Despite a light freshening for 2012, Tacoma was beginning to show its age at this point. Still, the utilitarian, practically bulletproof machine excels in hauling, towing, and off-road use—though not much else. The smooth and punchy V6 powertrain is a saving grace. Still though, for everyday driving or commuting, the Tacoma feels dated and uncomfortable.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Drives like a car"

JEFF T., MA (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"Sluggish acceleration"

VICTOR C., AZ (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"I would buy a 6-cylinder if I bought another Toyota Tacoma. There is not enough power in the 4-cylinder."

Anonymous, NJ (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"I received a good value when I leased my 2013 Toyota Tacoma."

Anonymous, CO (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"I have the I-4 engine. It doesn't have the "pep" of the larger engine"

Anonymous, NY (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"The bucket seats need more padding. I have no blind spots, 360 degrees of safety ."

Anonymous, MA (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"Sluggish acceleration. Seems underpowered at times. Handles well, but would prefer a smoother ride, even for s truck."

FRANK L., MI (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"My Toyota 4x4 pu drives like an SUV. Very stable in ice and snow. Pulls my 16 foot trailer loaded with no strain or loss of control."

CHARLES W., MO (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"I have the v-6 engine which is generally acceptable. However, in the FL heat, I think it's slightly under-powered (with AC) and using ethanol gasoline. I recently switched to non-ethanol and will soon know if this is an improvement in performance."

R M., FL (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"Great acceleration. I would prefer less engine braking in 5th gear to allow for more coasting. Handles great. The factory trailer sway does a great job at keeping trailers running straight at 70 mph on highway."

DAVID H., IL (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"Acceleration is somewhat sluggish, although may not be much different than other pickups."

L W., AL (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"Excellent power delivery for the horsepower rating. Handles leaps ahead of a full size truck."

TIMOTHY R., NL (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"Acceleration is fair. I can't see the truck having enough power to tow at its maximum tow rating. 4WD engagement is temperamental. They should have put in the manually engaged (lever actuated) transfer case in the Tacoma that was used in the FJ."

PAUL G., CT (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"Quite underpowered (4 cyl). Seat puts driver low in the vehicle (I am 5'11"). Ride is "jittery""

KENNETH C., WI (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"All good"

RICHARD M., TX (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"under powered"

EARL D., TX (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"bumpy ride on city streets. Too much noise in cabin and wind noise"

Anonymous, NY (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"windshield not tight. whistles at high speeds"

DAVE D., CA (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"4 cylinder chugs along - under powered"

Anonymous, VT (2013 Toyota Tacoma)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"I have a hard time getting into the truck without hitting my head since I have short legs and long upper torso."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"Seats do not power adjust so had to have driver seat reinstalled higher than factory height; noisy interior, cannot easily hear radio or GPS guidance; ride is bumpy."

LINDA D., OR (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"Bad fuel economy"

Anonymous, MO (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"The driver's seat should have more adjustments."

Anonymous, VA (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"Seats are not comfortable. The ride is clunky as well as the steering."

WILLIAM B., SC (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"Wish we could have gotten heated seats"

LESLIE S., WA (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"The road noise is difficult to overcome by the base model stereo system. Overall comfortable ride."

DAVID H., IL (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"There seems to be a lot more road noise than the 2005 RAV we had before."

JIM B., AB (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"The runningboard is too high makin it difficult to enter the cab"

GABRIELE H., OR (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"Limited height in cab also lack of leather seats and power seats"

RICHARD F., IN (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"Hard to get in and out of. The seat are no comfortable."

JAMES L., CA (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"comfortable seats, low noise"

BRUCE R., AR (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"Getting in and out of the truck is difficult because of the height of the truck"

Anonymous, NC (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"I would have like to see the tacoma come with more amenities like power seats, heated seats, leather, etc.."

