This version of the Tacoma shed some of its workaday roots with powertrain, steering system, and interior trim improvements. Fuel economy is quite competitive among pickup trucks, and handling is secure. However, the ride is not altogether comfortable and the driving position is not ideal. Payload capacity is relatively small.
There are 10 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Cruise control works very well. Also drives nice with smooth acceleration and handling"

Cheryl T., NC (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Easy to handle and plenty of power."

Lois R., WA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"I'm not sure why CR has given the Tacoma negative ratings, it's about the best vehicle I've ever owned. The reliability is outstanding, pretty much just changed the oil and done the recommended basic services plus brake pads and new tires. The ride is good, and am satisfied with all aspects of it's performance."

Dave B., CA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"this truck is a little work horse."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"There is always a funny growl sound in the transmission. The pulsing cherp in the brakes has never been resolved for 12 years. Has good acceleration on dry pavement in a straight line only."

Maia S., AZ (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Love the body style and the truck drives great!"

Kristi W., TN (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Acceleration is slow. Truck is underpowered with this engine."

Anonymous, PA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"4.0 L engine has good power for a 6 cylinder."

Anonymous, ON (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Reliability. Has NEVER let me down!"

Daniel B., CA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Handling and acceleration is great for this truck but turning radius is horrible."

Omar G., FL (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"I love my car! Toyota has always made a car that is solid and handles well. The 4 cyl engine is a non-issue when it comes to acceleration."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Overall car makes me feel safe. As long as I keep up with Manufacturers required maintenance like oil changes, the car runs great."

BARBARA T., VA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Truck is geared too high, cannot drive in many urban situations in 4th gear."

Anonymous, AZ (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Good enough fo me"

JOHN A., RI (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"The transmission doesn't seem appropriately tuned to the engine size. It should down shift sooner when the engine is loaded. It is often necessary to force a down shift by pushing harder on the accelerator."

DAVID O., CA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Acceleration is good, controlling the vehicle at high speed is questionable, braking abruptly at a high speed does not happen,,I made sure I keep numerous car lengths between the car ahead. It always had a squishy pedal"

Anonymous, MA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Surprising acceleration, tows well and the ride isn't too rough. It;s a well rounded ride"

GARY J., CA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Well priced and cost effective to run"

Anonymous, NC (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"I describe the acceleration in my Pre-runner as a pocket rocket. Runs at a fairly low RPM at freeway speeds and moves effortlessly on grades and passing situations. The ride is firm but comfortable for me and handles curves on side roads well."

ELMER B., NC (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Regular gas (87 octane) is recommended in the owner's manual however, acceleration uphill is weak and causes immediate downshift. 92 octane easily solves this concern but is 20 cents more per gallon. I have owned my Tacoma since 2006 but only now (August 2016) have I upgraded to a higher octane gas and willing to pay 10 cents more per gal for 89 octane. Increased power and acceleration are worth it."

CHARLES I., HI (2005 Toyota Tacoma)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Seats are not comfortable or high enough."

Lois R., WA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Very comfortable for a truck"

Victor L., PA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"rides like a truck and then some, can really toss you around on rough roads"

Rod S., NJ (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Seats are not adjustable enough so that the Sunvisor blocks my view of the road. Can't use the visor at all in other words. But sun is still in eyes."

Maia S., AZ (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Very noisy/ Not enough options for seat adjustment."

Anonymous, FL (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Getting in and out of the truck is problematic. We bang our heads on the top the door and have to make sure the seat is in a far back position in order to slide inside. This is our biggest complaint about this Tacoma truck."

Craig F., CA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"seats are very comfortable and has a smooth ride"

Cheryl T., NC (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Very smooth ride for a pick up"

B P., VI (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Seats could be more comfortable and road noise is somewhat loud"

Omar G., FL (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"The wiper controls do not allow for intermittent operation and is somewhat inconvenient with light rainfall."

Anonymous, IL (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"The seats are very comfortable, but the ride is a bit rough and the turning radius is too wide for my desire."

Anonymous, IL (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Very good comfort with this particular vehicle."

Anonymous, AZ (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"The driver's seat has adjustable lumbar support. Along with a TELESCOPING Tilt Wheel Adjuster. When it was new I thought they were frivolous bells and whistles, but when I began having back/neck problems it really made a difference. So much so, that although our Spark gets better gas mileage, I drive the Tacoma for long distances to avoid pain and visits to the doctor/chiropractor afterwards."

Anonymous, HI (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"The seats are very comfortable. The climate control is excellent because it is manual and easy to adjust, unlike the newer automatic ones that are always too hot or too cold. There is lots of wind noise. My 2 wheel drive Tacoma has an excellent ride like a car."

JUDY J., SK (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"rides rough especially over bumps"

RANDY B., CO (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Seats are not very comfortable."

Anonymous, WA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"would like to have electric moving adjustable seats"

Anonymous, WV (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"There is a certain amount of road noise that I could do without."

ERIC B., TX (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"For a truck ride is pretty good, and so is handling, seats and climate control works very well, but road noise is a little louder than I would prefer."

Anonymous, OH (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Very stiff ride"

Anonymous, TX (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Not the softest ride I would like but not bad,added taller wider tires helped a lot with ride and handling.Replaced air filter with a K&N more Horsepower."

BRYAN E., CA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"seems to be a lot of engine/drive train noise .. much more so than my Chev P.U. Also had to have rear springs replaced under recall."

Anonymous, PA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"The seats are low and somewhat uncomfortable. I have a cushion I sit on to raise my height even though I am 5'10". The vehicle transmits road noise more than other pickups I have owned. Otherwise it is a great vehicle."

