Despite a light freshening for 2012, Tacoma was beginning to show its age at this point. Still, the utilitarian, practically bulletproof machine excels in hauling, towing, and off-road use--though not much else. The smooth and punchy V6 powertrain is a saving grace. Still though, for everyday driving or commuting, the Tacoma feels dated and uncomfortable.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"for local driving it's great, we have not taken any long highway trips."

C G., SC (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"The handling is mediocre and the ride is rough and very turn of the 21st century truck-like. That being said, I enjoy the low-end grunt that the truck has, which seems to be being phased out in favor of more car-like motors."

Anonymous, GA (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"I drive locally most of the time but have taken it on interstate travel once and the engine response to acceleration and deceleration is active and the cruise control system is solid and holds well on level or hilly roadways."

LARRY F., AL (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"A bit noisy, acceleration is uneven, steering is still stiff."

C S., WA (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"Its a prerunner with an extra long bed. Hauls a full yard of soil or mulch or nearly a ton of gravel while riding and handling fine. I get the capacity of a big truck with the size and MPG of a small truck....and I can park it in a normal spot!"

JOHN B., TX (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"Very comfortable to ride in. It gives you a great view of the road due to its height. The V6 provides good acceleration and acceptable mileage. It's a good looking truck."

RUSS N., TX (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"Only 4 cylinder engine has trouble accelerating from a standing start."

DENNIS H., FL (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"The throttle lag programmed to improve mileage drives me crazy. You have to wait for the engine to slow down so that you can shift."

PHIL W., BC (2015 Toyota Tacoma)


JAMES B., MO (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"Its a bit noisy, road noise."

JAMES S., TX (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"My previous pickup truck was a 1994 Dodge Dakota Sport 4x4 with the 5.2L V8 and 5 Spd manual transmission. The 5.2L engine has one & a half times the torque of the Tacoma V6, and at a much lower RPM. Torque makes a difference when you need it, especially offroad. The Tacoma also has an automatic transmission, and I have had to learn to use it properly, especially offroad. I do really like the much tighter turning radius of the Tacoma vis-a-vis the Dakota. There are trade-offs with both trucks, b"

KERTIS P., WA (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"4 cylinder engine is underpowered"

JOHN T., TX (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"Slow acceleration is good on gas but Ihave to plaster the accelerator pedal to the floor to ge tit to downshift for rapid acceleration when needed. A 4 or 5 spd transmission instead of a 3 would perform betterI beleive."

Anonymous, NC (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"The six-speed transmission needs some tweaking. First gear is too short. Sixth gear is WAY too short. Sixth should be an overdrive gear that allows me better mileage on the highway. First should be longer to allow me to accelerate from a stop without having to shift just a few seconds after accelerating. Frankly, I don't use first or fifth much. I start in second and skip from fourth to sixth."

Anonymous, MA (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"The engine brake-assist is dangerous on curvy mountainous roads"

Anonymous, AR (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"Very clunky steering and it drifts. Rear suspension very bouncy. Engine clatter at morning startup, Very annoying."

GLENN E., NC (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"I love driving this car handles so well"

Anonymous, PA (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"My husband got this to commute to his office job which is 5 miles from home, and so he had something for hauling large items from garage sales on the weekend. We had to make the decision quickly, and unfortunately, chose wrong with this gutless Tacoma. He feels like he is going to get squashed on the interstate, because this thing has just sh*tty acceleration with it's tiny 4 cylinder, and surprising they even make one."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"The truck the noisy and is certainly not a long distance driving vehicle for comfort. I love my truck, but Toyota could improve this area"

RICHARD J., FL (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"I bought the Tacoma with a tow package. I wanted it to tow my travel trailer which weights about 3700 pounds. I find the Tacoma can manage this towing job, but millage drops to around 11 mpg--depending on the the terrain. I wish the millage were just a little better."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Toyota Tacoma)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Not as refined as other vehicles in segment."

MARK R., ID (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"truck has high entrance level"

Anonymous, LA (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"There is a lot more cabin noise - particularly on the freeway - than I would like. Ventilated seats were not an option, although I would have paid more for them."

WILLIAM D., TX (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"climate control and ride are great"

RUSSELL S., TX (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"Very comfortable ride. Much better than expected for a truck."

WILLIAM P., PA (2015 Toyota Tacoma)


WASHBURNE W., NM (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"It rides very well for a truck"

Anonymous, AZ (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"The seats could be more comfortable."

