Tesla Model X

With its lineup of electric vehicles, Tesla is an unconventional company that thrives on throwing normality out the window. And while breaking the mold can benefit consumers, the benefit is questionable if it goes too far. And that, pretty much, sums up the Model X SUV. Filled with enough gee-whiz gizmos to give William Gibson a thrill, the X seemingly sacrifices practicality and pragmatism for the purpose of showboating.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"For a heavy car, the Tesla handles quite well, and the acceleration is simply unbelievably fast for such a big car!"

Charles P., WA (2018 Tesla Model X)

"Quick and responsive steering. Instant acceleration to avoid dangerous situations."

Anonymous, ON (2018 Tesla Model X)

"Acceleration is exceptional, an actual thrill and extremely useful when needed such as overtaking on two lane country roads. Handling is precise and sure footed even in winter conditions. Extremely low rolling tendency due to low center of gravity."

Michael E., CT (2018 Tesla Model X)

"Tesla's have a strong and responsive acceleration. There is no lag similar to gasoline engines. The driving feel is completely different with a greater sense of control."

D B., DC (2018 Tesla Model X)

"I have the standard performance (not the "P") model, but the acceleration is amazing, handles well for a car if it's size. It has a low center of gravity, so it corners very well. It seats 5 very comfortably. 7 is a little tight for the second and third row, or very tight for the third row. With the second and third row folded flat it can haul a lot of cargo. Ample trunk space below the cargo floor and in the front trunk. An amazing vehicle."

David T., MN (2018 Tesla Model X)

"It is very quick"

Anonymous, FL (2018 Tesla Model X)

"It accelerates immediately and quickly when asked It can also go very slowly when needed It is very responsive: turns tightly, changes lanes based on my signals It is easy to slow down with little or no use of brake"

Anonymous, TX (2018 Tesla Model X)

"It is very very fast when I need it to be. I have great confidence in the vehicle handling, and it is very nice to drive on the freeways."

Craig C., MD (2018 Tesla Model X)

"The drive is FANTASTIC in every way! The handling is great. The accelerating has instant torque, obviously. It is like a supercomputer on wheels as far as everything else goes. It is the MOST FANTASTIC automobile I have ever driven BY FAR!! And I have owned almost all luxury brands over my 45 years of driving. Driving has become a real joy and FUN!! It is a really FANTASTIC CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Anonymous, FL (2018 Tesla Model X)

"acceleration. handling"

Anonymous, VA (2018 Tesla Model X)


Anonymous, CT (2018 Tesla Model X)

"Nothing it’s amazing"

Anonymous, CO (2018 Tesla Model X)

"The acceleration is simply amazing and no other can compare. For a relatively large car it handles very well."

Anonymous, VA (2018 Tesla Model X)

"Car drives much like the model s. Handles well. Very fast and maneuverable for size"

Xuong L., PA (2018 Tesla Model X)

"Fast and steady"

Anonymous, IN (2018 Tesla Model X)

"Unbelievably fast, clean-power acceleration. 2.9sec 0-60. Makes it seem like other cars are standing still."

Gabriel W., NY (2018 Tesla Model X)

"Responsiveness is instant, there is no lag when you press the accelerator. At any speed it moves very quickly to whatever speed you wish - sometimes so fast I find myself going faster than I should."

Gordon B., TN (2018 Tesla Model X)

"Instant acceleration. Handles smoothly."

Anonymous, GA (2018 Tesla Model X)

"Its a WOW, acceleration is stunning. But even more, the autopilot has saved our lives, breaking in situations before we could react."

Susan L., CO (2018 Tesla Model X)

"The acceleration and handeling are like nothing else manufactured. An absolutely amazing experience!!!"

Robert K., FL (2018 Tesla Model X)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"It is a very quiet car with exceptionally comfortable seats The gull wing doors are a little strange but I am sure we will get used to them"

David M., CA (2018 Tesla Model X)

"The car is very roomy. The seats are comfortable and the ride is smooth."

Xuong L., PA (2018 Tesla Model X)

"The Interior of the Model X is wonderful. There is enough room so you are not cramped into a small space. The Seats are extremely comfortable and provide safety features. Interior noise is minimized which makes the driving experience more comfortable."

D B., DC (2018 Tesla Model X)

"It is quiet, cools well with great visiability"

Susan L., CO (2018 Tesla Model X)

"Driver's seat has multiple adjustments, each seat is set for a different driver, so if I drive it will go to my settings and not my husbands. It is comfortable quiet. The passenger seats could be a bit more comfortable."

Anonymous, CA (2018 Tesla Model X)

"quite simple the most comfortable car I've ever sat in! Both seats and ride are simply amazing"

Charles P., WA (2018 Tesla Model X)

"The Tesla Model X has OUTSTANDING seats, rise, comfort, and it is the quietest car that I have ever driven!!"

Anonymous, FL (2018 Tesla Model X)

"The overall feel of being in the Tesla Model X is different from any other vehicle we have driven. The seats are very comfortable. Due to the electric motor, road noise is very low."

Anonymous, VA (2018 Tesla Model X)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"I don't really know what one can expect for a $100,000 car. This makes it kind of a tough call."

Matthew P., WA (2018 Tesla Model X)

"I fully admit that I paid a ton of money for the Model X, but it is currently the only all-electric car you can buy that is rated for towing. I wish it didn't have the falcon-wing doors or any of a dozen other "luxury" features, but it is what it is - an awesome machine that delivers on the promise of usable long-range electric transportation. I expect to be towing a camping trailer around the USA with the Model X for a long time to come."

Bruce J., WI (2018 Tesla Model X)

"Though initial purchase price is relatively high, there is almost no maintenance cost and energy cost is about 1/3 of the cost of gasoline for my previous car."

Michael E., CT (2018 Tesla Model X)

"We viewed paying the higher price as an investment in the company's mission to show the world that clean transport is possible, so we are pleased at the decision. We look forward to seeing the Model X or its follow-on version being less expensive."

E H., CA (2018 Tesla Model X)

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