This version of the Tacoma shed some of its workaday roots with powertrain, steering system, and interior trim improvements. Fuel economy is quite competitive among pickup trucks, and handling is secure. However, the ride is not altogether comfortable and the driving position is not ideal. Payload capacity is relatively small.
There are 11 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Dependable Toyota product"

Jeff E., WA (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"The Tacoma is a truck. It drives like a truck, handles like a truck, corners like a truck. It is what it is. But it is also tough as nails - nothing bothers it. It just keeps on keeping on."

Steve P., CA (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Tacoma is optimized for reliability. The four cylinder engine is just enough to move this vehicle and nothing more. Each gear works for a specific speed range only. Those ranges do not overlap much. This it's not fun. Handling for a truck is typical. It does ride like a car as far as suspension goes. That is a very good quality."

Daniel M., NY (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Poor gas mileage! Manuel transmission not right. 2nd gear is too fast eg must shift to first gear going around a corner."

Richard S., WA (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"turning radius is large for the size of the vehicle"

Anonymous, LA (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Acceptable acceleration,at times rough ride, but I expect that from a pickup truck,"

David M., CA (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Excellent acceleration best vehicle I have ever owned"

Anonymous, TX (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"I have the 4.0 litre V6. in my Tacoma. Plenty of power to pull medium trailer and great acceleration. Responsive steering,"

Anonymous, AL (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Good acceleration but engine sounds like it is straining at times during acceleration. Sometimes I feel like I am driving a "boat""

Tina W., NC (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Good acceleration and handles well for a truck."

Barbara H., NH (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"It can't get out of its own way. It's extremely underpowered."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Although its a 4 cylinder truck, the acceleration is good and handling is very good"

Anonymous, NC (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"I would not get a standard transmission next time. makes it uncomfortable to drive in stop and go traffic"

Anonymous, CA (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Clutch pressure extremely high, difficult in traffic"

JAMES T., TX (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"When towing our travel trailer, this truck becomes a 3-legged dog. The rest of the time, it's peppy."

LARRY P., NC (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Very comfortable, good acceleration,power"

Anonymous, CA (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Love the tight turn around radius."

FRED R., TX (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Pretty economical to run, and the engine system is excellent."

Anonymous, HI (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"2 wheel drive 4 cyl; generally pretty gutless for towing anything heavy and poor in snow."

Anonymous, MD (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"This is a 4 cylinder motor. The acceleration could be better."

PAIGE T., NC (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"the one thing that stands out in the Tacoma has to do with acceleration. and not in a good way.... during the use and operation of the cruise control system, the vehicle will suddenly and unexpectedly accelerate at a rapid rate. seemingly uneccessarily"

LOY H., OK (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Vehicle is equipped with a towing package. I regularly tow a travel trailer and am very satisfied with its performance under tow."

JOHN M., CO (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"The only thing I have been disappointed with this vehicle is the blind spots. It's terrible to see around in parking lots especially. There seems to be so many areas where you can't tell what is around or close to the vehicle. Adjusting the mirrors doesn't seem to help this."

Anonymous, NC (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"A V6 would be so much better"

Anonymous, WA (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Drives great in the snow. We get a lot of snow."

RICHARD S., MI (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Under powered"

Anonymous, MD (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Excellent power & acceleration. Handles superbly."

Anonymous, GA (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"For a truck its size, it has amazing towing capacity and acceleration.Very stable, great tough driving capability in DEEP (Lake effect) snow."

RANDY K., NY (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Husband loves this truck. He says it drives like a dream."

SUSANA M., LA (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"very reliable and practical, but rides and drives like a threshing machine; noisy, surging, hesitating, awkward and abrupt shifts; gas mileage should be better"

JACK C., VA (2008 Toyota Tacoma)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Seats are not very comfortable, noisy on the highway."

Barbara H., NH (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"It's a small workhorse and comfortable"

Connie M., IA (2008 Toyota Tacoma)


Billy C., KY (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Stiff seating. Hard to get in and out of truck due to post market suspension lift modification made by previous owner. Lot of road noise due to failing back wheel bearings; makes it feel like you're in a plane about to take off."

Anonymous, GA (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"The seats and ride are comfortable but there is a lot of wind noise."

Anonymous, AZ (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Great ride"

Anonymous, AZ (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"too noisy, rides rough"

Anonymous, LA (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"very good on long trips...especially for a truck"

Anonymous, MA (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Seats lack support and heigth. Have purchased several seat cushions over the life of the Tacoma for comfort and back support."