STEVE C., UT (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"Seats are too low and can only be adjusted manually and noise level is too high."

Anonymous, SC (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"entering the vehicle is hard for a big person, i have to really duck my head low to get into the truck would love to have a little more leg room."

JEFF M., CA (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"Pretty much dated interior. I last had one in 2007 and they could have twin interiors. Driver seat especially needs to be more comfortable."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"No power seat,even though this is a limited edition. No power or heated mirrors, came with a noise increasing exhaust, way to loud."

MICHAEL M., NY (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"This truck truely does ride like a car. The seats are very comfortable and as long as there is not an adult in the back seat there is plenty of legroom for the main passenger."

TERRIE G., WA (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"Like many professional reviewers have stated, the seats leave something to be desired, in particular because they sit so low."

Anonymous, GA (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"It is a harsh riding vehicle without good handling."

PHIL W., BC (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"While the seats are comfortable to sit in, the high cushion on the seat edges are difficult to slide over on entering and exiting."

AL S., NC (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"Excessive wind noise around doors and windows at highway speeds. There is no excuse for this when our 2003 Camry is much quieter. Also, there is too much road noise independent of the wind noise."

NICHOLAS A., AZ (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"A problem area is for 2015 Toyota replaced the outdoor temperature reading with one using digital reading fro a satellite. This is all right if you are in a major city. If you travel from Tucson, Arizona to California, the satellite can't find any source for a temperature until you get to Los Angeles or San Diego. Minor complaint but expected better from Toyota. They have fixed the problem for 2016 in RAV 4."

KENNETH S., AZ (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"Overall a good truck, truck can get noisy with wind and stock tires are crap on snow."

Anonymous, NE (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"This is a work truck. I love the way the rear seats completely fold down out of the way because I use the area for secure storage for tools etc. Otherwise, I'd need to install a box in the bed, but then, I'd loose capacity to haul bulk materials. Also very comfortable rear seats for passengers when folded back up."

JOHN B., TX (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"It's all good. If dodge still made Dakota, I might have bought that. Price?"

PAUL D., MA (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"road noise is too loud, rattle in dash, air conditioner does not get cold enough."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"The Tacoma "rides like a truck". My wife hates the ride."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"Compared it to other trucks, most comfortable of all."

Anonymous, CT (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"rough ride, lots of cabin noise"

Anonymous, MO (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"Drivers seat is to low, raised rear of seat 3/4 " up helps, seat is hard and uncomfortable on long trips. Due to the outside mirrors it's hard to see out when making turns, would like to have the mirrors moved to the door body like the 2015 Forester."

Anonymous, NE (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"Seats aren't that comfortable."

TOM S., FL (2015 Toyota Tacoma)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Last long without breakdown."

PAUL D., MA (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"The price was okay, but for a limited edition it was lacking in options compared to vehicles I have owned in the past."

MICHAEL M., NY (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"when looking for an upgrade from our FORD RANGER, we could not justify the cost to the Ford F150 ... this was our best solution and the truck serves us well"

C G., SC (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"Thought about buying a used one but they have a pretty high resale value."

KATHLEEN B., WA (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"The value of the vehicle stays higher than most."

MARK R., ID (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"We use it to haul things from our property to the dump and in heavy snow. Its great! USAA gave us a lower insurance cost because of its limited use"

Anonymous, ME (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"We love our budget-friendly Base model and knowing that the factory prewired the majority of accessory features, i.e. backup camera and homelink mirror for example, we are able to purchase these accessories as we desire and Plug-n-Play them with no compatibility issues! What a concept by Toyota to make a universal model that owners can taylor to their needs! Thank you Toyota!"

DENISE T., CA (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"Toyota Loyalty, Great Value, Best Styling ,Good Resale Value. All around great Truck."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"The 2005 Tacoma was much much less expensive than the 2015 Tacoma that replaced it."

C H., MD (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"compared to other trucks, it seems like a bargan"

Anonymous, LA (2015 Toyota Tacoma)


Anonymous, PA (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"I thought that the Tacoma was a good value for the money"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Toyota Tacoma)


Anonymous, SC (2015 Toyota Tacoma)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Would love it if it was the size of the previous generation"

KATHLEEN B., WA (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

"Best mid size truck in the segment, looks awesome and lots of aftermarket parts to customize the performance & style."

MICHAEL B., MA (2015 Toyota Tacoma)

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