. I can't tell if it's an issue with the new tires' quality, or the vehicle itself."

Judy M., FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Good: sitting up higher than in a typical automobile, easier entry and exit. Not as good: seat could be made more comfortable for extended journeys."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"On a long trip, I always get the feeling that the seat is the wrong size. I know that probably sounds odd, but after an hour or so, I just find myself becoming uncomfortable."

Ronald C., SC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Can’t hear the sound system when driving on highways because of road noise. As a result, don’t use it."

Anthony B., PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Ok for short trips, but not particularly comfortable for longer trips of an hour or more. Would definitely not take this vehicle on a cross country trip."

Anonymous, ON (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Too much cabin noise. Nearly as noisy as my Jeep ragtop."

Anonymous, PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The seat bottoms were not designed for the American market - they do not give enough support towards the knees. The seat bottoms should be longer. The lumbar support does not come out enough the bolster the spine."

Steven Z., WI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Multiple driver seat adjustments with lumbar support, comfort Easy to pack and load gear, equipment Back seats fold down very easily for added space"

Edward H., FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Eyesight is a really nice feature, making driving much easier. It takes care of maintaining speed and distance from cars ahead, leaving me with a much more relaxed set of tasks. We just went from California to Nebraska, and I enjoyed the entire 3500 miles."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"-Too much road noise, both tires and wind especially on highway. -Front passenger window should also be automatic especially as the gas is on the passenger side. -sun roof is a disaster. No way to vent car without getting wet. Did they design the roof to funnel the water into the sunroof? And why when the water pours in does it all pool under the drivers seat which is carpeted over what appears to be a sponge. My previous car which I bought 20!!!! Years ago was able to tilt and vent and never let in a drop of rain. This is not new technology and the sunroof on this Subaru is absolutely useless."

Anonymous, NJ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The seats are still too hard, not enough cushion."

John P., WA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The road noise is fairly pronounced but the seats are comfortable - even on long-distance trips."

Nancy C., NC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"In and exiting ease, visibility, sure handling, feels safe"

Ann T., SC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"View of the road not blocked by "A" posts. The only exception is when traversing an extreme left turn. Extra care recommended to look around the left "A" post."

Anonymous, NJ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Poor quality windshield glass. Have had repeated dings requiring glass patching. Little coating on windows, creating greenhouse effect when driving car in summer."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Seats are somewhat comfortable in the Premier level, but on a long trip, my wife wants to ride in the RAV4. She says the passenger seat is much more comfortable. Ride is firm which adds to the controllability. The noise level on the highway is almost always too loud. I'm hoping the new Michelin tires that I plan to get at the end of October make it quieter"

Anonymous, NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Agile, quick steering, easy handling around town. Excellent visibility. Good Interstate ride and fuel economy. A bit of a stiff ride on rough roads."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Perfect seat. Not a bucket seat. No cupping of the back. Good for back and movement Adjusts well"

Joanne U., CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Leather seats. Has great lumbar support. I have back problems and in my other cars I have to put a lumbar foam bar to prevent back pain. I've never needed it in the Forester (and I just completed a 4000 cross country road trip). The noise level is average. The ride is very smooth. I like that the rear view mirror shows a good view of the rear (many cars have a limited angle of view). The one downside is that the rearview mirror has autodimming capabilities for night driving, and this malfunctions often - I have to jiggle the wires to get it to work. The adaptive cruise control is fantastic. In the past I was always stressed out while driving in heavy traffic on the highways. Now it handles the acceleration/deceleration for me. As is to be expected, it is not 100% reliable, and so there is a slightly larger mental burden on me to pay attention than with the "dumb" cruise control of older cars - I would not recommend it to someone new to cruise control. My one wish is that it have an option to switch to the "dumb" cruise control with a button. As it is, you either get adaptive or no cruise control. The other safety warnings (lane drift and collision) are helpful. They give a lot of false alarms, but I think they've done a good job alerting me a few times of a legitimate problem."

Anonymous, OR (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Seats are somewhat too firm and ride is choppy. Not the best combination for a long trip."

William G., TN (2015 Subaru Forester)

"While not plush, the seating throughout the car is comfortable enough to make long distance drives easy. The noise level — both road and engine — could be better, but it's no worse than I expected."

Anonymous, ON (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I enjoy the heated leather seats in my Forester. The ride is fine but road noise is loud."

Patricia G., ME (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Seats are very comfortable. But car is noisy. I hear air noise all the time in the car, so it is NOT a quiet car."

Deborah C., MT (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The comfort of the seats and the vehicles ride are satisfactory, but not exceptional. The vehicle is not particularly quiet, but it is probably as quiet as other vehicles in this price range."

Mark S., OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"My only complaint about the Forester is the stiffness of the suspension. The 2007 is VERY comfortable ride. The 2015 is very stiff and rough. I rented a 2017 Forester on a recent week long trip and its suspension was even more comfortable than the 2007. The dealer has no explanation for the difference."

