This version of the Tacoma shed some of its workaday roots with powertrain, steering system, and interior trim improvements. Fuel economy is quite competitive among pickup trucks, and handling is secure. However, the ride is not altogether comfortable and the driving position is not ideal. Payload capacity is relatively small.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"My little truck that "could." I have a steep driveway and my Tacoma( with a load of block, sand,rock) with the 4 cyl. can back right up that hill. I took a round trip to New Mexico and Texas and back. The truck performed flawlessly with excellent mpg---26-28mpg. I wish it had a more comfortable seat."

LLOYD O., CA (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"VERY poor acceleration/power. (I knew I was buying a four cylinder truck (for fuel economy) and that the acceleration would be unimpressive, but this vehicle has been exceptionally disappointing in this regard.)"

Anonymous, PA (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"The truck runs great. I've got over 186,000 miles on it and all I've done is changed the oil, bought tires a few times and had three drake jobs. The front rotors keep warping, so next brake job, I'm getting new heavy duty rotors put in. I drive 100 miles a day,12 miles of that is winding steep forest road, which probably causes the over heating & warping of the rotors. This truck is probably the best vehicle I've ever owned, or at least equal to my 1998 Camry, which has 365,965 miles on it & I s"

R C., CA (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"poor acceleration"

Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"Good acceleration very comfortable on trips."

NILES S., ID (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"We live where snow and ice are a factor. This truck has been fitted with aggressive tread tires and gets us where we need to go. Even in the mountains. Again, keeping it well nsintsined has meant we can keep it longer."

DAVE H., MT (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"Sales rep told me to ALWAYS drive it fast enough to shift the gears as required. Don't think that was my driving problems, but something wrong with gear shifting."

Anonymous, AL (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"Clumsy to drive."

Anonymous, NY (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"It'll climb a tree if the bark is tight!"

ROBERT D., WY (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"Good acceleration. Good turning radius. Ride a little choppy."

Anonymous, IN (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"This truck is great in heavy rain or flooding and never hydroplanes. It holds its own on the freeway with large vehicles. It holds a ton of cargo. It is the best vehicle I have ever owned!"

RAMIREZ M., TX (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"Wish I had V6 for acceleration. Handling is good."

PAUL C., KY (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"Great truck, but I would get a V6 engine , if I had it to do over."

Anonymous, TX (2006 Toyota Tacoma)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"front seats"

ROBERT N., PA (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"Seats stain easily and are not as durable as previous models"

ROBERT B., NY (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"The driver's seat is way too low in the rear and too soft. I loved my Ford Aerostar seats that were firm and facilitated an upright posture."

Anonymous, DE (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"The seats are hard and seating is to low. I have put a extra cushion on both of the front seats to make them more comfortable for my wife and myself"

J B., CA (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"Before buying the vehicle I read that the comfort level was not very good. I find it to be just as comfortable as any other vehicle. It has gotten more noisy as it's gotten older."

LISA W., FL (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"seats are uncomfortable. too low. not enough support."

FRANCIS M., VA (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"armrest in driver's side door: plastic under the fabric cracked. compass/temperature gauge went out - chips became unsoldered from circuit board"

JOSEPH M., CA (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"The air conditioner breaks every 3 years and the dealership has to replace parts. Costs about $300"

Anonymous, TX (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"Seats are very comfortable. It rides like a large car, but can handle heavy weights as well."

PATRICIA M., NC (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"Some of the steel straps under the (bench) seat of this truck have snapped, and cannot be replaced or repaired by me. This creates a "sag" on the driver's side seat. The seat should really be replaced."

Anonymous, PA (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"Good but need more leg support."

PAUL C., KY (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"The seats are uncomfortable. The fabric is itchy on bare skin"

MELISSA P., AZ (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"The seats were very uncomfortable when purchased and the driver seat had to be extensively modified to be comfortable by cutting the padding and adding center support and changing the angle so it was not tilted back so far."

ALLEN V., CA (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"I love this truck. When I purchased it, it did not have options like leather heated seats, blue tooth, backup camera or navigation. If I was to buy one today I'd get all those options!"

