Tacoma is a workhorse, but a poor choice as an everyday passenger vehicle, although it has a fairly refined and efficient powertrain, competent brakes and reasonable fuel economy. With the off-road-oriented suspension and tires, it's also one of the best off-road vehicles we've experienced. The downside is a poor ride and clumsy handling. A tip-up in a government rollover test is cause for concern.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"It is a little under powered at times."

JAMES L., MO (2004 Toyota Tacoma)

"It's a 4 cylinder and as a result is slow to accelerate but i am used to it by now"

TIMOTHY E., NJ (2004 Toyota Tacoma)

"The Toyota was an economy vehichle with an economy ride. Sometimes chatters over rough roads and rides stiff."

WALTER S., PR (2004 Toyota Tacoma)

"Turning radius is pretty large making which makes low-speed maneuvering some what clumsy'"

AUBREY H., OK (2004 Toyota Tacoma)

"Love the V-6 power and only wish I had gotten 4 wheel drive also. Disappointed that rust is becoming more prevelant and paint is fading. Windows and locks are starting to act up also."

DAVID M., HI (2004 Toyota Tacoma)

"Good acceleration, but poor clutch action and clumsy handling. very reliable."

PAT B., CA (2004 Toyota Tacoma)

"the differential lock has really come in handy in serious backroad driving or weather- 4 wheel without the hassel"

Anonymous, AZ (2004 Toyota Tacoma)

"Seems a bit underpowered for double cab"

JAMES G., CO (2004 Toyota Tacoma)

"I added a camper to the truck so the miles per gallon is less than when empty. I would get more like 24 miles per gallon without the camper."

GEORGE C., CA (2004 Toyota Tacoma)

"It rides rough, and is a bit uncomfortable on long rides."

Anonymous, BC (2004 Toyota Tacoma)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"It rides like a truck"

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota Tacoma)

"12 years later. Too many things are behind the driver and must reach backward to obtain. Front console is too low so driver must take eyes off of the road to see the speedometer, ."

Anonymous, TX (2004 Toyota Tacoma)

"The driver's side arm rest is not located where it would be more useful to me. On long trips it's a problem. Other than that I love this vehicle!"

EMMETT F., OR (2004 Toyota Tacoma)

"With the AC fan on high, it is noticeably loud."

JOHN M., FL (2004 Toyota Tacoma)

"uncomfortable driving position. I do not have cruse control. I have a base truck and the rear end is light weight and will spin rear wheels very easily on wet pavement."

JERRY R., KY (2004 Toyota Tacoma)

"Current very hot weather shows limitation of the Air Condition cooling ability."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota Tacoma)

"The cab is small and at times feels tight. Some wind noise can be heard but overall happy with vehicle"

TIMOTHY E., NJ (2004 Toyota Tacoma)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"As a contractor it carried the weight and had good towing ability"

JOHN P., CA (2004 Toyota Tacoma)


ROBERT O., FL (2004 Toyota Tacoma)

"Quality feel and reliability"

DAVID B., NV (2004 Toyota Tacoma)

"This pickup is not particularly powerful (it's a 4 cylinder) and drags a bit when going uphill, but it's never had a serious problem that has cost me significant money in the 12 years I've owned it (it has just over 100,000 miles on it). And the gas mileage is pretty fair at 25 miles per gallon. It's just a regular cab and doesn't have many bells or whistles (which I didn't want), but it has been a steady and consistent performer."

Anonymous, WA (2004 Toyota Tacoma)

"We live in Anchorage, AK, 3 miles off pavement. This vehicle gets me where I need to go in any conditions. It's been extremely reliable with decent maintenance. I can push through snow because it's high off the ground and has good power. I carry gear and garbage on a regular basis and it is large enough to handle most cargos. It's a truck, so is not a machine built for comfort, but I accept that based on its other virtues. I do wish that it got better mileage."

Anonymous, AK (2004 Toyota Tacoma)

"Unassailable reliability. I have spent virtually nothing on this truck other than normal wear and tear (about 2500. Beyond normal wear and tear)"

RONALD R., OH (2004 Toyota Tacoma)

"gas milage below expectations. Time clock hard to see."

RONALD B., FL (2004 Toyota Tacoma)

"It's a truck and does truck stuff well."

TOM P., CA (2004 Toyota Tacoma)

"It has been very reliable."

Anonymous, SC (2004 Toyota Tacoma)

"very reliable; however, I hadn't thought about the height of the tailgate. It's 30" where loading docks are 24, so every time I need to put things in the back I need to strain my back."

ANDREW L., CA (2004 Toyota Tacoma)


VICTOR T., TN (2004 Toyota Tacoma)

"No frills, just good transportation for the cost."

JOHN I., AZ (2004 Toyota Tacoma)

"Small pickup, original cost ~$14,000, excellent fuel economy (5-speed manual, smallest 4 cylinder engine), reliable. Noisy above 60 mph, not suitable for long-distance travel, great around town (more than 27 mpg in the summer)."

Anonymous, NM (2004 Toyota Tacoma)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Truck is holding a good resale value. Looks are not outdated."

GLENN G., NM (2004 Toyota Tacoma)

"Classy spoke wheels, spoiler, ground effects package never go out of style. And yeah- it's a convertible too."

LEWIS W., VA (2004 Toyota Tacoma)

"I had an accident which is why I said trouble with body & styling."

JOSEPH S., CA (2004 Toyota Tacoma)

"The dash clock is located behind the washer arm, cannot see it without leaning/bending over. It should have been located over farther on dash."

KIM H., PA (2004 Toyota Tacoma)

"looks,hauling ability,kept value amazingly,performance,reliable"

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota Tacoma)

"Not too big and small enough to make manuevering easy. Newer trucks are getting to large which makes parking harder."

DAVID M., HI (2004 Toyota Tacoma)

Would you buy this car again?

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