This version of the Tacoma shed some of its workaday roots with powertrain, steering system, and interior trim improvements. Fuel economy is quite competitive among pickup trucks, and handling is secure. However, the ride is not altogether comfortable and the driving position is not ideal. Payload capacity is relatively small.
There are 10 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"acceleration is great engine very peppy and can merge on interstate easily!"

DAVID R., GA (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"Vehicle has a bump in the drive shaft that the dealer will not fix. Breaks are soft. Acceleration is less then satisfactory."

Anonymous, SC (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"More than enough power to get out of dangerous situations. The manuverablity is more than sufficient for a sudden lane change to avoid an accident within my lane even at freeway speeds. The off-road wilderness ability is second to none in getting over anf through difficult places. This vehicle was built for getting into the real wilderness in the mountains."

LARRY C., ID (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"Ride has become bumpy."

Anonymous, WA (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"Regardless of what or how much I load in/on the truck it still climes up our steep highways."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"The 4.0 liter engine has power a plenty. It pulls our 4000 lb. camper trailer (empty weight) with no problems and even after we add the extra weight such as 40 gallons of water in the storage tanks, all our ice chests and gear and two full propane tanks, 8500 watt generator-(245 lbs.) and of course us, the Tacoma still performs remarkably well especially in the sweltering Arizona heat."

BOB S., AZ (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"It is somewhat underpowered when needing to accelerate."

R A., CA (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"The Tacoma is a great truck: perfect size and surprisingly quick."

IRMA B., TX (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"The vehicle handles nicely and holds the road very well. On the other hand, it is often difficult to achieve a smooth start from a dead stop. Even on the slightest incline, if the clutch is released without revving the rpms, the vehicle tends to die. It's been that way since day 1."

DAVID L., IL (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"It is very poor in snowy, icy conditions. The rear end is very likely to lose traction when accelerating or braking."

Anonymous, IA (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"very low on power. Takes some time to get to cruising speed"

RONALD U., IL (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"The acceleration is terrific and handling makes it a pleasure to drive in the mountains"

Anonymous, CA (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"4cyl engine is relatively economical and drives well in most conditions, but is challenged in steep grades. It's a manual transmission that requires a lot of downshifting in mountainous driving."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"Fantastic acceleration when merging onto highway."

DENNIS D., MA (2007 Toyota Tacoma)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"A/C needs to be colder. Ride has become bumpy."

Anonymous, WA (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"rear springs too soft bottom out over bumbs"

WES W., MT (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"Ride is to rough."

Anonymous, VI (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"For a truck, the Tacoma handles pretty well with a smooth ride. The wider wheel base (compare to prior years) provides more stability and "feels" safer on corners/bends."

Anonymous, FL (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"Seating position less comfortable compared to our RAV4"

PAUL M., VA (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"Very small bench seat. Middle seat has no leg room at all."

Anonymous, TX (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"unstable handling in wind"

Anonymous, MS (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"Climate control is poor in my opinion. I owned a 1991 Toyota pick up that outperfomed the system in my 2007."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"too little clearance between driver's seat and steering wheel"

KEITH K., AL (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"The seats are not that comfortable. The brake are spongy. Really have to push hard to stop. Works great in 4 wheel drive."

CHARLES B., TX (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"Excellent leg room for driver."

DENNIS D., MA (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"very good comfort"

FRED L., AL (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"It's comfortable to sit in the seats it's ok the paint is what I am worried about and all of the recalls plus it makes a noise when I put on the brakes even though I had the brakes checked out"

Anonymous, IN (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"The seat cushions are not as good on the ones i had on my 1997 toyota pickup. My a/c fan speed control works sporadically. It only works on high speed at times, and sometimes doesn't work at all."

NOAH C., WA (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"Noisy cabin from rear driveline and road noise."

Anonymous, AK (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"Excellent truck, hauling, pulling, comfort, height and sitting position. Best truck I have ever owned over nissan, ford and dodge."

OLAN G., GA (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"Not as comfortable as other vehicles."