Anonymous, WA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Excellent seats. Quiet ride."

David C., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Rides high - excellent visibility - minimal road noise - good lumbar support"

Anthony F., IN (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Ride is very stiff, feel every bump"

Jerry M., MI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The front bucket seats are ample for most people and the ceiling height allows room for tall people. The ride is stiff and jarring on rough roads but has improved a bit with new tires."

John A., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)


Anonymous, NC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The seats are very comfortable; but the Forester rides rough. Noise from engine on acceleration is loud."

Ronald J., MS (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I like this vehicle a lot, but it's very noisy. We live on a gravel road that is very dusty in summer and we get a lot of dust and noise infiltration."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Noisy ride, tire noise is loud"

James I., OK (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I bought the Subaru over Honda and Toyota because of ease of access and greater leg room. Have been quite satisfied except for durability of the center armrest cover - although a frisky Labrador Retriever hasn't helped that situation."

David Y., NC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"engine noise and road noise"

Anonymous, OR (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Seats very comfortable. Ride is very rough on city street with potholes."

Anonymous, QC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Comfortable seats for trips."

Joseph R., VA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Don't get me wrong, I love this car. The problem is I have a bad disc in my neck, and the ride is very stiff. If the roads in Louisiana were better, it wouldn't be a problem."

Richard P., LA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"On drives more than 2hrs. Drivers seat is uncomfortable and as I am 6' tall the seat is too small!"

John O., NC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I live on a gravel road and the vehicle glides softly over the rough surface and the four wheel drive is very secure when cornering"

Myles M., QC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Seats are not as comfortable as I would like. Tiny holes in the seats catch tiny items that are hard to get out when cleaning. The car is noisier than I expected for the price."

Anonymous, IN (2015 Subaru Forester)

"the front seats are comfortable even on long drives and without added cushions. too much road noise."

Tom J., NC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"For a small SUV it has a good ride quality. Seats are firm and comfortable. Noise level is good (on the quiet side)."

Anonymous, MN (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Seats are very comfortable and cabin is roomy especially given my size (6'4" 300lbs). Road noise is my biggest complaint especially while listening to the sound system and while on the highway."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The seat is easily moved up high enough so I can see out. The seat's high position is the main reason I chose this model."

Anonymous, WA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I'm able to drive long distances without becoming sore because the seats and ride are very comfortable."

Tom H., SD (2015 Subaru Forester)

"the front seats aren't real comfortable"

Anonymous, OR (2015 Subaru Forester)

"It is a very nice ride and generally very quiet. I have had problems with minor rattles some of which the dealer rectified."

Anonymous, WI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Seats are uncomfortable. I had to buy seat cushions for it."

Anonymous, IL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Some road surfaces cabin noise is very uncomfortable"

Anonymous, WA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Front seats do not provide adequate lateral support because one sits on them rather than in them."

Jim C., CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The seats are good, ride is somewhat bumpy. The noise is the worst part!"

Anonymous, LA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Heated seats are awesome. Love that I can adjust seat height. Very quiet tide."

Anonymous, OR (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very comfortable seating front and back. Wish the car were quieter."

Ted A., ME (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The fabric seats are very stiff and feel uncomfortable on long trips. Needs more cushioning. They do provide some back support due to that stiffness however."

Nick M., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Overall comfortable. The ride is okay a bit jerky Noise is not bad and the seats are good. Good seat adjustments in front."

Glenn H., OK (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Seats in the base model are good but not as good as in older models, for example, no lumbar adjustment. Road noise is significant but usually not a real problem."

Charles R., QC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The seats are overall comfortable, though they are not comfortable for taller people (the seat doesn't get close enough to their knees.). The cabin is quieter than my old (1998) Civic, but it is still noisier than I'd prefer."

Anonymous, WI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"A squeaky noise from the trunk area due to a loose plastic panel. It's mostly fixed now."

Anonymous, ON (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Rough ride, feel any road imperfections, road noise, wind noise."

Richard R., PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"high noise level on any road surface other than smooth asphalt"

Walter S., MA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Seats are very hard and uncomfortable. The vehicle is noisy and it is hard to hear at highway speeds."

Anonymous, VA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The driver seat for me is uncomfortable, the part you sit on. The driver seat on my VW Beetle was much more comfortable."

Robert F., VA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Cramped seats, noisy, clunky ride."

Patrick M., WI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Car is noisy inside. Sometimes I have to turn the volume on the radio or a CD way up to hear the softer bits. Seats are comfortable and I love the seat warmers. Ride is a bit bumpy and suspension is a bit stiff but those are not issues for me."

Anonymous, MD (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Seats are very comfortable and easy to adjust."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The seats feels a little short. I would like more support on the back of my legs and on the small of my back."