Anonymous, TX (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Once one is seated, the seats are comfortable and the controls are handy. Passenger seat is very comfortable, as I can attest from the experience of a very long ride (Atlanta to Annapolis, MD) while in considerable pain from a pinched nerve in the lower back. My father recently commented on the comfort of the Tacoma's ride when he was a passenger while recovering from surgery."

JON R., MD (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Rough Ride, truck vibrates at 70mph,had front end checked , alignment,balance tires ,,,no issues found. Toyota did replace my frame and rear leafs (thank You Toyota)"

Anonymous, MA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Being a 4WD truck, the ride is a big stiff. It is also not particularly quiet"

Anonymous, MI (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Not comfortable after 3 hr drive."

Anonymous, IL (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Great performance and acceleration. Ride a little noisy, seats could be more comfortable"

OMAR G., FL (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Seating is too low and inside cabin is loud."

JOSEPH K., FL (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Very reliable, always starts even in zero weather, noise level on road is fine. I wish it had a better heater coming out on legs in the winter."

KAREN E., OH (2005 Toyota Tacoma)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Retains value, and would be easy to sell as there are buyers for them."

Anonymous, SK (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"I have had this truck for 12 and never had any problems with it."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"After 12 years it still reliable."

Anonymous, WA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Solid truck, some 12 years old and drives like it did when brand new. Extremely easy to maintain and does everything it is supposed to do."

Anonymous, ON (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Simplu, incredibly good resale value. I paid about $17,000 for my Tacoma in 2005 and have had no problems with it. The Kelley Bluebook private party estimated value (excellent condition) is about $9400. I have had lots of people who wanted to buy my truck."

Lowndes S., SC (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"1. Reliability of the vehicle--few major repairs in the 12 years I've owned it (aside from the inconvenience and safety factors connected to recall problems). 2. Resale value remains high."

Anonymous, VT (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"This is an awesome truck! It feels like driving a car. The back seats are comfortable. The truck bed is the right size for most items and it also has a high resale value."

Anonymous, MO (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"12 years old, but truck runs smooth and looks great. Very glad that I purchased this truck. Great for the price"

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Excellent value for what I had paid. Do regular maintenance and have yet to replace any major parts."

Anonymous, AZ (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"has been a great truck with no problems in 12 years, very dependable. people ask me all the time if I want to sell it so I assume it has retained it's value well"

Rod S., NJ (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"New trucks very similar price. Resale value great"

Victor L., PA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Has been a fantastic, reliable vehicle. Almost 100,000 miles and virtually no repairs, only routine maintenance."

Daniel B., CA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"The new styling, the truck bed and cleats. It was the best for the money."

Anonymous, UT (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"over 11 years and 177000 miles I have had very few problems and repairs other than normal wear and tear. Extremely reliable."

Anonymous, MA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"After 10+ years...just keeps on truckin"

GREG S., HI (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"It has stood the test of time. 11 years old and still looks and runs well"

TERRY K., ON (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Bought vehicle a year or two ago with over 200 k miles. It is still running strong"

DAN G., LA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"my truck has no cruise control nor intermittent wipers. If I were to buy another truck I would want these two features. Other- wise I'm happy with it."

CHARLES E., AL (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"This is just a very high quality truck. It hauls heavy loads with ease, the 4 wheel drive has worked flawlessly, and the truck has been amazingly reliable-- no real mechanical problems at all."

Anonymous, MO (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Great value for the money. Had all the features I needed at the time. It is now 14 years old and looks like new and runs fine with no problems."

Anonymous, VA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Absolutely trouble free. That's worth a lot!"

DANIEL B., CA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"All round reliable well built vehicle"

Anonymous, NC (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"10 years and counting with regular maintenance only."

GARY R., ON (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Very dependable!"

BUTCH H., VA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"My 5th Toyota truck in a row. 4 cyl 4WD and still gets 24 mpg. Totally dependable. May never own anything but Toyo trucks as long as they keep making them of this quality."

JOHN M., VA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Low maintenance and looks good in and out"

Anonymous, MA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"has good power and good mileage for a 4 cyl engine. I wish the paint would have lasted longer."

TIMOTHY M., OR (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"I like the flexibility of a pick up truck and its performance in heavy snow."

Anonymous, WY (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Pickup trucks overall are overpriced. This truck, purchased used, has had a constant string of problems: a/c, brakes, steering, body leaks, catalytic converters, rusty frame (replaced), poor paint, rusty rear bumper. I am not exagerating."

JIM S., MA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Besides the frame replacement last year, Toyota took care of problem to my satisfaction . New trucks not much improved"

VICTOR L., PA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Bought when first came out, price wasn't great - BUT 215,000 miles with no breakdowns and little preventive maintenance makes it a good value"

GARY J., CA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Toyota has over priced themselves on their trucks, though they are an excellent all around vehicle."

GREGORY G., NC (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"At eleven years of age with 140,000 miles this vehicle will sell for 40% of its purchase price! In my opinion that is great value."

ALAN S., SC (2005 Toyota Tacoma)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"The paint seems to be oxidizing, not happy about that."

Anonymous, AZ (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Great looking vehicle"

OMAR G., FL (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"It's silver which is not my choice of color and the basic style of Tacomas didn't change for almost ten years."

CHARLES S., WA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Atractive body type, and very functional."

CHARLES T., TN (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"2005 Tacoma was Motor Trend truck of the year. It was also the year of the body change that is used today. I get lots of complements on the looks. I also like the way the Pre-runner sits up high.....almost like a full size truck. Actually, there is not much to not like about the styling of this model."

ELMER B., NC (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"The instruments are very difficult to read sometimes."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

"Feel the styling is perfect, but wish I could have afforded a 4 door upgrade."

KAREN E., OH (2005 Toyota Tacoma)

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