Anonymous, WA (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Many long trips, many miles, and I can't blame the truck for being the source of discomfort. Roomy cab helps, as does the handling, which is superb."

Anonymous, OK (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"The seats sat a little low when I purchased the vehicle but I raised them slightly and now they are perfect."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"What can I say, it's a pickup."

Anonymous, OR (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Comfortable cloth seats with smooth quiet ride."

Anonymous, WI (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Just not comfortable"

Anonymous, TX (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Road noise, wheel shimmy, climate control switch stopped working on high speed, (known problem) Ride bumpy."

Anonymous, GA (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Seats are not comfortable, engine and wind noise, ride is poor."

THEODORE S., CA (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"seat (bench) is uncomfortable on long rides. noisy at highway speeds. had to repair both sunshades due to poor construction"

CHARLES S., FL (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Air conditioning broke after 3 years of ownership"

Anonymous, BC (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"The interior road noise is more than expected, and the window tint is not as dark as I would like, and I am not expecting limo dark just dark enough to reduce sun heating of the interior."

VICTOR W., IL (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"The trucks ride is harsh and not very comfortable."

Anonymous, CT (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"There is not enough leg room in the truck. I wish there were bucket seats instead of one seat. Passenger has different heights and cant adjust according to passenger"

JOANNE H., OH (2008 Toyota Tacoma)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"have had five of these trucks....incredibly reliable and inexpensive to run and maintain"

Anonymous, MA (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Great value"

Connie M., IA (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"It's a terrible value. Save your money and buy a real truck, like a full sized Chevy with a big block."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Disappointed! New electronic locking mechanism in drivers door, new water pump, recall on rear leaf springs. Expensive fixes."

Anonymous, OR (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"I had a 97 Tacoma that had significant rust on the frame. Toyota bought it from me for approximately $11000 and gave me a $1000 coupon towards another Toyota product."

Anonymous, UT (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Amazingly reliable so good savings in a long run. Tacomas are still too high priced in my opinion, so to me that hurts the value, but the initial cost shock is softened considerably by the reliabilty, performance and utility of the vehicle. Plus, I think the styling for me exceeds other brand trucks. It's also a great size, not too big, not too small."

KEITH A., CT (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"This vehicle has cost a great deal in unexpected repairs including two air conditioning units"

Anonymous, NS (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"I learned many years ago to work with the fleet managers.."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Last year this truck was recalled because of holes found in the frame. Toyota had my vehicle for 7 months, during which time they loaned me a 2015 Corolla. Toyota spent $13,000 on the repairs! Would like to drive a newer truck with latest "gadgets" but with all the repairs done, I will continue to drive this one."

RICHARD K., OH (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Three recalls. oil pan rusted out air conditioner tube rusted"

CHARLES P., NY (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Well built, very reliable, a great work vehicle."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"I have owned the Tacoma for 8 years and have not had any major work done besides tires and brakes."

ALBERT P., CA (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"187,000 miles 4wd never a problem. I will stick with Toyota"

WILLIAM R., NH (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"We purchased the Tacoma in late 2007 and it has been a solid and reliable vehicle and has had no major problems. The engine strains a bit going uphill in ECO mode but does all right in standard mode. That's fine with us but drivers who want more power probably would be happier with a 6-oCyl model. Overall, we have gotten a lot of use our of the Tacoma and hope to keep it for several years more."

THOMAS Y., CA (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"It's a real trooper, very dependable and is great to have in the winter. Definitely a road warrior for hauling."

Anonymous, KS (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Trucks unfortunately cost more to buy due to the much higher profit made on them, compared to sedans. They dont cost any more to manufacture than sedans."

G P., PA (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"They're bulletproof in terms of durability. This is my third small Toyota pickup and I've loved each one. When I sold the two former ones I was pleasantly surprised at the value they retained."

FRANK C., GA (2008 Toyota Tacoma)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Tasteful lines. Just beefy enough to look rugged, but classy enough that I feel comfortable showing up in it for a sophisticated social event. Mostly, it's not over-trimmed (good!), and it doesn't add styling elements to make it artificially heavy duty looking."

KEITH A., CT (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Good looking design that does not reflect age."

JACK C., IN (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

"Good product but prices are excessive for this model"

Anonymous, HI (2008 Toyota Tacoma)

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