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Toyota RAV4 2013 4-door SUV
Trim Shown: EV
The fourth-generation RAV4 offers just one powertrain, a 2.5-liter four-cylinder and six-speed automatic. This smooth and responsive combo got 24 mpg overall in our tests of the AWD version. The new RAV4 handles nimbly and is very secure, with a firm and well-controlled ride. Inside the cabin are clear, intuitive controls and some upgraded materials. But a number of cheap details are still apparent. Access is very easy and the rear seat is roomy. A rear-view camera is standard. A top-hinged rear hatch has replaced the clunky side-swinging door. The Limited trim features a power liftgate. A front-drive electric version with a 103-mile range is available in some markets.

See Reliability page for the latest 2013 Toyota RAV4 recalls.

Safety Equipment

ABS available; standard from 2004. ESC standard from 2004. Side and head protection air bags available from 2004, standard from 2007.

Road Test

The 2013 RAV4 redesign eliminated the awkward side-hinged rear gate and replaced it with a more convenient top-hinged hatch. The spare tire was also moved off the rear gate to reside in a well beneath the cargo floor, which was previously occupied by...


  • Very practical, with good rear-seat and cargo room
  • Fuel-efficient


  • Ride may be overly firm
  • Cabin is not very quiet

Best Version to Get

The XLE is the best overall value. All RAV4s get a backup camera and the XLE includes standard automatic climate control and a power sunroof. A power driver seat might remedy some complaints about comfort, but you can get one only on the top-level Limited trim. That bumps the price about $2,500...


2 front, 3 rear
Drive Wheels
AWD , Front

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Body Styles
4-door SUV
Transmissions Available
  • 6-speed Automatic
Engines Available
  • 2.5-liter 4 (176 hp)