Joan M., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"It's not the most comfortable car I've ever owned, but it's steady and reliable. Lots of legroom in the back seat, but three adults get cramped on longer trips. good driving position, although the door armrest os too high, and there's no armrest at all on the opposite side."

Barry E., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"My wife loves the high front driver's seat and the visibility. I would NEVER buy another Forester because the rear liftgate does not go up high enough for me to avoid hitting my head on it. At full lift it is just above my eye level, so I don't see it as I bump into it. I'm just hoping it doesn't kill me before we get rid of the vehicle."

Anonymous, VA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The fabric of the seats stains badly at the drop of a hat and feels very cheap relative to such an expensive sale price of the car."

Peter B., WI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Seats are comfortable but the ride is jittery due to the small wheelbase."

Anonymous, MD (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I drive long distances at times and would appreciate seats that are more comfortable. For trips 60-80km seats are OK Could be quieter. Seems to be a lot of road and wind noise."

Anonymous, NS (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The Forester has a very rough ride. You feel every imperfection, bump, crack and pothole. After a day's drive you feel like you have just gone through an hour in a clothes dryer. And the rattles and shakes in the interior are very annoying."

Anonymous, MN (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Long periods of driving we both get fanny fatigue, back aches and not enough comfort control of seat."

Anonymous, SC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The ride is very comfortable and the driver seat is very adjustable and comfortable"

Thomas P., PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very noisy with a lot of wind noise while driving. poor sound insulation"

Anonymous, NJ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Noisy, uncomfortable seats,"

Anonymous, OK (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Disappointed with the way it ride Seats not as comfortable as I would like"

William G., VA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Noise level when driving higher than desired, noted newer models have had this addressed"

Allan F., BC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very comfortable seating, easy to get in and out"

Anonymous, TN (2015 Subaru Forester)

"More tire/road noise than I expected"

Dale R., OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Firm, supportive seats. I like the power driver's seat, although I wish I could lift the knee portion of the seat higher."

Mark F., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Road noise too loud"

Anonymous, AZ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Comfortable seats. Low noise"

Anonymous, GA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"mild lower back pain on longer driving rides(one hour plus)"

Anonymous, NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Ride noise is not as quiet as I would like."

John R., FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Driver's seat adjustability is excellent and when combined with steering wheel adjustability makes for a much more comfortable driving experience."

Candice S., FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"An excellent ride all around - comfortable for long-distance driving, low noise level, excellent, firm ride."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Ride is a bit choppy and it's bit noisy but not a problem"

Anonymous, MA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"seats are good on long trips"

Anonymous, FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Vehicle is high; good visibility of traffic and surroundings."

Anonymous, OR (2015 Subaru Forester)

"very stiff ride"

Anonymous, NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"leather seats andpower adjust are excellent. There is some wind noise, but not that bad. The ride is busy and also harsh, feeling every bit of broken surface"

Anonymous, CT (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I'm relatively short, so the thigh support is a bit too much for me. On my 2002 I had a control know where I could lower the thigh support area, but that doesn't exist on the 2015, so I have had to buy seat cushions. which works OK, but not great."

Anonymous, AZ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Seats great. Like seat warmer. Ride a bit rough."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The car is fairly noisy on the Hwy."

Anonymous, BC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Mine has a manual transmission and the shift is located to far back. Very awkward. All of my other vehicles are manual transmission also."

Paul B., OK (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The seats are very comfortable for both the passenger and driver. We like the head pads as they do not force your head forward like others we tried. Noise is a little louder that I would like. It is a little stiff in the ride but not unacceptable."

Anonymous, MT (2015 Subaru Forester)

"This care FITS me. I am not a tall nor large person,, and this car just FITS. Neither too big nor small, not difficult to handle, easy to drive, I feel as though I am a part of the vehicle."

Anonymous, GA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Firm ride and noticeable cabin noise. Like the seat height for getting in with seniors, great visibility. Handles well."

Douglas M., ON (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Bad: The road noise is loud; there is a constant rattle from the dashboard area; the driver's window rattles; the headrests hit the back of my head and cannot be adjusted to make them comfortable. Good: Seats are comfortable; plenty of legroom."

Anonymous, IL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Seat adjustment, heating, and controls work well and are easy to use. Small backup camera (as compared to 2018 model.) Ride is comfortable except can be harsh on bumpy roads."

Anonymous, PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"VERY comfortable seats on long drives from CT to FL. Better ride than other small SUV's."

Anonymous, CT (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Interiors very comfortable would be nice if passenger side had the same seat controls as driver side I do notice that this sometimes feels like a truck when I hit a speed bump or small pothole. doesn't absorb shock as well as I'd like"

Anonymous, WA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Noisy road noise."

