Despite a light freshening for 2012, Tacoma was beginning to show its age at this point. Still, the utilitarian, practically bulletproof machine excels in hauling, towing, and off-road use—though not much else. The smooth and punchy V6 powertrain is a saving grace. Still though, for everyday driving or commuting, the Tacoma feels dated and uncomfortable.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Gas mileage suffers horribly when towing a trailer. It cuts to 10 mpg with an empty trailer and 8 mpg with anything on the trailer."

RICHARD W., TX (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"the acceleration is slow and the handling is great"

DARLENE T., OK (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"manual transmission shifting isn't as smooth as I have experienced with other standard transmission vehicles (cars/trucks)"

DAVID H., AE (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Much better than a 4 Cylindewr"

JACK C., MI (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"In the highway,Heard loud when accelerate, but really is not."

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"For a 4.0 litre engine, acceleration should be better."

DANA P., AB (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Handles well for boat trailer, good acceleration for passing"

L M., ON (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"It is a truck I expect it to handle like and ride like it is if I wanted a mushy soft ride I would have bought what now passes for an SUV or another brand. I have been pleased with the fuel consumption and overall performance."

Anonymous, AK (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Poor acceleration, for a 4.0L V-6 a 4 cylinder can accelerate better. I use Premium gas and the acceleration and handling is better plus I get better gas mileage."

Anonymous, HI (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"It accelerates great alot of torque, brakes are good the pedal is just little bit soft feeling. I drive it easy and l get 18 mpg."

Mark C., FL (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"ovearall performance"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Handling is sufficient and not loose at all. Acceleration is quite good, especially carrying at least 600 lbs. of product in truck bed and interior. I wish this truck had the CAT system! The hood port is non functional, but was mentioned to me that can be prior to buying vehicle. Go figure!!"

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Good acceleration when needed. Never any hesitation."

Ron A., TX (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Good power. Strong small truck"

Geoffrey S., DE (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Ease of handling"

Anonymous, WA (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"I dislike that the vehicle transmission seems to drag after decelerating. When you lift your foot off of the accelerator, it hesitates before going into a lower gear."

Anonymous, PA (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Handling is good but the ride tends to be rough and bouncy, especially on Wisconsin's roads."

Jerome C., WI (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Accelerates well and handles well. It's a truck so can be bumpy but that is expected."

Julie E., CO (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Lag ,odd gear change when accelerating."

Anonymous, PA (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Good power and response."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"It has adequate but not impressive acceleration."

Anonymous, KY (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"The 4.0 V-6 is peppy and moves you right along, even with a load of cargo. Handling is fairly tight."

Robert T., CT (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"This Tacoma truck is best truck on the market - for the money - looks good economicall to operate this the 3rd one we've purchase - not so sure what Toyota is doing with the changes they made on newer models but we hope they haven't cheapened them as they did the 4 Rinner"

Debbie W., GA (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"The vehicle drives well; it is smaller than the previous truck and is easier to park."

Joanne L., PA (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Great ride, comfortable, handles well"

Lesa A., GA (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Lacking in power"

Anonymous, UT (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Comfortable ride and smooth running on highway, but given the horsepower and moderate acceleration capabilities the gas mileage is very poor."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"One thing bothering me is that the engine performance weakens when the AC is used."

Thomas V., MN (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"The 4 cylinder is woefully under-powered. I really wish I had the V6."

Kristi H., VA (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Accelerates great. Handling in rough terrain with 4WD engaged is awesome."

Anonymous, NM (2014 Toyota Tacoma)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Too much road noise in the cab. The lumbar support seats are fantastic!"

Anonymous, ID (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"I guess it's understandable, (because of all the 4-wheel drive mechanisms) but to hear the radio, I must have the volume quite loud."

MARTIN D., CT (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"No outside temperature monitor. Traffic map could be much improved by being more flexible."

JAMES M., CT (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"The Tacoma is noisy and has a very stiff ride. Not confortable."

Anonymous, OR (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Driver's seat sits too low."

K R., WI (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"The ride is a little jittery."

ROBERT M., MD (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"The seats are uncomfortable, especially on trips of about 3 or more hours."

GREG G., CA (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Needs a little more power and of course the seats could be more comfortable"

Anonymous, SC (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Seat comfort and driving position"

DAULTON M., FL (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"I find the seats uncomfortable on trips more than an hour. I've had stiffer foam added to the driver seat, but it still makes my hip hurt on longer drives. I would not consider driving this truck on a long trip."

DOUG H., NC (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"The seats are quite uncomfortable on any extended trip. There is considerable air noise coming from the rear access door area. The dealer acknowledged the problem but said Toyota has no fix."

Anonymous, OH (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Heating and cooling not as good as the Infiniti."

Anonymous, NM (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Get a bad smell from the defrost system when it is first turned on. This is not the normal smell I expect, it is worse. I think there is a leak in the windshield, but the dealer says there is nothing wrong. We can't tell where the smell is coming from. It is a "wet rag" smell."