SCOTT D., NV (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"Lots of blind spots"

DENNIS H., PA (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"The rear leaf springs are inadequate and the vehicle bottoms out with no load in the cargo area"

Anonymous, VA (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"I would have expected a better built vehicle for a 2013 model. I have several pronounced rattles that, evidentially, are common - I.e defroster duct rattle at the dash, door noise, SR5 front passenger seat rattle. I also have loud rattles from the transfer case/manual transmission that Toyota has labeled "normal". There shouldn't be loud metallic knocks from the drive train when going over bumps. When in parking lots, these noises are loud enough for other people to stop and look. I believe it's"

PAUL G., CT (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"Tacoma should have an automatic temperature climate control system"

Anonymous, PA (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"I have back and knee problems. This truck is more comfortable than any truck or SUV I have owned. In the winter snow I never spun a tire when in four wheel drive."

CHARLES W., MO (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"Quiet riding, good climate control."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"Nice truck. Lousy seats!!"

BILL B., OR (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"seats should be electric for more comfort, wind noise is terrible, I'm waiting for rep to come to talk about the noise issues"

ALAN V., NM (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"Very good HVAC including seats."

ROBERT O., NC (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"Seat does not have enough adjustment to be comfortable, not good for long drives, 4 cyl is under powered, on the highway downshifts at every hill and if the wind is blowing hard"

EARL D., TX (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"It has poor acceleration but great towing ability . It also rides rough due to the towing suspension."

Anonymous, ON (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"road noises are loud"

Anonymous, GA (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"Driver's seat is too low. At 50K miles, too many rattles and squeaks. Steering is clunky."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"Noisy. Wind noise."

ROBERT D., CA (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"Fairly stiff ride and noise when traveling on highway"

RICHARD S., TX (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"smooth ride, excellent view of road,low noise level,seats are comfortable"

WILLIAM C., NC (2013 Toyota Tacoma)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Lots of value for the small may not have all the bells and whistles of more expensive trucks but it is perfect as a work truck"

EUGENE S., TX (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"Now that Toyota no longer manufactures the regular cab Tacoma, the resale value has gone up to the point where I could sell my 3 year old model for just about what I paid for it."

WILLIAM B., VA (2013 Toyota Tacoma)


RICHARD M., TX (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"Good purchase price and excellent long term value"

EDWARD M., CO (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"A very capable truck, pulls our boat w/ ease. Long bed and wheelbase create a comfortable ride. Controls are basic and easy to use. Driving position is good, love the back up camera especially for coupling to the trailers. Good balance of power and fuel economy."

BILL D., FL (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"Still holds its value, Tacomas are sought after in my area and keep good values."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"Vehicle was well within local price requirements from other local Tacoma dealers"

Anonymous, AL (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"Excellent quality on the TRD Tacoma, Looks cool, Quality finish"

CASUNDRA W., AL (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"It does exactly what it's supposed to."

Anonymous, CO (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"The Tacoma holds its' value and is very reliable.Since depreciation and maintenance are the two largest factors in the overall cost of a vehicle it is a very economical vehicle to own."

STEPHEN G., NY (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"Gas milage seems low. Visibility is limited, windows seem small. Jump seats are small and uncomfortable."

Anonymous, WA (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"My truck is worth almost as much, trade-in value, as I paid for it. I did get a good deal but to be worth just a slight bit less after 3 years is unbelievable."

MIKE C., OH (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"Very reliable"

REINY J., WA (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"does what you expect a truck should do and does it better than many of it's larger brothers"

PAUL R., WV (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"Mechanical reliability and sensible engineering are great."

KURT H., MO (2013 Toyota Tacoma)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Exterior finish very hard to keep clean. Fabric on driver seat showing a lot of wear with only 21,000 miles in 3 years"

Anonymous, SC (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"I think it is very attractive on the outside, but wished i would have gotten leather , power / and heated seats. The ride is great for a truck, better than many SUVs, but lacks refinement .(my last two cars were an Audi and a Mercedes s series). It is great otherwise."

SUSAN G., TX (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"I like well the Tacoma style prior to 2016."

JAMES N., GU (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"modern style that's does not go out of date"

BRUCE R., AR (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"I live the fairly aggressive look of the truck."

JOHN D., ID (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"front end"

JOHN S., OK (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"A very good looking pick up truck. Able to do what I want without the hassle of a large gas consuming vehicle."

JOHN M., MA (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"i prefer round wheel wells rather than the rakish style."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Toyota Tacoma)

"it sits high and gets a lot of comnents."

JOHN R., TX (2013 Toyota Tacoma)
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