Jim S., WA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Road noise could be reduced with a little more insulation, etc"

Allan A., OR (2015 Subaru Forester)

"We wish the front passenger seat had power seats."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I like the driver seat height"

Michelle S., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I feel like I'm jostled about every time I hit a slight rise in the road (and our roads are quite bumpy)"

Anonymous, MA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I bought this car to use on road trips. It is really comfortable for local driving but especially for long trips. The seats offer support and cushioning."

Anonymous, PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I like how easy it is for me to get in and out of this car. The seats are comfortable for long drives (3 hours or more). My arms and back are comfortable."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The driving position is very good and the power control for the driver's seat works very well. The back seat is particularly roomy and comfortable."

Stephen H., MN (2015 Subaru Forester)

"ride is firm as expected. OK Road noise is above average. Biggest gripe is road noise"

Gary K., PA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Rides like a truck at times."

Anonymous, NJ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Seating is very comfortable. Wind noise from roof rails is noticeable. Road noise is a bit loud at times."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Should have gotten power seat for the passenger side front seat. Love the heated seats."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The car is somewhat noiser than we would like. Road noise car be intrusive"

Anonymous, MA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Seat height makes it easy to get in and out. Also seats are fully adjustable, and are comfortable. Noise levels, while not zero, are acceptably low, especially for a high profile vehicle like this."

Anonymous, ON (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Noise from outside.....too noisy"

Mary B., IN (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I like the like the light color of the cloth seats that are cool in summer and warm in winter (have seat warmer which I like more than I thought I would) They are firm yet comfortable and have a small amount of back support. This could be increased as I need it more."

Anonymous, UT (2015 Subaru Forester)

"While I love my Forester, and would buy one again (Actually I did buy the same model 3 years newer) it is noisy."

Robert O., NC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Seats not as comfortable as 2004 Forester I had. Ride is a little harsh. I am used to Ford Expedition with a nice highway ride."

Anonymous, CO (2015 Subaru Forester)

"very good visibility and ability to adjust seating"

Anonymous, ME (2015 Subaru Forester)

"VERY uncomfortable seats which are too firm. Ride is very bumpy, uncomfortable, and I feel exhausted after a long drive from the hard, bumpy ride and hard seats. The noise level could be much better."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"no arm rest for driver and the seat is uncomfortable for long rides"

Anonymous, AB (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very good ride and handling, supportive comfortable seats for this type of vehicle in this price range."

Gary M., NS (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The noise level is to high for us, and the audio tone is too bassy, even when set for minimum bass."

Ray L., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Seat comfort is great, particularly with power adjustments. Back seats have lots of leg room. Car is quite quiet inside. Ride is comfortable."

David H., MN (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The seats are definitely not the most comfortable-especially when making a long drive. I usually need to bring a pillow to sit on to make them more comfortable"

Irwin D., FL (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Bumpy ride"

Arthur F., NE (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Excellent ride and handling; minimal noise intrusion."

W J., NC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"To much wind and tire noise"

Perry B., MD (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Ride noise could be better, a little noisy."

V G., OR (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Very roomy for passengers and extras. Good range of adjustments for driver comfort with power seats."

Jerry P., WA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"1.I wish there was a lumbar control. currently I often use a small towel to give me a litle more lumbar support. 2. Because I'm very short, the headrest hits me too high in the head and makes my head lean forward, which is not very comfortable. I can't lower it any further."

Virginia J., AZ (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The seats are comfortable, but difficult to get adjusted. When I have the length right to sit back comfortably, my knees sometimes hit the steering wheel. There is noticeable road noise but significantly less than my honda civic."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Front passenger seat lacks lumbar support, so is not as comfortable as the drivers seat."

Anonymous, RI (2015 Subaru Forester)

"very comfortable front seats and easy for me (76YRS) TO GET INTO; SMOOTH RIDE; SOME WIND AND ROAD NOISE"

Anonymous, NC (2015 Subaru Forester)

"34 mpg hwy, comfort, vision"

John D., CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"I have a high end model. It has to much road noise at speed. Bought quiet tires and that helped a little. Also, the steering wheel cover has deteriorated and the radio takes several seconds to turn on. Minor complaints. On long trips the seats could could provide more leg support."

James H., TX (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Comfortable seats and reasonable quiet ride."

Michael B., NY (2015 Subaru Forester)

"the ride is smooth but get some road noise .seats are comfortable but have to set close to the steering wheel cause of my short legs."

Anonymous, ID (2015 Subaru Forester)

"the A/C has 4 settings the highest is very noisy to the point of headaches but the next lower setting doesn't cool the car effectively."

Kevin P., CA (2015 Subaru Forester)

"Our Forester is noticeably quieter than our crosstrek"

Anonymous, MN (2015 Subaru Forester)

"The door-arm rest is uncomfortable - it could use a bit more padding."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Subaru Forester)