While full-sized pickup trucks increasingly adopt luxury trappings, compact trucks remain utilitarian workhorses. The Tacoma is a down-and-dirty example of function trumping form. The Tacoma is the perfect truck for landscapers and contractors. This beast of burden has a tough-as-nails chassis and a durable composite­ plastic bed. For off-roading adventures, the capable Tacoma has few peers.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"The ride comfort is excellent and surprised. I drive full-size trucks and have owned Tacomas in the past. This 2018 Off Road is very impressive so far."

Michael B., PA (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"Steering seams a little stiff and requires more effort than my 2013 Tundra."

Anonymous, MI (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"Low-end torque is not as strong as I would like. Toyota could improve the fuel delivery or throttle programming to improve this when shifting into 4th gear."

Gregory W., GA (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"Transmission is sometimes jerky in that it jumps into a lower gear with the slightest touch of the accelerator."

Nicholas D., NV (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"The transmission timing is poor. Seems to be slow to accelerate and shift. Surely Toyota could have done a better job on this basic function."

Fred C., TX (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"Our third Tacoma Sport V6 in the past 6 years. Each has been rough riding and in need of disc brakes on rear axle. The 2018 with the different engine suffers strange shifting characteristics and rough engine operation under slow cruising speeds. Don’t like these characteristics but live with them because the vehicle is just the right one for our needs."

Anonymous, OR (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"Great acceleration and handling. Much improved over 2014 Tacoma."

Ted P., VA (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"Great acceleration and handling. 4WD and manual transmission are great in the snow. I tach to about 3500/4000 RPM and still get 20 MPG average on a tank of gas."

Brad B., WI (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"Very comfortable on macadam roads; not so much on concrete ones."

Jim O., HI (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"On the highway...Transmission seemed much better on my 2015. Stays in gear too long before changing Tach goes up to 3000 grand at times before shifting. Acceleration is not great. Not smooth. Shifts ok in city driving"

Anonymous, OH (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"Acceleration is mediocre. Handling seems unstable at times"

Anonymous, NV (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"Handles well in traffic. The safety features are very good!"

Mike N., FL (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"Very controllable"

Anonymous, MD (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"The engine seems like its digital?? Meaning when you go to accelerate the motor doesn't ramp up very much until you get to full depression!! meaning it kicks into overdrive and takes off like a rocket?? People (I live in a college town) think I'm trying to race them when all I'm really trying to do is accelerate enough to get far enough infront of side cars to switch lanes. Also for a much newer truck than my last ( 2009 Ford Truck) that got 23 mph on the highway this one only gets 20 mph and 13 in the city (the ford got 14???)"

Anonymous, TX (2018 Toyota Tacoma)


T G., FL (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"Unsatisfied with the startup pedal on the Tacoma. It is a bit sluggish on startup; i.e. pulling out into traffic or onto a highway. When you step on the pedal, it actually feels sluggish for about 3 seconds before it actually starts to kick in. I've read about this issue in the car rags and they speak of the same issue with the Tacoma's. Where'as the Chevy Colorado (the Tacoma's closest competition) has a very strong pedal all around and, surprisingly, slightly better gas mileage than the Tacoma! If it wasn't for the better trade-in values for Toyota's, I very well might have tried something else this time. FYI, I had a 2010 Tacoma before the current 2018 purchase, but lost that vehicle to storm damage!!"

Anonymous, MA (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"The new style transmission compared to my 2015 is prohibits acceleration to an extent. Vehicle moves through multiple gearing to often."

Lebarron D., NY (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"It drives great. Drives like a truck, which is what I want. CR's rating system appears to want everything to drive like a car."

Anonymous, IN (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"Very good acceleration. Rides like a truck due to the off road suspension (I got what I expected). Controls are laid out well and easy to access. I give this truck my highest marks for off road driving with good ground clearance, locking differentials and the Smart Trac assistance. My biggest criticism is that the the transmission spends too much time in 4th gear when ever the cruse control is engaged. It jumps from 6th to 4th on any small incline and wants to stay in 4th until I tap the accelerator. With 278 horsepower this should not happen. When not using the cruse control the transmission functions fine."

John M., NE (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"Responds very quickly and easy to drive"

Anonymous, FL (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"Terrible gas mileage. Reverse is next to first gear which is dangerous and frustrating."

Matthew W., NY (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"Transmission programming still has work to do"

Jon K., MN (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"Very cohesive. Feels like a very solid vehicle."

Jim L., KY (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"The 4 cyl. Does not accelerate as quickly as I would like. Should have bought the 6 cyl."

Joe D., TX (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"shifts to often"

Larry P., WI (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"I have the 6 speed auto and I don't care for how it shifts while accelerating. It doesn't accelerate continuously, but downshifts. I have a towing package and maybe there's not a good balance of speed and torque. Otherwise very happy with all other aspects."