RICHARD C., VA (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"The ride is pretty rough if you are off road, which I often do. The road noise is pronounced also, possibly due to the off road tires that I run."

JOYCE S., TX (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"The cab is cramped. Seats are uncomfortable. They didn't redesign or change anything on this model for at least ten years. Gas mileage is worse today than ten years ago."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Air vents could be more controllable so air doesn't blow directly on passenger/driver without turning totally off. Seats are difficult to adjust, even for tall people."

ELAINE A., AL (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"The seats are uncomfortable."

JEANETTE H., NC (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"it drives rough and loud on roads not paved well"

DARLENE T., OK (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"seat too low and no way to adjust"

Anonymous, TX (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"I have the upgraded seats, they are not comfortable for long drives. Too low to the floor of the truck and power seats were not an option at any trim level."

ART W., CA (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Should have believed the CR review - not a pleasant vehicle to drive."

Anonymous, VT (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"would like a little less road noise and leather seats But realize with a 4 wheel truck that is not very easy to get"

Anonymous, MN (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Contrary to what your testers found this truck has a very smooth ride and is quiet enough that one can comfortably listen to the radio at interstate speeds. While it is still clearly a truck I feel that it handles well."

Anonymous, NC (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Overall, we love the pickup. But the arrangement and style of little things like the cup holders (especially) are poorly designed. They're arranged oddly: the one on the driver's side is so close to the other that a handle on a coffee mug has to sit inside the other holder or it makes it awkward for the driver to pick up his cup. Even without the handle problem, its placement is awkward to use. They don't have soft rubber flaps near their bottoms to help hold smaller pop cans, etc. Stuff r"

BARBARA J., WA (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"With the TRD wheels, I have had vibrations that have required three wheel balancing."

JACK L., FL (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"The Tacoma was selected out of 5 other trucks test driven specifically for its Seats and Headrests and I remain very satisfied with them. I must say that the drink holders are a constant challenge!"

RONALD C., CA (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Very difficult to adjust the center AC vents so that they don't blow directly on you."

RICHARD M., AZ (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Seat comfort and climate control are great, ride is what I expect from a small pickup, but road noise and wind noise is more than I expected."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"The seats are too low and do not support thighs and low back. Desperately in need of an upgrade. I'm tempted to put Honda Ridgeline seats in in place of the Tacoma seats."

Dave G., NC (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Its good for a truck"

Chalmers C., FL (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"We have driven it on several trips over 400 miles and find it very comfortable. It has a good ride for a pickup, better than any of my previous pickups."

Anonymous, KY (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Seats are firm, but not uncomfortable. Handling is pretty good unless you are steering sharply and the rear wheels hit some bumps, then it gets loose easily. Or braking hard while turning. But it is a truck. Noise level depends on the tire you're running. Original tires had an all weather pattern and weren't very noisy. The next set were more aggressive and more noisy. Engine noise day to day isn't a problem."

Robert H., NY (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"I am a tall person so comfort is a major factor in owning this vehicle. I am very comfortable and leg room is not a problem, neither is head room. No noise as to squeaks or rattling at all in the hardware of vehicle."

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"In stock form the seat is too low. I had to fabricate brackets to raise the seat up to where it should e been in with,"

Jerome C., WI (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Probably the most comfortable seats I’ve ever had. The noise level needs improvement"

Anonymous, MI (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Headrests jut too far forward. Seats are not that comfortable. Road noise is crazy loud!!!!"

Polar T., TX (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Seats are uncomfortable for me. Drivers sport seat puts a lot of pressure on my right hip. The truck would be perfect if I could find a better replacement seat. Also, there is no height adjustment so my wife doesn’t drive the Toyota."

Doug H., NC (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Good support and the ability to adjust as needed."

Ron A., TX (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"The ride is firm and controlled. The seats are comfortable and the noise is what is expected of a truck."

L L., MD (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Noisy, truck suspension; ride rough"

Anonymous, VA (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Ride is harsh. Seat pan is very uncomfortable, especially on long trips."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"It’s a great truck, but not made for anyone 6’ or over...... need to increase the headroom a couple inches.."

Mike O., GA (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Seats in the Tacoma are hard and uncomfortable."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Comfortable seats"

Anonymous, VA (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Decent seats, reasonable noise levels."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Good comfort over a long drive."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"The driver seat is very uncomfortable, I feel like I’m sitting lower, the headrest is large and bulky"

Anonymous, TX (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Seats and riding comfort feels blah. For that kind of money we paid it should have Recarro-like seats. Road noise is loud, I get it."

Anonymous, HI (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Really comfortable. Adjustable multiple ways."

Anonymous, MA (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"i am 6'2" and have a hard time finding a good driving position."