MIKE M., WA (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"climate control has been ongoing issue to cool, but otherwise comfort has been just fine"

Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Tacoma)


Anonymous, TX (2006 Toyota Tacoma)


Anonymous, OR (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"Ac is very good"

KURT W., VA (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"The noise every time I back out of my driveway. The brakes sound like it is squeaking for some reason."

Anonymous, AL (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"It's a truck and rides like a truck. A little softer, quiet ride would have been nice."

MARY S., NM (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"The vehicle is drive a lot, but even so the 'fit and finish' of the interior has not lasted as long as I would have expected. The center console latch broke and the lid was spring loaded. My options were to spend 300.00 plus in repair because the console latch can not be purchased without a new console, or remove the spring mechanism. Guess what I chose. I frankly didn't expect the interior to have so many small problems like that until 200,000 miles or so."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"Seats could be a little more comfortable Climate control is excellent (in hot Sacramento)"

Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"Seats seem too low for a tall person."

Anonymous, OR (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"seat height could be higher"

GERALD S., IN (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"I have a long torso, so my eyes are at the top of the windshield. Next vehicle I purchase I will look for something (another Toyota) that accommodates my height better."

CHRISTOPHER D., VA (2006 Toyota Tacoma)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"My 2006 Tacoma has been trouble free since I bought the truck new. I've only done normal maintenance, batteries, tires, brake pads, wiper-blades."

PETE J., FL (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"I expected higher gas mileage"

ROBERT B., NC (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"151k miles and no repairs needed with excellent resale value"

Anonymous, WI (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"very reliable"

RONALD K., BC (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"Best auto buy I ever made! In over 10 years and nearly 100k, not a single problem!"

HAROLD F., GA (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"This is the 3rd Toyota 4 wheel drive compact pick up truck that I have owned since 1980. From past experience they provide excellent value over the long term despite the extra initial cost. Great re-sale value as well."

BARBARA D., BC (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"No mechanical problems. It just goes and goes."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"The Tacoma is a wonderful functional vehicle with few problems and good gas mileage."

ROBERT M., WA (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"I bought it new. I haven't had to put much money into the upkeep of it. I have approx. 160,000 miles on it. The original brakes and shocks lasted for 150,000 miles (standard shift / in town and highway driving). Toyota replaced the entire frame at 150,000 miles, free of charge."

PAUL D., ME (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"Awesome. Nobody does it like Toyota. Paid 13k for this little truck 6-7 years ago with very low milage. It was 4 years old then. I don't drive it very far, but I'm in the trades, so it has a fairly heavy load much of the time. Just requires gasoline. Change the oil a couple times a year. Brake pads once in a while."

ANDREW S., CA (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"The car runs great, handles well & is very easy to drive. My wife loves it. I like driving it also. What I don't like is when it breaks down after the warranty is over, all repairs are expensive. Both rear view mirrors went bad, $500 each. Several coils & Spark plugs went bad, $267 each time. Rear brake job, $700. Replaced all 4 Shocks & struts, $2000. Oil leak, $500. Run flat tires, $700/pair, $900 @ the dealership. Front headlight bulb,$244 at dealership plus labor. I bought the bulb on Amazo"

R C., CA (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"Get four wheel drive"

ALLENE Q., NC (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"NADA reports that this truck maintains about 78% value of its original price!!!"

Anonymous, WA (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"Why didn't Toyota have a better climate control system and my current vehicle has no navigation system, it was not available at the time of purchase. Toyota should include auto like features in their trucks"

JEFF-PATRICIA F., VA (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"Resale value for the 2006 Tacoma remains high in my area"

Anonymous, HI (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"Had to replace the sun visor, very expensive."

NILES S., ID (2006 Toyota Tacoma)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Single cab / toneau cover on the bed / Desert sand color. What more would I want. When polished, it looks brand new."

PAUL D., ME (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"Mine doesn't have all the electronics the new ones have."

KEN H., TX (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"the cab is great, with room for people and dogs both day-to-day and on long trips. I would get the long bed on another Tacoma, both for the gear carrying capabilities and to be able to comfortably sleep there while camping."

DAVID J., NM (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

"built tough and good towing ability"

ROBERT W., VA (2006 Toyota Tacoma)

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