Anonymous, NH (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"This truck has a very solid feel when driving in mountains with lots of curves. It seems to downshift more than I think it should when in cruise control."

Allen V., CA (2018 Toyota Tacoma)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Front passenger seat hard and not very comfortable."

Anonymous, FL (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"Leather seats could be more comfortable"

G C., CT (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"Smooth, quiet and I love the height of the truck"

Anonymous, MD (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"its noisy and shifts to often"

Larry P., WI (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"Seats are rather spartan and not that cushioned. Also, floors in the truck are high which adds to the lower comfort level."

Sarah L., ME (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"Toyota still needs to put in an up and down adjustment for the driver's seat. Head rests are odd and a little uncomfortable. Its a truck so it runs and drives like a pickup which is why I purchased it."

Anonymous, CA (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"Seats could be more comfortable, but their better than our 2011 model."

Anonymous, WA (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"Great mid sized truck. Rides decent for a leaf spring truck. Noise is not a problem-it's a truck not a Lexus."

Anonymous, OH (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"Quiet ride compared to previous 2014 model. Seats should be made better. Smooth ride. Great acceleration. Great gas mileage."

Ted P., VA (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"Seats could offer better support for legs. I have added a thick memory foam cushion for this."

Mark F., TX (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"more improved over previous tacoma"

Anonymous, BC (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"They changed the console which increased space from the 2016 to 2018. My leg would rub against it in passenger seat. Also the space seem to have increased in the driver seat to. It's mush more comfortable."

Dennis K., NY (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"Stiff uncomfortable seats"

Anonymous, KS (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"comfort. little noise"

T G., FL (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"Need power seats and softer material."

Anonymous, MI (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"ride is remarkably comfortable, is very quiet and the noise level from outside is minimal."

Kerry R., TN (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"I have the commercial trim level. Seats very comfortable. Noise and ride are excellent. A great vehicle. Your ratings of the Tacoma, which are low, are way off - making me lose confidence in your vehicle rating system."

Anonymous, IN (2018 Toyota Tacoma)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"I think the Tocoma is the greatest value for my money"

Donald L., IA (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"I ordered my Tacoma Sport 4X4 with a manual transmission and the Premium/Tech package. Lots of features at a great price."

Brad B., WI (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"A bit expensive, but trucks are in high demand. I just enjoy every aspect of the Tacoma I have."

Michael B., PA (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"Luxury features like six way adjustable seats are missing"

Anonymous, KS (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"It holds it value over the years"

Calvin W., TX (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"Still a good, tough, capable truck with manual transmission and safety features, but not too many bells and whistles that can break."

Gregory W., GA (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"Great value for a standard truck with great ground clearance and great mileage."

Bob M., AZ (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"I thought it was priced well for this size of truck"

Paul D., GA (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"In my opinion, the SR5 trim is the best bang for the buck! It has everything I need without the added cost of the TRD trim. Excellent residual value and good fuel efficiency just add to the benefits of the Toyota Tacoma."

Jason S., NL (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"The features and reliability of the vehicle."

Anonymous, FL (2018 Toyota Tacoma)


Jim L., KY (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"value is although you pay more than other similar trucks, you get it back at selling or trading in time"

Anonymous, NS (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"Paid much less for this vehicle than I would have for a comparable Chevy or Ford"

Mary S., FL (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"For the cost (40 thousand +) Their is no power seat option, The key-less entry only works on the drivers side. The Audio, power windows ect stop working the second you push stop (turn off engine)instead of waiting for the door to open or 10 min which ever comes 1st. The GPS wont let you input data (like nearest fast food) unless you are stopped (hate that the most!!)"

Anonymous, TX (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"Excellent value here. This is my 2nd Tacoma. Many friends and relatives have had many Tacomas. Quite reliable vehicle that turns high mileage with minimum maintainence."

David R., MA (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"I bought my Toyota Tacoma because of its reputation on reliability, durability, and resell value. Having made this purchase I know that I will have a reliable truck for many years to come."

Guillermo A., FL (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"Resale value is great. I bought a four wheel drive vehicle, that will actually fit in my drive. Fit and finish are above average."

Anonymous, OH (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"A solid product with better than expected gas milage but Two safety features are not working. Thought there was blind spot system but there wasn’t. Wasn’t given the window sticker (point of sale item) until theee weeks after I bought the Tacoma. Title not done correctly."

Anonymous, NY (2018 Toyota Tacoma)

"A basic, well made truck at a reasonable price. The 2018 model now has many safety features, which seem to work quite well."

Daniel B., CA (2018 Toyota Tacoma)
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