Anonymous, WA (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"The seats are very comfortable. Good back support"

Anonymous, CA (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"seats are comfortable, but not for long rides"

Anonymous, MD (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"My husband and I have taken two trips down the eastern seaboard - we have found this vehicle to be very comfortable. Nose factor could be reduced."

Anonymous, ME (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Truck is on the noisy side"

Anonymous, RI (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"I have had it back to the dealer several times and they have replaced everything they can think of-still a bad squeak in the undercarriage"

Anonymous, NC (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Hard to get in and out"

Anonymous, CO (2014 Toyota Tacoma)


Wayne S., AK (2014 Toyota Tacoma)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"It holds resale value very well"

TIM N., AZ (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"waiting on a new 2017 Tacoma due end of AUG. didn't PLAN on buying the 2014 or 2017 but after talking prices ..TRADE IN VALUE was so high I did....In the last 8 years the ONLY thing that went bad was the radio in 2009 truck. NO OTHER PROBLEMS"

G J., IN (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"It does what I needed it for. Hauling tools and materials for building maintenance and cleaning and also for winter travel - driving to Wyoming and Washington state every winter."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Great value and a great truck"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"It was a great vehicle for the price."

WILLIAM S., SC (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"outstanding resale value"

MICHAEL L., CA (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"A basic truck that can handle the kind of jobs a home owns might require. The extended cab is a great feature and allows us to take our pups with us. Love driving standard. Really fine customer service, no cost maintenance for 2 years, and a great price. Love Toyota's reliability and lasting power. Now if only NH would stop salting its roads!"

Anonymous, NH (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Excellent value for money spent."

Anonymous, ON (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Looks great, reliability, retains value, but as expected with smaller trucks, it does not provide a smooth ride."

GUSTAVO C., FL (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Shop Around.! I committed the ultimate auto-buying sin of "falling in love" with this vehicle on the Toyota Used Car Lot, and failed to go elsewhere to compare other deals."

MARTIN D., CT (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Interior room is small. Haven't improved the mileage on these trucks for 20 or more years. Need a GPS in this thing. They put a meaningless weather station in the truck, and it doesn't work well, and it doesn't give you a true external temperature (bad if you are driving on roads around the freezing mark)."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Well built vehicle that holds its value"

Anonymous, NE (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"The best trucks I have ever owned. Comfortable on long trips, tie downs in the bed so you can secure your stuff, everything works all the time. I take it for regular maintenance and never have any issues."

Randy H., FL (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Good solid value for money"

Anonymous, ME (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Market value for used units is consistently high indicating a dependable vehicle."

Anonymous, AK (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Very easy to drive and it looks good"

Robert B., OH (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"I hope to sell vehicle for only 4K less than i paid for it 4 years ago."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Good looking truck-handles well in all weather conditions-cab is noisy Overall good purchase"

Anonymous, MA (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"good price"

Anonymous, CA (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"A truck that may not be the most impressive statistically or otherwise, but the real value comes from the reliability and utility of the vehicle. It really can take a beating and just keep right on going. Definitely the most dependable truck you can buy."

Southworth K., VA (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"For the money the truck is well equipped and looks like a truck, not an SUV."

Anonymous, WV (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Does what I got it for. Hauling tools and supplies for rental property maintenance and traveling in winter to go skiing and visiting."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Holds value great, and is a great truck. No issues so far and we've had 4 years."

Julie E., CO (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Love the simplicity. It works."

Bruce B., ME (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"excellent solid vehicle"

Anonymous, MA (2014 Toyota Tacoma)


Anonymous, NY (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Very solid reliable vehicle. In 5 years of ownership, this truck has never let me down. Plus, i could sell it today for over half of what I originally paid."

Anonymous, OH (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"The 5 speed manual transmission gives great MPG and the truck is very inexpensive to operate."

Anonymous, TN (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"The Tacoma is a strong, roomy, and capable 4WD option as long as luggage in the bed isn't a concern. We've had no major mechanical issues, despite plenty of hard use."

Chris S., MD (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"This is my 2nd Tacoma. After running the first one to 92,000 miles, I traded the 4-door for an access cab to get more bed space. Tacoma provides the best value and the most reliability of any pickup."

K R., WI (2014 Toyota Tacoma)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"from 2009 to 2015 the styling didn't change much new body and engine(3 mpg and 38 hp more ) is one reason for buying 2017"

G J., IN (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Would have preferred leather seats, but that wasn't an option."

Anonymous, NM (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"It is larger than it looks."

Anonymous, GA (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Styling is very good. Looks rugged and performance bears it out. A little larger than my Dakota but mainly because Tacoma has 6 ft. box and Dakota has 5 ft. box. Tacoma is higher because 4wd (Dakota 2wd)"

Anonymous, ON (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Contemporary styling"

GUSTAVO C., FL (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Nice exterior styling"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Toyota Tacoma)

"Instrumentation needs updating."

DAVID C., CA (2014 Toyota Tacoma)
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