MARK R., ID (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"the seats are uncomfortsble for any trip longer than an hour. They really could have done a better job with this bench style seat, I will not buy one again, opt for the captians chairs next time"

Anonymous, NC (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"Always has had load road noise"

ROBERT B., TX (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"The seats are very comfortable. I can sit in them comfortably for two hours or more. It's very quiet. Climate control works very well."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"The a/c-heater blower motor had to be replaced. This makes two blower motors in this truck. Also, the condenser went out as well. The seats are comfortable on long trips but the road noise could be addressed better in future models. Not the quietest interior."

BOB S., AZ (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"The heater fan is too small and my feet get cold.. Also the dust from the brushes on the fan will keep the fan from starting and you have to hit the dash (very hard) to get it started again. The worst of all had a recall on the leaf springs in the rear of the truck and they just now got it fixed. The shop said I wasn't priority sense my leaf spring wasn't broken. Took almost ten yrs. to fix. I brought this up the first month of ownership. Also had a recall on not enough undercoating after a"

STANLEY H., OH (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"Supportive seats, no noise."

KARI L., CA (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"Climate controls are excellent and the ride is comfortable for a small pickup."

Anonymous, SC (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"Over all comfort and ride is very good for a truck. Low noise."

EDWARD D., WA (2007 Toyota Tacoma)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The value stays higher than other vehicles."

MARK R., ID (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"I felt I had very limited choices in the medium pickup category when I bought this pickup. Most of the competing pickups had low owner satisfaction reported in surveys. I feel Toyota took advantage of their unique position and over priced their vehicle. Also the options features (no outside temperature gauge, limited availability of stability control,,, etc.) For the price the standard options were very limited."

S V., OR (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"long turning circle hard buppy ride continous water pump problems replaced 4 times one long trip was too much I use it asTRUCK drive locally only rust on driver's door step fixed twice"

J K., ON (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"Great value"

Anonymous, FL (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"great price, best dependability of all trucks. Has never failed once."

OLAN G., GA (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"Truck is the base model 2007 model. The only problem I have had is the starter failed about 4 years ago. I have replaced the original battery. Aside from that, I have not had a problem with the vehicle"

WESLEY H., TN (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"Frustrating, hard to use tie downs, no drain holes in bed, no cruise control or elec windows offered even as option on this model."

MARK M., CA (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"Complete failure of 4WD due to actuator malfunction in transfer case. Repair cost very expensive due to part location. Even though part is small. Very poor vehicle design."

MARK G., VT (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"The mileage was low and it had been taken care of, so the price we paid was good"

Anonymous, OK (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"Vericle has over 283,000 miles with minimal service required. Everything lasts forever Dealer broke my 4WD option installing replacement frame under callback. No one at Toyota cares"

MALCOLM C., NJ (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"The V6 engine is capable of pulling a boat and mid-size trailer with ease. This saved us money in vehicle price and gas overall (we were in a V8 before this truck and were looking at a Tundra when we learned that this V6 had adequate towing capacity)."

Anonymous, FL (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"Rough highway driving"

SHAWN B., CO (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"It has held up well in all areas."

Anonymous, GA (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"To many callbacks"

Anonymous, RI (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"The Toyota truck is easy to repair, hardly ever requires repairs and the dealers are reasonable and co-operative."

THOMAS G., MA (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"runs great and hardly ever drive it but when I do it just goes."

PETER G., CA (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"Expensive,but i only have changed the oil and oil and air filters, new battery, and new tires. Nothing else!!! Just did a 65K maintenance. Absolutely trouble free vehicle."

JOHN S., MI (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"CR appears to be very bias at times. My Tacoma has been great! At 107,500, still have original front and rear breaks."

Anonymous, ME (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"I put 240,000 miles on the truck before having to replace the engine. It performed very well for 9 years."

THOMAS C., TX (2007 Toyota Tacoma)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"The styling of the 2007 Tacoma is classic and beautiful. The new Tacomas are clunky and ugly. I might consider purchasing one if the styling weren't so overdone., but I really think they are ugly and don't have the classic Tacoma look anymore."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"We needed a good pickup to pull a camper and it was perfect for us. It travels well."

Anonymous, OK (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"wheelcovers come off rather easily and get lost, and are absurdly expensive to replace."

RONALD S., AZ (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

"good visablity, easy getting in and out seats are TOO low rust checked every year"

J K., ON (2007 Toyota Tacoma)

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